: This game feels so worthless to play.
Tried out my theory, Went 8/0/4 twitch jungle vs 2/7/4 shyvana jungle and lost, and then i Went 1/5/7 twitch jungle vs 6/1/3 xin jungle and won :D
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: Looking for a smart playmaker support (P1+) (For DuoQ)
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Hey, got 2 smurf accs both in gold, peaked d4, up for some games perhaps? x3
Faboya (EUW)
: [EUW] Jinx Looking For A Lulu!
Wouldnt mind, (dont own Lulu on my smurf tho D:) But i own karma on both my gold elo smurfs, aswell as taric/janna on the 2 smurfs i believe :p Main is p1 (d4 83 lp peak last season), and the Champs i usually play is Thresh, rakan, nami, karma and Lulu :p Added u on this acc, and i Think i got you added on main aswell, recognise the name :p
Zura1 (EUW)
: D3 smurf on Silver acc LF duo
DavidTM (EUNE)
: LF D5+ Jungler for MLG Greek Tournament! More info below
Hey, do i need to play on eune (got an acc there but limited champ pool) g1 atm with 81% winrate xd
: LF Janna main in dia4+ to duo with
Yeah right, like janna mains exist outside of d5? Coughboostedegrillscough x3
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: Duo climb!
Hey, feel free to add me ^-^ Adc main {{champion:81}} {{summoner:7}} c:
: FRESH SMURF LF High gold/Low Plat player (also on smurf account)
Feel free to add me, either on this account or on my other smurf (Mepodis), main is p2 (former d4) :3
: Kayle is a better Soraka
I feel like soraka irl, trying to heal people which only ends up hurting myself hahaha
: dia1 swedish toplaner LFT for ragnarök
Guess you already found a team? x3
z4yeT (EUNE)
: Can Romanian Join Ragnarok?
You can have up to 2 romanian players in a team if you have 3 people from the Nordic countries in the other positions
: LF Support D5+ for Ragnarok / We need scandinavian
''d4'' having a hard time in silver xd
: jgl onetrick lf duo mate
Garen and carry doesnt exactly go hand and hand xD
: Hi, i'm Diamond IV in Promos to III. I play jungle/mid.
Im just p3 atm this season, but id love to play again ,_,
: Plat 1 adc/sup main last season, this acc currently unranked, got discord if you want :) add me on this account if you are interested
He prefers trash sololaners to good supports which explains his 53% winrate xd
: wait what, when was this, link your main?
A few Days ago, but ive moved on now ,_, :3
: wait what, when? dont even have you in my list or played with you yet so not sure where you got that lol
Someone deleted me when they saw i play ivern, khazix and rengar ,_, You hurt my feelings man xP
: says who? lol
: Need Duo for my Plat1 Account
Its a shame you dont like ivern players :p
PIagiaTT (EUW)
: Mid Smurf ( Diam3) looking for another smurf main jungle to rush preferably unranked
Getting stomped by a silver player while even having a booster on ur team.... tsk tsk ''d3'' my ass
PIagiaTT (EUW)
: 1. check the meaning of "advertising". 2. any proof ? 3. nope you don't, and stay in ur trash elo cuz i assume u're not higher than silver/low gold.
''trash elo'' im d4, and i can tell u should be put in a zoo.
PIagiaTT (EUW)
: Mid Smurf ( Diam3) looking for another smurf main jungle to rush preferably unranked
Rstonius (EUW)
: You have to realise that now junglers dont have to do anything to solo carry, just afk farm and get strong as %%%% while ganking a minimal amount of times and youll do fine.
Well, when i do that the laners feed and then having to deal with a 16/1 Darius or a 10/1 vayne isnt too fun ._.
BlueStr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Tomahawk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vO3IJA8c,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-01-29T16:33:02.003+0000) > > sure, 12/4 with a 1/6 top, 5/9 mid and 2/14 botlane is clearly my fault lmao if youre winning mid so hard why not roam and let your allies get a kill or two as well?
Its pretty hard to gank a 10/1 vayne or a 16/0 Darius x)
Wen294 (EUW)
: Either the whole team wins or the whole team loses, end of story. That's just the kind of game this is.
: I know, this week I had quite shitty teammates. I mean really, afkers, trolls, not just bad players (usually I can cope with that). Lose streaks happen, today I was more lucky, but I left jungle to go top. Less blame and flame :D
Hehe yup, i play a bit of toplane aswell atm xD (mainly fiora)
: [EUW][Plat3+] Suspects Esports LF Top
Think i played vs you in a tournament once, you had a good adc :D
: I main jungler so I can understand. In this case you should try to look at your performance as outcomes and not just outputs. You have a good kda and good farm maybe, but: 1 You are starving other jung? 2 Do you counter his ganks? 3 Map control and wards? As a jungler main, when I lane I see a lot of junglers with a positive KDA and good farm that are basically useless for me and my team. I am not saying you are that type of guy, just check your outcomes. I did good and did bad, but I try to focus on game objectives. Sometimes I do wrong, sometimes I spend more time running bot and top trying to defend lanes that are getting stomped, and I can't really invert the trend. Happens that all lanes sucks, but it's not the average game :)
Hmm, well i counterjungle quite a bit, counter ganks, a bit, the few they make im there most of the time, and if im late i usually just end up getting a double for my laner dieing xd I have nice river Control and usually Place a bunch of wards in enemy jungle aswell :/ Its just sad when u get the same kinda stuff so many games in a row haha, playing 950 times better than enemy jungle and watching them get a win for it is pretty depressing :'c
: yw :) keep fighting and find strategy for late game. few kills dont win or lose a game, its the pressure that wins. Its like a splitpusher taking inhib even if hes team is winning or losing. Some games are unwinnable, but a good strategy/Pathing from early to late will win most. Used to coach alot, but good luck with your games. u can add me ingame if you have questions, same name.
