: make things easier to understand, cut the frustrating mechanics and don't overcharge for your service and you will end up with a less toxic community
Now I can upvote
: Riot doesn't understand
Plz put TL;DR
: A free dodge in promos?
I disagree. It doesn't cost RP
: Main Role
+ I see more support players than everything else. I remember that last year people just hate support. Everything is changed or what ? *No hate tho*
: Cause most of people on forum are supp main. Support people tend be the helpfull people, most of people who play support are people who like help team and other people (there are some expection) and forum is full of people who like help. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Cute OwO
: Main Role
Jungle and I'm tired of it. Now I play Panth/Pyke/Morde jungle just to ruin enemies's games.
: Kayn
Man, I'm a Kayn main and I think both his skins are so good and special. I don't think he needs a skin. If he gets a skin this year Riot will ruin it. So it'll be better to get a blood moon skin next blood moon event or something similar.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Anyone misses Odyssey?
I just want that mode back and nothing else.
: The Most Hated Role?
Top. Dude this role is just cancer. I can't even play a game at toplane without being bored. I get too much fed that I end the game in 20 mins or I lose so hard that I ff 15
Possible (EUW)
: logged in to downvote your vegan bullsh*t
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PzyXo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=JKq7ptEF,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-08-23T13:02:21.676+0000) > If you think that eating meat kills animals. It literally does. > Than plants have souls too and you're killing them. Wut? > You're drinking water, which the the place that fish live in. So you're drinking fish's house. You're trolling, right? You gotta be. > [{quoted}](name=PzyXo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=JKq7ptEF,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-08-23T13:02:21.676+0000) > > I mean, this is the most dumb answer for this post. You meant your own answer?
Arguing with vegans is like arguing with walls.
Akkilan (EUW)
: btw the more milk and meat we eat animals are being torchered. Poor cows are been close in cages wtih 1x1 meter it's sad and they use steroids to get more milk than they usually give. I support going vegan tho! But still this was about the rainforests it's not about eating meet or anything similiar it's about the fire that's causing catastrophic damage there.
Nah, I won't go vegan.
: *sigh* same answer I get from all meateaters... heck, why even arguing with you guys xD
*meateaters*. You mean normal people. You're just weirdo bro. Idk how not eating meat or drinking cow milk will save the planet. And idk how your brain make you think that eating vegetables is better.
: To save the planet, go vegan. im vegan myself as well for almost 3 years now. People say it's a restrictive diet. Before being vegan, there was only 1 type of milk that I'd drink (cow milk) Now, there is: oat milk, rice milk, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc. etc... see where I'm going? Believe me, going vegan is the best step you could take to save the planet.
I mean, this is the most dumb answer for this post. If you think that eating meat kills animals. Than plants have souls too and you're killing them. + You're drinking water, which the the place that fish live in. So you're drinking fish's house. Stop eating to save the planet
: The community is at its peak
lol, I tell every toxic player in game that they have no life. Got banned for inting
: There is this Ashe e bug in aram
Wait... I thought Ashe and Shaco are bugs o_O
: Lets remove 14 days ban for toxic
Since you're joking. I can post a shity joke too right ? :D 1 - counting OP champions these days feels like counting how many piece of bread you've ate on your life 2 - Tanks are strong and they need huge nerfs 3 - People who play utility Pyke need a free skin from Riot, if not we pay for it 4 - Ekko need to get a skin which is a JoJo reference, W [ZAWARUDO] / E [King Crimson] / R [Killer Queen, Third bomb, Bites the dust] 5 - Akali/Kata/Diana needs buffs
Aura (EUNE)
: ADD a "chose a random skin" option for champ select like the "random pick or ban a champion"
Rioter Comments
None will vote yes, you got enough skins
Haze97 (EUW)
: You speak like tanks and cc don't exist. Perhaps in NA you can jump in and E W R in every team fight but against any sensible player you're just exposing yourself to cc. With Katarina you need to decide whether the battle's going to be won before you jump in.
Tanks don't exist :) how can enemies do cc when you E W R in middle of them than zhonya ? and because you killed 2 people already you just R again. lol
: Improvment ideea for junglers
Does it bring them money ? No. They won't do it
: i can understand his point of view but shouldn't afrikan ppl get less lag on turkey server then euw?
