Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Friendly people in League.
sorry, even though i said i do not take part of leaque community anymore. But must reply to this one:P You make me smile for 5 secs:P. Good one
: plat 1 to plat 5 60lp in 1 week pre-season effect
im so glad i do not take part of the leaque community anymore :P.
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: Suspension system Logic is unfair ! PLS READ NOT A JOKE
im litterly qiut with the game today already.. its only fck in this game. With the trolls and bad horrible people, no respect or teamspirit in this game. Only if you have a lot of friends with you, this game can be fun, However, it is only findable in asia where they respect each other and wanna archieve the top. Be happy you cant play this game. I already uninstalled it{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Btw if you wanna join, i play now kritika for the mean time
Havur (EUNE)
: The game makes me cringe sometimes
sometimes? you mean every game
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: "Its only preseason"
I havent try it yet. But i know flex is a mess.
: Almost, its the Netherlands.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Im fine with the weather here, also from the nl
: > [{quoted}](name=Neeko Mıd,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=RIEp7We1,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-21T10:52:02.517+0000) > > Are you planning to make Clash start a little bit earlier ? I don't mind it being late (in my country 21:00) when it's 4 team bracket but we know that you planning 12 team bracket on sundays. Majority of people won't be playing until mid night just to play some game lol I'm not sure of what the final times will be, but keep in mind our Clash tests are definitely off cadence and not reflective of the final designs - they're purely for testing purposes :-)
An other commend, i write a mail that i want to remove my platinum profile banner. How long does it around take to remove it from my profile?
: I don't care because I'm Silver V Scum baby <3
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WhiteLiés (EUNE)
: Can we get 1 new AD assassin midlane champ?
brother yasuo non stop shouting. =>wasagi Yasuo hiself=> hasagi i have enough of those shoutings.
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: Neeko is so CUTE
: Basically u profit either way since you gain gifts from just entering the tournament. You can smurf only if you didn't already use your phone number for your main account to verify.
yes i get rewards for losing.. not really a happy ending
KayVD046 (EUW)
: that makes no sense on the topic i said that i did not recieve it
true. i thought, i will just comment it. I hope you get your reward fast offcourse
: Looking for homies
I never had real friends anyway :P
Sup3rIoRMit (EUNE)
: anyone?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
me. i think the snowdown is around 17 or 24 december. Because its close to christmass and its on a tuesday ( like evrey patch)
Lari (EUNE)
: Riot 2k18
It is a bit true i think. ;p however every department from riot has his own role. But this KDA theme girlish teenage stuff i totally dont like it
StyrosNinja (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=laritokouneli,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=U2uf72zd,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-11-18T15:31:07.862+0000) > > SG ezreal ? ezreal is gay, so its hard to call him "male"
i like it btw
bluemand (EUW)
: Preseason placements
I questioned riot also about this topic. How does pre-season placements gonne be calculated. They didnt know neither sadly.
KayVD046 (EUW)
: Claimed Crown Capsule not recieved
Did you read the small text btw? 1st month is free, but then you pay 5.99euro per month on the twitch account. It is in my opinion a smart (but a bit lame) tactic to support the game for more popularity and to earn money. A good deal between twitch and riot i must say.
: Your game sucks major balls (clash issues again)
I have not really be that excited about clash after all. The mode is not perfect and it need a lot solutions. smurf is 1, but 5 premade vs 5 random is 2. It is a mode for only real teams, only they will make profit of this mode, not single players
BlueStr (EUW)
: Disappointed with Twisted Treeline.
It has a lot of bad stuff that is not fixed, Im not repeating myself about this tree line mode.
Shamose (EUW)
: No, League of Legends hasn't been enjoyable the last 2 weeks.
again as i mentioned earlier on the clash update. Clash is not a mode for 5 random people, its a mode for 5 people who know each other. 5 random vs 5 premade is not fun if you ask me
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Maiku,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=7xMzgEHE,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-11-16T16:06:10.157+0000) > > &#x27;&#x27;What&#x27;s Next for Clash?&#x27;&#x27; &gt; crash :P > > I really dont know why soo many people and devolopers are so hype for this clash thing. If you don&#x27;t have friends or know players who play leaque in your near town, then this whole clash thing is sooo not important. Everyone has their own interests, and a "pseudo competition team play" is something a lot of people have shown interest in. Some people don't play ranked either, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't work on it ^_^ I'll be honest, I truthfully originally had no interest in Clash, however last beta (the one we canceled :-( ) I was pretty hyped for it, got a bunch of people together and we were ready for it. If you want to give it a shot, in the future we'll have a dedicated board for finding Clash team mates - and I believe some third party developers have done some work on "team finders" which can help if you don't have people too :-)
I respect others who like clash and im also a bit happy to hear about the last sentence. However, that team finders is nice. But the problem is that even if you have a teamfinder system, the best teams will always be 5 permanent players who know each other in real or they have big friends. Some people don´t have that luck. I have played some tournament and i see that most of them are always 5 premade who are training with each other and speaking each other in real. Only then you have a succes rate of getting good rewards in clash. 5 random vs a 5 premade ( that is what im afraid of) is a high chance of not getting rewards or win games. I have this experience also in treeline, since treeline is flex. I encounter many full 3 premades, while im solo and with 2 other random persons. Which result again, 3 random individual vs 3 premades. That makes me less and less interest in these kind of games, since it feels pretty unfair. If there is a solution for this problem, i will be very happy to play and enjoying the modes.
