HercaZ (EUNE)
: Dude, you think pros are all on the same level? lol... And jsut how much of those "PROS" are actually pros and not just simple youtube streamers? Or do you think that youtube streamer is an auto pro? Well on the other hand it is fun that you respond only to the statements you can answer while you ignore the rest lol, that pretty much sums up what your views are.
Since it was G2 in the LEC only a month ago, its kinda obvious that it happened in Pro play, yes (and yes, they won, so soraka top won against an experienced pro player). And that is where this current hype is coming from. And I think that teams in any league championship can be considered as pro players or at least as experienced players. And you said, that you > dont see this working in any way unless you are playing against less experienced players... which is obviously absolute bullshit. And as i said, i didnt answer to the rest cause in my point of view, it didnt have anything to do with my prime comment, so why should i even bother about it? But to make you happy, i will do it: > Yeah man, but do you understand what counter pick means? this is the prime example of this term ... Yes, usually, picking a ranged top lane is just a counter pick towards bruiser without gap closers or any kind of early strength towards range champs. But Soraka top currently is strong against almost everything on top. As i said in my prime comment, its not an instant loss laning against her, its just annoying af and mostly pretty hard. She has a massive heal for herself which also gives her a shit ton of ms while being able to silence and sometimes root you. She usually builds a more aggressive build than as a sustain support, which makes her global ult a big thread for every lane, since its a massive heal as well. > And she might be stronger against you in the early/mid game stage. But when it comes to team fights its different story... If she build healer/Ap top she is ~weak late compared to top tank.. If she build offensive, once again she is weak and squishy and she cant heal much.. That, i have to disagree with. Her impact in late game can be as strong or even stronger than any tank, if played right. Ofc, if they don't have a single front line champ, it should be moderately easy for you to get to her. But as soon as they have, f.e. a Leona and Nunu, it can be almost impossible getting close to a soraka. And this way, she can just heal up everyone in the tf and turn this whole thing around. Soraka is, imo, a hard to play late game champ, because of the things you already mentioned. But if played right with a good team composition, she can be a hell of a carry. I hope you are happy now that i answered everything you said.
: Take a break when you lose two games in a row. Often you yourself as a player get slightly tilted and play worse after loses. That's actually the case for most people. I don't say you go full %%%%%%. But just the little frustration of having lost the last two games gives you a different mindset already. And especially if you are keeping up that conspiracy bullshit in your head. You will lose even more cause this is what you already expect. Self fullfilling prophecy
I never play another game after a loss without taking a break before. Everytime i lose, i go for an urf, play some other games, go for a cigarette, w/e.. i always let at least half to one hour pass before i start my next ranked to avoid exactly what you are talking about. I know how a negative mindset can affect your play and i try to avoid that as much as possible.
: This season is definitely very snowbally. DMG overall is very high, and even a small advantage can be devestating in some lanes depending on setup. Yeah it would be actually nice to have a little less dmg and less snowballing. I guess the last couple of years people often complained about tank meta. So right now we have more of an fast dmg/snowball meta
Its not only the snowballing.. its the overall matchmaking. It actually feels like, what plenty people complain about, as if riot is really trying to force the 50% winrate onto you. As i said, its quite rare that i have a win, then a loss, then a win, maybe another win and then a loss again. Its always a winning streak going into a loosing streak and then into a winning streak again. And that makes it quite annoying to keep up. Cause usually, when im on a winning streak, im getting into my Promo. But i know exactly, that since i won the last 5 to 6 games, i will definitely lose my Promo. I lost my last Promo from Gold 4 to Gold 3 4 times and it always happened in this way. I got a winning streak, got into Promo. Lost the promo, lost a few more games after that and then got back to the winning streak which got me into Promo, just to lose it again and again and again...
HercaZ (EUNE)
: Yeah man, but do you understand what counter pick means? this is the prime example of this term... And seriously people you are QQ because someone counter picks someone? And she might be stronger against you in the early/mid game stage. But when it comes to team fights its different story... If she build healer/Ap top she is ~weak late compared to top tank.. If she build offensive, once again she is weak and squishy and she cant heal much... So I dont see this working in any way unless you are playing against less experienced players...
