GLurch (EUW)
: You get 1 "free" dodge per day or so and I think this is good as it is. Sometimes you have to dodge more than just once per week.
We do? I've never dodged before, but if there really is such a thing as a free dodge, I'm never playing with a jungler without smite again.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Frost Queen's Icy Ghosts now reveal stealthed targets?
I'm not sure they have been changed, because the ghosts have always acted in a very weird way. The moment they spawn, they choose which player they're going after, and then pursue that player without switching. I've seen them ignore a closer player they might've slowed to pursue someone else who was originally closer but outran them. It might've been that they chose you and then ignored stealth, whereas before you always got missed because they were chasing someone else. There's also a (albeit small) chance that you were in range of a pink ward that you didn't know about. As I said, it's not likely, but still not impossible.
Suijin (EUNE)
: Patch. 6.14 and Leona
Please add to your post that all of her damage on other abilities has also been nerfed. It's clear from the previous posts that not everybody knows this yet. Personally, I'm not a fan.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Puddytat,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=xgmvMi9v,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-05T20:38:05.246+0000) > > You should contact support about this, it might be a legitimate bug. The only intended time a player gets punished by the /remake is when he's the afk or premade with the afk. > > Edit: which, by the way, I think is horribly unfair, as it means you get punished for something you have zero control over. I do not control my premade, their internet, client, computer, and so forth. Neither can I, as a single player, significantly influence the vote. It's a toxic system and I fail to see what kind of significant abuse it's meant to prevent. /rant Well, it can have so abuse if you leave a game in order to keep your friend out of the defeat and the LP loss. Moreover if done with a secondary account.
I'm not sure how a secondary account would work, after all, you'd have to play two roles at the same time then. I don't think that's possible without scripting, and that's already against the rules, so you don't need to punish regular duos for it, just implement good detection. After all, if it's possible to run a script that good, it must already be used, and that's a bigger problem than the fact that they can use their secondary account to dodge. As for friends dodging "bad matchups" for each other... I don't know. Is that really worth punishing all those innocents you're giving an undeserved loss to? Seems to me it would be better to find a way to detect the dodging and target that.
You should contact support about this, it might be a legitimate bug. The only intended time a player gets punished by the /remake is when he's the afk or premade with the afk. Edit: which, by the way, I think is horribly unfair, as it means you get punished for something you have zero control over. I do not control my premade, their internet, client, computer, and so forth. Neither can I, as a single player, significantly influence the vote. It's a toxic system and I fail to see what kind of significant abuse it's meant to prevent. /rant
: Should this be ok?
Well you won your lane and were fed, but on the enemy team they won two. It's a bit simplistic, but in the end if it's LeBlanc versus Jax and Riven, the latter are going to take your turret down before you can kill both. Hang in there and keep levelling, and I hope your reported Ekko.
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Why /remake is absolutely useless
Three minutes is just too short. Five, maybe, but at three minutes you can't tell whether or not a game will be lost. What annoys me even more is that so few votes are required to force it - one duo votes and seven others get forced to queue again, go through picks and bans again, load into the game again, wait for minions to spawn again,... that's easily twenty minutes wasted for each and every one of those players because you don't want to see if your mid reconnects. I've won plenty of 4v5's and even a 3v5 once. At the very least, a remake should require the unanimous vote of all the members of the team who weren't premade with the afk'er.
Smerk (EUW)
: Try playing that easy champions yourself, learning their strengths and weaknesses is often easier that way
Yes, like Smerk says, if you play the easy champion, and encounter an opponent who makes your life hell, you've found a champion that works against the easy one. For example: I love playing Ashe, but I've never, ever won my lane against a Caitlyn. So, if I had to lane against an Ashe, I'd go with Cait and try to do what all those Caitlyns have done to me.
: Seriously riot? SERIOUSLY??!!!!!
This is a joke. I only read half the first chat log and I can already see you deserve a restriction, if not an outright ban. You make the Flodder family look classy.
: Sona skin vanished
You contact Riot Support (there's a link at the top of the page) and explain your problem. They can check your purchase history, and if it doesn't match your available skins they'll be able to adjust that.
: Even if the Malph goes 4/0/2 and you win the game, I obviously lowered the chances of you winning the game by not playing supp. In normals it's not a big point to me, but in ranked it is.
