: Break the game? How is More Exp per match "game breaking" in any way? Jokesplain please.
You realize that if they implemented that into the game everyone would be getting 400% to 2000% more exp, right? And that's because even people who didn't spend a dime on the account can easily have over 40 skins (like myself). And again even if the xp bonus was capped I figure that at least 90% of the players would easily reach it or have already reached it on release thus making it pointless.
Orvvadasz1 (EUNE)
: How does one defeat Tham Kench on top? (If you are not Quinn)
You don't, ban him and wait for that are coming in a few days.
: Skins awarding %Bonus EXP just for having them in your collection
Loot is a thing, and because of it everyone has a ridiculous amount of skins therefore implementing that mechanic would either completely break the game or even if it was capped almost everyone would've been at the cap. It doesn't make a lot of sense.
: There's a project akali skin? Ahh that would explain the shuriken the final seconds. Well Project skins are given to edgey champs. It's a tryhard skin line for tryhard champions. Pyke and akali have been super popular all year. As for the legendary Jinx skin, that is just riot showing their favouritism for marksman champs. The last 2 legendary project skins were marksmans. Shameful.
It's not "marksman favouritism", it's just that Jinx will sell well because it's a popular champ ~~among females~~... Just like the Star Guardian skin line.
: Why do Akali and Pyke get more skins in this short time?
It's only logical that the popular champs have the priority when it comes to releasing skins, especially since cosmetic items are the company's main source of income.
: Guy lookign for a girl to duo with ( Top Main Me )
Yeah good luck with that, unless you’re a D2+ adc or jungler you shouldn’t expect much.
: > [{quoted}](name=Qui Gon Jhin,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=HVruUbYw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T09:49:54.390+0000) > > You don’t get banned for stealing red even if it was on purpose and one player can’t ban your acc. You either flamed him back or trolled the entire game. NB3 says otherwise ^^
I can’t stand NB3 but I had to go with him on that one. That teemo was completely messing up the game and ruining it for 2 players. I would understand if he at least played a normal supp but he had to do it with Teemo. Sorry but no, I wouldn’t want that guy in my games and I think he deserves the ban.
duxdujedux (EUNE)
: I would appreciate really, if you can unban my permabanned account
His accounts remain banned but he’s allowed to create new accounts now, they used to ban every account he creates.
Qetynaa (EUNE)
You don’t get banned for stealing red even if it was on purpose and one player can’t ban your acc. You either flamed him back or trolled the entire game.
Destiiii (EUW)
: All chat disable doesn't work anymore
Well it seems like you broke it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: Skin Idea: Death Metal Urgot
Idk about the skin but I know for sure that Acrania is an amazing band, and if you like them check out Human Error... It’s another project of their vocalist.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Aatrox without a revive isn't Aatrox
Aatrox stopped being Aatrox when they reworked him. His gameplay is so much different they should've just given his kit to a new champion.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: so i should just sit there and hope they all report these people to get them banned is it??.
Yes, that's infinitely better than getting insta muted then having a higher chance of getting banned than them.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: getting fed up of being banned
It's not okay, inting actually carries a more severe punishement than flaming... It's just that it's a lot more difficult for the algorhytm to differentiate a griefer from someone having a bad game. Flaming on the other hand is really easy to spot which is why you get banned so easily for it. If you keep getting banned for flaming people that are having bad games then you should've learned at some point that it's not worth it putting your own account in a greater risk of getting banned by flaming.
Jocelynp (EUNE)
: When is the next free EUNE - EUW transfer?
Kurotsu (EUW)
I was so sure you rerolled something good lol. But yeah even though it has faults, the game is quite amazing... Especially Jhin, thanks for creating him <3 I’m also quite happy with the state of the game in terms of balance, even though there is always something I’ll complain about I honestly don’t think it has been better in a while.
Zephory (EUW)
: Seriously RIOT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Are you Implying that people don’t smurf on other games?
