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: if its not bugged then my guees is if u get just once reported a nd get ban u never get higher then honor 2 cuz i m same as u now,so yea...
That would be disappointing, to say the least...
: I am one of those players who made a pretty detailed post about the honor system. The 14 days per checkpoint only applies to honor levels below level 2. However, i have been chat banned a while back for 25 games so my honor dropped to 0. I got checkpoints every 2 weeks like my previous experiments showed i would but now that i have reached honor level 1, i have been stuck at honor level 1 - 0 check points for a month now. There has to be a bug in the system currently because that shouldn't happen and it's honestly demotivating. The reporting part shouldn't matter if the reports aren't valid.
Is there any credibility on it being harder to rank up honor after getting a ban of some sort? It said that was the case on an ask riot post but I'm still not sure...
: Firstly: There has been multiple posts showing that both honors and number of games doesnt matter. Secondly: You should get one checkpoint per 14 days (+-) if you are an active player and don't get reported.
So the honor system is controlled by the community in a way? That seems very flawed because of some people reporting you because they just don't like you... For example, I asked a guy in the game why he is reporting me and he said that he will always report the whole team when he loses. Also, the number of games you play could also be seen as how active you are as a player.
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: Never in the 8 years of me playing have I ever said any words on the 0 tolerance list. They're on the 0 tolerance list for a reason. You can't say them. If the ban was for something less severe, I might be on your side, but there's no reason to ever say stuff like that. I'm sorry, but you have to pay the consequences.
I agree wholeheartedly. There is a problem with toxicity in league and me saying shit like this is part of the problem. However, I just wish they halved your honor or something like that or judge you based on your current honor level fro how harsh your ban should be. To reset it on the basis of one game is just heartbreaking. It took me the good part of a year to build up my honor level. It just doesn't seem fair to me. Either way, you are right. I just wanted to throw around some ideas for less harsh bans on more honorable players because I really hate to be treated like I am always a horrible person because I snapped.
: An honour level means you have to be honourable. If you get banned, you are not honourable. If you show dishonourable actions, you will get your honour stripped from you. Simple. I worked hard to get my honour 3 early on in the season. I got a chat ban, which was rightfully deserved. And since that point, I have strived to be the most positive honourable player I can be. And now I'm honour 3 again.
I have been that honorable player for 100's of games. My question is why those games should be overlooked because I got mad and typed 4 or 5 line or text that I later regretted. And they didn't even give chat bans or any warning before this for the whole season. I am not a toxic player which was displayed when I was on the verge of honor level 5.
: Well, the fact that you managed to land yourself with a 14 day off the bat is a pretty clear indicator that you aren't honourable...
Yea I acted poorly for one game. I worked up to honor level 4 over 100's of games. 1 game should not define me as a player in my opinion. We all lose our heads sometimes... That's part of being human.
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: Honor zero should remind u that u are toxic and should change your behaviour. Since noone.force u to be toxic, blame yourself for the honor loss. Rule is very clear.
I agree that I was out of line but 1 game of toxicity shouldn't trump 100's of games of normal behavior in my opinion. Additionally, I do regret what I did and I only blame myself even without a ban I would regret what I said to that Vayne. I am normally a reasonable person which was shown by the honor level i worked to achieve.
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