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: Malph stats: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/builds/malphite/master Master - 49.2% win rate in 472 games. Diamond - 49.1% win rate in 8,449 games. Platinum - 50.4% win rate in 53,320 games. Annie stats: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/builds/annie Master - 55.8% win rate in 147 games. Diamond - 50.6% win rate in 1,685 games. Platinum - 50.7% win rate in 10,621 games. I see no significant difference whatsoever.
yea your stats are correct .. however if you take a look at malphite top you see : https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/builds/malphite/top/master masters 51.1% 231 matches dia 52.4% 3,545 matches plat 51.9% 17,923 matches i cant say if the winrate is for ap or tank malph or how many of those games were ap malph and how many were tank malph .. so i will retract my argument about winrate .. however : what i can say though is that compared to annie malphite gives away less information as to when he is gonna engage and his engage arguably hits reliable enough .. it is so fast only like 5% of ppl will actualy react to it **and** have the tools needed to dodge it.. when annie has 3 stacks -> poke her stay away except if she flashes .. but then flash has 300 sec cd malphite doesnt need flash for his engage and due to forementioned very fast ult that is easy to hit hard to dodge .. he kinda ends up being a very very potend assassine .. onpar if not above rengar when it comes to things you could have done to prevent your death
: I don't mind punishing people who are leaving on purpose, but the one who started this topic wanted to punish everyone at once, as soon as he left one game. And I dislike that, because you will punish a ton of people, who did nothing wrong and just had bad luck. (sometimes the internet just crashes)
true .. i agree with you 100% on that. i also kinda tried to make that work in my formula .. but it is still very rough .. in the end .. i too just want to play 5v5 .. with no added stress from ppl leaving .. and to achieve that i feel the punishment for actual leavers needs to be turned up a notch or two ^^
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: Unstoppable Force TARGET RANGE: 1000 EFFECT RADIUS: 300 Ground Slam EFFECT RADIUS: 200 Incinerate EFFECT RADIUS: 625 Summon: Tibbers TARGET RANGE: 600 / GLOBAL EFFECT RADIUS: 290 The extra 400 range is because Malphite ult can be actually dodged, because it is being executed with speed. Unlike annie's incinerate + tibbers combo. Additional low elo tips and tricks (based on your complains): 1) Do not fight in fog of war. Buy wards. 2) Annie stuns with less than 4. The usual combo is shield at 3 after Q cast, or shield-incinerate at 2. Now you know a lot more, and you have less to complain. Enjoy.
the ult has a travelspeed of 1835 .. so it takes at most 0.545 seconds to travel the 1000 maximum range in low elo .. basicly everyone gets hit by it .. even if they have flash .. i played enough malphite to tell you .. ppl cant react fast enough .. even zhonias and other things just end up meaningless .. they are just to slow .. and once you are hit by malphite you are knocked up .. that cant be qssed or cleansed like annie stun could .. also .. according to https://u.gg/lol/tier-list?rank=master malphite has a pretty good w/r in masters and below with the exception of dia for some reason also have you noticed that masters and bellow annie has basicly 50% winrate ? from bronze up to masters according to u.gg in euw malphite has about 2% more average winrate than annie ..
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: Ok ok... Do not do any research. Keep just complaining and asking riot to make changes. I'm sure they will listen to you. I spend enough of my time, trying to assist. Cya, son.
i do research .. i have written that in the last 3 answers which you masterfully didnt read .. the information about fioras passiv is not written in the scources that i used (league wiki, league patchnotes and league ingame ).. that doesnt mean i did no research .. your entire comment chain from the beginning wasnt you "assissting" me but more you just sarcasticly calling me stupid & uneducated .. you literaly started it with "Have you spend 2 minutes of google research before writing this?" asuming i did no research .. nothing of what you wrote had substential use to any human on earth .. after i answered that i did indeed do research you answered sarcasticly by calling me daft .. yes very very helpfull mate i was sugesting a passiv for which you dont need to look through 4 different sources to maybe find out how it works .. i suggested a passiv that everyone can just by intuition know how it works in what way is that complaining ? i never complained about her being broken because of passiv .. what i did say is that if i play vs fiora like once a week and get to observe her passiv for the laningphase in toplane while farming etc .. then it is by no means understandable just by looking .. and yes that is true .. her passiv is indeed not that easy to understand in normal gameplay when you try not to get hit .. you just watch where it is and focus on farming and dodging.. cya grandpa .. hope you can read it this time
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: Man to be honest, I do not want to read your whole comment, I stopped to the hypothetical statement "If you are physicist "... I mean, I do not want any information from you whatsoever. Just wanted to tell you to spare 2 minutes to google and understand fiora passive, and how it can be predicted where it spawns. Instead of writing wall of texts and complain about how random and unpredictable it is. Cya.
