Change your name, seeing that would insta-tilt me :)
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: How do i counter Yasuo
{{champion:1}} Huge burst damage, super safe and easy laning. Stun after 4 abilities, dont think yasuo wall blocks q either?
Omblondra (EUNE)
: adc advise pls
Share your replay?
Omblondra (EUNE)
: adc advise pls
Without seeing the replay, it's hard to say. You aren't going to instantly shred through Leona with her W up. They also have 2 assassins and MF who has huge ricochet+ult damage. So 4 of them have the ability to gap close onto you and 1 has enough damage to burst through your front line also. I've noticed a lot of Xayah's damage also come from her feathers, getting a perfect ult + E combo seem's pretty intesnse damage. It just depends if your team can keep you alive long enough for you to be able to burn through them. It could be a whole number of thing's really. I'm not sure if the 1 lethality item is worth it, or wether you would have been better off going essence reaver for 100% crit chance. I don't really play Xayah much though......
elin990 (EUW)
: is jngl a good role to climb out of bronze?
Getting out of Bronze has little to do with the role or champions you play, but more about how well you play them aswell as your mentality. If you spectate ANY bronze match, watch how many wasted skillshots, how many wasted CS people have. Watching your team, miss alot of their abilities can tilt you.... But, if you get way ahead in farm, show your team that you can come back and keep that positive mentality it makes all the difference. I've just climbed to Gold5 and still going at the moment. I still miss a lot more than I should. But, CS is so important, Bronze seem to think only kills matter, they ignore turrets and other objectives and quite often tower dive expecting nothing short of a miracle. I will always avoid trying to tower dive, unless I have great vision out. I will always ping turrets/drakes/barons and cross-map plays. If I die 5 man bot, I hope to god that my top-lane is hard-pushing his lane to counter that turret.
TC Sikora (EUW)
: ranked solo/duo
I just autofill'd supp.... The top lane GP was in Gold already. By 30min of the game, he only had 70cs...... Do some people intentionally lose games for some reason?
: Sounds like tilt ;) Happens to everyone. Here's where I have to say, do as I say, not as I do: If you play ranked and you are finding yourself in a spot where you are afraid of losing matches and every teammate's missplay feels like a sting, stop right there and wait for a day where you can handle shit teammates and losing matches. Reflecting on other people's mistakes is never healthy. And don't forget, only knowing your role and how to play it doesn't make you climb. And that's coming from a person that goes tourette mode every other match ;) It's only that I've learned to turn it into positive team communication to unscrew things rather than %%%%%ing. Doesn't always fruit, doesn't always work, but I win more games by trying to win a match with the cards that were dealt to me, rather than blaming the cards for losing
I'm generally a positive person and can turn things around fairly quickly. I dropped to Silver2, then decided I wasn't going to stop there (had some lunch), won a burst and got straight back into Silver1, finished in gold the last few seasons (reduced play time since having my daughter). But hoping to get back into atleast gold again. Just it feel's so hard, especially as ADC when you know you just have no synergy with your support what so ever. I kept getting mage supports who would want to stay so passive behind, I had a Tahm who would devour me everytime I started putting out damage as a Tristana, rather than when I was engaged on and the Morgana who was more concerned about herself than me with her spell shield. But I had games where my support Thresh has landed pretty much every hook, I've dashed in and dropped them with E Q combo in seconds. It just felt like my team were always below me, yet my enemies were always above in terms of rank and to a degree performance some times. I guess it'll settle down the further we get into the reset :D
Proppa (EUW)
: Always facing higher ranked opponents?
I guess it's just where I'm tilted at the mo. Pretty much a 6 losing streak. But as ADC I'm far to reliant on my support being remotely capable. My previous game, I don't think the Nami landed a single bubble so I could followup with trap etc on Caitlyn. So I was having to try and poke them down and was forced out of lane where Nami was always pretty much around our turret. Barely even tossing me a heal, so I couldn't sustain in lane either. Going to take a break now after this tilt. I'm not trying to blame my team mates or anything either. I had another game where I had morgana support and I don't think I ever got a single spell shield the entire game.. I've watched the replays back etc just to see if I was imagining it, but I don't think I was.
