Ultearov (EUW)
: I don't have time to say "scratch" before the queue hits as a support main.
I see how quickly I can press the accept button and try to remember where it is after joining a queue. Main support has it advantages.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: If you keep on winning like you currently it doesn't matter which rank you are, you'll climb quickly, it's only a problem if you lose a lot. Trust me, if you belong there, you'll climb up fast
Zilawyr (EUW)
: I feel like, he should somehow be rememberd in the game, preferrebly by Braum.
: Aww, that sucks. Its not all bad.I think ranked ends late October/November-ish so you've got plenty of time to take a break for a few days and come back. I know that's what I'm currently doing as I've been mostly just coming on to League for the odd game or two during the week and then playing as much as I can for the rotating game mode queue.
It's hard for me to play excessive games tbh. My work, girlfriend, training and parties are getting in the way so much XD If only there was a extra day of weekend that I could dedicate to League :P
DabThe2Key (EUNE)
: I was Gold V last season and got placed to Bronze 2 3 months ago. Luckily I play a lot of League, so I made my way to Platinum, but compared to you I probably did worse at the time. Keep up the good work and you sure will find progress.
Athem (EUNE)
: You deserve it. 1, If you think too high of yourself, you usually deserve lower bracket. 2, If you don't know that winning in lower bracket is =! winning everywhere and higher , that means you are not ready to quailify.
Thanks for your honest answer! I do not think too high of myself (I think). I can handle my losses :)
: Tbqh the difference between silver IV and silver 1 aint so big, if you aint were you belong your winrate will get above 50% till you are were you should be, dont focus on individual games. PS the season I ended up in diamond I started in silver 1, last season I started in plat but never got to diamond xD
Oh wow, I'm not complaining anymore XD Good luck finding your way back! I know you can do it :)
: Mate, I ended in Plat and got placed in Silver III. The system has smiled upon you this time. It's not like it's a long way to climb from Silver 4 to Silver 1.
Yeah I know, I feel bad for you :( Are you going to make the climb back to Plat? I hope one day I'll be good enough to reach that goal :)
Th3rIkAs (EUNE)
: If it`s hard to get out of bad elo with supps don`t play supports. Try playing carry roles and carry Champions. **This Is just My opinion**
And leave support for someone else? How can I leave the precious bot lane in the hands of someone else.... Just for a little bit of information, I always select Support > Bot. I just can't really play Jungle yet (Need more practice before throwing myself in the ranked jungle.
: Can't say for sure if you deserve it or not. But if you truly don't think you're supposed to be in that position put the pedal to the metal. Prove yourself that you aren't supposed to be in that position. I have that feeling I can get Gold but I didn't get it last Season as I gave up. I started really late and after about 250+ games in the space of 2-3 months I get really tired of bouncing back and forth in Silver 1-3 so I just stopped and waited for the next Season. Got placed Silver 5 this season and already Silver 1 with one match away from getting my promos again. Just I'm being lazy and I haven't been playing ranked due to the huge amounts of fun game modes I've been playing and Guildwars. xD But I've got faith in you. If you've got faith in yourself to think you deserve higher and you've got the motivation to keep trying you'll more then likely achieve it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
And with that motivational speech I completely ruined my ranked game yesterday, haha. You know those times when you are "in the zone" (Not having luck with good teammates, because that's bullshit), well.... yesterday is was so far off the zone that my grandpa came down from heaven to tell me to stop playing ranked for this day. I admire your motivation and faith in people! Good luck on your next games and hopefully one day I'll encounter you! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Xrozz (EUW)
: Keep on playing like that, and you will get back in no time
My Syndra (EUNE)
: i think people should not complain about the placements(in case these are your placements cause i didnt read everything), you should see them as a challenge because you can get better while trying to climb, if you are good enough to be in a division then you should have not too much trouble while getting there, silver 4 isn't that bad tho and you can jump to s2 if you are good enough. I got placed g4 from p2 with 4-6 i was a bit mad but now i got d5 so i am ok with it cause i climbed gold pretty quick, i dont know if you understand but games are actually quite balanced and one person can change the game with current tank meta if you feel me
Yeah them tanks are crazy strong. Looking at something like a {{champion:420}}. That shit be mad if you can properly play it! I might try out Illaoi support a little bit to see if this could work. I've been up against one and that is crazy scary. Also, yes these are my placement matches and I don't mind the climbing, but I just thought that I had gotten worse while I felt that I really contributed during the games I've played and losing a 4v5 during placements is painfully, but as far as I understand it now the "loss" doesn't count that hard.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: You had to be placed lower than you were last season, everyone did. But u did fine u dropped only 3 divisions. Some ended in bronze 3
I would have probably cried a little if I would have been placed back into Bronze again.
