Hexa XV (EUW)
: Simple solution for winning games with early feeders
I have watched LOTS of videos / jungle guides recently, to try and get out of a plataeu I've been in, as it's easier to learn from seeing how others do it. And a huge majority of them, all say that you should focus on your winning lanes. These are challenger players, like Tarzaned, Rush etc, so I see where RayleighTT is coming from.
: Trollers and feeders that RIOT does nothing about and shit matchmaking system.
I agree here also. I have had 2 chat bans, for asking people not to int (NEVER like swear words, or raging stuff), just generally please stop inting, play safe, farm under turret that kinda thing. But I've had an INSANE ammount of games spoilt by trolls. My last game, Lee Sin top, int's 5 kills to trynda in about 5 minutes then Rage quit afk's. This behaviour is getting FAR to common in Gold/Silver and completely destroying this game. I just don't understand that Chat bans etc are in place, when you can toggle mute players, yet this behaviour seems to be in atleast 80% of games at the moment.
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: Good afternoon summoners, I'm playing this game from about 2010, this account was meant as a smurf when i was playing the game a lot. The reason i'm typing this is because i have literally played on almost every elo except challenger, I've been 950 elo at some point in season 2, what so ever, recently it's true that in almost every game you will see a smurf, but i do not think that's gonna affect the game in a bad way, you can just learn more by playing vs a smurf and it's not like all the smurfs are going to be insanely good to 1vs9. Regarding the AFK thing i don"t see that many in my games, yet i'm thr kind of player that is filling each and every game, i just think that you should focus on having fun in game and that's it, if you are going to be way better than your opponent you are going to win regardless if you have an afk in team or a smurf in thre other team. It's true that AFK people should be punished by riot but not with a permanent ban, but at least with a ranked ban for some time( or a number of normal games that they need to play in order to be able to play ranked again). cheers and have fun in game, even after 10 years of league i still have fun in game:)
Smurfs dilute the ranked system. If you are higher elo, you know that you got there for a reason. Playing against lower elo's, is just against the spirit of competition. Pre-Season for me, has been terrible, I started with team mates, who seemed to want to win, the higher I got (Promo to Gold2 at one point), then I've had a run of AFK, DC's, and people who just run it down and I've dropped to Gold4. I try to be positive, have a solid impact, but just the team seam to fail to capitalize on these advantages. Ping drakes, ping Heralds, ping turrets, people just don't follow. Or I gank a lane, and soak xp then get pinged and told to leave etc..... For me, I think the Jungler XP nerf, seems crippling!
Proppa (EUW)
: Ranked Flex
Jhin/Nami and Jhin/Galio
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auneg (EUW)
: can we remove sylas q reduced damage and his passive reduced
I was watching a Broxah stream the other day, where they had Sylas / Yuumi.... Sylas was completely untouchable when Yuumi was on him, almost did 2v5........ insanely powerful.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: ^This. I have no dash as a mage support, most of the adc don't have dash, so even in team fights if they're jumping to backline(there is no frontline, but let's assume there is) they should be positioned well enough to avoid the gap closers. Kiting champions and always keeping them at** safe enough** distance to deal damage is the idea of ranged champions and not fighting them in melee range. As a mage, supports gets 1 or 2 cc spells and can use it to stop engage, but not all adc have cc spells to stop the engage, but all have some sort of solution. {{champion:99}} is probably the most protective support of all mages, due to her W and even with protective supports if adc positions badly it is going to be worse, because adc isn't getting ahead and puts the support also behind. These supports are more reliant on adc being good and if laning goes wrong, late game they can't do much. They can't spam spells and hope that is going to do damage or catch someone, but mage supports can. That is why {{champion:99}} can simply keep spamming spells and one Q hitting , even when 9 of the 10 Q are missing, will be fatal.