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Competitive ? Not competitive at all . Its just better champion wins . And don't compare a video game to a sport because you can't compare between water and earth . And league is shit . Its not fun at all. SR is now completely boring because the game is decided in the champion select . The damage is too high and you can't reduce it ezly. %%%% off
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: I'm out till a new game mode comes in
It's a competitive game, does basketball need a new game mode and/or map every once in a while in order to stay fun? Is that why you don't play any sports? Because they don't have different maps? No League isn't dead and Summ Rift and TFT are only shit to you, don't like it don't play it.
: As an adc, how do you handle team-mates that have fallen behind ?
I just don't, I try to avoid that enemy and get fed from farm and other champs. The thing with adc is that they're very straightforward so there's not much outplay potential (not that there isn't any though) and at least slightly more fed toplaner, midlaner or jungler will more often than not outclass you completely to the point of being able to shut you down with ease... It's a very coinflip reliant role and unless you're super good then you're gonna have a lot harder time climbing than as a jungler or toplaner.
: If you think toplane is the second strongest role your so delusional and dont know how to game works. Toplane gets worse and worse the higher you climb
> If you think toplane is the second strongest role your so delusional and dont know how to game works. So I just wrote a wall of text explaining why you're wrong and that's all you can say? It's quite ironic honestly. > the higher you climb You're 300 games Plat, you haven't experienced the "high" part yet.
: Except not really. ADC has reliantly the most power in the game and can easily 1v9 if played right. If an adc is getting fed on botlane they get twice the gold of your average fed laner. Toplaners only can really 1v5 if they go 10 kills ahead inlane and else are useless for the rest of the entire game because it's the lane with the least impact in the game. And don't tell me im wrong there are enough bs adcs like KaiSa Vayne Draven and Tristana who can easily hard stomp games on their own with low to no effort at all
> ADC has reliantly the most power in the game and can easily 1v9 if played right Yeah no. They can carry a game every once in a while but I wouldn't associate the term "reliable" with them as they are the definition of a glass cannon in a game where there's too much dmg going around and every champ has 2 dashes. Especially when they have little to no viable defensive options and unlike bruisers and mages their base dmg is quite low as they're supposed to scale with items, therefore replacing an ad item with a purely defensive one will hurt your dmg output significantly. I stopped playing adc because it doesn't really make a lot of impact on the game since any other role will outclass you with less items. Lost count on how many times I came out of the botlane as 7/0 just to instantly get my ass handed to me by a 0/2/1 jng or toplaner with only a phage + tabis. > Toplaners only can really 1v5 if they go 10 kills ahead inlane and else are useless for the rest of the entire game because it's the lane with the least impact in the game. Toplane is the second best role after jungle at the moment and it has been like that for quite a while so idk what are you talking about, their itemization is simply ridiculous. > And don't tell me im wrong there are enough bs adcs like KaiSa Vayne Draven and Tristana who can easily hard stomp games on their own with low to no effort at all Oh you are dead wrong. The only adc that can reliably stomp games is Draven and he's the most difficult to play out of the bunch. But even if you begin snowballing as an adc you don't really get any more difficult to kill, you just do more dmg as I've explained in the first point... Adc is by far the easiest role to shut down because their outplay potential is minimal and they're glass cannons all game long.
: Graves needs to be back into Bottem lane
Or they could just buff him... Just a thought though
: If adcs are good it takes years to nerf them but if a meele toplaner is good they get guted.
It also took adc’s a better part of the season to recover from the biggest class nerf in history. And no matter how strong an adc is, it’s still an adc and an equally fed bruiser, assassin or midlaner usually completely outclasses it. That’s why they aren’t nerfing them instantly - because unlike toplaners they can’t 1v5.