: Hey, I started from Gold 4 last season, also went 7/3 in my 10 Placement matches and landed on Silver 4 too. Be happy.
Sorry to hear that, good luck on the ladder again.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I lost 4 matches at the bottom end of Season 1. I could not play another match in fear I would fall a division XD
Are you my twin brother? Was in my promo's to gold V, had the "exciting" 2 wins 2 losses and then lost another (4v5 again you know). After that it was just downhill all the way back to S2, climbed back up to S1 and dropped again to 0 points. After that I didn't play anymore ranked and actually stopped playing for a bit to play different games.
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: I heard a discussion about it and it seems that you always get placed below your real level so you have to climb again a bit. It is somewhat unfair to us low level but makes sense for high elo where they are already quite high and don't have much to climb. That's a way of seeing it. I also allows to sort of reset ranks and people that were placed higher than they somehow deserved will not climb again. Seems you will get your high silver pretty easily though.
In that case it seems a bit more fair, well... time to climb back up again! Good luck on your next games :)
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: As a person in a similar position (I was Silver 1 last season and I'm currently a Silver 3 Support), I blame the messed up match-making system. The '_Soft Reset_' and Dynamic Queue have messed up the match-making system heavily. It needs a fix. Everyone is roughly 3 Ranks below what they deserve (except the pre-mades).
Silver 1, did that hurt you as much as it did me when the season was over? ;)
: everyone got placed lower than what they were last season, which means, you should too. Also, even if you played well, you played well against low elo players. So you can't be placed in higher elo when you didn't even play against or with them.
Oh wow, I didn't know this. That explains a lot, I was starting to doubt myself a bit. Thanks for the answer!
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: DUDE!!! Free skin and icon is not enaught for you ? good players allready got it this season...
For me there is a difference between a person who has held a crest the entire season and the ones who normally behave. I think neutral players should be rewarded, the negative players punished and the super positive, helpfull, honorable or great teammates deserve a little bit extra as motivation to keep up the good work.
Ymir (EUNE)
: Ranked Rewards Policy
Riot, how about extra rewards for people who have never been banned or hold any crest?
LA Losty (EUW)
: One thing i dont understand is the "kids-weekends". People often say there are alot more immature people there, but i dont see why, since alot of the kids probaly has more time than the grownups in the work days. Thats at least how it is in Denmark. I know that in some countries you go to school for alot longer though. This was just something ive been wondering for a while. :p
In The Netherlands (as Tralux says), it's kids-weekend when you try to play ranked in the weekend. Mostly because during the workdays parents have control over their kids by making them do homework. But in the weekend most kids are allowed to do what they want, including playing league. This just makes it so that a lot of these guys who recently entered puberty and are full of hormones need 1 ally death to be triggered and start using league as their private diary or chatbox. Some even write complete books during some games on how much they hate that 1 ally who died 1 time. It's a struggle, but one day I will become gold :)
Tralux (EUW)
: 08.00 o 'clock sharp; damn respect for you bro. Start driving at 06 might be dangerous for me because I'll fall asleep on the road x) Unfortunate that you hate your job, but hey: no pain no gain. Awesome to hear that your internet company is such great business; what kind of company is it or do you keep that unlisted? :) (np tho) Thanks for your reply again
No no, I hated my previous job. This job is awesome. I'm not exactly allowed to say who I am working for ;) But I can assure you it's a BIGOOGLE company. ;)
Tralux (EUW)
: Thanks for your comment. Damn your alarm is waking you early as hell :O Like you; I don't have time to workout etc. and yea after work you want some free time of yourself. In other words: playing League. Fortunately you have a nice roomate tho :). I'll try to enjoy my games even when I lose it to those kids. Thanks for your thoughts.
