JustClone (EUNE)
: As I said, this is not "entire log". Since entire log adds everything, and you clearly cut out part of the reason for punishment. But from this one: The flame of cait is not acceptable. Brithert: u salt shaker Brithert: get a grip Brithert: bohooo Brithert: u wont see me again Brithert: hf in this dumspter fire Also this: Brithert: cait feel free to afk Brithert: not only will i get Lp but also u get nice 14-day Brithert: its nice bonus And this: Brithert: wi%%%%u afk cait Brithert: even gare%%%% outpreforming cait rn And this: Brithert: i mean what ur doing now is afking Brithert: you mena play how u been playing Brithert: cait throwin a tantrum There are also other toxic comments... about giving free herald , etc... But the flame is enough on its own.
your implying the system reads context. i got 14-day banned for the " wi%%%%u" and "gare%%%%"
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Meanwhile a guy I reported yesterday that said and I quote "you should slit your throat" is still playing today, and still spamming chat so he's certainly not received any sort of penalty for it. I really question this automatic system sometimes.
saying that isnt triggered by the system, trust me i say it all the time to get around the system. slit throat arent in the "blacklist" of words in the automated system, they dont care about context, they dont look for context, only trigger words.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Fella, if you are gonna conceal stuff, that matters for your punishment... You can just give some efforts to rename Game 2 to Game 1... Cya, son. And good luck.
But i said i dont care, im asking to which point in this entire log is worthy of being logged....?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I still don't understand what you're trying to do with this post Why not post both of your logs then? If you didn't break the rules, you wouldn't have gotten punished You didn't get chat restricted just for 1 game, you got chat restricted for 2+ games Most likely your game 1 was more toxic, which more or less led to the punishment, this was just added because it has some minor toxicity, which isn't punishable on it's own, but with enough toxic games, of course you'll get punished You were kinda toxic to the caitlyn, so some of those sentences were most likely picked up by the system when someone reported you, and that's why the log is here. Yeah sure you wouldn't get punished for this log only, but with enough of games with minor toxicity, at some point the punishment will happen
ok you got no idea how the system works, thats nice. ok.nvm.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That isn't true tho False reports do NOTHING 100 people could report you, and if you've done nothing wrong, you won't get punished And how is this post even related to that? How are you making a point with this? You post your game 2 logs, don't post game 1 logs and then say that you're trying to make a point with this? Makes no sense
Because you dont get chat restricted for 1 game if you havent said anything bad? they used this game as evidence to suggest a punishment, the WHOLE point of this, is to figure out in which point in this entire log wuuld be considered bannable. enlighten me because you two seem to miss the entire point
: Where's game 1?
its not the point. the point im trying to make is that if enough people report you then you potentially could be banned for nothing at all.
: Just had the most toxic player i ever faced
: I got banned for joking around and ...?
going through lookin for trigger words, becaue context doesent matter they dont manually review it, just scan through if ur reported 2 or more times in the game trigger word is FF, you didnt type more then 40 lines in-game but you said ff 3 times congratulations you were banned for saying 2 letters.
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