: Wait, so your trying to tell me, that its completly fine to just go 0/20 and hope someone carrys my ass? wtf is wrong with you
not that someone carry's you, that you start seeing your own mistakes and improve so you are the one that can carry the feeder. and it isn't fine that people go 0/20 and sometimes its a int and sometimes its an exident. and 0/20 is achievable even tho people are trying. for example i had a guy ones that went 2/17 but he was trying to come back, he went back to lane started farming each and every single time. until he was lvl 18 while the others where 16. full build stacked up and he carried. because he didn't give up and neither did the rest of the team. we all played it out we all had the intention to stall and 4v6 until he was back in the game and turn the table around. but with your negative attitude you aint gonna win your games. its better to support the people going bad in your game to get back and help them out instead of flaming them ( i myself am working on this aswell ). a report is always possible and if they really afk or int th'll get the ban. i got one myself none the less
: Riot isn't banning people
lol first of all some people have internet issues. some people just have low esteem and can't handle much, none the less riot is banning people. i've played a int game about 1,5 month ago myself because i was very frustated and i got banned. theres a differents in what you thing is running it down and what it actually is. none the less the fact that you cry about the lp you lose says enough about you. if you good enough or you get frustated because of those people that afk or run it down its only a reason for you to become better and make a 4v5 happen. i've had many games with people going 0/20 or even higher and then getting a kill every 8 deads so they gold reset. and we where able to keep it cool and win many many times. ofcourse you won't win all your games with a 4v5 but you will never win it with that kinda attitude.
Lxixlxy (EUW)
: Stuck in mastery level 5 (help???)
lol its not about the kills its about having almost no deads and more kills then all eve players. als your farm is rubish. to get a S- or higher you gotta have a better score then 70% of all eve played games in that specific role. also highest farm in the game for a S+
: You can just.. grow a pair of balls and not get irritated by a bunch of random peoplke you'll probably never even speak/meet...
so we say, none the less if a 'random' donald trump speaks some out some stuff about women or other 'false news' don't we all get irritated and talk about it ? and if we could, wouldn't we confront him directly ? sorry but i accept many different answers but this is just wrong overall its not the people that i get irritated about its the way they treat others
Joven Ren (EUW)
: Looking for duo on new acc
name EUNE acc ? or maybe even post a respond with that acc under your own request for a duo Q partner.
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Apex23 (EUW)
: if i sell a permanent champ do i get the whole be price back or just half of it?
what do you mean ? like in hextech crafting ? i'm not sure if its different with a permenent champion within hextech crafting but with none permanents you get just a percentage of blue essense of the total value of the champion. atleast its better then nothing right ? they won't refund. or if you really care for the blue essense you can use account refunds to get the blue essense back and open the card to regain the champion. for the future might wanna google or search on yt what could be in a 'mystery' reward for example with this card there are plenty of vids out there that talk about the reward ( also in 3 riot games vids )
Apex23 (EUW)
: Champion refund
you get the blue essense instead of you already own the champion, the champion will be placed in your hextech crafting incase you already own it
Hananim (EUW)
: The dodge at last second option is risky nowadays due to this bug.
sadly it isn't a last second, like 15 seconds or more on the clock or maybe even when i just picked my champion or i see a enemy pick there champion insta dodge but still it continues. weird stuff all the way but yea risky indeed
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Eterna86 (EUW)
: NEW TFT So bad!
new tft is so goed, there are so many different paths to go and to counter. a olaf is so easy to counter with a simple poision, predator, glacial, a vlad is easy to counter aswell. bro you probably just suck big time if you don't know how to counter. not tft
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MrSimple (EUW)
: Guys. The funny thing is that riot gives a %%%% about the Server. The status says its Online and doesnt have any problems. They cant even code normally or use they brains proparly. The only thing riot give a F*ck about is Money. I hope they will lose all their money so they start WORKING AGAIN!!!!!
thats one of the most childish things you can respond. new server intensive game ( tft ) so client will have problems, esp now with a lot of people it will be a hard first week.