: Just revert Aatrox at this point
Yes please, I loved the old Aatrox and miss him to this day. He looked cool and was super fun to play... Unlike this new “thing” that is literally a cringe Riven knockoff and a balancing nightmare. Not to mention that it feels nothing like the old champ that I used to enjoy. Give my my favourite non-Jhin champ back
: Death from Below (R) AD ratio lowered from 200% to 150% [New] "Cannot deal greater than 50% of a champion's maximum Health." [New] "Non-champions are not subject to reduced damage PBE Notes
Then it's obviously a nerf, how are those changes good in that case? He struggled to deal 50% of someone's max hp even before the nerf and even then he could only do it on a squishy support if he's rly fed. There is no point in them even setting that limit as he's probably not going to reach it in 99% of the cases. What made him broken in the first place wasn't his ult, in fact I'd say the ult is the weakest part of his kit. He's an assassin that has good mobility, 2 cc spells, can abuse aftershock and can get his hp back after taking a bad trade. His ult was never an issue.
: Funny how Riot noticed the Pyke changes are too good.
> his ult ad scaling went from 200% ad to 150% That doesn't sound right... You either made a mistake or read the patch notes wrong.
: gaining 18 lp at a win
18 lp per win is average at best but depends on how much you're losing.
crfs (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CJXander,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ewwANn5y,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-09T10:56:27.992+0000) > > Any reason why is it like this? All the other game modes and maps support EXP rewards, except for tft. Cause tft have "nothing" in common with other game mode. So my opinion is wouln't be fun people leveling account 0 to 30 on tft then go ranked and destroy all game cause they never player lol itself, but they have champs and level cause tft gave they. I wouln't have any problem if tft give EXP and people dont level 0-30 (but we know whow comunity are they always find a way to "exploit") on tft cause is not fair you unlock ranked game wihout have played 1 time with a "real" champ, right now not even a level 30 is prepared to play ranked (subject to discuss in another post), imagine a guy who leveled 0-30 only in tft with minimum of champions. Thats just my opinion, and yes i know my english is garbage dont blame cause that {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I mean tft can be easily made to not give any xp until a certain level is reached but even if it did give xp it still wouldn't be practical for leveling acc's to 30 as it lasts longer than a normal game and can't be won quickly making it a no go for smurfs anyway. And as for the new players they could already level up playing aram then first time a 5v5 game in ranked, and that appears to be allowed and not an issue because low ranks exist for a reason.
CJXander (EUNE)
: TFT takes longer than a SR, why don't we get the same ammount of EXP?
Better question would be "why aren't we getting any xp at all?"
Shamose (EUW)
: > 1% something you actually like Lmao imagine opening a randomized loot box and expecting that one thing you want out of a 1000+ item loot pool.
I'd say the 1% measurement is very optimistic
: mordekaiser atm is quite strong, easy to play, and can be picked both top and mid
But literally permabanned and probably going to get nerfed again soon.
: help me choose which champs to main (mid and top)
> not permabanned, in a good spot Do not take those as a requirements for your main, it's something that could change at any time. > low skillfloor Instead of looking for an easy champ, I suggest you just find a champ that you find fun and enjoy playing and learn them. It's even better if it's a champ with a high skill ceiling because that's going to make maining it so much more rewarding. If you just want to know which champs are meta then we can give you an actual answer on what to abuse to win more games but nobody can find your main for you... That part is on you alone, try all the champs and see which one fits you the best.
: Somebody help me climb silver to diamond? ^^
So you're basically asking for a free boost?
: Is it worth changing region/server?
The fps will not be affected by the server change but you'll see a significantly lower ping, idk how can you even play from all the way there... The difference would be night and day. Also $20 is not that expensive, and that's coming from someone who lives in one of the poorest EU countries.
: Why is not a pinned post about this? We speak here about players who send us pictures with a double-part mission, doing only one part and ask us why they don't get the rewards.
Because it's not on EUW yet, and it might not even be like that here. > "This procedure wll start on TR server first and then KR, Taiwan, Russia will follow. Then when big servers like NA, EU and BR servers adapt the system for themselves, they will decide if they are going to start the banwaves"
AtomiXX420 (EUNE)
: Should i play ranked?
