: Wow i pity you :( wish you could gift me your shards :P
> [{quoted}](name=AudreyrJmEb,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=d2wMMhTs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-19T08:11:05.503+0000) > > Wow i pity you :( wish you could gift me your shards :P You will have all champs too if you play long enough^^ I just guess that all veterans that play at least since season 4/5 will have all champs by now
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: So i got banned by trollers because i wanted to play a game respectfully
Hey Mate! I understand your frustration, am currently banned for explaining to another player what one of the forbidden abbreviations stands for. Also, just like you, I contacted the support. It seems that Riots systems are very, very sensitive because of obvious really bad experiences. And somehow your single game must have gotten into their system and boom! you are banned. I am still finding out whether it is even possible to get the punishment revoked or not, I fear the Riot Supporter may say "I understand you and am on your side, but there is no way of making the ban shorter or removing it". Let me give you some motivation at the end. Between these 99% of the people that get punished correctly we are the 1% that gets punished because of an over-sensitive system. Guilty until proven innocent, it makes sense, but it's not nice for you here. Guess we just have to stay calm, wait, and worst case is waiting 14 days :( But it will be fine, Riot is a good company, the LoL community is wonderful for the biggest part, and if we truly are nice guys we will have a good time still :)
: [Sigmar] Searching for Top! (S1-G1)
Hey mate! I am looking for a team and actually Gold 2 and main top! My go to champion is {{champion:102}} , however I seem to perform well with tanks like {{champion:14}} or {{champion:98}} . I am German, speak very good English and am 20 years old. I will be away this weekend, but will have time this week and of course the time/the weekends after this weekend. So you might consider picking me as a substitute for this week and we will see if I fit into the team or not. Just add me "Puffel" ;)
: Silver team looking for a new toplaner!
Hey guys, I am top and have plenty of time, but I am Gold 2 :/ but anyways, aren't the tournaments usually Bronze-Gold cups? why can't I join? I feel sad {{item:3070}}
: Where does Alistar stand right now?
Hey mate! Honestly I am not too sure, but I have 2 things in mind that made alistar that good: {{champion:429}} (who is also often picked/banned) has a super wombo with {{champion:12}} . Also the new {{champion:22}} has a great use of him. The second thing is, that the cinderhulk was changed. That makes both the tank junglers and the smite-toplaners deal less damage. So the toplane sees more offensive champs, {{champion:68}} for example is picked more often, something like {{champion:28}} too. {{champion:12}} has everything: he can be a super tank (that doesn't need to be a toplaner which is equal to 0 Gold for being supertank) for 7 seconds, and he has {{champion:40}} -like disengage/aoe-engage. I can imagine there might be different reasons. But in the end I do NOT think that they are going to rework him. They should let him be a solid pick at the moment, when the meta changes his role might be weaker too. But having a free supertank for 7 seconds... in the current meta strong.
Koerby (EUW)
: I totally agree that these people will still start a surrender vote. However I want the cost of those useless surrenders to go up, because right now they see a benefit in surrendering "I saved xy minutes of my life playing a game I don't want to continue" (that was said very politely). However these days league is very flickle on the right and matches swing a lot more than they used to. People just hiding their head in the sand because they think next game is gonna be better should have a harder time deciding if its not worth fighting one more time. With a system like that in place we would at least assure that you won't see those guys again for the next game or two
I actually do not agree with games turning around more often. The changed dragon buffs give stats to the team with dragon control, the baron buff makes sieging easy no matter which team combination you run. Back in time dragons only gave gold (which was useless late game), the old baron only gave stats (which was not enough against the defending {{champion:115}} /{{champion:101}} ). However there is always this "Throw potential". And I love your idea. However Riot already tried to make it harder with the 20 Minute minimum. And giving the first guy that surrenders a restriction will lead to no-one surrendering at all (which will lead to "ff" guys just going afk). The honest surrender votes (when there is clearly no chance) will not be possible anymore. After all the situation would not be any better than before I fear :/
Stell (EUNE)
: The more i play other games...