: The idea behind that was that people tended to just E for the shield and passive proc... a common way of using it was even to throw the E out the opposite direction so it wouldn’t land while farming to give yourself a shield for incoming poke and 2 passive procs... making him very safe at clearing The shield got moved to his second E so that if he wants to protection he has to go in, rather than just using it haphazardly to prevent retaliation. So at least from my point of view it’s a nerf that makes sense, but riot underestimated how impactful it would be so the compensation wasn’t good enough (or the other nerfs where too big... honestly riot could have just done that change on its own and he’d prob be fine now)
now they buffed hes W and base stats again. wouldn't it be a option to but the shield back to first E use and remove the passive stacking from the Second E prox. so wave clearing isn't becoming easier but the shield still keeps you up when using first proc E problem now in my opinion is whenever you wanna play a bit safer because you playing against a kassadin, zoe or some you can't just E shield up the damage but you have to first go in to shield. than lose all the shield 'hp' and even more from your own hp bar... ( idk really wondering whats people opinion about it ).
: They started out with a perfect champion? So you want to tell me a champ that would hard execute you like a assassin while healing 800 health doing it was perfectly balanced?
lol you know you can counter build healing or counter pick the champ. also in patch 9.13 hes W is getting buffed so enjoy him healing more. you can counter every champ with another champ. if you can't handle the sylas W than counter build it with some grieves wound items. there are plenty of champs that can counter him.
: He is litterally getting buffs tomorrow. and he was taking over pro play so he got nerfed focusing on areas he excelled at (wave clear is disportpositonatly stronger in pro play) and the W nerf was to compensate for us... that didn’t quite work out so riot is compensating him further
but i felt like the first E shield was vital for his kit. like i understand some of the Q nerfs and passive stacking nerfs but the E nerf i do not understand ( neither do i understand that they buffed the W while people where complaining about his W ) please correct me if i'm wrong but this is the information i've got from vids
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: Nothing. Cuz they are not to sell. Or just the value in RP. That would be around 40 eu? I guess? I dont know i dont buy skins. They are usless in game.
yea i think the word value would bin beter :P
: Post more of these things and you will be perma banned for sure. Just a tip. Selling your account is "illegal"
i know thats why i said i'm not selling just wanne know how mutch there worth in total.
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: stfu, you are prob some silver trash yourself.
than add me on korean server if you have a korean account. i'm diamond 4
Foxeh (EUNE)
: One man cannot carry a bunch of mentally ill goats no matter how good he plays on his lane, period.
it matters. one player that blames adders does not has the right to blame them when not can carrying them.
: What's wrong with match making?
dude your level 28. don't expect you or your teammates to be profs. and if your that great for blaming your teammates you gotta do 2 things. 1. learn how to carry or get carried 2. learn to get a better kda / win rate yourself before blaming adders. after that here are some more tips. 1. pick 5 champs for every lane and play those champs ( or try at least every champ in the game around 8 games ) 2. pick the 2/3 lanes you like the most and depending on your lanes you pick 18 champs you practice ( or be a free man and play whatever you want but not ranked) 3. learn not to flame blame troll or assault people on every kinda way possible. so you expect people how they are but you het exepted how you are. 4. get better builds for exaple korean-lcs-twitch-youtube builds are really good examples for a starter 5. FARM FARM FARM FARM FARM FARM. 25 minnions = 1 kill. roaming doesn't give 100% a kill. staying lane gives you minnions so 100% gold. only when one of your adder lanes is in trubble and close to die, you tell them or to go back or you roam to get the kill but lose farm. 6. play the game safe and smart try to get ahead in gold. ofcourse you want kills but those you want to kill are just like you people behind a screen. 7. WARD WARD WARD WARD buy and use wards the most inportant thing is vision. don't you have vision your dead before you can see. don't you have vision they can take dragons rifts barons without seing. just get vision. Good Luck Bro <3
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: lel .. why u telling me this ? :D nice!
bronze people are pro <3 but dumb like me. if we where thinking about the options we have and picking the correct options we wouldn't bin bronze. or you are a idiot that trolls or doesn't play serieus all the time.
: When 3 bronzes gank..
http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2914879432/210052794 hecarim bronze 2 :/ first time hecarim without troll :/
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: First: You only play normals. Second: I checked some of your recent games, and you play mostly vs unranked/bronze/silver and sometimes a gold player. So much for 70% plat and gold.
look at my matches from around a weak ago. this weak it has bin less but still i see them a lot
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: thanks for the advice, nasus and wukong from that yasuo last are the ones i'd imagine in top lane as top laners but the flaw in what you said is not knowing who the enemy top laner is until the game actually loads (or after you've locked in if draft mode).