Hehe, sure, will add you later perhaps :3
: try to make first gank on top as 1 or 2 kills there gets them snowballing. Than by 15 mins get rid of bot tower and keep it under pressure some ganks on mid. But MAIN FOCUS is botlane tower and Bot jungle to get taken over. GL
I usually get my first kill on toplane picking up the remains of their Little 1v1 battle early (which enemy Always gets first blood from haha) But i guess you got a Point with the botlane stuff ^-^ Just when i played botlane, i Always used to get first Tower just by 2v3ing (with a duoq adc) playing karma/cait lane usually :3 Maybe thats why i expect others to also be able to do that ,_, Thank you :3
: > Botlane in 2k17 sucks lol they suck and thats why they are getting camped. ANd if they lose their tower than they will start farming mid and tilting the midlaner. Chain reaction and you dont let them farm bot.. U order the enemy adc to move to another lane and create internal pressure on their team. Have you ever had the feeling of having a ADC lose his lane and than start farming your cs ? thats how u tilt people. I use the adc's as a weapon against their own team, because they SOAK UP ALL THE FARM and cant carry.. See game plan. Suck = Easy kill. and drake and once they lose tower its easy to enter enemy Jungle steal red and camp bot harder zoning them from farm and this allow you to FORCE ADC to share farm at the midlane, which equals 2 UNDERFARMED Carries. once u control the botlane side and pressure it, than you can easily send the tank over there and start taking free barons because they have to defend it. Lets say TOplane is winning, than you cant take baron because they will be all topside. .. Just as tip.. botlanes feed the hardest and give free towers, if you cant gank it alone, Than you gank the mid and get ryze to roam bot with you and tell Maokai to tp bot. THis play alone should get your team a easy lead. From there you keep camping bot and getting Kills, till atleast 3 people are defending bot.. than you switch to sneaking baron. Simple maths, Pressure in bot, They defend and take baron than close. what i noticed is that Low Diamond - plat - gold - silver etc, Have no pathing for late game. its only pathing for early, if there is any plan.. after the early game they just follow team around and just do what works. U need a game plan that lasts trough the entire game that is like a machine and not like wind. Watch high level junglers and u will see they repeat alot of pathing to close out games, and even their early game is repetitive. Lower you go its all up to Whim and choice.
Heh you actually got a decent poin there ^^ From being a former support main, i know how toxic adcs are, they dont even have to lose lane, just not get any kills ._. But meh, gonna try focusing botlane next game, lets see if it helps xD
House x33 (EUW)
: Why don't you post from your main account ? > [{quoted}](name=Prince Tomahawk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vO3IJA8c,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-01-29T16:33:02.003+0000) > > sure, 12/4 with a 1/6 top, 5/9 mid and 2/14 botlane is clearly my fault lmao Yes it is. You took all kills,probably taxed their farm,didn't force objectives. How do you want to win ?
Cus i dont feel like it x) I took alot of kills top, cus i dont see the Point in giving maokai kills lol, i gave alot of kills to the ryze mid, and i got alot of 1v1 kills on the enemy jungler cus he was just terrible... That pretty much sums up the game... I did not tax unless i was helping pushing out and resetting the wave :c I took objectives in Towers, herald and dragons lol...
: > i kinda didnt go botlane much since they fed too early and it would most likely just end up being triples for enemy adc lol... here u lose already. by ganking bot first and taking its tower, U gain a massive Advantage, its a Bot centric meta. Maokai can tank even if he wins or loses, and he doesn't snowball even if u get him kills. Getting him 3 kills wont make him any different.. so you ganked a worthless lane.. maokai cannot carry the game. All you need to do is Camp Bot really fast and take its tower and take drake, than invade Botside Jungle and keep camping adc/Support. Meanwhile u help Ryze get ahead. Least u need to do is just tell Ryze to roam bot or Maokai to TP to bot and simple dive the hell out of that lane. Later tell maokai go bot and make your adc and support go top after taking the tower. this way maokai even if he gets killed bot.. you get to take Baron for free.| and he usually has TP, he can use that. But even if they dont listen u can make it work.. but ganking a tank lane ?? what do you want him to carry. No tanks should be roaming towards their team and not winning their lane. > but 2v2 and 1v1 losing, Always on my team, Always one of the sololaners giving up first blood 1v1, if im trying to farm and im 2 lvls above enemy jungle even tho neither of us ganked, or if i even ganked, why are my sololaners ALWAYS the ones feeding 1v1, every. Single. game..... 1 kill or 2 doesn't close a game, u just dont know how to path or pick which lane to gank. If your good closing the game than when you have a lead.. the enemy would know it. difference between Plat till bronze is laning and mechanics. Wave management etc. DIamond Master challenger have better knowledge of where to be and rotations and map pressure. i would have watched your game. but i dont think this is account u played it with.