I will only answer on your last statement, cause the rest feels like it had nothing to do with what i said. > So I dont see this working in any way unless you are playing against less experienced players... So, thats some bullshit right here.. cause, you know where this whole hype about soraka top comes from right? exactly, pro play.
897zua (EUW)
: Has anyone had a game that wasnt finished in a stomp ?
Me and some friends of mine i sometimes play with, just discussed this a few days ago. We all feel the same as you do. Either, you are the one stomping or the one getting stomped. I'm not the kind of guy who says that games are determined withtin the first 10 to 15 minutes, which is why i will never surrender. But mostly every game that goes further than 30 to 35 minutes is because somebody (mostly me as shen) was able to carry them through mid game, but late is a stomp again. It feels like im having a winning streak where we stomp every single game and after a few wins, i'll get a loosing streak where we get somped every single game until the winning streak comes back... its weird.
: But... you are indeed toxic.
True dat. You dont have to insult back, cause that makes you being toxic as well. Just mute em, ignore em and keep on playing. Try encouraging your teammates to fight against the toxicity this one dude spreads around instead of getting toxic yourself.
: Why exactly did Riot make the boards interface so bad?
I didn't even recognise the mouse-over animation on the logo until now... but ye, i've ranted about the changes a week ago as well. Sucks to not see your updates. Use https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/myupdates?show=unread to see your notifications.
Krithlyn (EUW)
: Red Ribbon is looking for a Top Laner for clash! MINIMUM GOLD 3!
Heyho, i'm a Top Main, mostly playing Shen, Sett or Ornn. I am currently Gold 3, but i'm not done climbing the ladder yet :P I'm still searching for a team to do the clash. Not sure if i can join you today, but definitely tommorrow for a practice round!
: Support isn't Swain's best role. Support is Swain's least worst role. Imo Rito should increase the Q's base damage, nerf the E cooldown, nerf the R's base damage and increase the R's AP scaling. That would make him better as a mid laner. More popularity = a higher chance of merc stuff.
Would make him better as a mid laner, but also make him way too strong as a support. If swain gets just a tiny little heads up as support, hes gonna destroy the adc. Imagine what is gonna happen if they buff him..
: This was posted in off topic, not the most popular place but still got plenty of people lurking around... you posted in technical support a board with very few non volunteer players lurking on. If you want responses from players you gotta post it in a place they’ll see, no point hiding it in a lesser used form if you want us to respond
True that. But it still got viewed almost 2'000 times, while having only 1 comment. Which is kinda sad in my eyes.
: hir ist nur g2 oder spieler der sponsoren welcommen die fehler spielen und aber mit spieler in ei nsognanten riff als angeblicher sieges kworten spieler der für ein kanal für riot spielt und nicht zum spaß nur arschkricher der gemeinse die gegner haben die in ts stehen und mit absicht itam kaufen das man verliert die dürfen alles aber spieler die alein gegen 9 spieler sind die mich seit 10 jahre sabotiern das ist ein ban
Was zum fi** probierst du zu sagen? And also, this should be english only, since not everyone around the globe is able to speak german.
: So how come Lee has avoided nerfs for so %%%%ing long?
IMO, Lee Sin is one of the greatest Champs Riot has ever done. Not only does he have a Skillset that can be played by many, but also can be mastered for higher advanced players. He's fun to play and he can be a real game changer. But the best thing about him, that he seems to be one of the few Champions that are actually balanced since the dawn of time. Yes, he does have a strong early game, you can't argue with that. But he also falls drastically during the late. Which is totally fine. Wanna know why? His base dmg is pretty high, thats true. But if you build too much damage, you gonna explode like some popcorn eating chicken in late. And if you build too much resistence, you stop dealing damage at some point in late. But what most People don't understand, is the fact, that not every Champ that you got stomped by, is broken or way too over powered. Lee Sin can be countered in many ways, even in early game. Yes, he does have high duel potentional, but why would you even try fighting him 1on1 if you are not certain enough that you can win against him? (Which can also be said about probably every champ). Let's get an example here. You are on Bot and the enemy team has a Lee Sin, what are you supposed to do? Ward! Deep Ward the actual good ward positions (not only the river bush) and try to not let him get behind you. And even if that happens, you gotta CC the shit out of him. Oh, you thought playing Garen support was a good idea in champ select? Well, your fault then. Have a Brand support? Awesome! You can CC him and burst him down, cause his defensivness in early game sucks. Lee Sin doesn't need any nerf, nor a buff. But what is needed here, is the overall understanding about how to counter junglers. I used to play Lee a lot back in the days. And everytime I get this beast out of my closet to go for a round, I see People making the same mistakes all over again in low elos. I'd say i have like an 80% winrate in early with him, but not cause I'm a Lee OTP, or because he's broken. No, because People dont know the essential makro plays coming along with countering junglers, especially in low elos (like an ADC who thinks he doesn't need to buy pinks, cause he's the carry). I hope you got what im talking about here.
