: I have a new champion concept
does all these concepts just die in this forum ?
: I have a new champion concept
: I have a new champion concept
: I have a new champion concept
Ok I worked a bit on the lore and with the abilities now hes a bit more better I guess and yes for those who know what anime is,yes I am inspired from it
Squallsy (EUW)
: My comments and ideas are thats goddamn hard to read son.
click on it and read it from source or zoom,boards doesn't let me get it bigger here
: why reworks damages the game
1.urgot and galio are reallllly ok champions ,just check in higher elo they are great as they are now. 2.I don't think people leave because the reworks on they're mains,reworks are great,usually solving most of the old champion's problems and giving it new strengts 3.Only happens with champions like ryze,witch is extremely hard to balance,I'm pretty sure they tried hard 4.reworks are awesome and usualy gets the champion in a better spot and people never truly leave,they just take breaks have a nice day
: I have a new champion concept
errr any comments ? ideas ?
tg31 (EUW)
sorry boss but I don't think its a good idea to play league ranked as autofil unless you play for fun,and if you want to play for fun go normals or aram,in ranked the player that plays autofill must be terribly bored or simply test hist abilities in other roles,in my opinion it should be taken out,because in higher elo its a suicide button...
Karhast (EUW)
: Impossible to carry
1.DISABLE CHAT 2.ONLY play when you are ok ,not tired,not sad,not tilted 3.Keep a sportman like attitude do your best 4.Be your own critic find your little mistakes and improve them 5.watch other urgot mains with higher rank that stream or youtube to improve with these 5 things you will 100% improve your win rate
umm I don't even think is a bad ideea but still riot would welcome anyone to play the game,if an iq test would be made to be able to rank I think that would be fine but still people will just google the right answers or try it until they do it so I don't think iq tests would help here.My opinion would be that riot would create a special training tool before entering ranked,once a day maybe clean log in.that would give you a few simple tests,like click test,speed click test,skills shot test,last hit minion test and measure your ability to play ADVISING you to not play if ur maybe too tired and miss too much,that would be a lot better so people would stop entering ranked just to random play after a bad day/hard day .
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Possible (EUW)
: No that means tommorow morning at 6
hope you are wrong because they changed the date on the notice ,its not 09/11 anymore now its like it will hit today ...maybe
: The preseason patch will hit live servers at 5 am UK time, which is 6 am CET, including you :)
so today at 6 am (in around 7 hours will be live ? )
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