The hypothetical malphite here is a top laner who builds AP instead of tank. You're thinking about the Sona/Brand support (also mentioned) who go full AP instead of building support. I agree with you on the support side, a team without a support is just that much weaker, and you can always switch to damage if it turns out your mid isn't doing well (or if you're the only magic damage on the team and the enemy is fully stacked with armour). However, a team with a high-damage Malphite has definitely got good chances to win, no matter what the rest does, whereas if the Malphite builds tank he's relying on his adc/mid to kill the enemy team. If they fail, he's just a speed bump on the enemy's path to victory. So I'd say I agree with Stahlvormund that you have to wait till you see the Malphite mess up before you have a right to get salty over not having a tank.
Rikksen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Puddytat,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HfTwoBnZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-19T20:01:58.092+0000) > > You're compared with the same champion in other matches. Ashe has very high cs and weirdly high damage dealt given her low kda. Your portion of the team's total damage is much smaller, as is your cs, so if you work on those, you'll get better scores. An outcome like this sucks though, you have my sympathy. I did 25,5k damage to champions while Ashe dealt 11,8k. Is there something I don't see?
I edited my post to make it clearer, but you'd already read the first version, sorry. Compare a few lines lower, "damage dealt". The damage she did to minions, dragons, barons, and turrets also helped the team. Compared to other Ashes, she contributed much more to the overall damage of the team (especially compared to other Ashes who died that much, like the one on the enemy team). If Ashe wanted a better score, she'd have to focus on dying less (so probably positioning better) and hitting enemies more. If you want a better score, you have to focus on farming better and hitting turrets. I totally get why you are annoyed with her getting a better grade, but the system doesn't compare you to her. She did not do better than _you_, she did better than other Ashes in a similar position. _You_ were compared with other Jaxes that carried their game, and they probably would've done much more damage overall.
Rikksen (EUNE)
: How does this make sense?!
You're compared with the same champion in other matches. Ashe has very high cs and weirdly high damage dealt given her low kda. Compared to other Ashes, she did much more damage. Your portion of the team's total damage is much smaller, as is your cs, so other Jaxes with your kda would've contributed more to the overall damage of their team. If you work on cs'ing, you'll get better scores. An outcome like this sucks though, you have my sympathy.
: If Riot isn't careful, then they will lose players to Overwatch... I am officially worried
I'm not too worried, Overwatch still isn't free, after all. You'll always have players who won't pay for a game they haven't played yet.
o SmAs x (EUW)
: New Ping Idea - Warded! Ping
I like this idea. I wish I could've just upvoted it from the main page instead of having to click on it.
: Ashe What u ere thinking
Ashe shouldn't have attacked Blitz with her Q active, but Jhin. She also should've walked back instead of hitting Jhin when Blitz got away. You could've used your passive to auto-attack Jhin instead of Blitz, but it wouldn't have mattered. However, if all had happened (Ashe attacking Jhin instead of Blitz, you exhausting and attacking him, better positioning from her), then he might've been forced to flash away, or he might've died. Basically, don't go for Blitz when Jhin is also within range. He could've taken twice the damage he took, easily, thanks to his passive.
: why did Nunu have such a High winrate in patch 6.9?
The increase doesn't surprise me, since that patch changed both mage items (the new Rod and Abyssal seem amazing Nunu items to me) and the jungle. Nunu is great for counter jungling (and 6.9 introduced free enemy buff timers) and for securing objectives (such as shiny new dragons). Why he fell off later though, I have no idea. Maybe it took people a patch to remember how to play against Nunu?
Silisa (EUNE)
: I will guess that you never had a Teemo adc who died 4 times in 5 minutes then disconnected, leaving you to defend the lane alone against a fed enemy duo? The fact that those players wrote > really > why worry so much > for a game > relax Is indication that their intention is to ruin other players experience. They _just want to have fun, so quit your qq_. If they had played those picks before and have been more or less successful, they would have bothered to write something more reassuring than _why worry so much_.
