: I have rolled back my driver right now.. I will let you know if it worked or not. Thanks in advance though :)
Have your issue been solved? I wanna know if it worked cus I seem to experience the same issue. *havent gotten to trying this solution yet, busy busy busy bee*
Tyranitar (EUW)
: Negative Attitude - Griefing, Giving Up
Playing LoL is indeed a team effort, and I would want that tag of reporting a griefer to remain, however this is obviously a poor method cus there is nothing to be learnt from it. The only pain the player experiences is to wallow in in the pre-determind defeat. LoL is a team-effort, but it has nothing that teaches the importance of you and what you bring into the game. I guess it would be amazing if Riot added or provided scientific guides and sources to help their playerbase increase their awareness around their behaviour, especially around when a player has been reported. Instead of being banned (the ultimatum), the account is locked onto a special guide, videos, topics, behaviour, scientific research etc, an entire website one could think, and they won't get the account back until they have gone through the forced survey with interactive questions. Cus what makes a person give up to begin with? It is often by outer expectations created by the inner mindset. If said player would ditch that account, and go onto making a new one, they would too be introduced to the guide. Why the guide? It is supposed to set a standard on players and to protect the culture of the community. To create a healthy community where there is more fully played games, more motivation, more teamwork and focus on a common goal. How? By encouraging more ways to present the importance of player behaviour, and what effects it has. What? Is this not what we want as a community? We want to play fulfilling games that pump our adrenaline, is this not what we want? I want this. To experience amazing games with amazing people. I guess the final straw would be that if a stubborn player like mentioned earlier decides to ditch LoL simply cus of the mandatory behaviour awareness guide, then more room for people that can make the cut. They were given the chance.
: My trust to the community
I will share some of my sources to help out the community. Know this, I trust this to those that are utmost passionate about people. The rest of you, don't bother. You probably couldn't handle it. I do this, cus people is my passion, what is your passion? People deserve to be fearless and curious about life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPT2Z73L-Vs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAWVfhT_gNo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qdD5VkIdd0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrtcKdOn5as https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_why_good_leaders_make_you_feel_safe#t-702894 https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work?language=en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdIy3j2qHdM (difference that makes the differece - long version) http://upliftconnect.com/change-our-self-limiting-programs/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouKYTjp_C90&t=6s http://upliftconnect.com/reprogram-subconscious-mind/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBgZHOwyIFM
: He may be the hero we do not deserve, but he definitely is not the hero we need :^)
Then what are your expectations?
Magneset (EUW)
: I could write an essay about facepalming. But lets be honest i cant be bothered.
How do you deal then with expectations and stress in LoL?
SmB Koji (EUW)
: It's getting difficult to understand you due to terrible english (international feeding ? Like NPOs giving food for the starving kids ?), but if I got you right : - I still and don't believe in "bad day" : you're terrible, you played poorly, deal with it. - If you have the slightest piece of brain, you don't repeat your mistakes (since the basis of humankind is to learn). You don't die 1v1 5 times in a row the same way. I assume you're a human player, hence you're gifted a (partially) functionning brain : you don't make the same mistake several times in a row, except if you do it on purpose (called "intentional"). - I've been playing since season 1, thx for asking. "the way you think is like a monkey trying to get that banana out of that tree so badly" In every language I've learned, it is reffered to as "argumentation". It's the activity of displaying your arguments in a logical fashion to prove your point, and it's what I just did here. Cya kiddo.
