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Tucat (EUNE)
: I don't think it's nearly fair...
A master player in normals is a plat player tbh
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Tell you what, when you get permanently banned like I did, You will realize that you can't go against Riot's any rules and you will play and focus on improving your own game even if you lose. Also, you will rage less when you understand two points above.
I haven't ever been banned, warned or restricted nor do I rage lol
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Power outbursts are a common thing for many players, including me, so whining little %%%%% and learn to play the game and carry worse players than you. There is literally nothing else I can do lol You cannot carry on Sejuani
: Recommend a jungler please
Sejuani, no sustain though and you're still a CC monster
Aradie (EUW)
: [Vote]Boards Level
Most people who use the boards use it to post anyway, don't see why anyone's concerned about their boards level display lol
Sadolm (EUW)
: Idk maybe its lag on her side?
Lag on a computer's side doesn't effect the game state, it effects what's portrayed to the user This is a bug on Rito's end
Zamb01 (EUW)
: Dude, how many times do i have to say it. It's not me in the video, would you stop saying "you did that and you did that". Also i'm not the only one who posted this bug on the forums. We've been trying to get riots attention for 2 years now. Let me explain it to you one more time please. Yes in this video rengar got the kill etc. however that doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with darius's ult at the moment. Sometimes it happens that if darius dunks someone, you get the kill but not the reset OR you don't get the kill BUT get the reset. BOTH OF THESE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. And in this video? Yes, darius failed to get the kill so he also doesn't get the reset. Which is fine in this case, but it's not fine in other cases where the above mentioned happens. Also if the game tells me that my ultimate is ready when it's clearly not doesn't that sound like a bug to you? It's really annoying when it happens. His W is also bugged, i bet you won't believe me either. Hitting yoricks cage with darius's W doesn't damage the cage. It's a bug that's been around for years now, does riot care? NO. Does the bug forums care? NO. We've been trying to gather evidence for a while now but there are people like you who deny everything we say. You deny that there's clearly something wrong with noxian guillotine. I don't care about the kill, i don't care about the reset. But i care about a champ that is bugged and i am really upset about everyone not giving a shit. Including riot. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
You showed me a video of it working as intended then complain that I'm not seeing how it's bugged lol Show me a video where it's broken and then I can knowledge that because whenever I play Darius he's fine Darius W onto Yorick cage is a bug though
: ? He links 5 high elo designers and that makes you think they all are? Why didnt he link the entire team? Because there are 95 silver elo players and 5 diamond players in it.
"i think their entire balance department is hardstuck bronze 3 at best." "there are 95 silver elo players " There's also far more than 6, they just didn't link them. ur gonna have to choose an answer tho, they hardstuck bronze 3 or na
: Support tickets?
Just f5 the page, for some reason it's super buggy and f5ing fixes it lol
: Lmao you think no rioter plays in bronze/silver/gold, i think their entire balance department is hardstuck bronze 3 at best. :)
Wen294 (EUW)
: Pretty sure those aren't hashtags, just saying.
Percentages and hashtags, all the same thing really
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PC Hobbit (EUW)
: Why am i getting little LP when MMR is higher then avg?
MMR is hidden, you can't see it, websites inaccurately show it but you will never know your MMR, your MMR is lower than where you are currently at if you're losing more than you're gaining
Givifa (EUW)
: Dont swear thats rude :(
All I see is 4 hashtags, what swear? {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Strigina (EUNE)
: I'd rather go on punishment based on how many games you played without a leave. If you play 3 games in two months and leave them all, you should be punished faster than when you are playing 10 games a day and leave 2 times a month.
I have a very one sided opinion when it comes to leavers even if it's out of their control, I've been kicked out of matches before due to my connection but only 2 times ever and I do think it's pretty shit that you still get the same lose conditions as every other person in the game, I was the reason we lost the game so I should of gotten punished beyond for it. Why should someone else be punished the same as me for something that I introduced to the game that negatively effected the outcome? But I see your point. What do you mean punished faster though, wouldn't making it more severe rather than consistent make it more effective?