No, I've only had two Teemo adc's so far, both of whom were deliriously grateful that I supported them just like any other. I've also had horrid Twitches who didn't know how to last hit and then blamed me for not having as much cs as the opposing adc, or Caitlyns who never connected, or Vaynes who disregard my pings, die to a gank and then say I'm not protecting them enough. Whether someone is going to be fun to play with isn't tied to the champion they play. You can't know someone's a troll just from their pick, and nothing these people said indicates to me that they wouldn't play seriously. I have, however, had people flame me for saying "Good luck and have fun" at the start of a match, because "having fun" apparently equals not trying to win in their minds. You remind me of those. I'd rather play with the Yi support.
: What Should I Do OR YOU Do When THIS Happenning to YOU?
**You're** the one who dodged the game and called someone else a troll just because they picked a champion in a weird role. For all you know, they might've been perfectly genuine in wanting to play that, and it might've worked. I've seen Yasuo and Akali supports completely carry their team. What you should do is delete the screenshots and accept that if you're going to dodge games for things like this, you're going to take the dodge penalty for it. Playing something off-meta is not the same as trolling.
: Dynamic Queue vs Blind Pick [Discussion]
I think some people enjoy the process of going into a lobby and forming a team with the other players old-fashioned style. Especially if they're comfortable in all roles, but don't want to choose fill in dynamic queue since they like support least of all. This is just my guess, personally I'm enjoying my 95% support 0s waiting times, and I like dynamic queue better for this purpose than Team Builder because I like draft better than blind pick.
: Which Champ Requires the Most Skill to Play
There are different types of "difficult". There are the mechanically difficult champions where pulling off your skill combos is hard and requires fast fingers, there are champions that rely entirely on skill shots so you have to anticipate the moves of your opponents in order to hit, and then there are champions that are difficult not because their skills are hard to hit, but because they require good judgement of when to use them for maximum impact. Obviously there are champions that combine several of these elements. I think that my vote would go to Annivia because she combines all of those while having no mobility in her kit. Hitting that slow-moving Q is hard if your opponents are half-way competent. You have to know when to wall and where to R. All the while, you move at the speed of a slug so positioning is key. Sure it looks more impressive when Zed, Yasuo or Ekko jump around like a frog on steroids, but getting your Q-E combo off every time you can while avoiding enemy skill shots is really much harder.
Frostmane (EUW)
: Can Riot give Sona the Zilean treatment
The auto target works against Sona as well. For example, if one team member is safely getting away but another being targeted by Caitlyn's ult, you want to heal the second, but your heal decides the first one has fewer hps so there it goes. Similarly, you don't get to choose which two of the three get the damage from your Q during a gank.
l3g0 Nios (EUNE)
: F*ck Support role
A prime example of a thread I want to be able to downvote without having to open it. I disagree. I can read the entire post just fine from the main page. He uses a swear word in the title. But no, I have to waste my time opening it. Blech.
Eambo (EUW)
: Voting Changes on Boards Homepage
I don't get this. You don't have to open a topic to read it, you can hover over the title and you'll see the first post just fine (unless it's particularly long, then you only see the first paragraph or so - still enough to know whether it's worth opening and reading). I shouldn't have to open an obvious troll post when I can clearly see from the main page that it's just another round of "you're all babies I should get to flame all I want grow some thicker skin why did I get banned".
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Waterloo Miss fortune misleading?
You know, I have that skin and I hadn't noticed before. You're right, but at the same time, it doesn't bother me enough that I'd want Riot to spend their time on fixing it. This is one of the very few skins that I actually like better now, after their globalising splash changes, so let's not draw attention to it before they ruin another thing I paid for.