Yeah but sorry, I'm not going to play in turkish server. I don't want to be flammed everysingle game for no reason
: The 90s called
that's literally the normal download speed in Algeria.
: Can you nerf Katarina already???? 52% win rate 20% pick/ban rate in both plat+ and diamond+ (u.gg)
Zed can't be that much cancer in late game Kha'Zix is so useless if you're in teamfight Talon has a nice early/mid game. He falls in late The only assassins that can be useful in late game are AP assassins which I wish they didn't exist. Kata can literally E W R in a teamfight to finish it. Akali is uhhh. Diana is UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...
: 1,000 days+ no skins
Nah, it won't bring them money so don't expect it soon. Sadly...
: people say sivir is god tier! is it true?!
Sivir is good man. I'm not an adc main so I won't lie to you about the build. But she has a good wave clear,speedbuff,E... and a good damage. And can destroy enemies in teamfights. About the other adcs. All of them are so strong, and the most useless adc is Jhin. People play him because he's fun that's all.
Literally everyone thinks that, even Riot Premium Suckers are against them.
: feel free to downvote
This is the only braindamaged joke. That made me laugh for 2 mins straight because its true XD
Rioter Comments
Rochen28 (EUW)
: New Player Advice Update
"Nah, it doesn't bring us money" - Riot
: A couple champions that I would call 1v5 hypercarries would be {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:75}} and {{champion:67}} . These aren’t necessarily op champs, but if you get insanely ahead they can dominate. While (most of them) can’t just run in alone and get a penta, they are powerful picks that can turn the tide of teamfights to their favor. Hope that was a good enough answer
Bullshit, Darius is weak asf. He's useless because Mrs.Kai'Sa can just Q 5 AA him and he's dead. Kayle is dogshit, hard early game.Yi maybe. Nasus maybe. Vayne I agree.
: Very good and funny idea!
Please no more bugs
: Qiyana and the 3% of people that play her
That's what people said about Yuumi...
: OwO Nice.
: and its even pretty accurate {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
AK Ròcky (EUW)
: I wish they make middle east servers . :") {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I think I know what you meaen
: Star guardian invasion
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: This character reminds me something
: I actually don't mind role diversity in lanes, but everything else I totally agree. Just not too long ago I played with Kassadin, yeah he deals damage, but compared to newer champions... All he does is deal damage in melee range and jump around the map, there's no utility to him, and if he can't insta kill someone, you're pretty much screwed. This is the same with many old champions. The newer ones are so mechanically abundant it's almost insane. Irelia has dashes, stuns, damage reduction, attack speed buff, 90% slow, lifesteal buff... Kai'Sa can be an assassin/adc/mage at the same time due to how her skills scale... Mordekaiser has shields, aoe damage, hard cc, a heal, a obligatory 1v1... New pantheon has empowered skills, stun, immunity to damage in a direction (this one isnt so bad as the others)... Qiyana has slows, aoe, stuns, invis, dashes and empowered autos... While some are worse than others, there's definitely champions with overloaded kits who can do too much in every area of the game. To counter that Riot decided to buff damage in general so even tanks can burst down chunks of HP. Some adcs deal more dps damage than assassins with burst damage. Any small mistake costs, snowballing is as viable as it has ever been, all so games can be quicker. I don't mind quick games, but I definitely hate knowing a game can go one of 4 ways: We destroy enemy team and they surrender. Vice versa The game is prolonged due to bad decision making from both sides Stupid come back where an open nexus stays alive but we get aced, giving them 1 minute which is enough to run down an entire lane and nexus.
>Some adcs deal more dps damage than assassins with burst damage All adcs except Kalista deals more dps damage than assassins with burst damage*
: My friends are all happy with meta, they are yasuo main they just want 1 shoot all and be the pro
You're friends ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuKzt7p-MnM
: ***
I mean assassins are weak asf rn. Tanks are weaker. adcs and supports and mages and HECARIM are too op.
: I don't know why people downvote this when they have literally no legit arguments against this that they can write here. Riot whiteknights at their best.
Dude, these people are Riot premium suckers. Keyboard warriors. But never fight
: Damn if someome told me to pick a skin i would just laugh. There is no punishment for not doing something another player wants. They have no authority. They wanted you to pick a project skin to match i guess. Some people just find matching teamcomps cool or something.