: Don't take ranked so seriously, or don't play ranked. Problem solved.
Don't play ranked if you aren't taking it serious, problem solved.
: > 19 days ago I took a break from ranked because I had 3 toxic people in a row A weak mindset for a weak person.
3 people not playing to win in my games in a row is dis-encouraging, that isn't a weak mindset, I just dislike losing. But hey if you like losing, go ahead and continue playing on lose streaks
Strigina (EUNE)
: I never said leaverbuster is an effective punishment to discourage people from leaving, I actually think it goes too easy on leavers. I just think it should have some kind of tolerance because there actually are situation when you are force to leave without being able to influence it.
Right, what about people repetitively leave games? Let's say per month you're given 2 times where you're able to leave a game without an excessive punishment however if you do a third time you're given a rank ban, heavy loss of LP or something along those lines?
Strigina (EUNE)
: There are situations when you have no responsibility for your dc. For example I was once forced to leave ranked game because workers outside digged through an optical cable which caused internet outage for several streets. I don't think I would deserve any punishment for that (except an LP loss) it wasn't my fault at all. Because of situations like this a tolerance for leaverbuster exists.
Leaver busted clearly isn't effective enough though otherwise this would of been stamped out, I appreciate that it's there but it isn't enough to shock people into doing sportsmanlike behaviour I can wait 30 minutes easily
Strigina (EUNE)
: >Someone went afk in ranked? Someone intentionally fed, toxic? 14 day account ban, 50 day rank ban. I think the afk punishment is kinda harsh considering the possibility of power outage etc.
It's not my responsibility to secure other people's connection, power supply to their house or stability in PC performance. These things happen yeah but it's not my fault so why should I be punished for someone else's issues?
: yeah ranked became more RNG reliant than ever before cuz riot have to make soloQ more "team oriented" so you cant 1v9 anymore like in the so stupid, also you have to pick OP meta champs as well to climb effectively which i have experienced too, like since i picked ww i am climbing and i have NEVER EVER mained or even just played him before cuz i am a heca, vi main, its so fkn ridiculous kinda
I think hecarim can still be pretty good but yeah for the most part you're forced off champions you want to play because they simply aren't good, why pick fiddlesticks when your team will yell at you for not picking Sejuani? I heard in a rift video they did with the balance team they're trying to make it more solo individual skin orientated which I hope so but I cannot carry on Sejuani, I'm an amplifier lol
: Elo?
Plat 2, I heard it's worse once you reach D5
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sevenkill (EUNE)
: Top - 15 Underrated Champions!
Sion is one of the hgihest played top laners Xerath is very common Kayle is very common Swain is very common Kalista is very common Corki is very common Nunu is very common
Zamb01 (EUW)
: You guys are the worst bunch i've ever seen. There's something clearly wrong with his ultimate yet no one cares. Do you hate darius this much? frickin pathetic. I bet you didn't even read the other half i wrote, something is wrong with darius let's downvote, cuz the longer this stays unfixed, the longer darius becomes crippled and the longer we can abuse him having a buggy ult.
No one downvoted you, you cannot downvote on the bug report section If you had executed, you would of gained Noxian Might and glowed red, you didn't execute him Rengar killed him, you didn't do enough damage since you only had 1 stack on him. Mundo has 189 armor You ulted at 375 HP Your ult with 1 stack does 140 damageish
TheArin (EUNE)
: Seeking advice on which champions to pick
Pantheon is a good substitute, especially in mid lane since he has such high kill pressure early on, abuse early game to win it Give him a try, you don't need to substitute to AP mages if that isn't what you're best at If you need to go AP, try out Veigar One shot combo from a safe distance, can't go wrong Diana seems fitting for AP talon though
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: {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Please link any examples of work you have done better than League of legends, thanks
Zamb01 (EUW)
: Well then why is it on CD, shouldn't the dunk animation get canceled if rengar killed him before Noxian Guillotine finished it's animation. At 0:14 it says Noxian Guillotine is ready yet it isn't, why?