Proppa (EUW)
: Always facing higher ranked opponents?
Now I also have an Unranked in my team, vs 2 gold/3 silver1. Gold5/silver2/silver2/silver1 on my team......
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PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Help.
My experience of a Twitch Jungle, verbal abuse in champ select, verbal abuse at start of match, feed 2 early kills, AFK at 3 minutes, comes back at 14:30 just to refuse the 15min FF. That was one of my promo matches :)
: Who is the most cancerous legend and why
Why has no one mentioned {{champion:17}} ? :o
TTekkers (EUW)
: I find that whichever ADC has the more proactive team around them to facilitate them carrying the game wins. This usually looks like the best ADC wins the game, but it's about 90% on the other 4.
This..... I've had many games where my support has tried to go AP-Carry (Silver/gold elo) and takes most of the early kills but drops off harder late game it seems. Where my team all focus on engage and care nothing about me.... when I just get 1 shot. If I play with a Braum, Leona, Alistar, it's usually a win. Or a top laner like Shen can help massively also. ADC is exactly that, Attack Damage Carry, they are meant to be able to carry the game by doing attack damage. But they ares squishy as hell, so if you don't protect them, they can't do damage.
: the normal assassin usually doesn't have cc to prepare those kills and that is what an assassin should be doing anyway killing someone from 100 to 0. And that is what i always said about zoe the problem isn't really her dmg but her cooldowns.
It's also important to bare in mind, most assassin's damage isn't on a sub-10 second cooldown either......
: > [{quoted}](name=Pyrosen,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Jpyd2o8a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-11T12:31:23.478+0000) > > Some people really want the world to burn huh > I can already see the -8 Some people forget to stand behind minions against Zoe, since she'll waste her Q on them instead. I can't understand why no-one can do the math and see that she's relatively underpowered. Her Q does about as much damage as Caitlyn's Q alone. The only thing which makes her "overpowered" is her E, which can't really be used to enhance your Q since some ally will auto attack them instead.
It's ok saying stand behind minions, but she can wave clear with Paddlstar so quickly, there aren't always enough minions to hide behind. ON top of her really low cooldown on Q and Ult....
xtheannax (EUW)
: It's impossible to get S on Sivir. IMPOSSIBLE!
Your damage 37.6k, ezreal damage 56.5k. You placed 12 wards in 36min game (1 every 3 minutes), ezreal placed 22. You also placed 0 control wards.
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: Ranked system and ELO, and what is the difference between the players of different ELO
I'm finding it hard since the reset. My last game, I got a double kill (solo bot lane) got dived by 3, Ali/WW and Lux, nearly killed all 3. However, my annie was 0/5, with 70CS and just fed lux to infinity. After getting dived 5 man bot, I lost the bot turret so had to play safe... but as soon as the first turret was lost it freed them up to roam so was pretty much a lost cause from that point. But how I play ok, 3/0 to start with, to get tilted badly by the annie who couldn't even CS safely, she just wanted to keep trying to 1v1 the lux, who was double her CS and obviously ahead in kills.
elin990 (EUW)
: Why are champs considered 'top, mid, bot' champs and why not?
ADC is considered to be a Ranged Auto Attack based champion, Xin doesn't have any range on his auto attacks. So early game and if you can't continue to farm, the enemy ADC will just surpress you with auto attacks. Most other roles are a bit more of a cross over. You can take Lux Mid, but you can also take Lux as support, she is a mage who has good damage and some CC. Then you get get champs like Maokai, who can play Top, Jungle and Support.....
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BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Botlane vs mid vs jungle..