jacktjong (EUW)
: So technically using a VPN to pay for RP breaks the Russian law?
Nah, thats not what they are saying. > Russian laws forbids companies to handle user data outside of Russian borders So, referring to what Hansiman said, **companies** are forbidden to handle user data outside of Russian. That concludes in the following hypothesis: If you, as a Russian citizen, use a VPN to buy things outside of russian borders, you are **not** breaking the law. Cause you are neither a company, nor do you yourself handle the data.
: Unexpected error with your login session
The only thing i can come up with rn is package loss. Maybe try looking into that? Cause a repeatedly "Unexpected error..." message kinda looks like unexpected internet loss and a quick regain, which usually happens through package loss.
: Its impossible to play league right now
Post like these won't do any good nor will they help improving anything.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Current Solution For Boards Notifications
Give this dude some credit and push the thread!
: Bugs can be difficult to squash some times, especially as it’s ptobably a pretty deep rooted issue regarding bonus health and kled (has kled ever gotta access to bonus health scaling before?)... assuming they’ve started squashing it then it could take some time I’d recommend being patient and continuing to report it, hopefully riot can (or will) sort it soon
Continue to report the same back over 4 month shouldnt be the solution. The least rito could do, is tell people, that they know about the bug and that they are looking into it instead of letting people in the unknown while they report the bug over and over and over again.
: lol nice removing the notifications
Its nice to see, that when someone rants about something and insults riot, people are rushing to help. But when someone is actually searching for an answer and questions what is happening, no one bats an eye :'D (reffering to: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/sEwGVwA5-notifications-are-gone )
Father Tios (EUNE)
: No. With oblivion orb you buy magic penetration as a primary function, and secondary finish into healing reduction (which in the actual game usually starts affecting only later on anyways), whereas an adc buying healing reduction buys ONLY that healing reduction, and then finishes to something else (armP). Bramble vest is working fine as is, as well.
: 10.3 - Two thirds of the game randomly disconnecting
Didnt happen to me, but a random in my urf yesterday. Kept disconnecting and reconnect like every 20-30 seconds. But kudos to him, he played it through the very end :D
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Yeah I seriously doubt they don't know about it though. You can use https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/myupdates?show=unread as a bookmark for the time being! Honestly they might want to give their web designer(s) a boot though either to get working more properly or just completely out of there but that's my own personal opinion. It's a very core feature so with it being missing completely (especially without giving an official solution themselves) is odd indeed. Hopefully they're already on it.
Sefiroz at its finest :D Thanks for the link mate! Definitely helps me a lot! And "good" to hear, that i am not the only one having this issue.
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Kaash (EUNE)
: first of all there is 1 mistake in my grammar and i am sorry about that. but what i meant is that as i said you would crit based on that 100 max damage so that if you have 125% crit damage you would deal 125 dmg if you have 300% crit damage you would deal 300 dmg and so on
nah mate, you are missing a lot of punctuation, which makes it hard to read. Same goes for your comment. And about that Damage problem, i dont play TFT and this is the league of legends board, not the TFT board.
Müdkip (EUW)
: That's why soraka top is a thing and has a solid 55% win rate, everysingle ranged/mages top are better tan bruisers, why? because they scale better, and since the game pre 20min runs around drakes and botlane top is irrelevant. Por example jungler items cost 2,5k super cheap, mages items, protobelt 2,6k, morello 3k, lost echo 3,1k super cheap items that scales super good. Ad items the most expensive are Infinity edge and essence reaver both around 3,6k and the attack speed items are also cheap, trinity 3777 and all bruiser items are so good damn expensive. I want top to be relevant, mostly games ends at min 25-30. It's like junglers can't perma camp bot otherwise the toplaner can be so impactful and carry the game, atm bruiser are in a bad position, idk if u noticed but everysingle ranged champion is raising and mele bruisers are going slowly down. idk HASHINSHIN LOOK HASHINSHIN PLZ, u're prob playing some random boosted champion or botlane, if u were a toplaner u would get it.