You realise how far a flash-flag/drag Jarvan can reach, the ADC may aswell wait at the nexus to avoid the gap close, it's impossible to position properly to avoid getting caught by flanks / gap closes especially if your team don't support you. Lulu, Braum, Nami, Nautilus, Thresh, Leona etc all can protect the ADC far better than Lux. I would 1,000,000% rather a decent Lulu/Nami/Yuumi etc support over a damage-dealing support. If you can funnel CS onto ADC, then have a character bolstering him (Nami / Ardent/Locket etc) can massively increase ADC's performance.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Bot lane discussion: Low elo duo farm
Also. If you take CS you may be unintentionally pushing the wave, unless you are just last hit auto attacking them etc. Its how you control the waves, if you push the lane in, when your adc is behind or has no flash he cant move out to soak up the cs or xp, without risk of ganks etc.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: hmmm, maybe if you can provide statistics instead of generalizing like mage supports suck it will be useful. I don't accept such statements, especially when statistically mage supports are having higher win rate on low elo. This is because players don't dodge most of the skill shots thrown at them and simply by causing more damage that adc may not be doing during laning, they are effective. Even when behind, they provide lot of cc while playing safe and I can simply say it isn't the mage supports that is bad, but adc players positioning badly or not trading or not poking or soft inting is the problem, because even with enchanters or tanks, adc players aren't going super good as well.
Usually mage supports focus on burst damage, instead of peeling for the ADC etc. Typical Scenario, Lux see's squishy target and pushes in to try and burst it down, ADC has top/jungler on him, ADC dies, support blames his positioning even though the top/jung had great gap-close (Jarvan/Renekton), ADC gets flamed, support dies shortly after. This happens LOTS in lower elo mage supports, where they feel they should be the ones who do damage and subsequently forget that they should protect the ADC.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Bot lane discussion: Low elo duo farm
When I played ADC, I could get 8/10 CS per minute atleast in silver/gold ELO. The difficulty is, you make it sound like it's just the ADC who is bad. If you have a support, who is always behind you not harassing your lane opponents, putting you at risk to gain CS then you will lose CS. In turn, making it look like you cant CS properly. If you want to play an AP Carry champ, then why not play them in the mid lane, where technically you should have a bigger impact, as you can fast push the wave then roam top/bot/jung to increase kill pressure in other lanes etc also? Nothing will tilt an ADC Faster, than a support who wants to be the damage dealer and take CS imo.
: I made it to Master!
Top tip's for us scrubs in around the gold ELO? As a Master, do you remember things like the Cooldown of abilities etc, so have a rough idea of when they are likely to trade again etc? I'd be interested to know, how much more knowledge etc you have about the game than lower elo's.
: Practice Tool
They should give you the ability to select the enemy champion and what items they have. So that you can test item builds vs Armor/MR/Health etc......
wolf jade (EUNE)
: kass is the best mid laner for like 4 patches now?
Biggest problem is Rod of Ages and his Ult combination imo, the 400+ mana ult restores so much health along with his Q.
How is this different to almost any mage when they complete their core and you have no MR?
: i need a little help of pros
Every lane can win the game IMO, although ADC's feel like they are behind this season. With Runes like Predator and Phase Rush, it's almost impossible for ADC's to postion safely and with needing a 3 item spike to do any damage remotely, you're looking at 20 mins before ADC can have an impact in the game, by which point most games seem decided by this season. A Top Garen/Darius seem almost unstoppable, or something like Yi/Jax jungle.
: adc's were inicially designed to be lategame carries. Needing 3+ items until they get very effective, but then they really do. Any League veteran will say adc's are close to the right spot atm. Especially after having adc meta for years
In my eyes, they are completely ineffetive this season. I've had FAR much more success going AP bot lane, Heimerdinger/Swain over most any ADC. With the changes to item stats and gold, they just feel so weak. You can easily deny the ADC as AP Carry bot by forcing them out of lane (atleast in Low Gold elo), most games, the enemy ADC hardly make it to the 3item spike. Removing the 150% crit damage bonus from Infinity Edge on top of other things. I just find ADC's are almost pointless this season.
Filles01 (EUNE)
: How to play from silver to gold?
I find ADC's are a bit to weak this season, with the changes to IEdge no longer giving 150% crit damage, aswel as more expensive item choices (apart from Kai'sa who builds hybrid), just feel's like they are so weak until they get 3 items or so. I've had far more success taking AP bot lane Heimerdinger/Swain with heavy ap support and just forcing the enemy AD out of lane.