I got used to it when I had my previous job. Had to be at the client at 8 am sharp. And seeing how we worked nationally I sometimes had to load up the van and start driving at 6 or even sooner. So 6:10 is ok for me ;). (Hated that job btw, good pay but high workload and sometimes I couldn't even reach my 8 hours of sleep because I came home really late.) Working for this big internet company I get to travel a lot which is cool, but most hotels don't offer good wifi + I hate gaming on a mac laptop.
Tralux (EUW)
: Dealing with limited playtime because of work/college
I work at a big internet company, yes that one. I have to drive to work 1 hour and with traffic jams 1.5 to 2 hours to get back. This leaves me at being home at around 19:00 and having to get up at 6:10. So if I want to get my rest I can only play 2-3 games in the evening but have no time to do other useful stuff like exercise or anything. For me it's a big pain in the ass, because I need to work out, but also love to play with a friend that I made through League (He lives in a different country and has the same problem). I would love to play more ranked, but the game times really require you to at least have 1 hour of free time before you enter. Luckily my housemate does the groceries and cooking which makes things a lot easier :P Just enjoy those 3 games per evening as much as I do and accept the fact that you have to play ranked in kids-weekends.
: > [{quoted}](name=xSammyD,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FF2gb0Ey,comment-id=00090001,timestamp=2015-09-20T22:22:33.135+0000) > > What skin is it and how were you coaxed into buying it? When DJ sona was released. Evert match that I entered in pre game chat "buy DJ sona"... this went on for 3 matches. Every match after that.. no a single word in pre game. I hit the button figuring might as well try it. I hated it... i really feel a deep scar about. So I wrote to support to try have it undone. And they said use a token. I was out of tokens.. but by this time a whole week had passed. I really figured riot would not mind returning my rp for it. I didn't really like it.
Sona wants to be a DJ. And she IS support. No shit you get the middlefinger dude.
: 6 years and and still no one is playing dominion
I once was in queue for 2 hours for draft dominion.
: It's not easy to carry as any role if your team is really bad. That will happen every now and then but the opposite of that happens as well. It happens that you have an off game but still win cause your team was great or {insert random role} was a God. Imo, it is easier to climb as supp then as adc. Here is my reasoning: 1) As support your role is much less stressful then any other role. In lane, you protect your adc and it is even Ok for you to die in case it gets between you dying or your adc dying. 2) Even if you lose in lane the game is not over (this is general for each role). So many times a team that wins lane phase end up not having a good composition or coordination for team fights and still loses 3) Even if your adc is not good you can support the rest of your team in mid and late game 4) If you pick a tanky support you have automatically made sure that your team will have at least you as a tank when team fights start 5) Once you master your support champion(s), you WILL be a difference maker in both your lane and later in the game. Your adc will need to know what to do to some extent but you will rarely see someone who is absolutely clueless. 6) You control most of your teams vision. Simply by doing that you make it easier for everyone else. 7) By the time late game comes you can see who is the most valuable member of your team. When team fights happen you can win so many times simply by making sure that person does not die. People give up too early. Any deficit can be overcome by team work. If you think that game is over simply because someone on the other team got a couple of kills then...there is no hope. You play people as mush as you play the game. Those that get fed will often go into Rambo mode in low elo. This will often get them killed and the opposing team ends up getting a great morale boost by seeing that fed person die.
