: Platinum just doesn't exist
Ranked system is disaster but riot too busy making champions and champions updates and ofc sell merchandise.
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Chrysies (EUW)
: Course Riot cares, it's a prime reason to ban a player and potentially re-sell some shit to the same player once they start a new account.
well yeah " it`s all about the money no ?". i`ve played many online games but this community is so toxic i cant believe it. but yeah i think ill just quit this game all together ill be a better human for it. thx rito for nothing.
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: Problems in game
i have the same issues only that mine are constant and happen no matter what you do. I stay in one place for 1 minute every 2 seconds fps drops from 120 to 10 then you have normal fps then drop again. On top of that there is absolutely no sound coming out from the game. HELP ?!?


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