Also, I've been playing the Kayle Top, Yi Jungle combo recently with a friend to see how well it works. With as much Tenacity on Yi as possible, then support build Kayle Font of Life which means when I Q, Yi heals 5+1% of my max health. Then my W is 5% Stronger with Revitalize, + Aery barrier, along with Ardent Senser, Knights Vow, Locket of Iron Solari, Zeke's, aswell as my Ult for when he gets in trouble. Sometimes he goes a bit wrong, but as soon as Yi starts to scale....... he is almost unstoppable.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Botlane vs mid vs jungle..
It's all about mentality. I play mid quite often, even if I lose early, keeping a positive attitude I can usually have a significant impact when it comes to team fights etc. Bot Lane synergy is important, if you have bad synergy between the 2 players then it can cripple you I agree. Voice comms help massively and playing with someone regularly helps massively also. You get to understand how the other plays, wether you want to engage or not, poke, farm safe etc. If you aren't able to communicate and the support engages, but the ADC has no mana, or is low health it doesn't end well. Most lanes have strong champs at the moment, I mean just look at Zoe and her 1-shot potential in the midlane. Malzahar has incredible damage, Xerath has awesome range poke and a bit of CC. Top, champs like Maokai are almost unstoppable with CC on every ability. It all boils down ultimately, to how well you play as a team. If you have a squishy mid-laner who think's it's their job to be the engage and dies early, then you know youre done for. If you let the tanks engage, then focus down, push objectives together well, split push etc it all helps massively. But it does amaze me how the knowledge of the game varies so much within the ELO, wether some have just been totally lucky and carried etc.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Botlane vs mid vs jungle..
That's what I mean, MF is an early lane beast the CD and damage on Q has huge damage potential. But as soon as Jinx and Braum start to kick in, they are almost impossible to stop. I'm around the same ELO as you (was gold, placed in Silver2 at the mo). Lots of matches I have, you will always get that one person, that makes you wonder how you are placed in the same ELO as them. In my placements I had a toxic twitch, who fed 2 early kills, then went AFK, then came back at 14:30 JUST to refuse the surrender so we had to wait until 20. Also, had people who give away first blood and are down 50% CS than their opponent, yet still think they have a chance to engage. A lot depends on how you talk with people and communicate. If I can push my lane and roam, I will always do so. If I can get the turret easily then offer to swap lanes, so they can just sit bot and try to bump up their CS etc. Playing together well and focusing objectives play a huge part.
: Take towers or team fight when we dive midgame as ADC?
You are the damage. If your team is engaging, it makes sense for you to help as it will greatly improve your teams chance of success. If you take the turret, the chances are your team will do significantly less damage and risk dying. If you can deffinately take the turret fast enough though, that will also greatly reduce the damage your team will take. Personally, I will avoid turret diving as much as possible as it can quite easily turn the game in the enemies favour when you get CC'd under a turret, or other members appear you didn't have vision of. I got a double kill the other day when I was 40% health and they dived, I was at the back side of my turret, flashed to the other side of the turret, they tried to chase and took too much turret damage. Stack that with stopwatch and they both died.
: {{champion:82}} mid is a midlane juggeranught. Few people expect that. Just like Cho, only this pick is more rare.
I remember playing Mordekaiser botlane, 1 shotting most anything with Mace of Spades lol.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Botlane vs mid vs jungle..
Also, looking at your current matchups bot. Kalista/Tahm, with MF/Alistar you have a better lane, you can flash/knockup kalista, and headbutt tahm so he can't swallow him up. If you manage to land the MF Q to poke Kalista low... You also build penetration on MF so can tare through Tahm Kench. Then you had Kog/Rakan, Kog will scale later on but with your ability to get onto Kog and his poor mobility again you have the better combo early game. MF can ricochet onto Kog or Rakan and do huge damage, ontop of the E to slow them down, making it easier for Alistar to get into position for the combo. Then you have Varus/Rakan, Varus has good poke, but they can't really engage early due to the Alistar tankiness, if Rakan tries to knockup MF, alistar can just knock him back towards the turret. Varus has good poke from Q/E again, but MF can match that. The game you lost, was a tougher lane, the Jinx/Braum. Braum can block all of MF's damage except for Make it Rain, but can apply his passive to both Alistar and MF, with Jinx's ramping attack speed you will both get stunned, then Jinx can drop her traps or her Zap to lock you into place for longer. So they had better CC and utility between them. Making it harder for you to safely engage.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Botlane vs mid vs jungle..