> [{quoted}](name=SmB Koji,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6ifnXw2A,comment-id=0007000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-09T08:36:21.683+0000) > > It's getting difficult to understand you due to terrible english (international feeding ? Like NPOs giving food for the starving kids ?), but if I got you right : > - I still and don't believe in "bad day" : you're terrible, you played poorly, deal with it. > - If you have the slightest piece of brain, you don't repeat your mistakes (since the basis of humankind is to learn). You don't die 1v1 5 times in a row the same way. I assume you're a human player, hence you're gifted a (partially) functionning brain : you don't make the same mistake several times in a row, except if you do it on purpose (called "intentional"). What if I told you, that the same mistake WILL be repeated due to the negative influence of teammates that increases the produce of cortisol in this players system, which has the effect to reduce IQ up to around 50%? The negative spiral: Everyone in LoL almost fear messing up. what happens when someone messes up. SOMEONE will most likely react to it and point it out, the player gets stressed and tense, and then bam, NEXT mistake, and bam again, a teammate points that out too, next mistake and next mistake. Where did the IQ go? If not down the drain cus things spiraled out of control. Here I got a question, are YOU one of those that do this to a fellow teammate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPT2Z73L-Vs
: I dare you to prove me wrong
I thought i'd add some stuff. http://upliftconnect.com/science-of-happiness/ http://upliftconnect.com/science-and-spirituality/ I will share these for those that are curious and seeking new perspectives and new knowledge. And for you that are not, don't bother. Keep doing your thing.
Magneset (EUW)
: To facepalm.
Anything else you want to add on a more intellectual level? Am sure you got something more to provide.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: Arent't you tierd of this phrase "become a better version of you", it's used so often that it's irritating.
I am not tired of that phrase at all, because it involves the most important person in the world. Which is me, and the me I can become, can help others, and the world. Is it so that the phrase strikes yourself as an expectation from others?
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Magneset (EUW)
: I dont think i could facepalm harder if i tried.
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Sephiro (EUNE)
: A big thanks to all you who deserve this
Thank you too! Much thank you to the amazing LoL'ers out there that makes a difference! <3
: I dare you to prove me wrong
I admit that my thread entry probably is... quite the ramble, but I will let it be that way, I will just back up a bit and try narrow down on the purpose and ponders that circled my head at the time. I had an urge to write something in order to make an impact in some matter. Sometimes you can restrain yourself and think things through properly, sometimes not, and I guess this is the outcome. I have my beliefs and I have my values, like anyone else here. But I am not sure if anyone else shares the same concern as me for the community. Why am I concerned? Cus there are many sad people in the community, and that drag each other down into a hole of poor well-being. Cus that is what we are talking about in fact, supposedly on this forum, we are talking about a game, but also about the people playing the game. I am very passionate about LoL, and how it gives such an amazing energy boost to me sometimes, and it helps to enrich my life in its own unique way. However, sometimes, I come across people, that push themselves painfully through toxic games, and leave to probably be even more depressed, more anxious, and more resentful. What happens is that they become a host of toxicity themselves, and they help make it spread like a disease. I have been like this too, but I got helped out of it. If you shared my views, you'd probably be concerned as well. These people make up the community, and the community is you and me. I cannot impact the world in one go, but I can impact smaller corners of it. What do you think?
: Heh, true that. As a wise man once said, Religion is opium of people. A drug for masses. (Before anyone will hurrrdurrrtrigered this is not same as religion, in the essence - basically it is) Yeah, agree on second part too, threats of this sort may affect a developing mind in undesired ways.
The drug for masses is actually dopamine, which recides everywhere, but it is majorly found in religious practise, since the practises involve thanking and praising. It just happens to have a 'theme'. https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work?language=en
GLurch (EUW)
: >So in fact, if you cry to someone else to get cancer cus you are pissed and raving, you are more likely to get cancer, so be careful what you wish upon someone else. Could you provide your source? I searched for it but found it nowhere. Not to mention, if a statistic found this out, it's actually possible that another completely unrelated factor was playing in and it was just luck that these persons also were in a bad state of mind. Many people just get in a bad state of mind when they are told to have cancer, which is understandable. >Would you believe me if I said, who you are and who you have let yourself become is much based on your own decisions, and who you are now will give you exactly that which you reflect internally. Actually, scientists looked at the development of twins. Twins that grew up in completely different environments and didn't see each other for a long time still made similar or exactly the same decisions. Studies have lead to the conclusion, that genes are involved in this. This could also mean, that certain personality treats we have are chosen before we are even born, so we may have less control of our life than we think we do. http://www.livescience.com/47288-twin-study-importance-of-genetics.html --- I don't think you should have phrases you base your life upon. Just do whatever you think is right and makes you happy. If following these phrases makes you happy, that's fine, but I don't think it's a good advice in general to have people base their lives upon certain phrases. For people that need something like this, there is also religion, but talk about religion is nonsense anyways so I don't want to start anything.