Because you used the ability and you didn't kill him, you applied the damage and Rengar killed him it didn't execute him It's a bug that it still displays R as ready but it's working as intended
Zamb01 (EUW)
: Gamebreaking Darius R bug / unable to recast bug
You didn't kill Mundo, Rengar did Noxian guillotine only resets if you're the one getting the kill "If Noxian Guillotine kills its target" not "If If Noxian Guillotine kills/assists its target"
: First provisionals division
Win 10/10 and you'll be Plat 5 if it's a fresh account, that's the highest you can get
Maluber (EUW)
: Just how many places you've moved up or down the ladder.
So I over took 6 people on the ladder?
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akiseGP (EUW)
: why cant i get teammates that know how to play???
They are within their elo, if you don't believe you are in yours then you'd be hard carrying until you hit yours
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Riot stop pretending they made the emote system for anything other then to increase toxicity?
I stand around with my team mates before the game begins and dance and spam emotes with them lol If you're tilted over a penguin sticker you should seek mental help
Tawakel (EUW)
: Is banning someones champion a reportable offence
Just don't declare a champion lol
: I think Kai'Sa needs rework
I'll let the votes speak for it's self lol
ToxicTylo (EUW)
: Getting "high elo" players ('cause they are not that high) while being level 27
Normal games don't have MMR linked to soloqueue, I'm Plat 2 but I play with silvers in norms lol
BlueStr (EUNE)
: when have they last replied to "revert my ban" threat, i ask you?
You're welcome to check the tracker yourself lol They're very active, be friendly and they showup pretty much :)
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Here? Good luck dude, you'll be spamming every day for years before you see any red post, if ever, more likely you'll get banned from the forums as well for spamming. IF you wanna talk to riot use a ticket, the boards are lead and maintained by volunteers not RITO employees.
Forum technical problems in Technical Support about 18 hours ago Red tracker on the left, you can see every post any red poster has, they post very frequently and reply to a multitude of questions. :) 18 hours doesn't seem like years to me imo, could be wrong though.
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Febos (EUW)
: 28 days. [League System](
Ah thanks I didn't know what to search for was lost for like 20 minutes lol
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: congrats league, you finally broke me...
"My mains consist of Kindred and Rek'Sai, both which got destroyed by the balance team because they became viable" {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: From my experience as a sion main they do. Vlad can heal as fast as sion can deal damage, so sion loses the ability to bully vlad out of lane while vlad can bully sion. And riv its more of a skill match up but if she gets an early kill she can win especially if she maxes E as it has the same cooldown as sion’s harass meaning she can negate it if she knows what she is doing
Riven wins the early yeah but all you have to do is play passive so your broken passive out-sustains her lol 1 - 5 is riven territory, 6 - 18 is all Sion Buy Thornmail or executioners vs Vlad and any match up wins
Bloopar (EUW)
: well clearly I am since I've been playing my games and you havent. What you say isnt logic at all
What kind of defence was that? Lol "u aren't playing the games so u aren't climbing but i'm playing the game and not climbing i win!!!" You're the one who made the post complaining, don't %%%%% about it when you get given the answers You aren't good otherwise you would be climbing, simple, cya!
: Sion has a few bad match ups... namely riv and vlad
Riven doesn't beat sion and neither does vlad
Majordx (EUW)
: but this guy have higher winrate then 51%... that means that is in good spot.If you have less winrate then 50% obviously you will not climb so easy and lose more lp then win...But he got 50%+winrate so you cant lose more lp then win.. I was gold in 1 of my acounts and even tough i was 40% winrate i was still gaining more lp then lose..
Winrates usually determine your LP gain, win 4 and your LP gain will be huge unless you're duo'd with someone considerably lower than you in MMR, that's usually how it works so I can't tell you much else
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