Great post! 1. You still get blamed a lot for dying even if you rescue your adc with that, but they tend to not see that (Hopefully this will be better in higher elo once I reach it). 2.Lose lane win game is hard, but not impossible and in game I always stay positive towards my fellow teammembers, doesn't always pay off but the times it does it's worth the effort. 3. For me Midgame as support is sometimes a bit confusing as you don't farm or have the ability to really push lanes, but I keep my wards up, keep a keen eye on the dragon/baron/buff counters and remove wards from the enemy team. 4. That's why I love braum ;) 5. Let's not get started about some of the "I'm pro vayne" adc's. Eventhough I've encountered more decent adc players than the really really bad ones. 6. Sightstone ftw. 7. Keep focus and protect the powerful. Easy as 1 2 3. :) I only tend to surrender when we are 30/9 as a team around 15:00. Mostly because they keep taking towers and any effort to try to defend these will result them in taking down others, getting objectives like dragon/baron which you can't contest and it's a real struggle to get to the point where everyone is fully build. + They have more morale and teamwork.
: Well I don't really see a point in buying sightstone. Even the better Sightstone only gives you 400 Health or something and that's it. And you still can't place more than 3 wards. Upgrading your trinket does the exact same thing, except you don't waste as much Gold and an itemslot for that. Sure, in lategame it leaves with only one option of either warding or sweeping. But if the rest of your team upgrade their wards too, it's completely fine. But oh well. Thanks I guess. Caitlyn said she loved me. :3
As main support since S2 I can tell you that the sightstone was a miracle born. Trinkets are fun and all, but people always forget about using and upgrading this (Silver tactics) so you absolutely need one. Furthermore, 0/0/25 is impressive and well played.
Razaoh (EUW)
: Razaoh - High Elo Montage
Cool job dude! What program do you use?
: From Bronze V to Plat. Short story :)
Sure, Fake post by riot to give me false hope!!! Nah I'm just joking. Nice for you dude! I'm trying to become at least gold to get the rewards, but as previously main support I still struggle sometimes with different roles. Climbing the ladder as main support can really be a bitch as you can carry your adc to 6/0 within 12 minutes and still lose. As adc I'm still trying to reach the perfect balance between farming and poking and positioning. I'm absolute shit as toplane and recently forced myself to train as jungler. Midlane is fine but not spectacular. I've had 2 completely different weekends as where in weekend 1 I've won 9 ranked games in a row bringing me from silver 3 with 0 lp to silver 2 with 72 lp. But last weekend I was really off-game and should have stopped playing tbh. But I didn't and lost 5 games in a row leaving me in Silver 2 with 0 lp. :( It can be a struggle, but just playing is the best advice I can give someone. Don't surrender until your nexus is destroyed and when people start flaming mute all, regroup and start playing again. If you take some kills or towers the moral will go up and your team can focus again. But being 1/7 as midlaner is mostly a ggwp in the end.
: Hello RIOT please remove my limit Ranked games. I know that many offend just playing with big idiots. I want you to go out of bronze and nerves that play two games and get 22 Lp lose one game and still 0 .mu.m and that of the bronze 4 this is not tolerable then mad and start to offend all notes because you have to win otherwise it bronze 5.
Resolved English: Dear Riot Games, My recent behavior was not in line according to the summoners code. This has resulted in myself being temporarily removed from the 'Ranked' feature. It has come to my understanding that multiple players of your online game 'League of legends', conceive themselves in activities along with gigantic muttonheads. It would be my pleasure to see 'Riot Games' climb the virtual ladder out of the 'Bronze' ranking. Please consider downscaling the scenario where one would play 2 instances of 'League of Legends' and avoid depletion of my virtual 'Ranking points'. For I have participated in one instance without experiencing the joy of being victorious. The result being fastened at the total amount of points not surpassing '0'. For me this seems unjustifiable and cruel, as the well explained rules of ones instances and automatic ranking systems will set me back to a lower 'Rank' called 'Bronze 5'. I hope for you to take my previously mentioned experiences into consideration. Sincerely and with great honor, Ignoramus Treadmill Shadow.