> u're prob playing some random boosted champion or botlane, if u were a toplaner u would get it. Quite funny to say that... since i am a top main. And yes, i agree with the fact that ranged champions are quite annoying on top, but still not unbeatable. My 3 best top laners currently are shen, ornn and sett. And it doesnt matter who my opponent is, i usually never feed (exceptions can happen). Most people just dont understand the fact, that you cant play against a ranged champ the way you play against melee champs and therefore lose the top completly and start feeding. and reading all your other comments, it's just ridiculess the way you behave. Like a lil child whos lollipop got stolen by a ranged champ. Top needs more impact, yes. But bruisers definitely don't need a buff! Tanks need a buff! (Since ornn currently is the only viable full tank)
1v1 pure (EUW)
: Does this insultless chat log deserve PERMA BAN ?
It is neither "insultless", as Shamose also stated, nor is it good behaviour. In that chat log, you are being quite toxic, although not toxic enough for a perma ban. But, you have to keep in mind, that you will never get a perma ban because of one single incident. So, you either had to a) Got punished before, so this was the last straw or b) Got too many reports for being toxic which concluded in a perma ban. Nevertheless, the chat log provided is always just an example. They store the chat logs of everytime you got reported for being a toxic person and the punishment only shows you the last one or two. And saying this: > It's just a qualifier, I had no other way of saying it while reffering to > 1v1 pure: subhuman just shows us how toxic you actually are and the toxicity you spread around in games.
: Account hacked/banned
Well hey tho, how was studying at Howest Brugge mate? And how is life in Blankenberge? I hope that your cat is doing well and that you had fun on your ski trip in Mayrhofen a couple of days ago! But c an you actually play league with a nearly broken finger? seems hard to me. I hope that your job at the international car operators is also going good. And now back to the serious part. Ffs mate, hacking your account seems like stealing a lollipop from a baby to me, if you cant even close your facebook page to private while giving random people on the internet your full name. This here is a community board, for the community. Not a riot support page! Riot might actually be able to help you, at least they did when i got hacked 2 years ago. And if they do, maybe consider changing your password from "Password123" into something more complex.
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Martinizm (EUW)
: Sold my Champion, lost the item on it
I didnt know that the League of Legends community board transformed into a TFT Community Board. Dayum rito, y u no tell.
: Support response time?
My experience with Riots support throughout all those years (been playing since open beta) is overall a 9.9 out of 10. Everytime i opened a ticket, their response never took longer than a day or a maximum of 2. But i think that it hardly depends on what your issue is. My last issue was a hacked account, which didnt even took a day to get an answer and not even 2 days to get fixed. Considering the fact that yours is about refunding, which is probably one of the most opened tickets and also one of the least important (just a guess tho), it will take a while.
: Not kicking people once they leave - afks
It happens in every mode, not only in arams. But, even tho they won't get kicked out, doesnt mean that you are forced to play a 4vs5 (at least in the rift), since you can remake the game after 3 minutes. But if you only play aram.. well then its a bummer, still no need to open thread about this for the 600th time, maybe try your luck in one of those other 600 threads next time.
haa157 (EUNE)
: remember username
In which way is the "keep me signed in" really buggy? I dont have any issues so far. (Not stating that you also have no issues, just curious on what the bugs are)
Müdkip (EUW)
: Buff Bruisers
Seriously? You want bruiser to get a buff? Bruiser are literally the only thing you can actually play right now on top. Tanks have few to zero impact during the late game. And do you seriously want a Darius, Illaoi, Jax, Sett, or whoever to have their core items even faster than they already get it? Come on mate. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Shukuchi (EUW)
: >Well, there is an easy way to counter the Yasuo Windwall.. play something with less to no projectiles or improve your Teamfight positioning. You misunderstood counterplay with counter picking.