.. other then you i read through lots of text considering her passiv .. but as i already said the information wasnt in there .. the "hypothetical statement" was an example mate .. and it was literaly the second sentence .. all it was trying to show is that you dont need to always reinvent stuff if you have a huge database .. in case of fiora the database (https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Fiora) is not conclusiv .. it neither states randomness nor predictability .. you literaly made a sarcastic sentence in which you pasivly call me dumb for not researching it .. while literaly i show you that no patchnotes and no wiki input actualy has the explanation to her passiv ..(aka i show you that i did indeed put research into it)
: If ppl don't want to play this game let them not play it I prefer this to some feeder and t roller, and that a good way to. Not be banned because you became upset, also they are already punish with leaveburster so what else you want really?
he says that leaverbuster is not enough of a punnishment .. and that afk/dc are too common nowadays .. i support both these statements .. to me if you gonna feed/troll then you will feed/troll .. you wont decide to just afk this one .. and even if you 'just' go afk .. you still made the game a 4v5 .. trolling/ feeding might be a 4v6 .. but still ..
: ppl who ragequit do it regularely on average .. like .. if you find a rage quitter just look at their op.gg or whatever .. in the last 20 games they usualy left atleast 2 times .. but 24h is too much i feel .. i think : (time_afk x10) x(0.5+recent_afk x0.5)^2 x((Game_length+time_afk) /(Game_length x(1 + 0.3*game_won)) [game_won means 1 if you win and 0 if you loose] so imagine a game of 23 minutes and you were afk for 13 minutes .. this is your first time afk recently and you lost that game : (13 x10) x(0.5+0)^2 x((23+13)/(23x(1+0))) =130 x0.25 x(36/23) =32.5 x36/23 =51 minutes
on the other hand if you play a 45 minute game and are afk 5 minutes .. end up winning the game and its your first afk recently : (5 x10) x(0.5+0)^2 x((45+5)/(45*(1+0.3))) = 50 x0.25 x(50/58.5) = 12.5 x(50/58.5) =10.68 = 11 min
: Within a few weeks people will adapt and just won't say it anymore, before they ragequit. People can adapt to such changes very easy.
ppl who ragequit do it regularely on average .. like .. if you find a rage quitter just look at their op.gg or whatever .. in the last 20 games they usualy left atleast 2 times .. but 24h is too much i feel .. i think : (time_afk x10) x(0.5+recent_afk x0.5)^2 x((Game_length+time_afk) /(Game_length x(1 + 0.3*game_won)) [game_won means 1 if you win and 0 if you loose] so imagine a game of 23 minutes and you were afk for 13 minutes .. this is your first time afk recently and you lost that game : (13 x10) x(0.5+0)^2 x((23+13)/(23x(1+0))) =130 x0.25 x(36/23) =32.5 x36/23 =51 minutes
: Qiyana way stronger than Zeo ore Syndra. She have dashes, true invisibility, AOE knock back, Huge AOE Stun, OP scaling.
you get that he is sarcastic ? he basicly says lots of champions have toxic oneshots while stunning oponent combos .. and that qiyana is one of them
: it's a visual bug. normaly you are suposed to see neekos true hp bar when she is in her true form .. so this isnt perfectly working as intended .. but the bug is only visual .. neeko doesnt have godmode or anything the video just shows exactly what the oponent sees when the bug occures to neeko
(like .. in the video you can see how shaco does dmg to neeko but neekos hp bar doesnt move .. but at some point his next attack killed her .. that is because the visual bug shows neeko at full hp even though she is almost dead) to be honest though it would be dope if this bug would be added as a mechanic to a champion in some way ..