MF is great early to mid game, but I find she drops off if the game goes late. Her Ricochet Q damage is huge (I main MF a lot). So as long as you can position yourself well, landing a Q is fairly easy to do (kill the creep and rebound to champion) will often do 60% damage. But a good mid laner can make a huge difference also, if you mid/jungler shut down your mid laner and you can both roam bottom to force them out of lane etc. It's all about understanding what you are up against, if you main mid/jungle champions, you aren't necessarily understanding the potential/strengths of other lanes. I know when I play jungle I have a pretty bad map awareness (allways scared to invade etc). But as ADC I know pretty much what all champ's are capable of, so I can counter as be aware of what can happen. Like you say with MF, I will always position myself out of the 20 degree window of minions so she can't rebound onto me. I will also look into taking someone like Tristana, or lulu support, so I can ult form tristana to mess her ult up, or polymorph her etc.
däb (EUW)
: Well, IF RIOT DIDN'T FU RYZE, you should have played ryze. He will be still a fun Champ though, try him out. Learning him is easy, mastering him is extremely hard.
> [{quoted}](name= däb,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pErQAwmE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-07T06:25:30.013+0000) > > Well, IF RIOT DIDN'T FU RYZE, you should have played ryze. He will be still a fun Champ though, try him out. Learning him is easy, mastering him is extremely hard. The biggest trouble I have with Ryze, is remembering the combos! WEQ, QEQEWE or w/e it is etc lol.
: i need a new mid laner pick for me!
{{champion:42}} or {{champion:3}} ? Corki is Auto Attack, with %magic damage attacks. Good poke champ, not quite a mage as it relies on auto attack's also. Galio because of his global, taunt and general beefyness, not your typical mid lane mage, but deffinately fun to play.
Rockified (EUNE)
: -3 LP Bronze, 28% winrate, need some advice on how to get out of this BS.
I would probably play a carry champ. ADC / Mid are probably the easiest lanes to carry, as long as you know how to play safe and farm up under turret. So many bronze player's, have no idea how to last hit properly and will seemingly have a really low CS score. If you get ahead in CS, then you will eventually be able to power through. I've had games where I've focused on CS/Objectives with Kills as a secondary and easily doubled the CS of enemy laners. When you have a significant enough CS lead, then you can push for turrets or Kills etc.
SwagZz41 (EUW)
: When do you buy Warmogs Armor on tanks and when do you buy boots first on adc?
For me, it depends on what I'm going against and what they buy. As ADC, if I give away first blood, I'l try and build boots first for mobility and the attack speed. But sometimes I'll buy Tabi boots. As for Warmogs, if you are building armor, into a Jayce who is building Armor Pen, you are better off building HP over Armor due to armor pen.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: Sick of watching people afk/int/troll/idiots
It's not about winning every game, but losing because someone is intentionally throwing the match is completely different. I'm happy to lose a game, I know I always try my best, if I feed an early kill then I will always play passive and farm up as best as possible, usually over-take in CS fairly often. Losing a game, when everyone plays well is a great way to learn. Losing because someone intentionally feeds, or intentionally AFK/DC's, or intentionally trolls the team to tilt them, you learn nothing from. You are on an uneven playing field and you know that the pressure of another lane is far stronger for them to gank you etc.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: Sick of watching people afk/int/troll/idiots
When I first started playing, I recieved a 60day chat ban because I was possibly a little bit toxic. Although it wasn't intentional, but when I saw people intentionally feeding etc, I'd call them up on it (I know I should try and encourage them now etc). But if I recieve that kind of penalty for that, then someone who messes with the Ranked system, AFK/Troll, then they should be banned from playing ranked games, until they reach say honor 3/4 again, proving that they have turned a leaf as it were.