And obviously, so did you. > play something with less to no projectiles is counter picking > improve your Teamfight positioning. is counterplay. As you can see on my example i gave, when i play lux, i use counterplay.. cause lux obviously is no counter pick to yasuo
Kaash (EUNE)
: Crystal
What exactly are you talkinga bout mate? Neither your description nor your grammar makes it possible to actually understand your question.
: Same. First game when I got Dark Harvest on Leona thought maybe I just did something wrong when saving them, but the same happened the following game.
Dark Harvest on Leona? Sounds like clapping those thicc tighs around an enemys head tho {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Anders (EUW)
: Add a counter to yasuos windwall
Well, there is an easy way to counter the Yasuo Windwall.. play something with less to no projectiles or improve your Teamfight positioning. When I play mid, i usually plax lux. Most of the time, people pick yasuo into it, which makes me pretty useless one could think. But good positioning while also trying to avoid shooting everything into the wall, makes it possible for me to deal a lot of damage during teamfights without getting bothered by the wall. Ofc, this probably won't help in high elo, but i just assumed that you are low to mid elo, since you made this kind of post :D
: Does AFK affect honors?
As far as i know, being afk itself doesnt affect your honor level. What affects your honor level is getting reported (and punished). Basically, the honor system is pretty simple. You will get honor progression throughout every game. Playing good and winning a game gives you points as well as honoring others. You get an honor after a game? Nice job, that will increase your honor progression even more. You get punished as the conclusion of a report? You will drop to either level 1 or level 0 (only if you already are on level1). But feel free to see the awesome FAQ Riot made about this topic, it should answer all your questions. https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148-Honor-FAQ
DCypher (EUW)
: Checked that one already . Says I haven't been pwned
Which doesn't mean that you didn't. Which is why I said "**might**" . Only because one site can't fight your E-Mail/Password in a Database full of cracked ones, doesn't mean that your Password hasn't been leaked. It's only a simple check to see **what** got leaked and not **if** something got leaked.
: Not gonna lie, i honestly vote for ff too. The reason is when i see my top, mid, jungler getting totally dominated and demolished and the enemy team has much better late game scaling (Master Yi jungle, Kassadin mid, Riven top) i honestly don't see a point to keep that game up until 30 minutes+. But if my team is losing but has better scaling and better macro or someone that is carrying really hard i keep focusing and try to play at least safe when i am about to lose the laning phase. But yeah you are right pro players don't ff, if they do then very rarely. But it makes much more sense to keep playing in high elo cause they know how to abbuse mistakes and how to macro, if you are in silver like me and people don't actually know even the basics of the game it's honestly not worth sometimes.
You do have a point. But imagine if yi gets a dc of whatever reason? They have no jungler to smite baron/elder and they are also 4v5 now. Or another example out of a personal experience from me just a few days ago: I was playing mao jungle, we had a garen top, lucian lulu bot and a lb mid. Enemy was sett top, ekko jungle, kai'sa blitz bot and a kassa mid. We got crushed. Like, literally crushed. According to blitz.gg they had a (r.a.) 12k lead after 20 minutes. It was like 8/30, or something similiar, after those 20 minutes. We had 1 turret, while they pushed every lane into the inhib turret + mid inhib was gone. They had the soul. My team wanted to surrender, i didnt (as usual). And then it happened. One mistake at elder, Sett got caught, game went into a 5v4 and we actually somehow managed to win the fight without anyone dying on our site. We did elder, rushed to baron and instantly crushed down the mid and ended the game while devouring everything that came in our way. So, we got literally butt%%%%ed for 30 minutes straight without any hope of winning and this one, tiny winy mistake made us win, despite the fact that you would normally call this game "already lost". And those things are the reason why i never did and will never surrender a ranked game. All it takes is one bad play to reduce the most hopeless game in time into a win. _(Does anyone understand it? huehuehue)_
Shamose (EUW)
: ok boomer
its funny how he edited his comment afterwards. What a boomer.
DCypher (EUW)
: I have tried to get another ticket and the same guy just closed it . Should I try in a couple days or so ?
Maybe. I'm not a riot employee, neither do i know how they work. Which is one of the reason that, as already stated quite often, **no one here can help you**! Sorry.
