: Heya, feel free to stop by on our Double Bunnies discord channel! We do play many other non-league games too, but there are always people who spare some time for arams :) And ofc we are friendly and kind and all that stuff ;) The only rule is 16+ https://discord.gg/55czhQQ
Thanks, I'll head over :D
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: I bet they are already working on it because every weekend when they release "Rotating queue now online" there is ALWAYS first top rated comment containing "DOOM BOTS". But its 100% sure its not coming in June. Doom bots were first time in this game 17th July. Can we expect comeback after 2 years ? I HOPE SO. I really want this gamemode to come just because of 1 thing: No god damn tryhards in enemy team, no people that destroy the "FUN" in the word "FUN GAME MODE"
yeah, i hope so too :D
ShadowX11 (EUNE)
: Lux ult bug
i just tried it, for me it resets the cooldown of the ult entirely when you use it at the same time
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Nedooo (EUW)
: [Suggestion] New ping System ?
can we have one for found them dw
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