: > [{quoted}](name=QuantumLogic,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=qVfZFtm4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-13T22:43:11.379+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zDc3llGFjc > > so basicly the enemys think you hacked the game and put on godmode .. > because they dont see how their dmg affects your hp-bar .. since you wouldnt want to die as neeko you will dip out when you get low .. but to the enemy it just looks as if you have trynda ult 2.0 especialy if they couldnt kill you in that state .. does this vid means its working as intended or something?
it's a visual bug. normaly you are suposed to see neekos true hp bar when she is in her true form .. so this isnt perfectly working as intended .. but the bug is only visual .. neeko doesnt have godmode or anything the video just shows exactly what the oponent sees when the bug occures to neeko
: What bug?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zDc3llGFjc so basicly the enemys think you hacked the game and put on godmode .. because they dont see how their dmg affects your hp-bar .. since you wouldnt want to die as neeko you will dip out when you get low .. but to the enemy it just looks as if you have trynda ult 2.0 especialy if they couldnt kill you in that state ..
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: Rengar needs to be immediately nerfed
the worst rengar can do to you is jump on you and delet you as soon as he lands .. but lets compare that to other champions who arent even assassines : lux hits q once : e+r dead .. you were cced until you died so basicly also a delete .. difference is lux does it from range and safety .. rengar literaly jumps with all of his abbilitys into 1 target and has to flee imideatly after .. because he used every single abbility .. also rengar is hardcountered by a lot of tanks and supports in the game if the players know what they are doing ..
JustClone (EUNE)
: Man, you need to be really smart to be able to observe, think correctly, and make proper conclusions. Many people never learn for their life time to do this. This is why for everyone else there is GOOGLE. You will find that there is a way to "predict" or I can say "force" the weak point to get on specific side, by triggering it from specific position and then positioning yourself. It is not "entirely random". It is extremely predictable, once you know how it works. 4 of 5 times, I will know where it will be and get ready to hit it right when it spawns.
i surely do understand how not utilizing ones brain to think about a problem yourself may be seen as foolish however one has to see the bigger picture : in this case and many more -context matters- if you are a physicist and need to .. whatever .. approximate the terminal velocity of bottle rocket pieces to determin its safety .. then you surely would not try to find out the formula for terminal velocity yourself .. i mean sure it isnt all that hard if you think about it .. but it still wastes precious time .. your job at that point is to calculate it quickly by properly utilize the already existing formula that you would have found on google .. since memorizing each formula wont be possible to most humans. on the other hand if you work at a playschool then you would propably not find universaly true statements about how to treat the kids .. so you need to utilize your brain and observe, think & conclude the right aproche what i am trying to say is that one should not shun google or imply that people using it are daft fools .. on the contrary it is weird not to try to maximize efficincy in my opinion .. >It is not "entirely random". It is extremely predictable, once you know how it works. it is funny how you quote me here for something i have never written .. i never said it were "entirely random" just that i could not find a **"clear non rng pattern"** which is entirely different .. -non rng- just means -entirely not random- since i could not find one such pattern that means whatever patterns i found had to have some sort of rng in it .. and i did .. i thought it will always change from facing left to right and vice versa while top and bottom is random .. so it was to me **"basicly random"** but not "entirely random" as for what you quoted it is indeed predictable once the information about how it works has been given to you .. i agree but even then i still feel it is not a healthy way to make her passiv and i still feel the way i explained my idea of her passiv would be better .. especialy since then not every player who fights against fiora about once a week (like i did/still do) needs to know this interaction .. also i am kinda very convinced that if you fight fiora it is pretty near impossible to actualy force the weakpoints to be in bad spots .. since you need to reactively decide : a) that you let yourself get hit because you cant dodge and b) how you have to move to force it in a bad spot ..
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: Have you spend 2 minutes of google research before writing this?
no i observed it in dozens of games and read her passiv in wiki (https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Fiora) .. based on my observation there was no clear non rng pattern visible .. and since the wiki has nothing to say about her passiv i asumed my observation was corect (about it being basicly random ) excuse me for only fighting this champion and not maining her .. actualy no i believe even the mains of her dont all have a clue how her passiv works .. because it is written nowhere .. not in game neither in wiki ..
