: Sett shield is unbalanced
I seen this post and I'm just speechless. It just tilts me how you're being a hypocrite by lying than creating other accounts to upvote and support your idea. For the first time, I defend Riot, they did a great job on this champion, he's perfectly fine, a champion that's fine to play as, with and against. But there is always some weird people just against everything. Ok, let's get to the point : You want your mains to be more OP by using Sett as an example, you literally played Blitz, and you said that he should get a buff when he's basically a tanky support that deals magic damage and grabs anyone from the middle of the midlane to its turret and gives cc. And Garen, which has some weird heal. + Sett doesn't have any healing ability, sorry if the enemy knows to use the right runes to fill the weak points of the champion. You said Sett gets a shield every 10 secs, but he doesn't heal every 10 secs, so if he misses the first shield when he gets to low hp, he will die before getting to 50% shield/damage Conclusion : Delete this post, I hate liars who support their ideas by bullshit
: Imagine if League of Legends was like this *.*
At least you can't see what's behind the 3m tree, not the 2cm walls
: Kayn is mentioned in the wiki! https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Easter_egg I approve that it isn't an easter egg
ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now I got it.
I agree on this, but what do you mean about Kayn? There are things better rather than Kayn. For example Jhin vs Shen or Zed, if Zed wins he gets the old R passive back. If Jhin wins he get more attack speed? If Shen wins he get less cd on his ultimate by A LOT because his ult cd is more than TP's cd. PS : I don't recommend Yasuo vs Riven, cancer vs cancer doesn't need more cancer because they are cancerous enough
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: New Game mode "Merge em URF"
Yasuo with Malphite's R instead of windwall xd
Rinart73 (EUW)
: Aphelios has no place in this game. At least not with his current kit
Well, as long as you outplay him and play well he's nothing. But this "outplay" word ended in s7 since you guys forgot it because of damage creep. I'm the only one who think Aphelios is fine...
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: Add to that a highly toxic environment in general, not to mention a company that promotes it.
Well, toxicity can be solved. Solve inting
: Unfair matchmaking for new players
Riot trying to explain : "Well, we're working on it on several ways like uhhhh................ Why do you have a gf in the first place?"
: A question for people who spent years here
Let me tell you someone good about Senna and Aphelios : Draven with any support can beat them like they are nothing + Aphelios is ez to beat by any assassin except Zed. Because Zed's R is bugged on Aphelios for some reason
: Question about Night & Dawn event
I just came here to know too, and I saw 2 people upvoting so I wondered why they didn't answer :v
: Games Modes Like: Ascension, Odyssey, Star Guardian, Dominion, to replace Twisted Treeline?
: champ barely out in pbe and we already have mains pls keep that 2 yourself by just saying main you actually tilt me tyvm in advance
: Unplayable SONA
Every Sona main disagree with you. I'm sure you're on of these Sona players who play her AP instead of support. Sona is meant for people who want to help, not to carry
: WTF even is jungle now
Nah, the xp in jungle is bad which is BS. Share XP reduction is so %%%%ing good.
: Walking through Walls (everybody's Kayne)
I honestly feel the need to flame you just for the "E" in the end of "Kayn"
: You know that feeling?
Ok, what about when you're a Kayn onetrick and you go into 3 games autofilled and you dodge them all. To queue again and get autofilled to play a role you don't want and you lose. You get autofill protection and get Kayn twice and get a remake in both games. To get autofilled again the next game. And play again and get that protection and you pick game and you get an afk and 2 inters and 1 flamer the first game, and the second game net goes off. And you get a 5 leaver buster of 20mins. And by that, you wasted 3 hours of your life doing nothing Best feeling
Bæka (EUW)
: Love the bug with the Zed ult haha, ADC struggles
This is Dawnbringer, the other is Nightbringer...
