: Just delete him.
hes riots golden boy they cant delete him, too many kids want to be him, but balance him a bit more thanks
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: Play a different game, or uninstall and come back in a year or two. Raging and maturity are closely related. Only other option I can think of is take up a combat sport or weightlifting, to vent your aggression in that way. It will make you humble very quickly.
hah you are suggesting im immature, thanks bud
Èclair (EUNE)
: Seems like you want to have it both ways - to eat the cake and have the cake. You can't. You either admit that you're the only one responsible for your own behaviour or you'll be stuck with petty excuses and a suspended account. It's not about how other people behave - you can always mute them so they won't play on your nerves. And believe me, not typing in chat is that easy. At this point the punishment ladder will escalate even by mild toxicity, so you really need to watch out for what you're saying on chat.
Right so dont talk And I suppose you mean well but you CANT mute inting or bad players, sure you can mute them saying things, but you cannot make them stop throwing
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