: How do pros figure out the best builds?
Surely it's all statistics? You know your AD/AP scalings on abilities, you know on Kai'sa you unlock the secondary part to the abilities with 100 AP/AD/AS etc. So the only real variant is your team comp vs what the enemy is building Armor/MR wise. If you know the enemy comp has heavy CC, then QSS/Mercurials may be worthwhile, if they have heavy armor, Last Whisper etc perhaps.....
Hansiman (EUW)
: Or why not both? There's champions that fit in your first column, and there's champions that would fit in the latter. It also depends on personal taste. Garen is an easy to learn champion that many find fun, while others find him boring. Who's right?
{{champion:1}} is another who comes to mind.......
yamasaki632 (EUNE)
: Why the fck s1 play with g2 it is balanced or what?
When you say "we" who was you playing with? I think if you are premade, sometimes you get matched against higher elo.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: After watching worlds and playing against le blanc, you have to admitt her revert was a mistake
There are counters to Leblanc aren't there? Doesn't Poppy block her dash? Or Cassiopiea / Singed can "ground" her I thought ?
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: she is not even useless, it can be easily seen from worlds, first, she doesn't need ignite to kill - as we seen in many cases where she took cleanse. Second she doesn't need kills (ie,. be fed) to kill, there was at least one instance of LB oneshotting squishy champ with 0 kills (I think it was one of the C9 games where Jensen played her? QRW from unwarded bush resulted in oneshoting Xayah in about half second. Third she doesn't even need items, she can easily buy QSS and still do relevant damage with just one AP component. And even when she doesn't have enough to oneshot, chunking enemy for half hp with just WW is more than any mage can do and this has basically no counterplay unless you can see where is she jumping from, predict where she jumps to and have a champion with hard cc that won't allow her to jump back. This was easy to see in one of the G2 game where Perks was constantly chunking half hp of enemies under their tower to the point they had no choice than to gave up the tower or engage when half of them is half hp, ie win-win for G2.
You forget that the LCS players have near perfect CS so don't really need to get "fed" kills, if they have a solid ammount of CS. So if they had their core items, it would be possible?
: I got gold 5 on both 5v5 queues for the first time so im happy, but got 10game chat restriction, so im honor 1. But its good otherwise.
Then you need to clear that before the end of the season..... lol
Strigina (EUNE)
: Terribly. All I want is the Porianna icon and I can't even manage to get those wins. Usually I have 3-4 losses for every win. How was I even able to climb to G3 this season?
I'm the same, I managed to get G3 54LP what seemed fairly easily, I had team mates who played to win and I had a great win streak. Then it felt like every team I played with after that was in a completely different league and have been on a pretty severe losing streak back to G5 3LP. As someone else said, it feel's far more about luck than actual skill. But as an ADC main, it just feel's like I'm far weaker this season than last, anyone know if ADC's damage (early/mid especially) is out of sync?
: kassadin
But champions like Kayn who can run through walls, or Leblanc who can double dash etc is any better?
YernneF (EUW)
: Help me climb if you can !
I main ADC, although wish I changed it up this season as I just feel like I have such a smaller impact on team fights this season. But I saw you talking to AD main's, so thought I'd see if any add their input :)
YernneF (EUW)
: Help me climb if you can !
I'd be really interested in seeing the results of this too. I'm only Gold5 (hit G3 then had a losing streak), but I'd like to know how to improve further :D
: Change the remake system
I had this recently, where it was Aatrox Top vs Garen I think it was, after 3 minutes the enemy Garen team had maximum CS and substantial turret damage as our Jungler was premade with Aatrox and was adament he was coming back so no-voted the remake. As soon as Aatrox re-appeared he got absolutely demolished in lane, by 10 minutes the Garen was just so far ahead, he could TP bot, spin-to-win under my turret and kill me as ADC. So no, if I know the match is already starting in the enemy favour, I would rather remake.
Shobolanu96 (EUNE)
: Advices
Looks like you mostly play bot lane (Kai'Sa/Jhin and Ziggs, or support Pyke etc). So you could take Heimerdinger or Swain for "flex" pick, as they have been played Bot/Mid and Top.