http://howafrica.com/scientists-have-just-proven-that-negativity-literally-makes-cancer-grow-inside-the-body-heres-how/ No, it doesn't show statistics or where the research has been done, I find it hard to find the sources for it too, however, there is alot of articles, maybe even proper research among these (cus there is tons), connecting cancer to stress. https://www.mdanderson.org/publications/focused-on-health/december-2014/how-stress-affects-cancer-risk.html.html Since stress releases the cortisol hormone into our system more than naturally, shifting the ph levels in our bodies which in turn creates stress. http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com/ph-and-cancer.html <-- Acid levels. Acid levels can be connected to consumation in different forms, not only by food or drink, but also by our other senses which in it's way will be filtered through our mental system. Interesting study on twins there, and I am not too surprised since they are built up on the same basic compound of resources that structure them, but exposure can have effect, but there is never any certainty. They are still two different individuals. The phrases I use are supposedly set to my values that help put focus on things of importance to me, and how I build myself, and they are only there as an example, and if you happen to have one of them for yourself too, then good. Whatever helps. I am tbf not a speaker of religion, but this is what I have accepted as the truth, cus it is bigger than religion, it is the universe from which we have come to exist in, but people believe differently, so please share yours.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: For us to disprove your moronic nonsense you would have to prove it first. The burden of proof is on you. And you are just rambling on and on about completeley irrelevant bullcrap. What is there to disprove?
I will admit, it became a bit of a ramble, but you know what, I wanted to give it a try, see what happened. What do you believe then?
: ~~I really don't see the point in this thread.~~ I just re-read this thread and my God! you talk a lot of BS! You can hate me for saying that but it's my opinion.
Ok. What do you think my message is then? If it is so that you don't understand it, or call it off as bs.
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FixxeS (EUW)
: **first of all, have fun reading! :P** this is the changes I would make to your system: - I would grab your system, and make the XP bars work this way: each honor is worth a point for the respective category. you need 20 points to get the ribbon; - now what your system - like the current league system - is failing or lacking, is rewards people give value to. like I said, if you give something that is monetized (like IP, runes, rune pages, Champions, skins, etc.) people will want to get rewards like this, because they actually have an effect on the person. a frame? like your super frame on "completist", people don't care about that, it's a frame, why will I basically kill myself for a frame? why would I work for that? now, if you give them something valuable, like 5000IP, people can actually work for that. another thing I would do is this: I would divide the rewards and the "XP" bar into tiers, and to make it difficult the honors bar will reset every time you get a reward and the number of honors needed will increase on this way: base number of honors > +3 > +6 > +12 > +24. also they are timed: Tier 1: needs 15 honors. gives you an aleatory rune, based on your level: less than 20: tier 1 rune. 20-30: tier 2 rune. level 30: tier 3 rune tier 2: 18 honors. give you an aleatory quintessence tier 3: 24 honors: gives a rune page. tier 4: 36 honors: gives 1 sorted shard OR chest, OR key, OR rare gem OR champion essence OR cosmetic essence + a bundle of 3 extech keys and 3 chests. (gives 2 things) tier 5: 60 honors: gives a new colored frame (imagine a rainbow frame) that lasts for the remaining time of the season. gives you an aleatory skin (including legacy skins, legendary skins, etc), 1000 blue essence + 1000 orange essence and an aleatory icon from the store. (I just made the rewards while typing, I didn't thought about it, so they need a better review to see if they are fair, enough/abused, etc) now to prevent people from abusing this system, each tier is timed: each time you get the reward of 1 tier, you can't get it again within some time, and you also have a time limit to reach the maximum honors. tier 1: you have 1 week to get 15 honors. once you get 15 honors and your reward, you cannot have it again during 3 months tier 2: 1 week to get 18 honors. once done, you can't get it again during 1 month. tier 3: 15 days to get 24 honors. once done, you can't get them during 1 month and 15 days. tier 4: 15 days to conquer 35 honors. once done, you need to wait 20 days. tier 5: 1 month to conquer 60 honors. once done, you can only have this rewards ONCE each season. Tier 1 is the limit: you can't have anything unless you fill those 3 months. if you get all the rewards of all the tiers before those 3 months, you won't be able to receive more: you will be blocked from filing the "honors bar" till you accomplish 3 months after the tier 1 reward. you can get tier 5 reward only once, so after those 3 months you can start all over again, but when you reach tier 4 and you get it's reward, you will jump to tier 1. now, if you reach the time limit set by each tier, it resets. so, example: tier 1 you have 1 week to gather all the honors. if you can't get them during that week, you will lose ALL your honors, and you will get 1 more week to get them. tier 2, 3, 4 and 5, if you can't get the honors within the time limit, they reset once. you have another shot to gather them. if you fail to recover all the honors, you will go to the below tier. example: you are now on tier 5. during this month you could not get 60 honors. you have another shot: 1 more month to get 60 honors. if with the second chance you can't gather them, you will go to tier 3. if you fail 2 times on tier 3, you go to tier 2, if you fail 2 times on tier 2, you go to tier 1, where since you don't have anything below tier 1, if you fail, you will basically loop on tier 1 till you advance to tier 2. ofc, all values I said are just something I thought while typing, I never really thought about the prizes I am giving or the values. this is just an example of what I think it would be a good system.
