: Completely false. Games are thrown constantly, especially below high diamond. Look for ways to spot mistakes and take over the game. Defence items are CHEAPER than offence items and 3k well spent can half an enemies 10k damage build.
Completely false. I play thousands of matches as low elo as it is possible, and once a game has started to snowball, comebacks happen once in twenty matches. If people can agree to quit a 15 / 1 match at 10 minutes, there's no good reason they have to be forced to keep playing.
DrRadon (EUW)
: Question for Riot: Will "the Report System" notice a designated Supp going ADC
Although griefing is bannable, there's no system in place to recognize it and dispense a ban accordingly. People seriously griefing require MONTHS worth of in-client "negative attitude" reports and tickets to support detailing the behavior and providing proof, until, SOMETIMES, something is done about it. In-client are useless as the automated systems are 1. a word filter for for flaming and 2. a death/min rate flag for intentional feeding. And support tickets are 99% of times copy-pasted responses that will go unchecked. Not sure if the final 1% that gets a VERY SERIOUS troll banned is due to a support finally checking manually what a support nunu with ghost and smite has being doing the last 2 months, or that they have a flag for aggregated reports for a single player that finally trigger a manual review... But in any case, if this guy was autofilled and decided to grief, nothing is going to happen to him. It would have to be a constant trolling over a very long time to have chances of having any consequence. But go say no-no word in chat, or be negative anyway, and see how quickly you're banned.
Shaebadu (EUW)
: Client has memory leaks
To me it happens occasionally, after some games. I mean, sometimes I leave it open for a whole day, play 20 matches without closing, everything good. But other times the third champ select after starting becomes a lagfest with 10 sec delay, if I go for a fourth I'm guaranteed a lagout and loss of lps for the dodge. Why does this happens some times, and others not? Might have to do with other stuff running simultaneously. Or just the spaghetti code.
: What is actually perma ban worthy?
"noob", "stupid", "bad", "report" are all words flagged by the automated system. You say them, you get banned. And on new accounts, you're on "probation", any offense is an insta perma, or so they say. If you chat, you get banned.
Gaboesh (EUW)
: Unfair chat restriction with logs
"useless", "trash", "garbage", "report", "bad" are the kind of words the automated system flags. And extra points for "mid is open" and "go afk". If you chat, you get banned.
Papa Muerte (EUNE)
: Yeah, absolutely. The focus of the jungler and even support are needed in order to shut down sett early and that, in it self, if risking agame early on, coz leaving ad carry alone, makes it, hmm, a " mamma cry left me " kid u know. and dies constantly. And hmm, to take down sett, yeah man, roam, top lane, as much as possible. And that, in it self, forces everyone to find new ways of being otherwise they get killed . And that is 99% of the what happens if u over commit the " Team's " Resources, coz, leaving adc level 3, in order to roam to top and ignite tha sett for a secured kill...... ADc dies immediatly, and everyone's heads crashes instantly. and its simply gg. So yeah. It means that u must be an insane team mate and a player in order to take down sett. To reorganize the game plan, and, hmm, resources, in order to take down sett early. Thats it. I Once made a team fight, where only Sett and Sion were left. And i as a poppy over invested into ganking sett, and hmm, the fight was rather equal, and in the end, sion won the 1v1. HAHAHAHAAH loved it :DDDDD
When people come forth and say you have the rank you deserve, I am going to link this thread and point out this guy has a higher rank than me as of right now.
: League will degrade faster and faster
Increasing playerbase? Hahahahahaha. Why would you ever think that's how this business works? What they need is a SUSTAINED PAYING PLAYERBASE. And they have that. Much like freemium mobile games, LoL works on the exploitation of a small core of addicts that spend A LOT of money on literally everything that is released: every skin and pass. Those are the people being pandered to. Plus sponsors and advertising from their professional esport scene. The new players, the bronze players that bought 4 skins in 4 years, you, me? Tiny fraction of total income, we aren't straight out kicked to save server costs because we add to the numbers, and numbers attract investors. And that's why, despite the terrible business practices, atrocious management, ridiculous bad decisions of Riot, season 10 is still here. They LITERALLY can't bankrupt themselves as long as that core of people unconditionally support them and keep them afloat buying everything they release.
