: I cannot purchase this skin : (
Zanador (EUNE)
: No, those only prove that you know the owner of the diamond account, and you can ask him to do things for you. As i said, you can not prove it to be yours. There is no way. So you effectively made a bet that's impossible for you to win, so i'd like my skin delivered when it is release. Thank you again. And congratulations, you switched from argumentum ad hominem to the strawman fallacy. Please don't walk through every other possible mistake in rhetoric, either answer or admit defeat. You will still owe me the skin though.
your so stupid its not funny... ok if you dont believe its not my account then its impossible for you to out rank me. beat diamond 5. i give you skin. end of come euw and ill add you and pwn you on that account :) and no "wanna be smartass" answer. your arguments are stupid and made up on fake ideas. thats why your highist is gold. even if you look at this account the winrates are stupidly high.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I'm not a 3v3 player, i only did that for reasons that are not part of this topic. And i see that you are a newbie who shows potential, but you attitude and mindset apparently limits you too much. You still could not even touch my comments, and now you are trying to bring your argumentum ad hominem to the next step by claiming you are better than me in something, ergo you are right. First, that's not how it works. Second, by your display here, i can very well be better than you and right too. And third, you only linked a high ranked account, without any proof of owning it. You can't prove it by the way. So please send the skin to this account when it's released. Thank you.
ok lets go over this point for point. my "attitude" and "mindset" is one of fact. zed has 0 ap scaling so a {{item:3089}} is a shit item on him. not "OH BUT IF YOU GET {{item:3100}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3285}} he will have 15% ap scaling per auto + 50% ap scaling with autos after a spell with a whole 10% scaling off ludens!" I like facts. You did maths as a kid did you? when you didnt understand something your teach would explain the formula right? i cant do that with id have to explain the very idea of maths and frankly i cant be assed. thats why i cant be bothered to point out your flaws btw what proof do you want? you want me to change a mastery page to "smurf: purplexylophone" or some shit? or should i play doombots with the first letter of each champ i play spelling out "PURPLE"
Zanador (EUNE)
: I'd like the skin delivered to this account please. thank you very much.
gold 3 v 3 player.. dont think thats higher then diamond on the real map...
Father Tios (EUNE)
: So how about you only attack the big one with autos, as you'll need to use 2 q's anyways the way you said it..?
because with raptors you must kill the small ones or your take to much damage... thats extremely basic info dude...
Zanador (EUNE)
: Indeed, "keep an open mind" and "analyze your games" are truly suggestions to be dismissed. And you never even tried to point out a single mistake i made in my comments, you just try to use ad hominem to dismiss me. Suit yourself, not everyone has to get better eventually.
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=yordle+zeus when you out rank me add me. ill buy you the new lux skin cause i dont see that happening ever.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Really? "i cant be assed to read this."? Is that the attitude someone should take in his thread where he tells people to read what he has to say and learn from it? Well, even if you don't want to, i'll still answer for the benefit of those who do want to improve and read: I was precisely talking about being where it's most important. Kills don't make a gank worth your time, and a good gank is not always the one that ends up with a clean kill. You are missing a whole group of tools at the jungler's disposal. Ganks don't have to be all in, going for a kill. Simply by showing up and forcing the opponent to change his plan, you can do a lot for your team. Will you miss farm? Yes, but do the numbers. Who gets more power our of farming per minute? Jungle Rammus or an undisturbed Nasus or Ahri? Trading your farm time for theirs might be good in some cases. Getting things for your team is not the only way to victory, taking away from the enemy also has it's benefits. Without question what you wrote in your opening post is correct most of the time, i just ask you and people who read not to chalk up the rest of the matches as a case of "bad team mates" and move on, because sometimes there is more you could have done. Keep an open mind and truly analyze your games, at least in hindsight, and look for the turning points and how they can be changed. That is the only way to really improve.
you show a very bad lack in jungle knowleague and to be honest i dont feel like taking a chemistry course off a drug dealer.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: yi instagibs the small ones with his q, and is faster on the single target.... you might just be doing something wrong you know...
yi needs 1 auto + q to kill small ones. the is 5 of if your wasting all 4 targets on them then you still need 4 autos + q + 3 autos for the living one + to kill the bg one
Rioter Comments
Fl4ptube (EUW)
: Is jax not op anymore?
late game he is still a monster but the carry meta has died and tanks have took his place. the reason jax was cool expect splitpush was because he was a bruiser tank but he also instantly made fights 4 v 5 by instant bursting a carry.