What about you stop counting flamers and start counting friendly players? There clearly are flamy guys, but I just keep muting them :) And there are more friendly players than you would expect, so as long as you have warm words for everyone most people will love you back ;) Another thing that at least helped me is after making a mistake typing something like "I am the worst player EUW" because then flamers have nothing to say^^
Koerby (EUW)
: Surrenders in Ranked
My dear Koerby, I really can understand your frustration about early surrenders. I have had a few games where the game was even and my team just surrendered. Also I have had it the other way around where the enemy just surrendered. I too am sad that this happens, because there is nothing you can do about these 4 other guys pressing YES to the surrender, but in a usual game this will not just happen. What happens too often in my opinion are these "omg why do you feed you so bad" and "just ff" guys. We can only mute and report them and press NO to the surrender vote. They would surrender, even if there was a ranked game restriction. They stand for the pure evil, you know. And, sometimes, you can not do anything. Sometimes the game is 4 20 after 15 minutes and your team is down 5 turrets. However personally I never surrender until at least one inhibitor is down, but I hope you get my point. The higher the elo, the better the players so the better their execution in ending a game is. Keep climbing and you will have less random surrenders ;)
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: Thank you XD. I try to never blame my teammates, and whenever I do I try to provide constructive criticism (they don't always take it that way until I point it though... fuck confirmation bias) but sometimes it just isn't my fault. Example: I play as jungle diana, I start at gromp and ping for help. I see enemy malphite next to baron pit and ward there. Allied cho mid is near dragon for god knows what reasons, and hasnt warded anything, so suddenly invading enemy team surronds me, I try to #MLGSIVHDFLASHJUKECHALLENGER them and fail, I die. Dunno, what else could I do? (all I said was "ty cho, ward here _ping_ next time -.-" or something ). Yes this was my last game with Diana in my match history. Yes I got pissed. As it happens, I do win a lot of games with Swain (dunno the exact winrate) and I have a lot of fun with him, but recently I just keep losing games whenever I play him. Maybe my ranked MMR is higher than my normal one or something.
I wouldn't suggest you to comment, not even constructive criticism. Often people will understand it wrong. Just always keep talking to YOURSELF "I would have survived if this or that happend" or "I shouldn't even have walked there before it". According to the invades try to survive on your own at first, even if you lose a camp/buff that's better than to just die. I can totally understand how you must be feeling. I was Gold 3 and Promo to Gold 2, then had a losing streak like you until Gold 5 with 30 LP. Somehow nothing worked out, I had bad teammates and stuff too. What I did was I played not to win, but to have the most fun possible. This makes the game more fun and will result in you doing a better job. If you are concentrated and reflect after every death what you could have done better you should improve with losses more than with wins. And at some point you will start winning again ;) BTW feel free to add me (Puffel). In general play with some duo, it is more fun and complaining about bad teammates (with them not hearing you) really helps with the frustration^^ Last point: Play what you want. You can be a main full tank {{champion:17}} and win games. Don't be forced into uncomfortable champs "just because they are op" or just because other people say "with these it is easy to win". You win games because of decisions. You lose games because of decisions. So work on that first! And you talked about junglers camping you at the midlane. You can try to keep track of the jungler, and tell you "I have no vision on {{champion:32}} , I should not go in". To summarize, improving personally and having more fun playing LoL is the only thing you can do to win more :P
: Lose streak, what to do?
Hi there, 2 things I would have in mind to help: 1. Do NOT blame your teammates. Maybe they are feeding, but always be like "okay my bad, could not carry" and do not mess around with your teammates. Cheer them up and say good things if they do good. You can't make them play better, but sometimes warm words help a bit. 2. Play champions you win with. You say you main {{champion:50}} . But if you lose more games than you win just try something different. Oh and in general, if you lose 2-3 games in a row just take a break. Go into every game with a chilled attitude. Losing streaks tend to make you sad and frustrated and your post sounds a bit like a frustrated guy :P
DireXcon (EUNE)
: I got chat restricted for 75 games.
75 games is a little hard. I would give you maybe one game restriction if I would be very strict. But I read "fck" and all these words almost every game, even with insulting meaning sometimes. So you are the chosen one to take the punishment for all these "fck" sayers out there :P


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