Ąugustın (EUNE)
: "aphelios nerf"
It's the previous to last champion released, it's surely one of the most sold champions still. They will keep nerfing him over and over, don't worry. Just not while it's still money on the balance.
TrueAbe (EUW)
: Why doesn't the punishment system work?
Why? Too much work to moderate those kinds of behaviors, little money in it.
: Here we go again
As long as you don't use the chat and you die less than once every minute and a half, you're good, you can do whatever you want and there's no system in place to keep you from doing it.
: I bet 50$ that people who got lower than their division in s9 troll in purpose xd
That would be, again... everybody? Even winning the 10 placements you're supposed to still start lower than you finished last season.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: That's not my point, OP is stuck up about trying to win every single game but that's not how climbing works, I'm trying to say that climbing is a slow and steady process
Nowhere in the bunch of mostly false statements you started with can be inferred that point.
: The Mastery Score bug will never be fixed, right?
It's not a "bug", it's a FEATURE, you see? They implemented it on force like 6 months ago to motivate people to play more and so they need to grind at least double to achieve their goals. It will still be there in season 20, because it's in Riot's benefit. Anyone believing they need months to fix a tracking issue server side that steals half of the progression, tokens and chests when you're gonna get a high rank is either delusional or doing damage control for Riot. Write to support, demand compensation, BOYCOTT.
ThisManBaku (EUNE)
: Promos need to be fixed
Implying it isn't designed that way on purpose.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You're not supposed to win every game, just win 51%+ and you'll climb Everyone loses, its the winrate that counts, which is not dependant on your teammates, that you you can directly affect.
That's not how the rank + hidden mmr system works. At all.
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Grievous wounds big OP.
Grievous wounds needs double the effect and double the duration. You can have a whole team piled on Mundo, using everything, and he'll still laugh it off with his ulti.
: So troll - Pathetic and report are punishable. Okay didnt know that. I guess RIOT doesnt accept those, but they do accept cursing familiers, insulting hard people, typing "%%%" is fine by them cause I see those people still around. I get it. People feel uncomfortable by calling them trolls but wishing them "%%%" is political correct I guess.
All those things you mentioned are also bannable. But the ban system has "steps", and you might still see them around depending on the number and severity of offenses. Also, and it's silly that I even have to tell you this, they have to be around in order to say those things to you. They can't be banned for saying those things BEFORE saying them. This isn't Minority Report. The punishment comes after the offense, not before.
lé birch (EUW)
: Thread from other players!
That hurt to read.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: reports work only for verbal abuse and harassment, never seen someone get ban for afk, trolling, inting, ruining your game and etc reasons
Intentional feeding bans only happen when you feed at a rate higher than a certain threshold. Just like the verbal abuse is a word filter that automatically dishes out bans when you say certain no-no words, intentional activates only when you die A LOT. As long as you don't continuously run down a lane, you're safe inting, trolling or griefing in any way, as there's no automated system in place to detect anything like that, and support tickets aren't actually reviewed in almost any case (despite the copy-paste response to shut you up).
: Ranked.
That's how the game is. There's no better advice about this than: if you're disgusted by having your time and effort ruined like that, try other games.
Piri Reis (EUW)
: S rank
Well known "bug" Rito implemented some months back to force people to play double. Write to support, demand compensation, boycott.
: Chat ban for this. Opinions
You said "troll" several times, along with "pathetic" and "report". You say the kind of words related with verbal abuse, the automated system flags them, and issues a ban. Just disable chat, if you chat, you get banned.
: Not getting Graded therefore missing out on rewards for S grades
That "bug" is so that you have to play double. Write to support, demand compensation, boycott.
: Can someone explain ranked matchmaking?
Nobody here can explain you matchmaking, because Rito policy is to keep all their mechanics as hidden as possible to "avoid exploits". You're being done dirty, and it only gets worse as you accumulate games. Climb quickly, while you still can.