: 6.11 - Veigar E prevents execute, although it hasn't been casted
That's weird. Did you by any chance flash away so the circle might've been building and then be out of sight for you? For it to apply a status effect, you should have been somewhere on the same screen at some point, I think. Actually, I just thought of something: if that Veigar had a Luden's Echo and stunned Cait, maybe the Luden's proc jumped to you... although I'd expect the death recap to explicitely state that.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
That worked! Thanks! I now understand how Mundo outdamaged you: 1. Mundo got fed early. At ten minutes, he was 5/1. This means that he was ahead of your team in levels for most of the game. A higher-level champion is always going to have higher damage _at that point in the game_ than his opponents. Most of you caught up to level 18 in the end, but it had him doing more damage for all the time before that than a Mundo who wasn't ahead would have. 2. He didn't build full tank. With {{item:3001}} , {{item:3068}} , {{item:3020}} and {{item:3151}} , that's an off-tank build dedicated to doing as much damage with his W as possible without becoming completely squishy. Lucian should've been able to blast him down if he'd had {{item:3033}} or even {{item:3071}} , but since he didn't, Mundo's mediocre armour wasn't punished. 3. You rushed the {{item:3116}} - {{item:3151}} combo. There's nothing wrong with those items on Brand, but when you're falling behind, building {{item:3089}} before {{item:3151}} would've given you a higher damage boost. As it was, Mundo was full build (six items) at the same time in the match when you had only just bought the {{item:1058}} for your {{item:3089}} I'd also argue that {{item:3001}} would've given you better stats than {{item:3151}} as a fifth item. You only finished {{item:3089}} a minute before the game ended, so it really didn't contribute to your damage during this match. It wasn't necessarily a bad choice to build more defensively, but it's not a build order that maximises your damage output. 4. Following that, nobody on your team had any Magic Resist at all, not even the ones who tried to build tanky like Poppy and Lee Sin. On the enemy team, Mundo had both {{item:3001}} and {{item:3065}} , Olaf had {{item:3065}} , and Janna had {{item:3512}} and {{item:3190}} , providing Magic Resist to her entire team (as little as it is). That's obviously going to reduce your damage by quite a bit, while his wasn't lowered at all. As an aside (this has nothing to do with you or Mundo, but it definitely contributed to your loss) your team did not have a proper support and their team did. If Poppy had started {{item:3302}} instead of {{item:1028}} , she would've provided her lane with more sustain, and both she and Lucian would've had more gold. 80 minions, that's half an item more on Lucian, and you can see the difference in passive gold by comparing Poppy's and Janna's gold scores. Janna also contributed way more to her team's warding, even though 28 wards in a 41 minute game isn't stellar.
Puckomodo (EUW)
: What champion to master?
For mechanically challenging adc's, Draven or Vayne. For supports, Thresh is a good start, but I think Bard might be the hardest to master - not mechanically (although I find his q harder to hit than Morgana's q), but because he requires intense map awareness, risk assessment (when it's safe to go into the enemy jungle, when it's safe to leave your adc) and good judgement for when to use your ult - it's either utter fail, or amazing. New Taric also seems interesting though.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: i have a scrnshot but idk how to send it
At the top of this page, click on your summoner name and select Match History. Go to the match you were talking about, copy what's in the address bar and link it here. Just in case: you make links by typing something, selecting it, clicking the icon beneath your post that looks like a three-piece chain (inbetween the S for strikethrough and the apostrophe for quoting) and pasting the thing you copied earlier. You could post a screenshot, but that requires you to first host it somewhere online (such as imageshack, photobucket, etc.) and then post a link to your uploaded image. Just posting the link is quicker.
: I Need help and support picked a viable Name Change
I voted NA because WW reminds me of Warwick, then World War, and I'm not sure I'd have realised you meant World Wide until I read your post (even though we're all on the www and in hindside, it should've been obvious).
Eveninn (EUW)
: Something I did notice about Kindred... or to be more exact Kindred's ultimate: Targets that drop into the zone where they get protected by it, will not get affected by any sort of heals. It first I assumed this was a bug, but after it didn't get patched despite surely being noticed I suppose it is intended. :/
I've noticed the same. I have not yet experimented to see whether Nami's W still bounces despite not healing her.
Dëmacia (EUW)
: What are typical rage responses people make when they die to "X" champion?
I've seen "noob champ" after many a death to Master Yi.
Abishua (EUNE)
: Scaling towers + scaling support
It would be a good start if, towards the end of the game, you could somehow combine your {{item:3092}} and your {{item:2045}} to get the {{item:2301}} , a free slot and some gold. That way you can have your four wards and the active from your support item early game, but when it goes very late exchange them and get your sixth item. Same goes for the other support items, obviously.