Mačka (EUW)
: Why 3 lanes? Most of the time two lanes are fine and one is struggling because of some counter pick. I rarely see every lane spam with pings. Usually the dude who repeatedly asks for help is being camped or something. And in any case, whether your team has the CC you need or not, you've got to gank at some point because you need to push a lane or get a drake, so you've got to make it happen anyway.
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=yordle+zeus my most played with a 74% winraye is master yi i know when afk farm is better and sej is the other side of gank focused i know the balance believe me... and most those games i lost i was first pick and didnt know the match ups
: Skipped after reading your ahri/yasuo mid section, You shouldn't think: Can we get a kill in this lane? You should think as a jungler: Will my gank help the lane at all? Say we gank nasus and he gets low enough that he either uses flash or is forced to go back, thats a good gank because your lane can now free farm and push! And if you get the good gank off then your lane is happy and a happy laner plays better. And @Febos, if you say you will never gank then you don't deserve to jungle to my opinion.
lets just quickly go over the gank will my gank help the lane at all. no. helping the lane im giving up shit. im giving up gold and im giving up map pressure and im allowing an objective somewhere everytime i seen. My goal is not to help you thats your one job to not totally fuck up your lane. if we could get him low enough to flash or recall... then that is a different case because the vlad should at least have 3 kills on him to start with. level 6 {{champion:75}} 0/0/0 level 6 {{champion:8}} 0/0/0 level 6{{champion:33}} 1/0/2 I and vlad did damage from our tower. to his. i tanked like 10 shots from his tower. nasus remaining hp. about 40% We just dont have the damage. it was a waste of time health and ults.
Zanador (EUNE)
: PurpleXylophone: you are only half right here. It's all about reading the match as a whole and each individual situation at the same time. In the examples you brought up, your decision might be correct or they might be completely wrong. Let me list the other side: That Nasus is not worth the time and effort to gank? Wait till he gets 500+ stacks by minute 20 because of the lack of pressure. Then he will force you and your whole team to waste your time and effort on him. The Ahri on mid? She might have gained a slight advantage just now by getting ahead in CS, and was planning to go for a kill on the next opportunity. It's too bad there was no jungler to force her ult out of her, giving your Yasuo at least 3 more minutes without risk of dying. But hey, he ended up dying after asking for your help, he was probably not worth it anyway. And your Tristana on bot lane who was supposed to snowball the game? Yeah, that's a good bet with a high success rate. Unless a fed Ahri keeps coming down from mid and kill her with one combo. In other words, yes people who rarely or never play jungle should spend some time learning the mechanics and dynamics of jungling, because setting up a good gank will benefit them more than complaining and blaming. On the other hand jungler mains must know a lot about lane match ups and not just the ganks, in order to be truly useful. Otherwise the jungler might just waste his own efforts, working a lot and achieving little.
i cant be assed to read this. wasting time to gank for 0 benefit just means i spend less time farming = i get weaker due to a definition in gold and that im not somewhere else more important.
Mačka (EUW)
: ***
yes that is a part of jungle but think about this. everytime you trade with your enemy and dont kill them. walk to the nearist ALIVE jungle camp and back. see how much time it waste. do that between 3 lanes.
Rioter Comments
: Congratulations! The next season will be platinum.
for his sakes i hope not stay in gold. better attitude.