: Ceah, cause WW ult isn't point and click.
> [{quoted}](name=Player3Th0mas,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zEnvfAhM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-29T17:18:58.323+0000) > > Ceah, cause WW ult isn't point and click. Active: Warwick leaps Unstoppable icon unstoppably in the target direction, stopping upon hitting an enemy champion, Suppression icon suppressing them for 1.5 seconds. It's pretty much point and click? lol
: Implement Loss Prevented when a team member is having connection issues for the majority of the game
I would keep it as it is to prevent abuse, people getting trolled ot the point they just want to leave etc. I don't mind getting the odd loss, as hopefully the law of averages means it should balance out eventually. But those who intentionally leave, should be investigated and a small LP "offer" wouldn't go a miss. Like, sorry a player on your team was a troll, here's 10LP as a goodwill gesture lol.
: What is happened with Warwick?
What I don't get, they nerf Malzahar Ult, because it would kill within the duration, yet Warwicks Ult supression is fine?
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: I cant carry much games.
Pick a mid laner, who can apply pressure to other lanes (be it through fast wave clear), or global ults etc. Also, try and encourage your bot lane, it's probably one of the hardest lanes to play (after jungler I find). As you both have to be on the same page, as in if 1 engages and the other plays passive then you will likely feed. If you aren't premade it's even harder to communicate properly with your support/ADC. What champions mid do you prefer to play? I also don't think you should put it all on botlane losing. If you can't carry, then you are probably where you belong elo-wise. I play bot-lane and have been placed in Silver5 (on flex) and silver2 (duo), I can quite easily win lane in Silver5 Flex and try to remain positive and always praise my team when they do well. I had a game yesterday, where the Lux continuously tried to surrender, even though I finished 6/8/5, https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3509069043/206800515?tab=stats I knew that I was scaling and Nasus was also doing really well. So always remain positive regardless of wether you feel you are going to lose......
: BE Grind
I have 168,000BE and nothing what so ever to spend it on. Tey removed the WW skin etc.
Paul8888 (EUW)
: Impossible to win rankeds
Atleast 4 of my 10 placement matches had trolls or afk'ers. Even had 1 who was toxic as hell, then he went afk after feeding 2 kills by 6 minutes, then come back at around 14:30, just to refuse the surrender and drag the game out for a further 5 minutes. Then I had a Bard, who never landed a stun, died early giving their MF a big lead and forcing me to have to back. I had boots, MF had 2 doran's blades, then wondered why I couldn't compete in lane and was horribly behind. I couldn't push with Alistair waiting to pummel me. Aswell as 1 MF Q took me down 50%+ health. Then he would also put the heals right beside me, so they never matured (he dropped 4 that I saw), 2 I couldn't reach without taking damage, 1 which hadn't bloomed then 1 literally as I was moving back to turret. I couldn't get near the wave, so lost a lot of CS, then he kept blaming me for doing nothing in team fights (trying to CS and float to team fights), then turned the hole team against me......
She is very situational. If the game goes over 25/30 minutes it's almost a guaranteed loss as you just can't shred the enemy team in team fights. But early game, her Q damage is great, can do 40/50% damage with a single well placed Q.
Naniup (EUW)
: Why league is full of trolls/tilted person ????
Also, do you no longer get the message stating that action has been taken against a player? Atleast that was remotely satisfying :(
: its because ppl lost games in theyre placements and there still playng on tilt
I have lost atleast 4 of my 7 games currently played. 1 of which was due to the Wukong troll and the teemo who seemed to int on Nasus giving him 11kills and over 450 stacks. But I keep trying to be positive, I keep managing to win lane.... but nothing I can do....