Just Pick Champs you Think your good with no matter what the enemy is you have a big change in winning lane if you know your champ very well for example when you pick gnar en the enemy picks yasuo the internet would say yasuo would win because he "counters" you. BUT if you can play gnar very well and you have the tactics you win because you are so good. btw some broken champs Yasuo - Xin Zhao - Anivia - Akali - Lissandra - Diana - Veigar - Cassiopeia
: what is yasuo and teemo's weakness?? and should they get nerfed?
Yasuo counter = annie anivia malzahar nasus wukong akali teemo counters = just pick yasuo xD or pick ablity poke champs ( PREFER NO AA ) because teemo can only block aa Good Luck Dude{{champion:17}} {{champion:157}}
: dude i always have same scoure every time i am main zed i always get 16/2 and aboute 215 cs and he giveing me fucking s- every time i got 2nd token for lv7 with 18/8 and i got alot 16/2 he give me s- there are game i get 27/3 and he gived me s- 255 cs {{champion:32}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ..... wtf riot
What was the game time ? depends 2
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Tarolock (EUW)
: yes, but dont worry, eventually youll get that s when you are least expecting (thats how i got my S+ on karma, i thought i did terrible that game :D)
Tarolock (EUW)
: 300 farm for a 50 min game is pretty low, and you have only 12 wards, you can place one with the yellow trinket every 2 min so you could place at least 25 wards that game
true.. but later on ingame i don't really focus on cs anymore than i'm more that kinda person that helps in teamfights and trys to get less deads as possible
: Seriously m8. IT's luck based... I already said it 100 times... How esle do u explain me getting S+ with 8/10/20 and A+ with 15/2/12 with exactly same role and CS
> [{quoted}](name=Kitty Katarina,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xzL8EzVs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-14T09:23:46.701+0000) > > Seriously m8. IT&#x27;s luck based... I already said it 100 times... How esle do u explain me getting S+ with 8/10/20 and A+ with 15/2/12 with exactly same role and CS it was a funny game but i do not understand i had only 5 deads a lot of kills a lot of cs a lot of assists and still no S+ ?? fck luck :P :P 2 S to go for jhin level 7 <3
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DeoFac (EUW)
: ***
now you are just mean and don't understand the supject anymore. if you are bronze i already know why you blame you're teammates and don't look at yourself. because people that have reaction like this are not worth to talk agains. have a nice day gr Leverion
: I wonder what personality Yasuo mains have
no personality :P almost 80% of the yasuo players is a tryharder or looks like a tryharder 100% crit with 2 items INSANE personality with yasuo = - nice when having something (kills) - salty when having nothing (no kills) - salty when "ks" -flash for kill and more flash #DashForFree -friendly when being a total di.ck to them ingame :)
: Where Yasuo and Zed Mains Live...
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
{{champion:202}}High Noon Jhin 1350 RP {{champion:157}} Project Yasuo 1350 RP {{champion:56}} Eternum Nocturne 1820 RP pls buy me 1. i'm not allowed to buy rp my self ( my ingame name = Leverion
GLurch (EUW)
: There is no "special technique" to it.But this is the way you can earn them as fast as possible: Play a lot of games and especially at the beginning of the month,because at the beginning of the month the drop rate for keys resets..Also,you are more likely to get more keys when winning. Every time you get 1 key,your chance to earn more keys will reduce.
thanks but the problem is that i play at least 9 games every day. and win the few days at least 7 out of 9
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DeoFac (EUW)
: ***
Is It ???? http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2752502194/210052794?tab=overview
Caltys (EUW)
: Server Unavailable?
There is the update 6.14 for the upcomming ryze rework pay attantion when its back on. and enjoy the ryze fun :)
: Talon
same with azir / zed / jhin ( only 2 or 1 skin )
DeoFac (EUW)
: Why League is getting worse : ....
i don't know but feeders / trollers do not matter. yesterday i was playing a game with a volibear that was trolling 0/29/1 was hes score i was solo bot and he was feeding all lanes still me and the rest of the team won. by communication respect help talking friendly. 3 months ago i had a really ruff time with flamer and blamers. how to get them away ? the answhere is simple. just say gj or well done agains them not more than that easy compliments to the feeders and trollers. because who was fun in trolling when you hurt nobody with it accept from you're self
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