: But both of them are fighters, they both want and need damage... naut is a pure tank and has the most cc in a single kit in the game, so the difference here is that they want much higher amounts of dps because they don't last as long and don't have much else to contribute besides some choice ults and damage, naut is one of the tankiest champions in the game so he is gonna be there from start to finish rotating through his spells so dps matters a lot less than the total damage you do at the end (that's what caused that upcry about tanks doing more damage than their teammates, sunfire was dealing low dps but it was AoE and added up by the time you killed the tank which resulted in massive amounts of damage done by the tank but spread out a lot which lowered its effect). When it comes to damage context is important... the tankier you are the less your worried about dps and more about total damage.
your logic has errors but im to lazy to point them out.
: Should I go for it?
push for chance for free skin (maybe champ) + boarder or do nothing with that time you where properly gonna play anyway...
: 30-70 in total, on a on hit. Which means it's gonna add up fast (it's the whole idea behind that warrior naut off build... which is build him full on hit and attack speed and melt people (and it does work)... if that build can deal as much damage that it does with the DoT imagine it with just flat). So yeah it's not much but long term it adds up, it's a very long duration ability and killing the shield isn't exactly easy so in a fight or when clearing the jungle that damage can easily get quite high.
well you judge damage off dps not totaly otherwise {{champion:62}} {{champion:82}} need some massive fucking nerfs
: Riot was talking about this not that long ago but I forgot what they said. But I think it's space his damage out more... by having it a DoT you can have it so that the damage is greater than what it would have to be as flat damage as more of it gets mitigated. So it allows his W to deal a decent amount of damage especially when he used to use it as his bread and butter for clearing the jungle as he would need good damage on it to clear without making him have too much up front damage as that would cause an issue. So it's a balancing thing to allow naut damage while still keeping in line with him being an actual tank.
is 15-35 damage a second that big?... its less then a sunfire cap...
Rioter Comments
: mk lol..pls some1 from riot answer this
They have answer this question a stupidly large number of times the is a search function on the boards. Use it. And yes you will. If it's for just the skins thsn the is a currently legal one (they could add stuff that could get you banned) called skin preview atm. If something provides anything but decoration like different camera, timers, or just any mechanics in league of legends like automatic messages it is bankable.
Infernape (EUW)
: Might as well start calling Katarina Minato Namikaze. ######if you're not a Naruto fan you probably wouldn't get it.
  Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=PurpleXylophone,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=snHIEHVL,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-18T20:39:40.528+0000) > > if its not on 3 sites... is it possible you imagined it? or did it on a different account. > I know you think your right but lets use logic for 3 seconds. > you say you did something. > 3 different websites aimed at tracking what you do say you didnt. > do you still think you did it? They were NOT tracking what he was doing though!
they track his games. he is talking about a teemo game. if its not there it didnt happen
: Well that´s your opinion, I find all of them awesome.
they are move interesting then the default model sure. but thats on purpose {{champion:50}} default skin isnt how swain should look his tyrant skin is how he should look by default. but it looks to cool so they charge people for it
: Aaaaaaaaand? They LOOK awesome, dont they. Who gives a damn about useless, worthless, particles? Also, look at the brightside, if its cheap, you spend less money! Also, if you dont like them, each champion has a more expensive skin. Whatever the case, you have more choices when buying skins for these champs xD
the only one of these people will actually buy is bard bard rest are hextect failures.
: [MORE SKINS!!!!] Karthus, Bard, Sejuani, Jayce
these all look like 975 or something skins :C
: It isnt on there We searched every where on Lolking Lolnexus op.gg and Replay.gg
if its not on 3 sites... is it possible you imagined it? or did it on a different account. I know you think your right but lets use logic for 3 seconds. you say you did something. 3 different websites aimed at tracking what you do say you didnt. do you still think you did it?
: A Bed With A frend.
http://www.replay.gg/ search it yourself?
