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: Why are some players stronger than others?
As a new player, the world of league is very strange. Riot Games likes to give a few champions buffs, buffs, buffs and more buffs (then they are too strong and outclass everyone). As for now Cait is strong and Lucian is to but knowing that you are a new person and have fewer skills in 1 certain champ then your enemy probably had he won. (Runes and masteries work in every gamemode) Greetings, Eenhoornpower
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: Little help with Janna pls
BlackArena never forget that you need speed, because you got to go FAST and shield your adc. After you shield him the only thing yu can do is use Q.wait till the enemies are close and let the Q go. Then just run and stay alive Never die IS THE BEST ( 1 death is still acceptable). {{champion:40}} {{summoner:6}}
kauketsu (EUW)
: why on earth disable ranked if you cant chat?
Because communication is one of the most important thing in a ranked game.{{champion:32}}
: Finding new people to play with
Lets say I will add you :D {{champion:117}}

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