Flubby (EUW)
: > For me to play ranked there is a 50-50 chance of winning, not because I main support, but that's how I see most games work. I have examples of me going 0/10/2 as support but also 2/3/42 as they are both extreme's. This right here is telling me that you only know how to play from ahead. You need to learn how to play from behind and to respect your opponent. If you die to them once, even if it was close, you're gonna die again because now he's even stronger than in the previous fight. Just wait till they make a mistake(which they will) and take advantage of it instead of trying to fight when you're already 0-2. Just google stuff like how to play from behind and you'll get video's like [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOJIoRpLTdM)
I have had experiences with playing from behind and am familiar with having patience and not freaking out (As I said I never flame ingame, not even when I'm actually mad as it only makes your situation worse). Respecting your opponents is something I'm taking with me in the next games! Thank you for your time and tips :D
Îrelîa (EUW)
: u should try {{champion:111}} really easy.. super tanky and great in teamfights {{champion:16}} pretty freelo too... i mean u just keep healing ur adc,silence if the enemy tries to go in and u pretty much win even if ur adc isnt that good. {{champion:1}} pretty good too.. nice dmg + good stun for teamfights or picks other than that u can try to get mobi on thresh,naut,annie or someone like that & try to get a kill mid if ur adc is doing fine or goes back.
I've taken all kind of tips into consideration like not only playing main support. For now this is treating me right! 8 wins in a row and from 70lp Silver 3 to 67 lp Silver 2 in 1 weekend. I am comfortable with playing Soraka and Annie, but for Nauti I feel like I should practice a little bit more in normals before I take him to ranked. The tips about the mobi is one that I'm going use! Thanks alot!
Ep1XMonsteR (EUNE)
: buy a ward, dont feed,help other lanes,dont play mid,mid players usally sucks,take drakes, you are on your way to diamond ^^
Haha I'll keep that in mind ;)
Aes Sidhe (EUW)
: Best advise I can give you is to focus on other roles. You might be the best support in the world and perform consistently good but more often than not you will be matched with people that will make your games unwinnable. As a support you hold the power, you are the babysitter, vision provider and playmaker or breaker, sadly some people refuse to be carried. You don't have the power to secure objectives or finish people off, if you are the last man standing after a tf all you can do is hope you don't loose an inhib, or even the nexus before your team spawns. It doesn't matter how long you've played if you haven't been learning this game actively. Focusing on one role will only make you dance in the same spot. Here's my entire lol history, you don't have to bother reading it but it might explain why I'm saying all that. - Started playing since beta but it was so on and off that at one point I forgot my log in info. Came back in season 2, EU had already split and I made a new account on EUNE (clicked one of the two options at random). I believed myself to be a smurf so I only played customs (used to give XP and IP) and co-ops to get to 30 faster. Reached lvl 30 and got bored again. - In season 3 all my friends started playing lol so I made this account and started playing actively. For someone that played since beta I was beyond terrible, played mostly ARAM with my friends (the mode was new and fun) and used XP boosts to get to 30 faster. I didn't really get a chance to learn this game and still jumped into ranked with maybe 100 normal games played over 3-4 years. Turned out I'm a decent support tho, people added me a lot, got a lot of duos and somehow I cemented myself as support main cause that's what they expected me to play. My highest point in season 3 was b1. - In season 4 I was placed in b4 with 8/2! That tilted me so bad that I dropped me to b5 0LP. I didn't leave b5 till mid season when I got even more frustrated and went to play on that old EUNE acc to vent. Climbed pretty far there with a terrible champ pool, my only supports were Taric and Soraka so I played mid and adc a lot. Came back to this account as a mid main and got from b5 to silver in a matter of days. - Now, in season 5 I feel more confident as mid, adc and support, I don't loose it anymore when I have to play top and even learned how to adjust as a jungler (my worst role since the season 4 changes). People still add me but now when I duo they are the ones supporting me, I duo with people that can help me carry, instead of helping people carry me. Atm I'm nearing gold (allowed myself to tilt again after 1 failed promo) and tbh I'm pretty sure that's as far as I can go, afer this terrible streak ends that is. I was too old to play this game in beta, imagine my reflexes now. Also real life is a bitch, obligations and stuffs so I don't have time to play anymore, basically I play when my head is already falling on the keyboard but I play "one" more regardless. So sweetness, I don't know anything about you but I'm pretty sure that you play under better conditions than me and you can aim for the sky. All you need to do is to get out of that support main comfort zone and explore this game a bit more. Feeling confident in other roles can only make you better as support. And remember that even the support god climbed to challenger in the first place as adc main.
