xTigax3 (EUW)
: General online behaviour
If peoples run down mid in my games then they can do it in the opponent's game as well. Same goes for AFKs. Just go next.
Krubaver (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Skouriasmenos,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=36neYcnX,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-01-11T14:10:05.815+0000) > with 182W 226L luck has nothing to do with it ... STUDY your own profile and tell us again that it is "gold level" ... Lol Igaf what my profile looks like, I dont play to make myself a "profile" > your warding is AWFUL (I do not say that, this does : http://wardscore.loltools.net/?name=Krubaver&region=euw ) A tool that counts the number of wards? Sounds totally stupid. I'll just spam wards to have challenger stats. > and you die all the time ... this is not gold level, at all ... sorry. this is because I want to... Sorry to ruin your perfect little world... > You want some advice No thanks, I've mastered those long ago. Apparently you're just here to make yourself feel like a challenger, so I wont learn anything from you...
"mastered" xD, I remember, the first thing I did to climb from bronze to gold was realizing how trash I was. If you think you already mastered any concept of the game while being silver 5 you're never gonna climb.
Krubaver (EUW)
: At this point I dont believe it anymore. My plays are at least gold level, I'm stuck in silver 5. I think this game is just pure luck and broken matchmaker. MAYYYBE you can influence luck if you pick the right champ and right lane for the right elo, but that's about it. If you were unlucky enough to like certain champs and roles, and you're in the "wrong" elo, that's it, you wont climb.
That's a troll right ? I'm not that good, only been plat 3 at most (can't reach it anymore fcking rusted.) And on every accounts I always hard carry until gold elo where I collide with my true level. If a low elo gold/plat like me can destroy silver games. Imagine a diamond or master ? Luck has nothing to do with this game boy.
: League changed my gaming life
A LOT of people grew up with league of legends, I started to play the game when I was 14. I'm now 20... Imagine the maturity difference between then and now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4LEpnqId,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-10T18:13:45.346+0000) > > They should add Bitcoin as a payment method too. 1 bitcoin = all skins in the game
except when you pay in bitcoin you don't give them one by one -_- (decimals exists)
: You may lose lane and win battle. I tend to agree to that. You may even lose all lanes and win a battle, unless you *feed* anyone too much in the lane phase. You can't win a battle if you fed a lane. And that happens very often in bronze. Whoever gets to 2-0-2 or 3-1-3 first will most probably carry his team. In 8 games out of 10 (in my experience) one team had double kill advantage at 20:00 (like 25-10). And that team won in almost every case.
This is also the case in silver, gold and plat man. Can't tell for diamond. That's normal for the most fed laner (or jungler) to carry a game.
Smerk (EUW)
: Preseason is quite bad indicator for such things, ranks don't matter that much, so people give up way too easily. Those graphs don't show one important thing, how many of those games ended at 15 or 20 minutes marks?
" how many of those games ended at 15 or 20 minutes marks" yes I'm stupid for not having thought of that.
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: Flaming, toxicity and you.
That's funny how the older I get, the less I'm flaming (and the better i am too, maybe it's related.) I noticed it too with friends who kept playing (and let's be honest here, the older I get, the more I witness friends quitting league.)
: Camille and xayah got adjusted. Camille is not even viable and xayah is decently strong but not broken
Camille's played by pros though. (check Khan, the longzhu gaming toplaner.)
RazerX (EUW)
: Vayne is one of the best duelists, going 1v1 especially late game is a bad idea. I got no real advice on Jax. He's a bruiser with a bursty side. I guess going for damage on the enemy when they go for a minion and use E to get away without taking damage. Enemies will try to go for harass or dive when your E is down, so beware of that.
I though {{champion:24}} was THE best duelist along with {{champion:75}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} and the likes. So I though I did something wrong for not being able to 1v1 an adc with a late game skirmisher. But ok.
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MrSingleW (EUNE)
: First punishment = perma??
: Skarner is abandoned right now for a very good reason he has a history of been way too strong or just pathetic there really hasnt ever been anything inbetween the only thing buffing him will do is make him permabanned its best hes left where he is until a solution can come up on what they can do about him
same goes for kassadin, and they managed to make him fairly balanced.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: nunu aatrox skarner swain sivir
Nunu don't needs a buff, he need a rework.
: for being the guy that pulls off some crazy shiet, only to die 2 seconds later because I managed to miss a point and click ability
How do you miss a point&click ability ? (except by casting it on minions.)
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey guys, here's a question for all of ya
Saving someone, explicitely, it always works.
Sympton (EUW)
: very high skillcap, no waveclear, cant push, no AoE or AoE ult, weak lanephase, dependable. no sir, she is fine, risky, and rewarding if played well.
If she has a very high skillcap why does she has 50% winrate along with more than 25% pickrate ? All adc have waveclear and she build statikk... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I don't really hate vayne, but you just can't say that.
Archiive (EUW)
: Do you report "ez" and if so, what as?
Is there a report's value ? Like, the more you report the less you reports will matter. If that's the case, better keep your report for afk/inter/hardflamer (not passiv agressiv shit, they won't get anything.)
: Easiest Champions to climb from Low Elo (b2) (I NEED YOUR HELP!)
{{champion:43}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} that's some examples.


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