Xiitory (EUW)
: Riot not banning inters anymore
For an instant automatic ban issued by the automated system, you gotta feed an insane amount. Like running down mid at 1 death/minute. At that rate, no stop for whatever period (15 deaths in 15 mins, 20 in 20...), you get banned right away. However you can consistently feed a bit more low key, 0.5 deaths/minute, and nothing happens to you. At least at that moment. The trigger for the automated system to recognize you as a feeder is somewhere closer to 1 death per minute... someone care to test it?
Morde is insanely OP, if nothing else, because of the amount of things that get bugged during his ulti, and even carry over to the rest of the match.
Dvs Hexler (EUNE)
: Intenional/Unintentional Losing Streaks
Rito won't ever take measures to make people play LESS, specially if that people are likely to lose, make others lose, and destroy lps.
: so making a new acount, is sort of the only thing that i can do if i want to get better and climb aswell ? i would rater like to avoid that since i have spent such a huge amount of money acquiring skins and champions, but if thats the only way i guess im going to have to do it
If your true purpose, your final objective, your ultimate goal on playing, is ranking up (rather than having fun, or unlocking stuff, or any other thing), make a new account and try to rank up for, say, a hundred games. See how much you climb per hundred games when you have 0, and when you have 1k. If you notice a difference, you have your answer. Note: This is merely on the issue of climbing. Getting better at the game is a different issue. I only propose this as so you can notice the difference in climbing having the same skill but different number of matches accumulated.
: No it doesn’t. The reason you end up with 50% win rate is because if your facing opponents of equal skill to you then your win rate should be around 50%... And like I said you can’t predict how a teammate will perform in your games, your ‘shitty’ teammates might be good players on an off day, and seemingly bad players might be improving or having a good game. There’s no system that can predict how badly a player will perform, which makes all of this “forced 50% match making” complete garbage, it’s just a conspiracy theory people come up with to excuse them not climbing, because they are where they belong
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YsJ6IBmM,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-20T02:47:15.121+0000) > The reason you end up with 50% win rate is because if your facing opponents of equal skill to you then your win rate should be around 50%... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Wolity (EUW)
: and why they feeding? Because some1 flamed them. I had a game everything went fine. Jungler failed a gank and start flaming the midlaner. Midlaner at some point had enough and left the game. Flaming ruins more games than you think. It's actually the core of the problems.
When someone flames a troll, because they trolled: "their behavior doesn't excuse yours, you have to still obey the rules, you are rightfully banned". But the trolls not getting banned did troll because they got flamed, so the core of the grief is the flaming? Get out of here.
: Double Trouble !
We should stop calling it "bug", after all these months, it's pretty clear it's a new "feature" to motivate people into grinding harder. Spam support, demand compensation, boycott.
: what is going on here, might be hidden mmr, driving me nuts
You experience what people call elo hell, but in a small dose. The longer you play, the harder the system forces a 50% winrate upon you, and the harder it is to climb. First thing you have to try is checking if making a new account and playing ranked on it makes easier to climb. Surprise surprise, it never fails.
1von (EUNE)
: I don't believe they do it manually. Honestly I've read a lot of people (including me) saying that they've reported trolls to the riot support but they didn't get an answer so...
And this is not even support ticket (that most of the times doesn't get reviewed even if they copy-paste a response saying they will), it's the in-client automated system.
: Reporting someone and explaining the situation in the text box given
Wasting more of your time, making you think reports are reviewed manually, and not going through an automated system that cares not for what you type there.
Kappablue3 (EUNE)
: Unfair ban maybe?(tell me your opinions)
"Kappablue3: u think ima get banned xD?" -Quote from man banned
: Placements games R.I.P.
Everybody? First month is even worse than preseason.
: "Mastery Undefined" Time to Fix it Riot?
"Fix"? It's intentional, on their server side, to force you to play double every time they steal your progression, tokens, chests. Spam support, demand compensation, BOYCOTT.
Wolity (EUW)
: Playing for fun is not running it down mid
Who plays this game for fun??