Don't play ranked, it's completely pointless. Just play normals as long as you're enjoying the game and don't rush to improve. It seems like a weird tip but the better you get at the game the less you'll enjoy it, eventually it will suck all the emotion out of you and you'll find yourself playing ranked and getting tilted because getting LP is the only enjoyment you'll be able to squeeze from it. Just don't... I've been playing this game for 9 years, have over a million mastery points on Jhin and still what wouldn't I give to be bad at the game again and to pick up Jhin for the first time again.
: Riot Employee replies on boards.
Well seeing what people post here - the ridiculous balance requests and complaints about the matchmaking and the punishment system, I wouldn't be wasting my time around here either if I was a Riot employee.
: Thoughts on Qiyana
She is an assassin, giving her more cc would be outright ridiculous.
Pjˆ (EUNE)
> it says username or password is incorrect That means you're either trying to log in on a wrong server or ur password is well... Wrong. If they blocked your account it would've shown a notification saying that it's locked
Hirusa (EUNE)
: Getting suspended a tier 2 honor account for being toxic in one game
> good looking honor 2 account Honor 2 is not "good looking", it's the default honor level and the lowest required level for the end of season rewards. > for being toxic in one game. That's not how it works... What? Should you not get banned because you were "only toxic in one game"? Do you not go to prison because you've "only killed someone once"? If what you did is punishable then nobody cares if it was one or ten games. > Community of this game is a joke. Riot encourages "for fun players" to try out new builds, buy cool skins and try them in game (i know you met those first time project zed players who went 3:15:2 IN A RANKED GAME). Toxic players don't get chat restrictions anymore - they get suspended and after that you know they won't stop playing. No they will create a new account and %%%% up games for new low level starters and soon for low elo players since they will smurf them out like hitler did with jews. In my case if i wasn't suspended in all my accounts, i would most likely be a high elo player by now since I'm very passionate about improving and winning (i used to spend a lot of time learning, watching streams, even buying coaching sessions from better players). This is where I realized the whole purpose of the post... Gotta give credit where it's due - it's a quality troll. At least I hope it is.
: The crappy part about this system is that it only shows "the bad side" of who's being reported, not the other's responses and answers
Nobody cares about the "other side", neither us nor the punishment system because nothing they've said or dane is ever going to justify flaming... It's simple: you flame - you get punished. If someone is risking getting their account banned then the smart thing to do is mute/ignore and report them, they are the prime victim of their flaming and you flaming back is a lose-lose situation that you could've avoided.
: So, is this really worth of a permanent ban? or even a ban?
> after all this EUW client stress Lame excuse to flame, you don't get stressed from EUW servers being down. > I stated facts that I obtained from this guy's op.gg profile Explaining what you did in a polite manner does not justify it. You flamed and the ban was deserved... End of discussion.
Sorkol (EUNE)
: runes automatic changes
Happened to me as well just a few games ago... I created an Aftershock + Inspiration rune page for Alistar but when I got ingame I had Glacial Augment + Resolve. I literally didn't even notice until I died because my Aftershock "didn't proc".
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How many Arcade tokens can we get from mission?
Based on similar previous events, I'd say we'll get about 250-300 from the missions alone. Not 100% sure though.
: we stealin ur heat booi
You can keep it, I insist.
: Weather (aka fuc it's hot)
It's quite the opposite here in Serbia... Our summers are usually 4 months of 35°C every day and the last week has been quite refreshing with a lot of rain.
iaapvp (EUW)
: /fullmute all IS the way to go
Nah, pings can do a lot for communication. Only mute the specific player's ping if they're spamming question marks at someone.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you want to mute all, just do that. There's no need to announce it, because you're just right of the bat saying that you're not really going to cooperate. It's just going to ruin morale, and make people less likely to work with you.
Why is this comment getting downvoted? I was about to say the same thing.
: Mordekaiser rework - Permaban or am I missing something?
> you will get a solo kill and remove them from the team fight, besides getting more stats. I can`t think of a more unfair and unbalanced ult. You realize that if you're strong and you ult someone weak you also remove yourself from the fight for the duration which puts your team at a disadvantage, and if you ult someone strong you risk losing the fight? It can sure have a big impact but it's far from overpowered, if not even risky. You have to be smart with it.
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