: > [{quoted}](name=Pyrosen,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=iEurj2iR,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-16T00:48:18.292+0000) > > I'm going to be streaming league a lot once I get everything set up, saved up for a while for a good PC and I pay for the house internet now which is good enough to stream I hope. (Is there any where I can check to see if its good enough or not?) > > But outside of quality of the stream, what can I do to keep you watching? > What do you guys want from streamers? > > I'd be a OTP Graves main too lol What is the upload speed of the connection you are using? Depending on the resolution and bitrate of the stream (read image quality) you might need more or less bandwidth.
I'm really not sure lol, do you know any websites that can tell me?
: So there are a lot of things you have to do to really get a good public. Here is my advice! At first I like to watch to channel which looks nice! Like you need a graphics make over and the stream need to look clean. Second and maybe the best advice is take a streaming schedule so followers know when you are streaming! Be unique talk a lot and let your followers have the idea that they are part of the stream! Like talk back to them! Spend some money on giveaways so followers will keep watching! There are really a lot of things to do but get started with this.
I think sticking to a schedule would be pretty rough for me because I have insomnia but I am willing to stream an absurd amount, I don't do anything all day apart from playing league but I'd probably have to establish a schedule at some point I'll try tabbing out often to check chat and everything to engage them Thanks for the advice man, I have a couple friends who are good at graphics too :)
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Qualities of top streamers (or even relevant streamers): Entertaining, separates himself from the masses, GOOD AT THE GAME. Or an exception if none of the above apply: boobs. In other words, being good at the game is a requirement that must be met unless you are an attractive female. This is something imaqtpie, scarra and shiphtur agreed on when they were asked the question. Being good is THE most important quality unless you have extremely high entertainment value like Sky has but even he is good at the game these days.
I'm always trying at getting better, I'm only a low plat player in the past season lol But yeah I agree with being a good player and everything, I like tobias even though I watch imaqtpie a lot, huge entertainment wit tobito Thank you though :*
Ákáme (EUW)
: Didn't get my season rewards
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Planning on streaming league, any advice?
Also all I do is play league so spending a lot of time streaming isn't an issue for me Finding the base audience and keeping them watching is ^^
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Junan Dao (EUW)
: QUESTION about season reset placements
My friend who's played a while to wait a month before even thinking about placements. Since the system works but putting you severaly behind from what you were, I'm P4 but I'll probably be placed at G5 and skip ranks until P5 again That means diamond players are going to be Platinum, Masters will be diamond It's just better to wait until everyone's back in their respectable ranks before attempting.
: practice tool is your best friend here Also I think it doesn't proc on you triggers other heal related stuff on your allies tho basically last seasons stoneborn
Yeah I just played it on Shen to see if it healed me and it didn't, feelsbadman
: E.g. Irelia jump on me. She cast E. I use flash. Im far away from irelia, she cant hit me normaly becouse she dont have range. But anyway she end casting E and i got CC. WHAT THE?
That's exactly how it went down, regardless of what you say lo
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: Why didn't i get a chest?
Probably a bug since you've gotten the chest Just contact support
DarkMoon222 (EUNE)
: Remove Blind pick
Just don't play Blind ???????
: is it time to quit league maybe?
i think your issues go beyond league lad
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Padrino1012 (EUNE)
: I want my account back
I've never heard a different excuse to where someone's brother logged into their account and got it banned, weird huh
: How much blue essence you got?
you're all broke 3900
sirDarts (EUW)
: Yeah, could be that my ARAM rating is too high for bots to get there. I mostly get Gold+ people in my games.
EUW is kind of hell to levelup in because when I initially did level up to 30 my games either had a lot of bots in them or I'm against Plat smurfs which was irritating lol
sirDarts (EUW)
: Hummm, I play quite a bit of ARAM, and I have not found any bots. Some AFK every now and then, but no bots. In Co-op vs. AI though, there is a WHOLE bunch of them...
Whenever I play Arams (not often) I get 1 bot or an afk guaranteed, probably just unlucky lol
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: so how long did it take to get out of 0? I was 4 before too hehe
I was 5 before and I got a 14 day chat restriction as my first offence ever, locked down to 0 for about a month of consistent honors and I climbed to Honor 3 luckily lol
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Could we choose the loading screen theme?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=qFmHYN7J2AY Here's the login screen if any of you didn't see it ^^
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: Got S+ with Tryndamere, but I didnt get a chest
You probably reached the limit of chests you can get for this week Go to your profile and look at the chest icon
: why not try precision on graves? I felt like press the attack works finely with his e for me
Precision could be pretty good but I prefer electrocute, preference tbh lol
: o.o so the slow got nerfed, that sucks, haven't played Graves since forever. Did you consider Boots of Swiftness tho? The 25% slow reduction might've helped.
they buffed the cd on most of his early game and stuff tho usual build for graves is warrior enchantment>berserkers>dusk>youm's>death>optional no place for swifities otherwise ur gonna be shooting 1 shell per 1 hour lol
Vonyalo (EUW)
: How to see who is pinging your items?