: Apparently you can predict quite a lot of where the vitals spawn. I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdskeY6xRs8 I didn't know about that :D However, you can always reset the vital by walking out of range if you don't like the vital spawn. This is true both for Fiora and her lane opponent.
dang mate thanks .. i was seriously convinced that her passiv works like i wrote in the top in () . but still i feel like making it kinda rotate around you would be nice :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=70NidHkj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-08T20:27:18.714+0000) > > Hi, > > Actually, I believe a test like this is far from being conclusive enough. > Just by creating a new account, your MMR isn't necessarily treated like that of a new player. > > While the starting MMR might be identical, Riot claims that they identify smurfs and try to keep them out of actual new players' games. > There are many players creating smurfs every day, and since you're one of them, you were probably matched with those, instead of players who *legitimately* just try out the game for the first time. > > --- > This probably means that after one or two games, the game realised that you're not a newbie, and matched you with the big boys. > > Since every smurf at that level comes from vastly different skills, there's simply not enough data to match them fairly, because they only played a handful of games on these smurfs. > > So while you certainly screwed with the MMR big time, I doubt you had an accurate new player experience after like 3 matches. Well, I can tell you that I 100% had no smurfs ever on my team. It was so bad - every lane. If they want to put me with smurfs, then put me with smurfs on both sides. But even so, MMR with my skill set, I should of at least hit 50% win rate. Interestingly enough, I played 10 ARAM games too after. I massively stomped every one of them averaging 20+ kills carrying the game. Won 9 out of 10 of them. I find it very weird the imbalance between the game modes. Definitely something wrong there.
a friend of mine started a league account where he played with his both hands reversed (mouse and keyboard controled by the other hand respectively) .. so .. trust me he by no means played the game on a level a smurf is at .. he aswell was matched in games that were hardly fair in terms of matchmaking.. i have to say though he did that like 4 years ago .. so it might be different now
: It's caused by people with limited mental capacity that believe in imaginary things, such as being positive will win you the game, or that god exists. Both are equally ridiculous. Wait until you get games in Ranked and you are stuck in a 4v5 and it's 20 kills to 5 kills in favor of the enemy team, all the kills are on YOU, the rest of the team just fed horribly.You try to surrender and your team refuses because "we can still win, never surrender" mentality. Then you get held hostage for an extra 15-20 minutes at least.
yea i had games where my teammates tried to explain to me that our earlygame composition is gonna outscale the enemys lategame .. like .. no .. we lost the only possibility .. we aint gonna recover nothing
Yuiwara (EUW)
: in that case the option to dodge is still available. i mean u dont have to play the game if u dont like ur position. and without trying to play a bad position at some point u cant get better at it anyway.
yes .. but i am speculating on dodges in general being less likely therefore reducing overall waiting time and that with the bad position : i am playing this game to derive fun .. therefore i dont want to play the only role that literaly sucks fun out of me even if i somehow magicly would win the lane .. i dont want to aprove at adc .. i dont want to be adc to me playing adc is porse than being camped toplane ..
Yuiwara (EUW)
: this would be a nice idea in thoughts but it might increase searchingtime for opponents during matchmaking. And i would prefer a faster matchmaking over specific roles.
true .. obviously ppl want to actualy play the game at some point so it is understandable that one wishes for short queues .. however i for example dont have fun in 1 autofilled position completely loosing/winning games with no real player input from my side .. i play for fun .. but i think even if you play for rank it just feels better to loose due to skill difference of your teams instead of 1 guy being autofilled into a role they play so poorly in it might as well be a 4v5 with no real difference .. i for example despise adc as a role .. if i get autofilled to any other role than adc then i can play decently at them if not actualy even carry well etc .. but if i get adc i am like 40 devisions below my normal average .. i can only show like 5% of what i could have done anywhere else .. basicly a guaranteed autoloose that i cannot prevent .. if i could prevent myself from basicly 100% guarantee loose the game i would gladely wait even 10 minutes longer .. especialy if you consider many ppl dodge when they get autofilled to their dark role then this might aswell actualy reduce overall waiting time on average ..
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Or he just flashed at the moment when ability touched his ass.
but there are not the usual flash particles in the picture ..
Diävolo (EUW)
: Okay this is annoying honestly. Pyke and these champs are different. Pyke's ult works like Darius/Cho/Urgot's ults. Its not that damage you're talking about
it is an execute .. and before this execute mechanic was changed to urgots style an execute just increased dmg if lowlife .. in old days garen ult was counted as executes later when veigar got reworked his ult counted as execute too and was called so .. funny enough darius and chogath r as far as i am concerned where never called executes in the first place .. dont get me wrong they were intended as the last hiting skill .. but not as an execute
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Autofill ADC or SUPP. Both bad. Autofill vs Mains in bot lane
riot should just give players the posibility to just rank all positions and say the last ranking position for each player will never be autofilled to them .. then you who obviously hates playing adc will not get autofilled there
Torkl (EUW)
: Kogmaw and garen doesnt agree, they have magic dmg executes
+akali +jinx +kaisa +pantheon +shaco +sylas +veigar all of them have abbilitys that deal increased dmg if the arget is lower on hp -> which used to be how leagues executes all worked anyway
From EUW (EUW)
: lag?