DCypher (EUW)
: Neither of the possibilities you stated here is correct . My password was very strong but what can I do that it somehow got hacked. What if that was your account which u treasure ? Guessing you would've done the same as I did and would've wanted justice for yourself
If your account actually got hacked, your password was a) not strong, even tho you state that it was b) used on other accounts/websites/w.e. as well and their Database got leacked. One way to check that **might** be https://haveibeenpwned.com/
: But then you have picks like Tryndamere that shit so hard on Illaoi that she is not even a champion anymore...or Sett who kinda shits on both. xD
Yeah, but i dont like playing tryndamere and sett is kinda perma banned currently :'D
: I agree haha, people in low elo want to "ff next" when they got a 0/2 or blame others instead of using their time to play or just to improve so they don't stay hardstuck in their elo. But that's exactly why 90% of low elo player are in that elo, all they do is blaming, flaming, talking trash and wasting time.
Exactly, and I will never understand this.. league is not a game that is decided during the first 10 minutes. The outcome of every game can change in an instant. Do you ever see pro gamers surrender? I dont. At least, i can recall only one time where a team surrendered in LCS. One. Time.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Protoje,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bWtIgE76,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-04T08:05:36.291+0000) > > Most people would probably love to see that, but that would just disimprove the whole ranked experience, cause people will start being tilted even faster. Imo, they should remove the opportunity to surrender for good. > > People are giving up way too quickly and want to surrender games that aren't lost yet. I've played games where we got crushed for 30 minutes straight, without any sign of being able to turn it, but one good fight turned around the whole thing. > > I always try to convience my team to keep on playing, keep on trying their best to win. Cause no game is lost until the nexus is blown. But as soon as you give up, you will start making mistakes. You will start doing things you would normally avoid to do, because you gave up and just don't care anymore. And that is the main reason why games get lost. You stop caring about the fact that your Nasus is gonna have so much more stacks late and will crush them alongside your vayne, which is also a strong late champ. People are ignoring the facts and macro plays that comes along with early, mid and late game champs/pressure. > > Coming back at my very first sentence, where I said that it will disimprove the ranked experience: > People are usually playing quite fine until the 15th minute. But as soon as the 15 drops, all it takes is one bad thing to happen and they start the early surrender. Somebody (mostly me) declines it, and then they start ranting about why you declined it and that it's just a waste of time and sometimes start griefing. So, all that happens 5 minutes earlier.. yeeeeey.. > > {{champion:98}} #neversurrender IS 0VS13 NOT LOST TO YOU? AND I HAVE MILION REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SURR AT 10.
yeah, why am i even trying to talk in a normal manner with you. I should have expected that you are just another toxic madlad. so, im just leaving this here: get gud
HercaZ (EUNE)
: They watch some random %%%%%%ed streamers doing nonsensical streams with rigged matches and people believe its OP...
thats literally how you change or impact the current meta. It has always been and will always be like that. (ofc, nerfs and buffs also have a role in that) But, coming to your main statement, and i only guess that out of your rant, that you dont think soraka top is op, right? Well, you might be right. She isn't broken nor op, but she is annoying as %%%%. Current meta is usually a top bruiser, like darius, sett, shen, illaoi, or anything similiar. And tbh, it's actually hard to deal with her (imo). The slow, the slience and the insane healing she gets when getting only a bit ahead is so insane, that it makes playing the lane just frustrating. I dont say its not winnable, im just saying that it's annoying af and thats probably what OP is referring to as well.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: If I'm not mistaken jungle and ADC are the least picked roles right now so people seem to be secondary-picked a lot into them. Try queuing mid/top or mid/support and see if it helps a bit!
Why are you always faster in replying to threads than me? Everytime i see a thread i want to comment on, i see your comment stating the same shit as i was about to say :D
DCypher (EUW)
: Hacked and banned
Well, as Sefiroz already stated, we can't do jackshit about your problem on here. But, usually the riot support is quite accurate about those things. I once got my account hacked, with a changed e-mail, password, all those shit. I opened a ticket and it didnt even take week to get my account back. As Sefiroz also stated, Riot has a way of being able to tell wheter an account got hacked or not. So, if you are telling the truth and they scrambled you off on your first ticket, try your luck with a new one and maybe get a more passionate supporter. Cause so far, and ive been playing since the open beta, i had only good experiences with the riot support.
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