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: Seriously, Darius is winning???
Generic Mary Sue Garen vs Manly Ultimate Badass Darius It's like it's not even a competetion
: But Bronze you get all the hilarious BS that you'd never see in higher ranks. What's not to love?
Well I'd honestly rather have my old winrate back, even though it wasn't something I was particularly proud of. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Aparation (EUW)
: People who are good enough to climb out will climb out. Not everyone will end up in challenger because not everyone belongs in challenger.
I agree with you, but the threadstarter also has a point that inexperienced players do negatively impact the gameplay experience for veteran silvers/bronzies. That is mostly to do with the fact that when leveling up, you hardly learn any good habits, unless you're following someone else's advice. It makes it difficult sometimes to get good practise as the veteran, seeing as some games you are slightly/severely disadvantaged.
: Why isn't the majority of athletes an olympic gold medalist? Why isn't the majority of karate practitioners a blackbelt? Why isn't the majority of musicians triple platinum? Why isn't the majority of soldiers a fighter pilot? Why isn't the majority of fighter pilots an astronaut? Why isn't the majority of playerbase in high ELO ? Because that's how the world works. There are people that are bad at a thing. The majority will be able to handle things, but be mediocre. And there will be the elite. sitting at the top. The ELO system that RIOT's using for LOL is taken from chess. The system works like a pyramid. About the "having a life" arguments, I started Gold 5 this season, and in under 140 games I reached Diamond 4, with a 70% win-rate. I played 1 or 2 games per day, at most. Some players will not have what it takes, to achieve a high rank. Some won't try and will never know. Assuming that everyone can be challenger, but they aren't because they haven't tried is just silly. That's like saying I never ran more than 5 minutes in my life, but I can complete a marathon in record time, if I wanted / had time for it. **** About the ELO pyramid. As you can see, the baseline is silver 1 and 2. That's where new accounts get matched if performing on a 50% win-rate. This is the average skill of a new LOL player. Keep in mind, that there are less Bronze 5 players than Gold 4, that means that the average tendency of the players is to improve. There are roughly the same number of players in Gold as in Bronze. What does this mean? There's a 50-50% chance of being better or worse than the average baseline. After this bronze/silver/gold conglomerate That I call the "entry level ranks", comes the first one that shows some kind of skill and over the average tendencies : this is platinum. From here on up, there's a fine line between every rank until P1/D3-4. From D3-4 above, it's the elite of the playerbase, the top 1000-2000 players, out of millions. I'm pretty sure that there are players with good potential who could perform better if they invested more time, however with a sample-size this massive, talking millions, and the average non-casual player having at least 1-2 games/day, this pyramid checks out. Hope I cleared some things up, if not, feel free to ask me about anything.
A thing to note, is that such a distibution actually arises naturally all the time. Even if hypothetically everyone in the entire world got better, there would still be people in silver.
Aparation (EUW)
: Yes. It would result in unnecessarily long queue times and you will eventually climb if you deserve it, your teammates can't hold you back.
Except that is nonsense, people can't just infinitely climb out. Everyone is ranked on a curve, so there's no way everyone will just end up in challenger. Besides, if you're near your skill level already, having unexperienced players really diminishes the experience for the rest of us silver surfers. (Yes they exist, you know, people who belong in Silver)


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