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: game is too team depedant
> [{quoted}](name=Osenator,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qJhE7Iir,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-12T18:49:22.149+0000) > > win lane lose game if 1 person feeds they will single handily lose you a game You win lane (meaning the enemy fed you), single handedly should win you the game? Or am I just missing the logic behind your statement?
MrOszu (EUNE)
: You can't win in botlane in silver elo.
I feel the same, ADC's feel far weaker this season. Maybe I've just not looked into the item changes as much as I should have. But you just don't seem to shred through people anywhere near as quickly as you previously could as ADC. But Assassins can destroy you, most mage combo's will wipe you out and Tank's can seemingly tower dive you and tank you and the turret without taking a scratch. This is honestly how it feel's in every game, whereas I play Heimerdinger or Swain bot, I feel like I have so much more pressure and survivability. Maybe ADC's just don't kick in anywhere near as early as they used to I don't know, just the hole dynamics seem's so far apart from every other season.
Hazendado (EUW)
: Pls help with promo to gold
Stop dying so much. Focus, pick one lane and a couple of champions to main, learn the mechanics inside out....
: Im about to give up on ranked and this game
I feel like they should also use the Honor System to factor in to who plays with who, so the low honor players just get stuck together and the high honor players who want to win get to play together. Would make for a far better experience!
Kalviras (EUW)
: Rant time.. I hate this game at times
I have played games in gold ELO, where a Jax or Master Yi pretty much single-handedly won the game. They both have the easy potential to burst down any of the carries with ease, then once they are down their sustain can usually take on the rest of the team. Literally had a Master Yi get a tripple kill on me (ADC), Nami (support) and Lux (Mid), with Alpha strike, he burst down Lux, then waited for Nami bubble and Alpha'd me, then destroyed Nami. Literally 1 shot us all. He was also not that fed, nor that great CS, but as soon as he hit the 2 or 3 item spike, he was unstoppable.
TheRaka (EUW)
: Climbing outta silver
Your vision score seems to be consistently the top of the game, do you ever deep-ward into the enemy blue/red buff area to get an idea of where the jungler is? But keeping vision and clearing vision is a great way to help your team. For me, if you are playing Zyra support, you NEED to be huge on the damage. Do you have trouble landing your skillshots/abilities? Are you passive in lane, or do you try and poke the enemy ADC/Support out of lane (everytime they back, they lost a wave or 2 of CS) giving your ADC free farm potential etc. How do you feel that you synergise with the ADC's? Also, you ALWAYS take exhaust, consider taking Ignite for pressure. Exhaust is great for dealing with certain champions like Master Yi, Jax etc, but in a lot of games I prefer ignite over exhaust. If they don't have much in the way of gap-close etc. Do you know the mechanics of the other champs you play against? Like Miss Fortune game you lost? You know you need to keep out of a certain angle between you, the minion and MF?
: Playing for one year and still in Bronze - Should I give up my goal to climb ?
Watch some of your replays back, try to identify what you did wrong and try to find things you can improve on. CS, take some practice games and try to hit perfect CS. Learn how much damage you do to each wave as to how soon you need to last-hit them. When the wave is pushed to your turret, Melee minions at full health take 2 turret shots then you can last hit, caster minions need to be attacked once, then turret hit then last hit. Your last ranked game as Garen that I can see, you had 208 of a possible 500~ cs at 41 minutes. Learn how to freeze / push / bounce the waves in your favour, also be aware that if your wave is pushed, that you will be more likely to be ganked, if you freeze the wave near your turret, your laner will be more cautious usually as he is pushed past the river etc. Look at your wards, the last game again, 12 placed in a 41 minute game and 0 control wards bought.
rajesh31 (EUNE)
: Ashe needs a rework
She was reworked a season or 2 ago wasn't she? She was pretty strong and still is, just like other's her poor mobility can suffer. She's a utility ADC, relies on landing her ult etc, great to setup plays etc.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Climb to Gold Vent
Is your vision score part of the issue? It seem's quite low, but I could be wrong.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: ADCs flaming Supports for taking kills.