Mute everyone one by one until the pinging stops. Then you will know
: Welp, I guess he can do that comfortably enough with his E but a well placed smoke screen can prevent him from casting W for about a second and maybe you can dash away? Or if you place the smoke screen in a way that he needs to traverse it's whole AoE right after he lands a Q when he comes to get you then you get the most out of it's slow and you can hope to get away. Also make sure to be at max range when you're last hitting cuz Graves is sort of stuck in place for a moment when attacking and you're giving him free Qs. Btw what keystone did he use? Glacial ?
Since they nerfed the time Grave's smoke screen slows for (1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds) It didn't stop him much, especially when you consider he probably had tenacity runes. Always remained at max distance under my tower, used my Q to get creeps out of range ETC but whenever I got hit by a Q, I'd dash backwards but the Q has a slow which you can't escape from lol Grasp of the undying rune
3xample (EUW)
: I think there's a slight difference if you were in a duo lane with a premade friend who you might have had communication with compared to a soloQ game with no premade or communication.
In league in my opinion, anything works Though it's not most optimal I've had a Janna mid, Nunu top, Vayne ADC, Amumu support and Yasuo JG in a plat match and we won that game in a land slide. It shouldn't be reportable to have fun, it's how you play the game with the champions which is reportable
3xample (EUW)
: SoloQ Hostages + Kayn
Trolls picks are viable. I've been playing Yorick ADC with my friend http://prntscr.com/i04wcn Anything can happen on the rift ^O^
3xample (EUW)
: Cant connect to games
I used to have the same issue but reinstalling it resolved the issue for me. The only thing people here can tell you to do is use the hextech repair tool and see if that helps, good luck other wise
: I just get bannd for grifing
I'll never be able to understand people like you, you're typing English but it's like another language
: So you're trying to all in him anyway instead of keeping up your farm, poking, shooving or whatever else that would result in a lead or wouldn't result in him snowballing? Hah. Ok then.
No I stand near my tower and freeze lane, he hits one Q and I get tower dived by him lol
: I need a rioter to look at this please :)
You're playing blind, it's your fault If you want a secured go play draft, other wise deal with it because it's not against the rules lol
: Chinise boosting strategy-Looking for duo
Hontah (EUNE)
: Remove yasuo
EllisZero (EUW)
: Mission not completed bug
Network Operations – 8 minutes ago We’re aware of a problem showing progress in Missions and are working on a fix.
IRannoxI (EUW)
: Mission doesn't submit my win
A lot of people are having issues with the mission. Best thing you can do is just do it again because I don't see any rioter's making official statements about it, though they probably have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: Your supports are only as good as you. :)
Supports amplify your ability to carry. You are the ADC carry, if you can't even carry your support why bother playing the role lol
: ADC mains..
Your supports are only as good as you. :)
iSuppALot (EUW)
: What can I do when bot lane has a lot of poke?
Dodge then DPS is what I remember from a qtpie stream I watched Just focus on not getting hit then hit the minions, wait for your lvl 6 power spike then all in As annoying as it sounds Best you can do
: Honour 0, could you get out of it?
People are too busy complaining about it to get out of it I was locked at Honor 0, I'm now honor 3 lol
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ejpon (EUNE)
: If you just go under enemy turret without even atacking enemy, then you are most likely feeding. Most feeders also write "come for free kills" into all chat. Both is trackable. Not to mention your build.
Seems like an unnecessary amount of moderation. That's why they have a manual report system and it works more than half the time Though I understand your frustration riot do handle the situation pretty well
: Suggestion for ranked play and deliberately losing a game
I went 1 - 18 on Darius while trying to win, how can a system detect that it was intentional?
: Chances are you were reported before several times for similar behaviour and you did not realize that because...obviously you don't see yourself as a flamer (who does?) :D. > I play about, 8 league games a day on an average. > Riot seriously can't expect exemplary behaviour every single game so I don't think it's justified to shoot people all the way down to Honor 0 and lock them there for the first offence. I'm S5, a tier that anyone assume to be populated by nothing but awful players, and those who flame to the point of spamming, harassing and insults are very few. So apparently this "exemplary behaviour" is more often than not achievable by simply not writing anything at all in the chat and focusing on the game, mind you.
S5 is under rated There are some really good players there but they don't know about map pressure or lane control so they just accidentally lose tower pressure, I respect silver players quite a bit tho and yeah I guess no one see's their selves as toxic and obviously there's work arounds to never getting reported but that isn't my point here, my point is that you shouldn't go from 5 to 0 because of 1 out of 2000 games Being honorable is consistent but I'm sure any "honorable" person you can name in history has done something messed up lol
: you never get banned for the first flame^^ you have many shots left and after they are gone a chat restrict or ban will follow
I didn't say I was banned, I said I was chat restricted lol I haven't received a warning ever before either so it was odd
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Fathands (EUW)
: It's level 353
went up quite considerably last i looked then lol
: Biggest level on EUW ?
You can check on the op.gg public lists, I think it's 227 right now
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