Proppa (EUW)
: I'm getting to the point where I'm done with this game, because of this exact behaviour. My last 2 ranked games, I had a Twitch jungle, who was toxic in champ select, toxic at start, fed 2 kills early whilst being toxic, AFK'd at 7 minutes, came back at 14:30 to be toxic, we tried to FF, re refused to FF and just was toxic the hole time. Next game, Wukong, with the name Toxic Kindred, pretty much a repeat of the last game, no ganks, no active pressure or anything, hardly any CS and just seemed to want to FF every 5 minutes. How Riot don't edit the ranked system, if someone gets reported and they take action they should offer some kind of LP offer, to say sorry for your loss due to this behaviour. Even if its just a token 1/2 the LP so your loss isn't as great. Maybe it's just me, but this behaviour has put me off playing any more lol.
Not to mention, I forced the bot lane back 3 times early didn't want to dive under turret, had a 40CS~ lead by around 6/8 minutes if I recall. Even got a kill if I remember rightly, so had completely denied the Tristana/Shen bot lane..
Naniup (EUW)
: Why league is full of trolls/tilted person ????
I'm getting to the point where I'm done with this game, because of this exact behaviour. My last 2 ranked games, I had a Twitch jungle, who was toxic in champ select, toxic at start, fed 2 kills early whilst being toxic, AFK'd at 7 minutes, came back at 14:30 to be toxic, we tried to FF, re refused to FF and just was toxic the hole time. Next game, Wukong, with the name Toxic Kindred, pretty much a repeat of the last game, no ganks, no active pressure or anything, hardly any CS and just seemed to want to FF every 5 minutes. How Riot don't edit the ranked system, if someone gets reported and they take action they should offer some kind of LP offer, to say sorry for your loss due to this behaviour. Even if its just a token 1/2 the LP so your loss isn't as great. Maybe it's just me, but this behaviour has put me off playing any more lol.
: But it goes both ways, these champions generally aren't anything to write home about once you take their stealth mechanic away, so the element of surprise is absolutely essential for them, if you manage to take that away from them, the cards are in your hands
But the element of surprise, basically means it's a guaranteed kill. As an ADC player, having no chance what so ever to react feel's incredibly frustrating. Every other champ I feel you can counter, or atleast have chance to react to. I would love to know, how much of a reaction advantage it gets. A bit like the film Captain Phillips, where the computer simulations kept suggesting that he could have made it back, then he suggested factoring in human error/reaction times and it was a fail every time.
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: How to play as adc vs alistar
It's hard to see without seeing your's and his item build etc. That game seem's completely random, the Alistar had more Farm/Gold than their top-lane camille. And fairly equal gold to each of your team. Although he did only have fairly low armor. But you also built Mercurial Scimitar (which I find a bit weird into that comp), with only Shiv and IE so you won't shred through him that quickly. I would have probably just kept Merc scim as QSS until later on. But with his ult up you aren't going to kill him alone. Also look at the levels, their Varus was level 18 with 366 CS (Full build), your highest level was Riven 16 and Fizz was lower level than you. So all in all, that was a terrible idea to engage in a team fight IMO. You're team just completely seperated, although Thresh got a nice hook onto Varus, there was nothing to followup and burst him down and even if you did. So many little thing's really. I would have waited under turret, tried to farm up as much as possible to get on equal footing.
: How to get S on Pantheon?
25CS potential every 2 minutes..... So a possible 256CS within that period, you have 78 which is around 30% CS. You had good wards placed, but no Control Wards or wards destroyed either. You also did no damage to the turrets at all..... So all in all, your KDA is ok, but the rest of your stats are just awfully low.
: The problem with Zoe is not the damage
I think a lot of the problem I have with Zoe, is the reaction times side of things. If you're on say a morgana or lux, you have to instantly follow up with your other damage abilities after landing your root/stun for it to be most effective. With Zoe, she lands her E then has the "drowsy" period, to set up her other skillshot giving her a few seconds where she knows exactly where you are going to be. Making it easier to predict/land abilities I find. Human Error and Reaction times, often lead to missing skillshots if the champion is mobile, with Zoe I feel you are removing that side of things.
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