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boemkool (EUW)
: looking for youtube team
You are the reason the league content on youtube is repetitive and boring. Why would you try to make the same generic unoriginal bullshit that everyone else does, with probably the same edit, instead of making something original and interesting?
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Accountsharing is against the rules and can result in a permaban. Your account is for you and you alone, even sharing with family is strictly forbidden.
: Prawn's Paradise Is Recruiting!
Added you, this is my smurf
: Chances are he got tougher opponents in his first 10 games that he won, enemy MMR effects Gains and losses.
Yeah but what determines that he got silver people from game 1 and I have only seen one bronze 1 guy in my 10 games. This isn't just some accident.
: Its a ladder, there are many people above you. you will most likely get like 25-30 LP per win, i know i did and i skipped divisons as well. was placed in Bronze III
Yeah, but I spoke to a guy that I have on my friends list, who also made a new account this season, and he got placed on silver 3 with a few losses. We basically did everything the same. So why am i placed so low. It just ruins the experience for others..
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Weelah (EUNE)
: Ye ward your lane when you want to push mindlessly When you die to a gank know that its your fault . It not your junglers or your midlaners its yours . As a Solo laner it is required of you to be able to handle 1v2 situations so dont cry when you get camped by enemy jungler
I'm not talking about common sense, I'm talking about champion match ups, tricks, rotations, summoner spell priorities in soloq, top tier champs etc. :)
TCU Dushi (EUW)
: Hi, feel free to add me. I might be able to give you some insight. Wouldn't consider myself high elo per se. I peaked d1 and most season i slack around mid-diamond level. best regards, Dushi
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aissa ked (EUW)
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