This is actually a pretty awesome calculated system that could work, and I am very grateful you took your time and presented something more. For my basic system I can pretty much put down a framework, but if this became the actual reward and outcome, I am pretty sure people can start putting effort into it! I am not one to put down all the calculations, because most of my ideas are rather spontaneous and must be harvested on the spot, or I will lose the concept, so again, much appreciated that you help presenting a further concept that can work with this! <3 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Swittz (EUW)
: it's true league needs to become a better place and all that , but oh boy it's hard with the way some people work . WE SHOULD MAKE A CRUSADE TO PUNISH TROLLS/AFKERS AND FLAMERS STARTING FROM KOREA
Well the report system is in some way effective, but it punishes alot that don't deserve it when real life interferes or when there is technical issues. Nothing will be perfect, but we can help improve it. Starting here. Also: > ''WE SHOULD MAKE A CRUSADE TO PUNISH TROLLS/AFKERS AND FLAMERS STARTING FROM KOREA'' What the..
FixxeS (EUW)
: people don't really care about the offers of the honoring system because it does not afftect the playr in any way... what changes in my life to have a red or green ribbon on my loadinscreen? nothing... for me it needed to be something that's actually useful, like get a ribbon and win 10.000IP, or get a ribbon and win a rune page... that's something even I would work my ass out to get it. there is no need to change the honoring system, you just need better prizes, that's all.
Then it is good you present your idea of what you'd want to work towards, so I am grateful you read and threw in your opinion!
: Don't Surrender - More reward! (Key/Key Fragment rewards)
Yesterday I had a game in 3v3 and we had a very weak early game, and the other two wanted to surrender, but I did NOT want to, and what do you know, we actually won! One shouldn't put down and unfinished book and judge it for an ending you didn't take part in.
: The biggest problem with the system is that you expect the toxic players to be nice and give honors. Its never going to work since players will always flame and leave. Thats why you dont see ribbons anymore. Eithe rpeople forget, dont care, or quite frankly(most of the people) DONT WANT TO BE NICE.
This is not far from the truth, however, if Riot wants the community to be pleasant for players (and let's hope they do), then they would take the effort to try. See everything they've implemented have in some sense been developed, this is no different, we have the chance to offer what could HELP improve it. We don't know how toxic players will be after this potential system have been introduced. There will always be people that forget, don't care, or don't want to be nice, but there are those that DO care, and should be encouraged to continue. Because it is an ongoing cycle that those that are happy, stay happy no matter what happens, and ocassionaly, a toxic person might also want to strive to get there. We all have a choice, and I choose to try, without fear.
Maraomara (EUNE)
: Honor system does not work. Report system does not work. Toxic players are not punished. Exemplary players are not rewarded for being, well, an example. All that is left is toxicity, salt and blame game.
Therefore we should help make a difference, otherwise I would not be doing this! Help bringing it up for riot to see!