I don't mean any disrespect by this, but it seems the ones who genuinely think that APC "supports" are good, are silver and below? Looking at the op.gg stats. So whilst it probably is a solid strategy in low elo, maybe it's not as effective the more challenging the fights get? I'm not saying I'm better or anything like that, just wondering if people learn to counter it more?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: kill participation have a bigger weight in it, you can have a perfect kda with 30/0/0 if there are 80 kills on the team you wont get better grade just because you got the kills and if only kills would matter then supports would never get anything higher than B lol
Every role is different from what I read?
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Maybe you are a good adc. Quite possibly infact. However, Building ardent censer and healing an adc with 60 farm at minute 20 who does close to no damage, is a joke. I often find myself even when playing nami leaving bot lane in favor of helping mid because my adc is so goddamn useless that even if i ult+bubble+exhaust the enemy and e on the adc he can't get a kill, then i've got nothing left to do. As i said, a good support is worth supporting, a bad one isn't
Then why not play a lane where you can carry, without having a negative impact on the ADC's mentality? You can play Lux mid and snowball better as you can gain CS aswell as Kills. So you get a faster gold advantage. If you find your bot lane is terrible, atleast you can rely on yourself carrying. ADC's feel like they are in a horrible state this season, they can't dent bruisers, assassins destroy them, mages poke them down easily and tanks outdamage them. So without support/protection, it's a horrible lane to play. It's important to have synergy with the support, as you rely on them to protect you etc.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: ADCs flaming Supports for taking kills.
I remember playing Swain bot and the Lux was getting curious when I would E and pull them into me, so she would miss her skill shots and demanded I changed my play style lol. Rather than her wait for me to pull, so we can both do damage.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i got flamed by a cait that i stole her kills with my pyke ULT!! rofl
I think some people focus to much on wanting their S-/S/S+, which if you don't get the kills really destroys your chances, even if you do 50% of the damage in a game lol.
: Looking for good/playable Support to learn and master. I will send my Lux to holidays...,
Nami's kit is one of the best in game IMO. Passive granting bonus movement speed, Q great for engage/disengage and damage, W for heal and damage, especially if you get multiple bounces, the E granting bonus magic damage on fast attack speed champs etc and Ult is just great for engage/disengage also. Put runes like Summon Aery, Revitalize, Font of Life and items like Ardent Censer, Redemption, Locket and you have one hell of a champ who will make sure every other champ will excel.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Lux has a double snare, an amazing AOE shield and a slow. I don't understand what is missing from the champ to be qualified as a support champ for you? A 3-5 man shield can win you a teamfight alone, which is not hard to pull off. lux is a supportive champion with mid laner damage, it's the best of both worlds. And the support is the perfect champ to roam and impact every lane. A lot of times i gank mid and help my jungle invade with lux. support is more than just heals and shields. support is vision control and peeling. lux is SUPRERIOR to every traditional support in the game in peeling. Even while building full ap i run around setting up vision for my team and denying the enemy's vision with control wards and the oracle lens. in games i take seriously you can easily see me run 100/hour vision score, which is highly important.
It's alot down to the items you build aswell etc, I mean 10 to 30% attack speed with 5/20 on hit extra damage is quite a lot, when it can be applied constantly by supports like Nami/Lulu. They also give bonus movement speed Nami/Lulu, Nami can Heal substantialy, aswell as bonus magic damage from her E. There are also the runes, summon aery granting shield, Font of Life heals your allies when you impare the movement of an enemy or Revitalize granting stronger heals etc. Lux isn't a bad pick, but when you are used to playing with a support who builds item to support you, giving you increased damage etc, on champions like Twitch with my ult up, give me a nami boost and I'll do so much damage in team fights. Even without ult and runaan's stacking up. Lux is one of those champions who just wants to poke/kill and doesn't want to protect the ADC. It's insane the difference it can make if you protect the ADC/Carries. So many games, people just want to go all in and watch the ADC get one shot.
: Looking for good/playable Support to learn and master. I will send my Lux to holidays...,
: Looking for good/playable Support to learn and master. I will send my Lux to holidays...,
Kayle is a solid pick with Hypercarries like Jinx/Vayne/Twitch etc, but she scales very slowly.......
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