: > [{quoted}](name=Quarantine KDA,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=iNL3RtAd,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-04T07:39:58.085+0000) > > WHY AM I IN PLAT AND PLAYING AGAINST DIAMOND AND HIGH PLAT BUT I GET %%%%ING SILVER 1 ADC IN MY TEAM The entire enemy team was Gold and you are duoing with a Silver 2 so why are you even suprised. That duo partner of yours - by the way - did a lot worse than the ADC you are complaining about so heavily by virtually any measure other than vision (especially, he did most damage of your team). Also, someone who plays Glacial Augment AP Support Irelia and other nonsense every other game and hard feeds probably shouldn't be to suprised that his MMR is in the dumbster. There is not a single Diamond or even anyone higher than Plat4 in your match history so why are you lying?
Not anymore there isn't. Like you said my MMR is in the dumbster and it got that way cause for more then a month I keep getting what you call "better teammates". Just cause a guy ends up the game with somewhat positive stats doesen't mean he is good. Go watch the freaking VOD before you talk. To bad you won't be able to also look what the guy that you are defending is writing. And btw FYI I started playing glacial augment ap Irelia support because I was doing better on her then my teammates were doing on their main champions game after game after freaking game and that sais a lot imo -.- At some point you start to get tired of tryharding and playing your best champions game after game just so your teammates go 0-20-0 every game runing it down mid and flaming you in the process all so the enemy team can get fed enough to kill your KDA 2 and laugh in your face at the end saying that they don't give a shit anyways cause they won't get banned anyway(and guess what they almost never do).
Uraraka (EUNE)
: That{{champion:51}} player was a new player and possibly dodged few placement games to preserve MMR. I didn't check games individually so this may be wrong, but because fresh accounts have inflated mmr at early stages it is easy for such things to happen. While it is good for climbing fast, if they perform poor they will affect the entire team. p.s1: if someone isn't warding and writes stuff like only supports should ward, consider that they want to lose the game and don't take the game seriously. p.s2: why guardian on{{champion:143}} ? Is it good?
Hard 2 not take the game seriously when 3 or 4 out of 5 games you get people like this. In the end you will have to not take any game seriously and just say %%%% it, let me just try some new shit every game until I get to the depths of Iron 4. Guardian Zyra with font of life works well with utility build(I say utility but it's not set in stone, you can chose to go ap with the build if u find that your team is lacking ap on the course of the game and you are snowballing bot). What it lacks in damage (I say lacks but Zyra will always have good damage even if u build her full tank) she provides in utility and peel. You can get redemption for more team fight power, zeeks convergence and knights vow for ultimate peel and even ardent if you wanna be 200IQ since anyone who will attack targets with font of life(procked by your ult and any plants that you activate with E - also procked with redepmtion heal if u get both - and also procked with guardian that gets also procked if people hit enemies impared with font of life) on them will get the buff. For lane I find guardian to be way better in terms of sustain/poke/trades and later on in fights the build + guardian will make you so tanky and basically almost unkillable. Look at it as a trade, you trade one shoot potential for ultimate peel and team fight presence with decent damage.
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Flow1999 (EUNE)
: Bruisers are dead my boy. We will have another bs antifun tank meta
I think there is a limit to what tanks can do. Even if bruisers are worst then in other patches they still provide good early game fighting pressure which is needed in establishing Rift Herald control. Also it could be possible that bruisers get replaced in top lane by picks like rumble or gp. Or even tanks with a lot of high value lvl 6 ultimates and good wave clear that make it very risky for people to go for herald while establishing top lane prio.
: adcs too weak to be alone in mid, only draven and lucian can do that
I have to disagree. Tristana, Xayah, Cait, Senna can do it to. In addition mid lane will have the extra safety of having not 1 but 2 junglers that can respond to ganks or lane pressure.
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If enough people will complain about this on PBE and during the preseason, Riot will tune the colors down. they did so in the past.
Hopefully they will :)
Shamose (EUW)
: What do plants have to do with this thread?
I think he didn't notice the red theme of the map and he thinks all that is changed is the color of the brushes/jungle plants
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: I definitely think replays should be utilised more by playing. The problem is you can't force players to watch their own replays (nor should you try to as that will backfire spectacularly). The only time I believe you should be forced to watch a replay is if you want to report someone for bad behaviour, and after you have been subject to punishment (e.g "you were reported for bad behaviour for this game, please review in order to continue playing).
I was thinking more about the availability of it, because at the moment even if you can watch your own replays you can't see what people wrote in chat. You can see announcements in chat or pings but not what you, your team or the enemy team wrote. So as a way to self improve in the communication department you should be able to analyse what people were writing during the game as well(both your team and the enemy team). I think you make a valid point about forcing players to watch replays. I don't think it should be the case, although I could see this being used in a creative way to punish leavers. In fact in the case of leavers I think it would be a better way(than the current leaver buster) to punish them by forcing them to watch the replay of the game they left before being able to play another one. That way they would be punished for wasting their teammates time by being forced to watch the game that they left unfold to the end_**(maybe even add some random auto pauses in the game just to make sure the player is still watching the game and not just letting the replay move on while he is afk)**_
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: you can't get banned from leaver buster.
But I can be annoyed by a message prompt #"LEAVERBUSTER WARNING" which tells me to write "I Agree" to not leave games anymore when I didn't even leave the game by choice in the first place LoL
: Relac leaverbuster doesn't even punish you anymore.
What's life without a little drama, LMAO xD
: Sadly that's how life is. LoL doesn't reward people with bad internet. In matter of fact, riot even said that those with bad internet are such small amount of the community that they rather focus on to remove the once who afk intentionally then trying get someone who afk/disconnect to have an excuse. On the other hand, if you feel your ban is unjusticefied you can go to the support and ask for help directly via Live chat. Doe I really ask you to avoid direct matchmaking with bad internet. My friend who is the same boat as you, usually play Co-op games or custom games with his friends.
My internet is good most of the times. It's just some monkey ass guy cut the internet line outside while working on something completely different. The idea is what matters though. I don't think "LEAVERBUSTER WARNING" should even be implemented when it is clear that the people that it's intended for never suffer any consequences anyway.
: Mate, calm down. The leaverbuster doesn't issue bans, and hasn't done so for years. The most that'll happen is it'll take longer for you to enter a game, and that's assuming that the problem you had is even a regular occurrence in the first place. Like...good lord, you weren't even technically _punished_ and you still went off on this tirade. Take a chill pill, you'll be fine.
It's the idea that matters
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