: Honoring System - Good Sport Player Levels as valuable as Gold+ Rank
Thanks for so many comments about this! And like some of you say, it is very sad that people would be able to exploit it so easily. HOWEVER! Here is an idea! {{item:3361}} (Will it be flawless? No.. help polish on the idea!) A standard system could be so that each individual has a charge of five honor points to be spent to other players, but the HITCH is if you gain alot of honors outwards, your own stack will increase (earning honor exp from same players - example those in your friendlist, might only reward a tiny amount, but a bigger amount from random unknown players) and supposedly there will be a loop, if you want points, you must give points. Therefore, the basic amount of 5 honor points (or 10 if that is for the current version), If you spend five honor to other players, you gain another point to spend. IF you recieve honors outwards, let's say also an amount of five, you also gain another point. {{item:3025}} So if 5 players honor each other equally, 5 points spent per player, 5 points recieved, leaving everyone 2 points plus to spend again on a new player. Of course there should be some kind of maximum limit per day/week. Sound too complicated? Do give opinions! {{summoner:31}}
Braum59100 (EUNE)
: Don't tilt, you can always still win, here's the proof!
It is absolutely true! I try keeping up holding people going by telling them to 'not put down the book because they haven't finished reading it'. It's awesome that you present proof, and, not to advertise myself, but maybe it would be interesting to check out one of my posts that is supposed to encourage more players to keep on playing even if tilting, because greater award would await. :D Awesome video, keep it up.
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: [Poll] Unjustified skin costs? - old VS new - (Royal service for a royal couple?)
AGH I TYPED IP ALL ALONG!? It's supposed to be written as RP... *gets to work on adjusting it*
: i notice that IP is mentioned several times instead of RP, unsure if this is deliberate or accidental. But i am for all skins being available to be purchasable with IP. Anyway back to the topic at hand, my answer to your question is YES!! but also with an addition. The Addition being the genuine people that play the game also become treated with royal service for a day, this includes a kings/queens crown user picture, some minor additional in-game buffs, 24 hour IP boosts, and a free champion of their choice and 1 free skin of their choice that they may choose from the current selection of in-store skins. The criteria, they must have reached at least level 15, have a clean record (no punishments ever issued towards them), and for the free champion part must be unranked. 1 day every year this would be cool, with your royal skin thing mentioned in the OP lasting for the weekend as a sale
OMG I DIDNT REALISE, hahaha, yeah I was rather tired when i wrote it, yes, it's supposed to be RP and not IP.. xD And yeah, I like that idea! That could be very cool.
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: Ï like 'dark' champs with 'good' skins, but unfortunatly the opposite has been happening (void fizz, blood moon zilean , forsaken jayce) and a new arclight skin sounds good to me. that would make a full team : top hecarim , jungle syndra, mid varus , vayne adc and vel'koz supp. (syndra is a decent counter jungler and a great buff stealer)
That I can agree on! Though would be cool to see a Archlight skin for Rek'sai {{champion:421}} and one for Diana {{champion:131}} (due to her not having recieved a new one in quite a while). Also Archlight Morgana would make sense, becoming a more holy and complete being rather than torn and fallen, and Kayle needs ofc the opposite for that :P (edit: I also come to think of Thresh would fit the role quite well )
Belinwyn (EUW)
: Arclight Rek'Sai
I'd love an Archlight skin for Rek'sai :D so I approve.
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: The best skin ever (Must see)
I like this idea, even if I don't play Master Yi.. xD
: I can't really see this happening. It would also push more people towards "ARAM Accounts." which are silly and ruin the spirit of the game mode. (Which is also why all champions should be unlocked in that gamemode, don't know why Riot refuses.)
That is a good point, and a valid at that, would make sense if ALL champions were available in ARAM. But what I mean is to just get rid of those champions you really hate, and I mean, I personally really... REALLY hate to get either Le Blanc or Evelynn, cus they are the only roles of gameplay I will never dig into learning, because I know it really isn't my expertise.
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: Skin ideas - Spa Edition
That moment when I kinda shipped two people... gg wp{{summoner:6}}
: [Champion Concept] Durrbee, the Humble Farmer
Seems like an interesting and fun potential champ :)
: Tiasia, the Terror of the Tides
: in his
The system didn't let me :I (had to edit and cry while I did it)
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