That's a nice story you wrote there! I took the advises here to leave my support role, but got forced into support the first game (As I was last pick). No worries. But we lost (of course). 2nd game (after your advises) I took up Malzahar as I already played him a lot and know his mechanics. Endscore 6/4/3 with 256 farm, but still defeat as our botlane was struggling and our jungler could have more practice with playing Lee before he comes into ranked with that. I now also record my sessions and watch them back whenever I got time to see what I did wrong or could have seen earlier. (Ganks ect.) As for your situation, I'm pretty much in the same position. 27, working and little time to play other than the weekends or evenings when I'm not playing normals or am not behind the pc at all. There's just a thing about people playing ranked though, it's like I'm really confident when we go into the game. We got a tank, high AP dmg, Normal support like thresh or braum, even a Vayne and the enemy team looks like a bunch of random picks, but it's just that so many times people just walk over my team as if we are minions.. it's crazy... I lose more games than I win and it's getting frustrating going from promo silver 1 to silver 3 Thanks again for the tips!
: >with a relatively "easy" to pickup champion Rengar is not exactly what I would recommend for a beginner Jungler. {{champion:32}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} are all very powerful, have high carry potential and are much easier to play.
I've watched a lot of tutorials, tried him in some custom games to get the combo right, but I still need a strong team with good communication to make a difference as Rengar. My goal now is to leave silver and try Gold Support, hopefully the teams will be better in at least communication, but I don't think that really happens until you reach challenger. Thank you for the tips!
: Stop playing Sona would be my first suggestion. I just wrote about the why here: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/fM9WAlkj-sona?comment=0001 Other than that....well, In your match history I see that you really play support almost exclusively. On Silver ELO, the Support is much less likely to carry a game than a laning position, because he doesnt have the damage or map pressure to make things happen on his own...and if the team doesn't follow, what can you do? Nothing. It pretty much comes down to what you said: 50:50 win/loss, because you depend on having a team that plays well. Look into other roles. Most supports are quite decent players, they tend to have a good understanding of vision and map awareness, so why not try toplane, or Jungle?
Thank you for your comment. As you have taken a look at my history you probably saw that I tried playing Rengar jungle last few games to improve my Jungle skill with a relatively "easy" to pickup champion. (Believe me, I don't think of playing Rengar that easy) For me it's really hard to get over my support "nature" and focus on killing, pushing and map pressure. I've read your tips about Sona and will take these at heart. No more ranked sona ;) (Eventhough I love the DJ skin so much). Hopefully ranked treats you better and stay positive :)
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MetaTrace (EUW)
: I Cri Evrytiem :( Seriously though this is cool and I bet it resonates will most supports who feel helpless when carries aren't performing. I feel scrolling lyrics on the screen with the song would enhance the experience.
I would love for someone to do this, but I don't have the time for this :( All my time goes into work and playing league ;) If anyone has some time on his hands feel free to do with the song whatever you like :) [Edit]: I'll add a free download link in the description.
: ***
The song is meant as a joke, I'm not complaining about climbing the ladder because I know that's I'm 1/5th responsible for the teamplay and failures. :)
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