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: What is wrong with people
Everything that you say is toxic nowaydays... You can't say someone's bad if they'r bad even if ur in low elo... happens. If ppl point my mistakes I'll probably agree with them. I was better I'm aware i'd be in an higher rank, but people often think no "oh no.. i'm this elo, i should be playing or being in a higher elo, i'm so good". A if u point something they'll just cry over it and don't realise you just tried to give some positive feedback Happens... Move on
: Yep, I'm stuck here too... Some times I'm unable to lose. Some days I'm unable to win. Then it starts again. The trick here, is to be so lucky your promotion is INSIDE the win streak, so you can lose next day protected for the "new league effect". It's kind of sad to improve your rank this way. And it's even more sad to play the "lose streak days" with MEGA TOXIC PLAYERS. PS: See my match history, about 30 games or more and you will see a clear blue-red (win-lose) streak pattern.
Same... Been droping between G1 and G3... Feels like its stomp or get stomped and there's nothing in between. Ridiculous
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: Bot lane roles are the worst roles in low elo solo queue
Supp is okay if u play ap burst and know how to control the map. ADC is shit because you depend on your laner or on your team after laning fase, without them u can't do shit and that's frustrating
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