Botlane in 2k17 sucks lol, i like snowballing my mid most cus its the role with the biggest potential to carry. And if botlane is a Quinn, i find that pretty easy to gank as kha with a maokai toplane, and therefore its a easy Tower to grab aswell ._. Getting me kills on toplane while giving maokai farm and Tower advantage is pretty useful imo atleast ,_, What i want from ganking a tank lane is kills for myself and global Tower gold pretty much xD But when your team is 3/10 after 7 min with you being 2/0/1 ._. thats when i just start feeling like i should kms lol... Diamond is just..... idk.... D5 which alot of people complain about was probably the easiest elo ive ever climbed out of hahaha... Idk why, maybe cus i got lucky with my teams there :3 Yeah, this is indeed not t he acount i played on :3 Just a smurf acc (adc ironicly in 2k17 lul) i never play on anymore cus botlane atm is sad :c
: Yes, very strange. Because, if you are winning then...well, you should win, right? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
IM winning, the other 4 monkeys are losing lmao.
: But...but, you are the jungler, right? So, you are meant to be helping them to win lane aren't you? So....by definition, if they are losing their lanes then perhaps you need to look at how you are supporting your team mates.
Oh but i did. I got firstblood turret toplane for the feeding maoai, i tried giving the ryze kills midlane, i kinda didnt go botlane much since they fed too early and it would most likely just end up being triples for enemy adc lol... but 2v2 and 1v1 losing, Always on my team, Always one of the sololaners giving up first blood 1v1, if im trying to farm and im 2 lvls above enemy jungle even tho neither of us ganked, or if i even ganked, why are my sololaners ALWAYS the ones feeding 1v1, every. Single. game.....
: >So, every single game i stomp, the enemy counterpart is useless Congratulations...you will obviously win :) >guess who gets wins cus of their luck and the fact that they have a team? Wait...what? You were stomping just now....! But they got 'lucky'? >So in order to win games, i guess i also have to start inting. OK, now I am confused. You are trying to lose????! But you were 'stomping' just now. What happened? Sorry mate, but I am struggling with your logic here. You (by your own admission) are a great player, but you are losing. Tell me, how are you defining 'stomping'? You are winning lane but the others 'get lucky'. So, your remedy to this bizarre situation (where 'rito' are in control of luck) is to deliberately lose the game. Very odd.
I was stomping while the other 4 people were getting stomped (6th game in a row now, rlly tired of it rlly lol) The enemy jungler got lucky that he can just sit there and be useless on his Amazing 4/9/2 lee sin. But ohwell, since i dont have any laners what can i do lmao. Nah, i was ''stomping'', but my team was getting stomped. Excuse me if i sound impolite, but im just so fkin tired of watching someone who has no idea how to play my role get rewarded for it simply cus im not lucky enough to have players in lanes who have any idea what they are doing lmao. Getting fed, getting my team objectives, helping them getting leads by getting Towers, rift herald, drakes and killing the enemy laners. Thats how i describe stomping, specially when the enemy jungler is some animal who invades me at lvl 5 as lee sin when im lvl 7 kha and tries to steal my blue buff only to then die for it xd But unfortunatly, thats the kinda players rito rewards.... :'c feels d4 climbing nicely to d3 last season to not winning games in p5 this lmao, totally legit game, defo not luck based xd
: Just a delusional point of view. I thinked the same when I was a noob. You can win your lane, but this tells only one thing: you are better than your enemy laner (that doesn't mean good in absolute terms). Maybe you're good, he is bad, or your champ is his counter. The same thing could be said to other lanes. For a lot of times I powned mid lane, but I didn't offer map presence and so being fed meant nothing for our team.
I dont lane xd i gank, unlike the enemy jungler. But oh well as soon as i leave again the enemy laners outlane mine 1v1 or 2v2 anyways, so tahts a shame.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You don't win by only winning the lane. You need to destroy the enemy nexus. And intentionally feeding wont destroy the enemy nexus either.
Im a jungler, i know what im doing, the enemy jungler spends all game doing nothing cus the enemy laners outclass mine whenever im not there.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Sounds more like the team doesn't have you than the other way round.
sure, 12/4 with a 1/6 top, 5/9 mid and 2/14 botlane is clearly my fault lmao
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Sykkuno (EUW)
: Why do you duo in rankeds?
So that you can make sure you have one animal less in your team ofc.
: Gold to Diamond Rush DuoQ
Winrates usually just means ur boosted you know xd
GLurch (EUW)
: Of course you can climb if you're lucky enough. You can also win the lottery if you're lucky enough. But it's so rare, that basically we are not talking about the one in 10 million case, when talking about people in general.
Still, there are people out there who get rewarded for not knowing how to play the game lol
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