: Honor system reset?
Ok weird, ill just contact rito then because I think a player should get a reason why they recieve any penalty even if it is as small as this. Thanks for your comments.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Out of 130+ champs in this game...
Heimer wasn't op, that's not why they nerfed him. They nerfed him because it was a no skill anti fun aspect of the champ. A good heimerdinger will still be able to outplay without only needing to press R to outplay. ;)
Lsayu (EUNE)
: I play jungle/support in bronze IV and when I get support my team is usually well organized and object oriented, I also make sure to go outside of bot after the tower falls down. tip: play leona. Let your adc farm even if they're godawful at it, give them a chance to learn how to cs.
If you ask me everyone even attempting to play adc needs to spend some quality time in a custom game practicing last hitting and last hitting under tower to get some basics down like 2 towershots for melee creeps, 1 auto + 1 towershot for caster creeps, 7 towershots for cannon etc. Cs is just that important to gain your lead as a adc, that one item you bring back more than your enemy makes all the diference early and if played right you just snowball from there on.
: Silver V Thresh main reporting for duty.
: Dammit. Thought this topic was about wukong support.
: Do champions spike with other than ultimate at level 6?
There's lot's of other powerspikes. To take your example in jgl, lv2 gank after first red buff because you have a leg up on the laner that is still lv1. ( twitch is notorious for this ) Diana gets a spike at level 3 as she has the ability to pull enemy champs towards her on her E, thus giving her and your laner the chance to burst the enemy champ down. Granted, lv6 is also a powerspike of hers as she can initiate really well with her Q R combo and finish the job with another R ( + combo ) if the enemy laner flashes away. Some junglers should just not take too big risks when not lv6 yet, think of Shyvana, Master Yi or Evelynn, who have a rough start but get a enormous powerspike at lv6. So just go for the free kills with those champs but don't take risks like ganking a half hp or less lane vs a full health enemy laner who is barely pushed up enough.
: Champion prices are now too high
I completely agree with you. You now only get 50 (?!) BE after your first win of the day, where you could get IE after every match in the old system. I bet most people play more than just one match when they play, finding it ridicilous that rewards after every game where removed and it feels greedy. And the BE you get varies so much when leveling up, as the shards get you anywhere between 90 and I think somewhere around 1.5k BE ( gl unlocking that 6300BE champ you want when only leveling up once or twice per week ). In my experience it takes me way longer to unlock champions and feel forced to pay for new champs when I want to play something new because the grind has just gotten so much worse. I never had this feeling in season 7, ever. I know rito needs to make money but in my case and I'm sure many other cases they've earned more than plenty off skins alone, don't feel like I need to be price gauged for champs as well because champs are also not cheap to buy with RP. ( 6-7 champs will buy you a new complete game ) And to add one more thing; how is it that unlocking a mastery for a champ costs 3.2k BE or 3.8k BE after you already bought the champ, probarbly bought a skin as you play the champ a lot and proved your mastery over the champ?? Why does this even cost anything? Was making the mastery animation so expensive you need to charge people for what is nothing more than bragging rights over a champ they EARNED these bragging rights over?
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: Sick and tired of monkeys at low elo as support.
This is why I'm currently looking for a support main ( silver 4 ADC main, EUW ). Every one out of three games, if you're lucky, contains at least one or two teammates who just can't get it in their system to farm safe after being killed in lane 4 times already. And don't get me started on people who actually pick zoe, yasuo etc as a support. T_T Let's face it, low silvers is elo hell as lot's of people just got lucky in bronze while better players ( deserving of high silver/ low gold ) are not yet good enough to solo carry games. Maybe a good bot duo will help hard carrying/winning that game.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: you should contact support for stuff like that.
So I take it your honor level is still 5? I will contact support soon if so.
Rioter Comments
: you are free to ban whoever you like. there are many occasions where a certain champion will bring great disadvantage to your team like in low elo picking a yasuo top against a tank or illaoi, or they pick an OP champion like vayne or ezreal and theyre last pick. if the player who got his champion banned decided to troll or rage just report him and move on. or you can let his pick pass knowing he will have a bad matchup and carry him its your choice really. you can point out to him that for example pls dont take yasuo into illaoi you put us into a disadvantage but i doubt he will listen considering how immature league players are. most people who ban yasuo in low elo dont do it because he is OP but because they know he is a high skill level champion and the person who will play him is not skilled enough and even if hes kinda good he will still have lot of deaths. for example vayne right now is just stupid and honestly i dont want to face her on my games. so if my teammate highlights her and hes not first pick i will ban her and idc if he rages or troll. why would you care if a random stranger on the internet rages because his champion got banned, you follow the rules and the rules state you can ban whoever you want. i never highlight which champion i want to play cause someone can ban him just to troll. if you ask me this whole thing is kinda pointless whats the point of making players highlight the champion they want to play if he still gets banned. from the games i see most people dont even use it the ones who use it are the common yasuo zed vayne etc players who are actually saying hey look i know im unskilled but i picked this champion who will be bad for the team but still not ban him cause im selfish and i want to play him and if you ban him ill throw a tantrum.
That's why I don't highlight my champ. As a Vayne main my team bans Vayne on purpose too many times. I will just pick something else then without flaming or inting, but I feel it just works tilting and makes me play worse bc of that even tho I'm not a onetrick. And if the enemy team first picks vayne I will just simply counterpick her so there really is no reason to ban her if your teammate knows what he/she is doing. ( yes yes thats a big IF )
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: Yup. Just found a picture of it. The actual name of it was "Unskilled Player" http://i.imgur.com/GavpU.png
I would spam the ever loving #### out of this button.
: Are you sure you actually really played LoL for 2 years? I'm mystified that you had your first bunch of a@@holes only today...
Was thinking just the same, pretty sure I got flamed in my first ever match. :P And when it comes to jungling, you cant unsink a sinking ship solo, if your laners just keep feeding instead of playing safe and waiting for a gank or roam there will be no stopping that enemy laner as he freefarms until he is 2+ levels above anyone. Only thing I imagine would work in that situation is ganking another lane and gank the feeding lane together and immediately push for tower.


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