something i sometimes experience is .. realy weird to explain .. its not lag because my ms is good .. its not also not low fps .. but sometimes the game just suddenly freezes for like 0.3 seconds and then jumps back in place .. often exactly when a champion casts an abbility that needs to be hit/dodged .. and it drives me nuts cause this happens around 9:30 -11:00 min and then never again .. but almost every game
Cronays (EUW)
: Lux Hitbox is just great :D
at times like this i wish i could make the camara angle to 90° and or rotate it .. because this is either a bug with hitbox or just the ange that makes it look weird ..
: Fiora’s Vitals only scale off ad and how fast you can proc them, where as vayne’s scale essentially with attack speed... that’s why vayne builds can be what they usually are with crit items, rageblade, and Bork... limited ad usually but high attack speed. By making them scale with ad and have less base damage you force her to build less attack speed, lowering her true damage output and putting it back onto physical... and as you lower damage while adding a ratio you can make it so that vayne won’t get more damage than she currently has. So actually yeah PhoenixFire has probably one of the most sensible ideas for vayne I’ve seen on the boards yet.
but then there is still the idea of %hp true dmg .. which in itself is just paradoxical to ballance .. too little true dmg and she isnt viable due to her having less waveclear and not being good enough against tanks .. too much and she is again cancer .. the line of ballance is different based on which tank she attacks making it impossible to get to one conclusively right scaling/amount even if you make it scale you end up with the same problem .. imagine instead of %hp true dmg her w is just a stacking debuff-ish effect : every hit applys a stack of quicksilver on a target up to 3 - 7. she can mark only x targets at the same time. per stack of quicksilver vayne does like 1-7% of her ad as bonus true dmg on hit.. which would allow hp stacking against her while also delaying her extreme tank deletion
: How to Rework Ohmwrecker
since the item is Ohmwrecker made out of : "Ohm" a word for resistance and "wrecker" i think it would be interesting if that item would have an effect where it just disables enemys most expensive item in a range as active and having a passiv to reduce the stats enemys gain from their items by like 5% as a small aura debuff around you maybe with a downside like it also effects you or something
: Dodging was not removed...
but it is buggy as hell .. a friend/premade of mine in a summoners rift draft dced about 1 minute before the game was suposed to start .. but the game draft phase didnt end .. because he howered his champion before dc it was automaticly locked in and the game started with someone being already out of league for over a minute at that point ..
: Oh, I see thanx. Yes he seems kind of straightforward now, but I cannot compare him to the old Morde, so I have no idea if the rework was an improvement for Morde mains or just for the average player who never played Morde. Cheers.
something that "MidMordekaiser" was saying is that morde lost a LOT of his skill ceiling, so you cant realy tell apart a good morde from a bad morde outside of decisionmaking and macroplay etc example .. you can tell a good azir apart from a mediocre azir simply by looking how he is played by the player but a good or mediocre mordekaiser isnt realy different on a purely mechanical standing .. they both in general try doing the same thing a better morde just tends to have better macro play and a better cs score .. things that have literaly nothing to do with the champ they are playing
Salron88 (EUW)
: does heimerdinger have any weakneses that melee champs can abuse toplane?
yasuo and irelia can counter heimer .. yasuo because of infinit q spam waveclear then outscaling crits irelia because she can q the turrets and engage on him while he cant realy retaliate other champions with varying results : you can somewhat get novice heimers with rengar top .. since your whole playstyle involves you jumping on stuff the turrets often just die one after another and occasionaly you chunk heimer for 1/3 - 1/2 his hp making him scared until he gets zhonias .. from then on it is "waiting for jng"-the game- or "abandon toplane and roam"-the game- malphite ap also kinda negates heimer .. lvl 6 you can counterlessly do 70% hp .. in other words during laningphase you just need to make sure he is within deathrange other things : any champion that can reliably kill heimer turrets without taking the dmg will destroy a mediocre/standart heimer .. ganking heimer is his counterplay .. but only if you are tanky enough to survife his turrets together .. often your jng will not gank because of the risk .. so make it more apetizing by forcing him to push you under tower (wich will slowly destroy his turrets through waves) or try to change the minion middlepoint often so he must replace turrets often and hase no spare ones loaded up that will often make your jng more willing to gank that ..