Bæka (EUW)
: About Aphelios' Release
I'm honestly an Aphelios main atm in PBE. He's not hard to play as you guys think. He got AA/Q/R with 5 wpns. You honestly get used to him after 2 games. Anyway, I agree that he should be disabled on ranked because my first time with him I couldn't do shit. So small tips for people who wanna play him after his release : - Don't want the primary weapon, use it only on attacking enemies in lane for the first mins - cs with your secondary and every other weapon except the primary till you get bf sword - If you're against champs who fight in botlane [Pyke, Yasuo, Thresh]. You'll need your secondary weapon. Because this weapon is made for low range fights - Use your R with your "plasma thrower" and instantly press Q, this will stun every enemy you hit. Even if you hit someone who's near you than hit all other 4 with your R than Q you'll be able to stun them all opening a fight for your team. - As Aphelios, you want to be in Vladimir's range. Not in Caitlyn's, neither in Yasuo's. The middle. Be a fighter but in smart way. - Aphelios can kill Zed even before Zed kills him. Just use your secondary to heal. The heal is bugged that Vlad/Zed's R do no damage at all somehow. Happened to me many times Small tips :v
: Why always this toxicity??
So, its everyone's fault except yours. What if you play like shit costing these people the game?
ventikSVK (EUNE)
: 0,006% of player got perma banned
I mean, its about 20% got perma banned XD
fDbRobert (EUW)
: ADC Cheat Sheet - Best Bot Synergy Comps
Boi Jhin Pyke is literally the best thing ever
Declined (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLUCKYfighter,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=PAMJqeEP,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-30T01:52:21.334+0000) > > To be honest I'm generally interested to see how I did ^.^ You did ask nicely, so I can easily send it to you over Discord, I still have you listed, even though I generally dislike having to use Discord. As for the EUW account, the only one I had, was from the Volu contest years ago, from what I recall it was locked shortly after the contest ended, along with all the other accounts who were generated for the sole purpose of that tournament. One major cause for concern, is that because of how the contest is set up, and the amount of entries we received, we had to have a rather extensive discussion about how to evaluate the answers consistently, when multiple people would review the same near identical comments. This is especially true for larger contests with a large amount of entries, where we'd need a consistent method to differentiate between winners. The more ambiguous the answers are, the more important it becomes for us, to have some crystal clear guidelines about how we evaluate contest. It's one of the lessons we learned from the 'Never One' fan fiction contest held by Masantha back in spring. I'll give an example of how this lesson impacted our review of the answers. If we take the question about Senna, as an example then simply answering: #'Lucians waifu' May be factually true, but it's such a small part of the picture, that players might as well say she was 'some woman', still factually true, but nowhere near sufficient to explain to us, who Senna is. Giving us 1 more piece of information about her lore would've granted someone full points, as we didn't feel it would be fair for players to find all the lore related details we know about her so far, and tell us about it. I hope this answer is somewhat satisfactory about the process behind.
Marissa (EUW)
: Hi there! Declined tried to explain this in an earlier [comment (click this)](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/PAMJqeEP-boards-volunteer-quiz-winners-announcement?comment=0000000000000000)! I hope that answers it! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: only garen and mundo can still do that atm. funny thing i picked up tanks again now with preseason. nautilus with 2 items can still be a wall atm.
Nautilus with 2 items deals more damage than Zed and Rengar combined together with full lethality, I didn't see someone building Nautilus as a tank/support since the release of Kai'Sa. He just R AA Q to kill you. Even when he build tanky he just get free damage and can be oneshoted by anyone.
: 🎉🕷️Boards Volunteer Quiz - Winners Announcement!🕷️🎉
Congratulations to everyone, but how did you choose the winners? I bet it was hard but... how?
: > [{quoted}](name=PzyXo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=wntEREWj,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-11-30T21:27:32.961+0000) > > I read that about 8-9 times and I still don't understand it for some reason Short explanations: Customer Journey is all your interactions with the company/product, from hearing about it to seeing it to buying it to using it to recommending it others. This journey can be enhanced by the company (e.g. promotion, customer service etc.) Customer Value: What you offer the company: Most times its your money but it could also be that you act as an influencer or promoter for the product or offer the company your valuable feedback (e.g. you tell your friends how great League is and they start playing it) Did this short explanation make it a bit clearer?