: The wrath of A+s
It should be possible to earn your masteries with A ranks. Now they are the worst (most frustrating) ranks to get. Say, ten A's is an S. It'd be a lot more rewarding to play that way.
niri108 (EUW)
: The destructive legacy of Riot Lyte: How to kill your game community
From the report options mentioned, I can only conclude that this post was written a year ago, and that it must thus be a repost from before the rework of the report system. The only possible reason I can think of to repost something like this is that the OP is a spam bot who tries to gain legitimacy by copying real people's posts.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: He wasn't higher level, both of us were kinda carrying and our teammates were kinda feeding, he ended up 25/12 and i ended up 17/8/17. he was pretty much decimating our lee sin too who was tanky
Would you mind linking that match history? Outdamaging Brand really is a rare feat, I'd love to see how he managed that.
Grivendal (EUNE)
: Am i the only one that thought of this way to take advantage of /remake?
There's no reason for the enemy team to tell you before they vote, but it's something a premade might try to avoid the automatic loss. I think it's extremely unfair if you're a two man premade, the other three can force a loss on the innocent part of the duo if one person disconnects, while he has absolutely no power to prevent it. Even I'd consider purposely giving up first blood if my partner doesn't load, and I'm as un-troll as they come. You can win after giving first blood, you can occasionally win 4v5, but you can't win versus /remake if the other three don't feel like trying.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Mundo needs a nerf
My guess is his damage came from W combined with {{item:3068}} and {{item:3001}} , and none of you guys had any magic resistance where his team did. He might also have been higher level than you; people often forget this, but it factors a lot in damage output/tankiness.
Stevi (EUW)
: Sorting Mastery Pages
This would be so incredibly useful, and for Rune pages as well.
Rioter Comments
Dellevis (EUW)
: S rating on Supports (In this case, Bard)
It **is** frustrating. If they ever look for a way to make supporting more attractive, having your A scores count for mastery or boxes is the way to go. ~ Forever A+
Colsh (EUW)
: It is a problem. Imagine at level 5, Braum does around 62 damage an aa 180 damage with Q then does 60 damage with passive plus bonus passive damage after the. I can promise you that without damage braum/nami would not be picked, you would not be able to win any 2v2.
> [{quoted}](name=SpinnerPvP,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=I6Z83y2R,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2016-05-31T16:28:35.436+0000) > > I can promise you that without damage braum/nami would not be picked, you would not be able to win any 2v2. Dunno about that, my experience is getting yelled at every time I "ks" ;) But of course you're right, _some_ damage has to be in there.
: What's your favorite hextech findings?
My favourite finds so far were Zombie Brand, Blackthorn Morgana (which I already had) and Elderwood LeBlanc. I promptly spent some IP on Brand and LeBlanc. Now to wait for them to turn up in ARAM :D Sadly though, no champions yet - so no blue essence for my mastery 6.
Xumtiil (EUW)
: Ghost champion concept (AKA Thresh's Lantern is leaking!)
I love the ult idea - a reward for people who know how to play a wide range of other champions. Not getting the R though isn't fair for certain champs such as Nidalee or Udyr.
Colsh (EUW)
: The one problem I see is there is no damage.. literally. Like you don't have aa's, Q steals stats W gives move speed E is a trap/charm. How do you actually deal damage to people and cs I really don't think that you can do all this by walking into people.
It's not necessarily a problem if it's supposed to be a support though. Braum or Nami's damage aren't very impressive either, they just allow other champions to deal it.
NamesAMX (EUW)
: How do you 'position' as ADC?
Positioning means standing in such a way that you can hit the enemy but you don't die. For example, in lane it means always keeping a minion between yourself and the enemy Blitzcrank. In teamfights it means being able to hit enemies without getting hit by skill shots (pretend that your allies are big minions). It is important to know how close you have to stand to hit something (your auto-attack range), and how close an enemy has to stand to hit you. It can also mean that you have to keep moving to stay out of range, and that you keep an eye on the mini-map to start moving away from the enemy assassin as he's trying to sneak up on you. It is hard.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Are those things toxic?
I think those are the precise occasions that emote was created for. You have to deal with it, of course, that they'll double their efforts to get revenge then :)
MrFaker (EUW)
: I'll change my name, Help me pick the best one ^^
There's already a summoner with the name Cute Cobra, so I'd go with the other one. You can look up names on Lolking to see if they're taken.
Gajoob (EUW)
: Milestone Achieved!
Good job! I've been practicing Lulu, do you mind if I add you so I can spectate?
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