Doomley (EUW)
: >soloq- people where screaming from day 1... Argument that doesn't really affect anything. Soloq or not, this would still happen. (I don't even know if i understood your comment correctly. You might want to check the grammar on that one.) >sandbox (after 9 fucking years btw league age does not match the seasons) Better late than never. LoL can't be taken as a real competitive sport as long as training mode doesn't exist in the game and now it's finally coming, securing the spot as a competitive sport. Also LoL is 7 years old. You should count it from the release of the game (2009) and not from the start of the development. >kogmaw changes no kogmaw player like the unrework. There were no kog'maw players. Only kog'maw abusers. The reworked kog'maw was beyond broken and impossible to balance. Reverting the rework was the best thing riot has done to champion balance in a long time.
Solo q - at the start of season 6 everyone wanted solo q. The was a shit ton of moaning about it. Riot said they would instantly change the system back if we didn't like it. They didn't and 90% where pissed off about it. Sandbox mode does not make it a sport and to make league a sport your either gonna have to stop having new champs. No new items. No reworks. And just balance everything for the next. 5 years at the rate riot works. Also the fact it is owned by riot means it can't be a sport. Who owns football? Tennis? And league age is from where I could download the game and play it. To me that was 2007 when I started.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Interesting approach, but **WHY SHOULD SHOES HEAL OR DAMAGE SOMEONE?!** These are just boots, aren't they?!
With boots you can crush people. Now tell me how do you hurt someone with a {{item:3089}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Doomley (EUW)
: It has lasted for 7 years already and it's still growing. only 13 years left from 20. Starcraft was never been even close to being as popular and blizzard killed the game with updates that the whole community despised. They also didn't admit their mistake and revert the changes. So now starcraft is dead. Riot knows when they have made a mistake (look soloq and sandbox mode and kog'maw for example) and they undo the mistakes. League has the potential to last for decades.
soloq- people where screaming from day 1... sandbox (after 9 fucking years btw league age does not match the seasons) kogmaw changes no kogmaw player like the unrework.
Doomley (EUW)
: because this is the game i like. LoL is aiming to become a long term sport like soccer. Soccer doesn't change. Why should league? Some changes are needed but this isn't one of them.
league will not last 20 years. its lasted a long time but so did starcraft. look at it now.
Doomley (EUW)
: Boots are fine as they are.
they are fine as they are but so is every item... the jungle... champs.. would you really want the same game in 5 years as you do now?
Rioter Comments
: Riot on moonflair Spellblade?
i didnt know wtf this item was so i looked it up. I think it could go in the game as is but increase the cost since it currently has stats worth 2987.5 gold without factoring in the passive. so keep the stats and make the item cost 2800? it bring it down to about the same efficiency as {{item:3165}} then
DireXcon (EUNE)
yeah anything is but im gonna go spend £5.000.000 on credit card in the tinyist chance that i won the lotto
DireXcon (EUNE)
: He's finally back.
you didnt watch the end did you? dont overhype just yet
proliarides (EUNE)
: 33% win rate Gold V
she won the placement games which are worth 10 times the amount of games and then lost alot after.
: Does "LOL" have ads? I've never seen a single ad for this game except the videos that Riot uploaded. (they're not ads.)
if you watch ANY lol videos the is a lol ad infront of it lol
Rioter Comments
desalmada (EUW)
: man, if you had 99 lp and win game, you got 1 free win in series
i think you meant the system should be? the free win is if you entered promos lost them and entered promos again within 20 games. and that stops once you hit gold. Im trying to win promos to diamond so i dont get that.
Rena (EUW)
: {{champion:92}}
LogicMan84 (EUNE)
: DOOMBOTS fail !?!?! Ashe can't be killed?
how do you make a league video sound like shit. the is no microphone involved ffs.
MonsefMA (EUW)
: Pax skins
no they will never be gettable again.
Rioter Comments
: star guardian Lee sin ?
bitch cant even guard his eye sight.
: Well think positive...You have the possibility to dodge next champion select if you don't like your team with no actual punishment.
tiny perk {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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