Well, I don't trust Riot XD. They ban anyone when they want
: orbs are too expensive
dún (EUW)
: In defense of the Treeline
TL;DR Anyway, Riot is the worst company ever.
: ***
Sorry no. Russian roulette isn't a moba
: > We didn't ask for a new one We knew it was coming since the SR VU... and riot shouldn’t wait for us to tell them what to do, it’s their game they’ve gotta do what they feel is right. > I think its a mod that made to make players stop complaining about how bad the game is Riot have been looking for a new gamemode for years, ever since dominion was removed... not everything is a conspiracy > I almost laughed but that's not a joke. I feel its a premium suck to riot Nightblue was a complete asshole and abused his position as a content creator. Plus there was a lot of players in the community who where calling for him to be punished. Bit hypocritical of you to say I’m defending riot for no reason and they don’t listen to the community and simultaneously defend nightblue when the community asked riot to hold him accountable. > They still defend Riot from everything by deleting every post that they don't like. We seen that many times And we’ve seen even more times posts not get deleted... mods delete posts which break community guidelines, if a post does so it’s removed whether it’s whiteknighting or calling riot out. Posts which don’t break the rules stay. People have a habit of breaking the rules while calling riot out because they let their anger write and that results in breaking the rules It’s correlation not causation > Better than the current state of the game The game being dead from lack of content wouldn’t be better. Abd frankly compared to other companies Riot is pretty decent with bugs (I mean have you seen Bethesda) > Yeah, billionaire company can't afford to fix some bugs. Nice It’s obvious you’ve got no idea what your talking about or how to code so I will break it down for you. Bug fixing involves reading the entire code over and over again until you find the thing causing the bug, that can be something obvious or something minute (you’ve gotta put a certain amount of spaces in front of certain lines, one extra space (which is near impossible to see) can cause a gamebreaking bug). This process can’t be sped up, can take ages and is minotimous... it can take weeks to find a bug in simple 10 line code... Riot is dealing with millions of lines worth of code... a bug can take months to find. And that’s just finding the bugs, fixing them you’ve gotta usually rewrite the code, which in turn can create even more bugs. Coding is luck... simple as that. > I didn't say that, Riot affected you with their lies eh ?. I didn't say that :) You want riot to stop releasing content and focus on bugs more, which would either mean foreign a large portion of their staff or having people who can’t code try to code... hint this will %%%% the game up. > When you give an idea to a player support, they send you here to give your idea to riot. Do my opinion matters if I tell it to you ? Nah. They send you to the NA boards... because rioters who can answer lurk there... but the boards is for players to talk to each other, if it was for riot then they might as well just make a support like ticket system rather than let us interact... they’d also moderate it themselves not have us do it. > Honestly, if your job is to check the boards and you don't because you're a %%%%%. Idk what to say. Scared off from commenting But their job isn’t to check the boards... that’s what I’m trying to tell you, if a rioter comes on here they are on here as a player, some rioters do have jobs involving here but that involves making things like game direction posts and are done by NA rioters thus are on the NA boards. Why the hell would a server maintenance person who has never even talked to the gameplay team let alone seen the code be answering our gameplay questions that’s stupid. ___ I don’t akways defend riot, notice I didn’t respond to everything cause things like that vayne buff is stupid (both them doing it and how unnecessary pointless it is)... and I’ve called riot out plenty of times. But when people call riot out for stupid things like you are then I defend them, you sound like a conspiracy theorist and you’ve honestly got no idea of what your talking about. The vast majority of people have no idea how to code or how difficult it is, and what riot have done and continue to do is extremely impressive, ma,OMG a working game is impressive but to have their game be one of the most popular for almost 10 years is outstanding... and what’s even more impressive is the fact that despite how badly we treat them they’ve never given up on us. Everyone who complains about league wouldn’t have lasted a year going through what riot have done, from near bankruptcy during league’s creation to 10 years of having one of the biggest game out there... all while we just sit back and complain. Riot is just human, they make mistakes, but they’ve done a hell of a better job than you would have... that’s why I defend them
Dude for god sake I mean Nexus Blitz not Nightblue...
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