: after infinite authentication.. my client updated to the new one, as i signed in
: LoL. If they have more winrate, why don't I see Orianna winning every time I see her. Even when I get Orianna, she sux hard and is only capable of poking and pushing. She cannot delete anyone and gets deleted first, instead. LOL. Because well, the champ with no dash/stun/superscale is not a champ anymore.
you are bronze 2 so i will use statistics of euw bronze to silver : https://u.gg/lol/tier-list?rank=bronze&region=euw1 so i first sort by pickrate and ignore adcs because thir pickrate is always high .. {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:238}} are the champions i see in that order yi pyke and zed are assassines .. even though many say yi isnt an assassine .. so lets say 2-3 out of the top 10 pickrate champions are assassines .. ok now if we look for winrates we see that pyke and zed both have barely 49% winrate .. meaning they kinda loose more than they win in your elo also note lux and morgana both mages are both picked the most in games and have both 51%+ winrates .. so they win more than they loose lets look into winrate .. i mean since mages like lux and morgana are unplayable with their 51% winrate surely assassines must be in the top 10 winrate champions, right ? WRONG if you look the top ten champions in all positions then you see : {{champion:26}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:74}} a whoping amount of 0 ASSASSINS not even ap assassines funny though how 7 of these champions (6 if swain mid and support only count as 1) build a good chunk of ap items this whole post actualy starts becoming a laughing stock when you notice that the first "assassine" fizz in rank 12 is AP and the second assassine ahri (rank 21) also AP as a mage in disguise and the third assassine diana (rank 25) ALSO AP the first ad assassine is nocturne at rank 34 with a 6.6 % pickrate .. mind you all assassines i just named have atleast 6 % pickrate .. so if an assassine is killing you .. the chances are, that assassine is just a mage in disguise .. https://u.gg/lol/tier-list?rank=silver&region=euw1 i wanted to make this part aswell .. but it just gets too frustrating .. you can draw the picture .. its basicly the same here aswell .. championratings go up and down .. but the amount of assassines in the top 30 is pathetic .. and of those "assassines" many are mages in disguise ..
: No there's a new thing where closing the client with the X doesn't get you out of the lobby, so I tried to dodge a game, logged in a few mins later to start a new game, and the game was still in progress. I dodged with 30 seconds left on the timer
oh lol .. ok that is actualy crazy .. if you dc you dont get a dodge but a leaver buster instead :/
: Where do I turn off the "dodge is not a dodge" option
i dont even have any clue what you are talking about .. you tellin me you can dodge without alt+f4 ?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Teemo either needs a rework or some serious buffs
to be honest i dont think teemo in any way needs a buff .. instead a rework .. making him more focused around spreading poison would be my absolute dream .. imagine teemo becomes an actual "tactical assault" i thought of something like that : passiv [preparation] teemos abbilitys can be further specialized Q [dart] specializations(choose 1) : [blinding-] [poisonous-] [blinding-]: blinds target for 1.5-2.5 seconds does dmg when it hits target [poisonous-]: target is slowed by 20 - 50% attackspeed slowed by half of that and apply 1-3 + 1 per 100ap of E (Poison) W [move] specialization(choose 1) :[quick] [stealthy] [quick-]: _passiv: 5-25% ms while not under attack _activ: gain 10-50% ms and slow-resistance for a short duration [stealthy-]: _passiv: gain 5-25% ms while in stealth _activ: gain 2-6 seconds of stealth-movement (you are invisible until you attack or move for a total time of 2-6 seconds)(moving in bushes doesnt count towards the time you may move) E [-Poison] specialization(choose 1): [Noxious] [Insidious] [Noxious]: _passiv: attacks deal 10-50(+30%ap) magic dmg OnHit attacks inflict Noxious-Poison for 3 seconds dealing 6-30(+8%AP) magic damage per second. multiple applications of poisons can layer. [Insidious]: _passiv: attacks apply 1+1 per 200AP stacks of Insidious-Poison poison lasts 4+1per 300 ap seconds poison does 5-25(+8%ap) damage per poison stacked every poison after the first increases the overall dmg of the stack multiplicatively by 1-5% Q inflicts 1per 100AP additional poisons. something like that .. (yes i let out R but i seriously never thought about how the trap would exactly specialize ..) all dmg values are just place holding numbers .. needs ballancement what i wanted is just showing the general idea
: It’s the holy shield just Braum E... blocks the first instance of damage from a given direction
yea .. but it doesnt work on turrets or aoe aswell as being directional .. also it seems to not block things like darius r or other abbilitys that deal dmg .. what i mean with holy shield is basicly like a {{item:3102}} but it literaly blocks/procs on everything .. even a minion attack would trigger reducing the dmg you take to 0 .. in other words it is like a 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 hp shield but it expires instantly after you take dmg or the duration of the shield ends