Soapy Zoe (EUW)
: Not getting mastery points.
Mastery undefined "bug" is a trick Riot uses to force you to play double, stealing your progress, tokens and chests. Write to support, demand compensation, boycott.
Wolity (EUW)
: >everybody deserves a secound chance You not only got a 2nd chance after your 10 games chat rest. But you got 3rd after 25 games. And 4th after 14 days ban. Riot wont give you 5th chance to change your attitude , you already got enough chances and didnt used any of them.
You can't really know if they went through all those steps before the (we assume) permaban. Maybe he griefed and got a 14-day, then flamed in one game and got perma'd.
: Sett abilities!!!
Don't worry, couple of patches from now, when the sales slow down, he'll get several nerfs in a row. To prepare for the next champ re-work or new release. That will be OP upon release, of course. It's like if you were seeing this for the first time.
: WTF another fu%%ing S is rubbed! wake up rito...
Champ mastery exp points, tokens and chests stolen by the millions, daily, over 6 months. That's a lot of extra games that Riot forced people to play to achieve their goals. Wonder why they brought out this "bug" on their tracking? Demand compensation, BOYCOTT.
ExoIce (EUW)
: Climbing a Broken ladder in Ranked - Solo/duo
You are right in most of that analysis, but you are wrong in defining only 2 groups. The people intentionally ruining games, either by griefing in various ways (like intentionally feeding or messing with others' gameplay) or going afk (like ragequitting after they die for the second time) are JUST AS IMPORTANT to decide what team wins and what team loses as the distribution of "climbers" and "funners". You could be playing soraka jungle while drunk (I have) and still win if the other team has an inter and an afk. Matchmaking could take this into consideration, like so many other things to make matches more fair and more fun. But people don't understand the final objective is not a ladder in which everybody achieves their deserved rank quickly and stagnate so they play less. It's a grindfest ladder full of cointoss matches and an artificial 50% winrate enforced and streak breaking and a rank + mmr system that punishes you ALL THIS TO MAKE YOU PLAY MORE AND MORE. That's the final objective. Numbers, money. This is a business, not a hobby (for Riot, that is).
: watch rewards not going through again
It doesn't work, but you watched, and you will have to watch again to get the rewards for real. Maybe it won't work again. Happy Rito.
: They won't compensate, at least on EUW. I asked for compensation and they just said "no way, devs are working on a fix".
They were working on a "fix" 6 months ago when it started to happen big time. They aren't working on a "fix" because this is being implemented on purpose server side to get people to play double. But you gotta keep demanding compensation, and boycotting in the meantime.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I think you get the point, If I am advertised apples but they give me pears it's the very definition of false advertisement, sure they are both fruits but not what I asked for also I believe you cant put illegal things in their Terms so users can sign and give their right kidney
Sure, there's laws against leonine contracts and outright illegality in most places. But, when it comes to the void of regulation in new fields like ethereal goods in cyberspace, or in this case not even electronic goods (that you don't have rights over according to them, you're just borrowing Riot's account) but an e-service... They know perfectly well there's no way this goes through the legal system. At least not started by you against them (a European Tribunal may take a potshot at loot boxes or webbrowser monopolies, but you taking Tencent to court because they didn't follow on tokens promised on patch notes is ridiculous). The only realistic way to combat this is getting angry, demanding compensation, and using the force of your wallet. The legal angle doesn't enter into it.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: RIOT GAMES doing FALSE advertising in the current event ? So far it seems so
False advertisement? I'm sure in the TOA you agree you have the right to nothing and they can do whatever they want, all the money you're sending them are just donations. Go through it and surely they reserve the right to do whatever they want at any time.
: No mastery points were added after the game
Demand compensation, boycott.
: I killed golem and frog still level 1? Why?
Your last match is you running it down mid. The previous you start red and get lvl2 out of it. The one before that you start blue and lvl2. And before that, the same thing. I can only hope the next time you come here to waste our time is with a new account.
: Did i do something wrong?
Welcome to League of rotten matchmaking.
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