Èclair (EUNE)
: Yeah, few months ago Riot had hard time keeping junglers at bay because of their clearing speed. Enabling LT on monsters would make this old issue even more obnoxious by giving AA based junglers too much presence and gold at the same time.
it was not that, it was that stupid gold funding in jungle that was the issue. But i do understand your concern. Youalways can add an extra effect on the keystone then. Same like they do with melee got 20% life steal or something, but range 10%. you can do the same with this.
: As an honorable player, I feel that this move isn't the best one Riot could have taken. I mean, is it really a single ward skin, that separates players who played 100% by the rules, from those who told 37 different people to hang themselves ? Not sure I like it to be perfectly honest with you. PS : I estimate a -30 for my post, taking the fact that 80% of the forum user-base is here to complain about punishments {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
AS a honourable player, i do feel it is the best riot could do, less selfish and more in global of fairness. a punushment from only a chat restriction is not something you must be hit to the bottom immediatly. Some have harder to be quiet than others, does not mean they are flaming. Every human should have a chance to have get something even if they lack at something than others.
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: Hey there, Leeeeeet's hope for the best. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Again, if you dont have friends or know people in your near, then you have absolutely nothing about clash. Im more hyped for more solo/duo content
: What's Next for Clash?
''What's Next for Clash?'' > crash :P I really dont know why soo many people and devolopers are so hype for this clash thing. If you don't have friends or know players who play leaque in your near town, then this whole clash thing is sooo not important.
AVX Andre (EUW)
: 8.23 Release Date?
I know it take too long....
Terrorian (EUNE)
: Can you fix the game instead of making useless events?
i must a agree with a part of your statement. Less focus on ''attractive girls and events'' and more focus on the balance of the game. However, i do know they have a department for each section. 1 for visual disign ( how medals and other stuff looks like on your profile), 1 for balance the game, 1 for event etc. But i think the more focus and outstanding should be on the gameplay and state of the game and less about events and make money things.
: No Ezreal, I would NOT like to lock horns with you...
{{sticker:vlad-salute}} me. I will show my voidstaff too to you ezreal {{item:3135}}, it has a lot of penetration xd
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Nelzareth (EUW)
: see the comment above from Player3Th0mas to prove your point
: Un-coachable?
whut... those people said to you, you are un-coachable? That is not true. You have bad teachers, but not bad students. Keep those words in your mind. Im telling you this since i was a coach too. I talk this to many people and i had even a confersation with bjerksen about a twist. however, i believe many many players can be a pro player with the good teaching. (people from the chat can believe me or not, their choices).
: I have been punished and suspended on this account for almost a year and I changed
Im never a fan of permanent bann, it would be great to add a permanent chat bann. And when you trolling sometimes you get a permabann account
Composure (EUNE)
: My chat restriction is so unfair lol.
I tell you what, i wish have always a chat restriction. I wish had a permanent chat restriction XD. I dont like the way i can unmute and talk to other people, while it can bann me for it and does not do change peoples behaviour or moves
: Give males' rights back!
haha +1 XD. However, i am a boy and i like boys :P. but i think a team of full male would be great for a mission:P
Nelzareth (EUW)
: 3v3 Broke me
absolutely agree, i am pretty long making threads of how bad/unblance/unfair this tree line is. First of all, when i go solo in this mode, i always end with 3 premades. Super annyoing. They need to remove that flex and change it to solo duo. But when i make a thread always i get blamed by kids who say: who cares/ tree line is balanced or whatever. As a solo player and you want in solo in treeline, you can forget it. It is sad, because i truly like the map
: I`d like to Hear your Opinion on how toxic I was
too many text. The system counts also the numer of words.
: so I got banned
the more you say, the more risk of banned. I learned my lesson from ''spamming'',
: The Victorious Orianna skin, along with your other ranked rewards, will be distributed over the next month. The latest you should receive them is by December 12th. Due to the sheer amount of rewards being distributed, it won’t all happen at once, but rather staggered over a period of time, so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t received it yet. This is of course provided that you are eligible for rewards and have at least honor level 2.
i thought it was whitin 2 weeks btw
XadAhri (EUW)
: Custom Announcer Packs
I wish LVOC will works again.
: I reached gold today on nov 12, will I still get the Orianna skin + border?
: Japanese Voices on EUW
There was a legal client which you can change every champion voice and announcer to your favorite languague. Sadly they changed their system and for now 6 months LVOC client ( voice changer wont work anymore).
: Afraid of playing alone
I have only the feeling when im 5 premades or against 5 premades.
Benarr (EUW)
: Season 8 rewards
whitin 2 weeks when the season ends. (before december)
: Next week
: Ahri voice line In korean way too sexy.
in the past 6 montsh ago you could change all lol champ voices into korean voices and other languages, sadly they change their system and sadly LVOC doesnt work anymore:L
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