: New champion mechanic
[mana barrier] x% dmg taken as mana instead of hp, being the first passiv summonerspell [shadow seeker] for a duration you can see the enemys fog of war .. you have increased movementspeed in that fov and you see recent footprints of enemys (~5 sec in the past) (similar to ww blood but much more clear with triangles indicating the exact path they took recently) [void barrier] for a duration you take 0 dmg but the dmg you would have taken is saved as a number .. if that number surpases your current hp+shield you die.. after the duration the number is deleted. [time slows] slows all effects within an area (skillshot movement, champion movement, cooldown recovery, mana and hp regen, castspeed, attackspeed and animation aswell as bullet traveltime) everything [holy shield] a shield that tanks the first instance of dmg you take 100% no matter how much or little dmg .. (a soraka banana or a pyke ult .. doesnt matter it tanks anything aslong as it was the first strike) [item scilencing] making enemys unable to use items for long durations or in certain areas [Halucination] an invisible statuseffect that makes the victim's team including the victim believe the victim has more hp by letting ~30% of the dmg the victim takes not show up for the victim until the duration ends (oponents still see the hp bar normaly(correctly))
: this bait is of exelent quality
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: "slow queue" never gonna happen.
probably true .. but it was just an idea .. to me it just feels like if everyone would get their main role the chance of a dodge occuring would be just a tiny fraction of what it is right now .. i am just saying .. increased punnishment will also have its downsides
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Increase the penalty for dodging games
i bet if they would put in a "fast-queue" and "slow-queue" it would reduce this issue .. fast queue meaning you are ok with being auto filled or having autofilled ppl in your team .. you just want to get to play as fast as possible and slow queue meaning you are absolutely willing to wait longer if that means everyone gets the role they want .. maybe something like if someone from the enemy team dodges you get +1 lp or some stuff .. would also be effective .. many ppl dodge because they can almost guarantee that they will loose .. maybe they were autofilled to their worst position or something else like a troll they know etc .. they are sure they will loose this game so its only rational to get -3 instead of -20 lp .. all you do by making dodges stronger punnished is you give ppl who actively troll lobys because e.g. their champ got banned even more power .. where once a person took -3 for all teammates now he might need to take -15 .. and at that point ppl would rather try to win this 'imposible' game then to waste so much lp of the bat .. dont forget this decision will mean the loosing team who knew they will most likely loose had to all waste their time ..
Infernape (EUW)
: Because said tank will not be able to clear the jungle, clear waves or even trade in lane? For Amumu's QE to deal 50% of your HP you'd need to have at most 910 health with zero resistances. Amumu's base damage isn't that high.
amumus lvl 9 combo utilizing his passiv after he used his q (which he maxed) and not using his w he does exactly 527,5 damage to a 0 mr target if he has exactly 0 ap (which is kinda dificult considering runes) it would be 505 base magic damage and the rest is true dmg because of passiv .. i did not consider items such as {{item:3001}} or {{item:3068}} aswell as the possibility to walk up use his attack curse and then doing the combo .. what i calculated is the absolut base minimum that you cant fail i didnt even count the physical dmg his attack would deal .. ashe at lvl 9 has 1111.9 hp and 36 mr .. considering i didnt calculate for everything staded above aswell as me being lazy .. since magic penn might be on the amumu etc i will just say that 50% hp is kinda close .. sure tanks need waveclear aswell .. but then make something like "deals 20% extra damage to monsters/minions" to his spells .. also why does a tank necceseryly need to go even in trades in top ? isnt the whole idea with a tank to be usefull in teamfights rather than 1v1 ? or do you want a champion to be good at 1v1 and 5v5 and splitpush and anything else ? just as a final note .. amumu was a bad example .. better examples are things like shen or nautilus or chogath
: with ultimate hunter you have 36 ultimate cooldown. last time i gtt quadra kill by just pressing R + E in to 4 together and united enemy. i agree he is useless pre 6 but after 6 he is simply 1 R = at least one kill ( in low elo when enemy can't dodge if they do so you re going to die )
+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6ysmzG9ZJ8
: can we just nerf some tanks AP and AD ratios?