I understood, but that's not a "short" explanation XD Thank you tho
: Need Help for Bachelor Thesis Survey PLS
>improving Customer Value by optimizing the Customer Journey in the videogame industry I read that about 8-9 times and I still don't understand it for some reason
fazeash92 (EUW)
: Please for the love of god make a middle east server
MENA* server. You middle easterns just think about yourselfs. North Africa exists...
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: [NEW CHAMPION] Aphelios the weapon of the faithful (HE IS A LUNARI!!!)
This is honestly the only champion I found exciting since Pyke <3
no hands (EUW)
: Recieving death threats from player, will riot do something about this?
I mean, League of Legends is the most stressful game. Dying once can tilt someone to break his PC. And you go and play syndra smite? Your fault, if that happens its your fault
: Nerf windwall duration. common 4 seconds...
I don't understand how you guys think. At this moment I actually think windwall is fine... Yasuo's problem is his early midgame is strong asf which makes him more op in late game. This is the only nerf he needs to be fine. Complain about Qiyana/Senna/Kai'Sa ffs. We already know that you guys hate Yasuo, I'm not even a main and I'm already tired, RIOT WONT NERF YASUO GET IT
yrknaqren (EUW)
: You should probably write what the point of your video is. I started skipping through it after nothing interesting happened for 30s and feel like I didn't miss much. I would guess that it's supposed to be some kind of music video thingy, but I didn't feel like there was a lot of connection between the visuals and the music, which for me is critical for a good music video.
Thanks for the comment I appreciate it, Imma consider your notes
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: I am a magical boy, so what do you want to wish?
Just noticed how humans can be tricked easily, except 1 person lol. Ladies and gentlemen if you wrote a wish here and you're reading this, you just made the person a god for u lol.
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why do junglers hate top lane so much?
Junglers hate your %%%%ing lane because : - If we gank and get the kill, you flame - If we gank and the gank fails, you flame - If we gank and get the enemy flash and help you to push, you flame - If we try to get herald, you don't help - If you're in a trash position and I try to help you out by either staying in lane to scare the enemy so you can farm without them harassing your ass, you flame - If we lose a 2v2, you flame Meanwhile, ganking botlane : - Double kill + 2 plates of turret + drake - The gank fails ? We can make the adc recall and we kill the support by diving - The midlaner loves botlane, free kills - Winning botlane means you swap with them, not afk farm in toplane 0/9 in 11 min Meanwhile in midlane : - You make the enemy assassin/mage useless asf - If the enemy is a Yasuo, free kills - ganking mid gives us a path to go botlane So? this is a joke, don't take me serious
: Artists not credited on the client
How did your gf notice this? Does she play snipers iin shooter games ? What the Teemo ? When I watch an animation from League I literally do the same reaction of KSI reacting to Little Boy. I just forget everything, how did she notice that ? Jeez... Be careful with her man XD
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
: URF still not here
Me : Putting something in boards Community : *Roast hand* Silent Note : writing the same thing Community : True XD ***I guess gotta say bigger fish got fried***
Robjen03 (EUW)
: If ADC dont get some buffs im out
Let's buff adcs! When the only trash adc is Kalista. No, she's being playing in midlane rn, as an Assassin :)
: make things easier to understand, cut the frustrating mechanics and don't overcharge for your service and you will end up with a less toxic community
Now I can upvote
: Riot doesn't understand
Plz put TL;DR
: A free dodge in promos?
I disagree. It doesn't cost RP
: Main Role
+ I see more support players than everything else. I remember that last year people just hate support. Everything is changed or what ? *No hate tho*
: Cause most of people on forum are supp main. Support people tend be the helpfull people, most of people who play support are people who like help team and other people (there are some expection) and forum is full of people who like help. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Cute OwO
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