cant we instead take away base dmg ? i have no problem with an amumu full ap bursting my hp in a quick combo or a shyvana dealing half my hp in an e .. but you know .. full tank amumu does also burst half my hp when he qs onto me .. and full tank shyvana still does like 25 % of my hp with just 1 e .. instead of removing scaling (which can arguably make a champion very diverse in terms of build) why not remove the base dmg (which only matters when you go tank .. but as a tank you shouldnt deal that much dmg anyway)
: I see so many blue kayns right now?
healing debuffs is my guess .. about 60% of champions every game can viably buy healing debuffs .. and red kayns whole tankyness comes from healing and having high hp ..
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: No1 forcing you to play it
imagine that argument anywhere else .. imagine **every** supermarket/seller of coffee would put some random chemical into the coffee that just smells bad .. making the coffee smell bad and not many wanting to actualy drink it.. and then as argument they would say "no one forces you to buy it" (maybe because they want you to drink something different instead) but we still wanna drink coffee fam riot made a mode many ppl liked (coffee in analogy) and then made it worse and worse with every itteration (the chemical in analogy).. many ppl still want to play urf .. they just want it to be how they remember it to be and not the stinking stuff it is today ..
JustClone (EUNE)
: Have you noticed how much "manaflowband" refunded after 30 minute game? I play heavy mana dependent champions, with huge mana pools, and it only gives me like 700-800 total. And consider that I try to stay at 30% mana max, to make the the most use of this rune. And even then the regen is ... meh. MANA "FLOW" MY ASS. This rune is good, because it is free {{item:1027}}. Just wanted to say this. For no specific reason at all.
except for the supreme mega mana waster champions like karthus cassio etc having ludens + manaflow allows you to sustain full on spaming of your abbilitys (which shouldnt be done mindlessly) for about 3 minutes .. if you dont mindlessly spam but instead use abbilitys only when realy needed / a bit sparingly you can sustain poke for 5 to 10 minutes .. sure you can 'prove' me wrong by mindlessly spaming karthus abbilitys and showing me how that cant be kept up for 3 minutes .. but matter of fact is : most mages are sustained using this method .. and can spam for about 3 minutes atleast .. and considering how mana is only realy needed during siege / teamfight / objective situations and considering those situations most of the time are at most 2 minutes in time .. (i have not witnessed any situation longer in the past year) then i think it sounds very plausible if i say mages basicly have infinit mana .. when ever they would be oom they shouldnt need their mana anyway already because they are either dead or aced the enemys .. i played velkoz veigar zilean morgana syndra oriana lux and more .. and all of them basicly dont require you to manage mana at all and that is what i dislike .. i want champions like mages to have a weakness such as being oom .. but not in the way where buying 1 item makes it difficult to even get oom in the first place when using abbilitys non wastefull..
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Ryze has 300 MP at rank 1 and his abilities only cost 40 MP each, is this a joke?
wont anyone ever say something about the fact that basicly every mage has basicly endless mana after 1 item ? {{item:3285}} + manaflowband can sustain most champions in the game some exceptions have to build seraph or roa on top .. but that are the crazy spaming champions .. and even they are often mana saturated after that second item .. i feel like the game lost so much strategy when riot decided that mana should never deplete ever in mid to lategame
: In Dota there is an item called blademail armor. When not active it just gives the few points in stats and some armor. When activated, it deals most of the damage you receive back to the enemy. So imagine a character who has an ult that deals damage based on how much you move. The more you move, the more health you lose until you die. But if you're tanky and use this item, the ults caster has a high chance of dying instead. If you have an ability take can take someone from a 1000 to 0 points in 1 seconds, then this item allowes you to return to sender. So no. I would not really change thornmail armor cause it's a good item. The only thing I would change is how much damage it can cause. Cause in my opinion it deals too little damage. At best about 75 points if I remember correctly. I would change it so that it deals more damage based on how much health you're missing, how much armor you have on or how large you max health is. Cause Riot nerfed armor to the point that a lot of games are won by people who just pick health and damage. It's a miracle if you can be a tank and still survive a 1 vs 5 encounter with armor and magic resist. Usually it's, no armor Darius but with health giving damage items.
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