WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: AFK Punishment System in Ranked
Because you can abuse this. It might be an option for solo/duo, definetly easy to abuse in flex though.
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: I know the feeling. The feeling when you play well, fed and decently farmed and the rest of your team are inting their asses off.
Which means somewhere, you made the mistake not to help your teammates out. I think jungle might be one of the easier spots to play if you want to climb BUT it is incredibly hard to do properly. That is without considering the usual amount of rage if you are not doing well as jungler or if your team has died 10 times in 3 minutes even though you ganked.
Gluck (EUW)
: Unfair 10 game chat restrict
You got your restriction for negative attitude probably. Commenting on what went wrong isn't a bad thing in itself, the way you make those comments is.
: Int
Your are forgetting something important: Intentionally feeding is often the result of someone flaming his teammate for being fb or 0/2 0/3 1/3 0/4 etc. while those are things a team should be able to overcome IF you cooperate and boost morale instead of ground pounding the morale of said intentional feeder.
xicobala2 (EUW)
: Report toxic players, Riot do care
I can tell you that it doesn't work that well, it is mainly a way to maintain a steady income for illegal companies and riot itself. Just make a smurf, see how often you get that message and ask yourself WHY you get that message so more often. It is a punishment that costs people money should they have invested them. But severity of punishment barely ever matters when it comes to changing behavior. If the government was to increase the fines for driving at excessive speeds there would still be a large amount of people driving at excessive speeds, even with a 100% catch rate. Do not forget that making a new account is free. I've seen people even making guides on how to get lvl 30 in 1 day/week by buying RP and xp boosts. This is one of the reasons riot likes the current system i guess. If you think the amount of people actually paying riot after receiving a ban is low, think again. There are a dozen of illegal services that offer you a lvl 30 account with champions/IP/RP on it and ready to go. Those services exist by the grace of riot not only banning account for using third-party software like scripts/hacks but also for something as meaningless as behavior. I have yet to find anyone capable of convincing me that it isn't a VERY nice side effect (for RIOT at least) that there are people who create smurfs or new accounts and charging loads of money on those accounts since the time investment in a 4800 champion is already close to 2 weeks playing every day for at least 3-4 hours. For any white knights saying it is a good punishment, come with arguments for it that are not based on revenge/payback alone. Payback and revenge feelings have but one direction, a direction of decline, which is exactly what i am seeing when playing on a smurf or reading these forums.
: Troll Supports
The problem is that some non-support picks can be played pretty well as support. However there is one class of "support" picks i call utter trolling. Fizz for example, has no heal/shield/buff, melee attacks and no cc till lvl 6 and even then it is most likely he'll miss a few ults and be without cc another full minute. This essentially means he can't truly help you because poking as melee = risking. Same goes for master yi support. Veigar support is stupid af because the entire champions revolves around making last hits with your Q and hitting champions as often as possible. Rengar can be support, although still a very weak one. Shaco on the other hand can be extremely useful with the confusion he can cause (especially at lower elos) Any ranged champion or a champion with good ranged poke can be support as well.
: Hey, Punishments for toxicity are never lifted. There is no way to get your account back. Before you got permabanned, you should have thought of the concequences of behaving poorly. You got several warning before you got this permanent suspension and you decided to ignore all of them. When you got a 14 days suspension, it was even said that the next punishment would be permanent. The fact that you have spend over $500 doesn't change anything about the fact that you misbehaved. You bought a license to use skins, not the right flame other people. I'm sorry to tell you, but you won't ever get your account back. However, you are free to create a new account, but make sure you don't do the same with it as with this account.
Which is exactly why banning for toxicity truly makes no sense to me. How can you expect to solve toxicity/player behavior by simply removing accounts when making new accounts is a joke? If Riot wants their game to die, they should really go on with this. I doubt new players will feel positive when they join a game with 5/9 people who have been perma-banned, chances are they only increase the feeling of "this community is bad". Riot still thinks that a harsher punishment works towards change, well if that were the case, then why do more murders occur in countries WITH the death penalty then in those countries WITHOUT the death penalty? True change can only be achieved by using a long period to encourage/promote the new behavior you want players to exhibit. In my opinion that is what chat restriction still does to some extent and I dare say that chat restrictions are at least 2 times more efficient at keeping the toxicity down then any suspension has ever been. This doesn't mean that we should remove suspensions, but the simple fact that a permanent suspension isn't a true permanent suspension makes it hard for me to believe that it is effective at combating toxicity. Honestly, I would rather see Riot implement a system which rewards players for ignoring players who have been toxic then that I would like to see them continue with this pointless system of banning accounts.
: Yes, it is painful to lose your account, but that's what you get for ignoring the feelings of other players. You were a pain in the ass towards other players, now you are the one who has to suffer.
This comment would honestly more likely be a pledge to remove his ban. Why? Because you are doing exactly what you shouldn't do, fight fire with fire. I'm not saying the ban wasn't justified, but I am saying that this kind of thinking is exactly what leads to most bans.
JaBra95 (EUW)
: Why are people still allowed to act like that?
most likely this player does get banned, so this post is useless. He will create/buy a new account I bet and then you can go start whining here all over. General tip: ignore them.
: > If someone wishes somebody should die or get cancer just because of simple little game, he shouldnt be allowed to play it anymore because hes obviously not mature enough to do so They are insulting you. They dont actually want you to die. If you dont understand this, you arent mature enough to use the internet or just havent spent enough time here yet. Let me guess ... are you a millenial ?
Not to mention riot DOES perma-ban these people, but account creation is a joke. They make a new account and do the same thing all over. This the main reason why I see no long term future for LoL. How can you hold players and recruit new ones with the current system? Nobody has yet been able to explain this to me. Just explain me how you explain new players that every game they play is contains probably 2 script run accounts and 2 permanently suspended smurf players? Riot has been able to get some reform done, but in all honesty Riot is still listening to much to players like you who think the ban hammer is a solution. If anything has become clear the past 7 years I've played league it is that the ban hammer has had almost no effect on player behavior, rather the opposite. It has been reducing ragequits, spawnpool-touchdowns, afking, racism(not completely still) but most definitely not the general behavior of taking every opportunity to blame others or get mad at any critics you receive. I have to admit the critics you nowadays get are almost always just as useless as insulting. Do yourself a favor, ignore these players. Do not even try to argue because you will get yourself banned. The only ones to have an effect on this kind of behavior having a negative impact are we, the players, it is stupid to ask this from Riot. All Riot _could_ do is try a new system which is even more focused around reform and rewarding positive gameplay, which is exactly the opposite of what the majority of the players is asking for.
: Riot have literally just stolen my account from me.
Easy account creation + easy bans = easy money. riot logics
: I agree
best solution: create a smurf, because honestly Riot doesn't truly care about player behavior (otherwise they would've addressed smurf before giving out permanent suspensions since right now they are quite ineffective)
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Well, I must apologize. I kind of expected to be called a "bitch" and to go "fuck myself". I wasn't, so sorry of misjudging you. And I agree that things aren't all rosy in this community and a lot of people have negative experiences. I don't deny that, it's not like I haven't had a game ruined by some raging asshole. At the same time you have to consider the human nature in this. We remember bad experiences a lot more that positive ones. I'm sure people meet nice and friendly players, but there are almost no posts about that. And I am not imune to that. I still remember that asshole Graves that got me tilted like 3 weeks ago, yet I will probably forget the nice and friendly Vayne I supported yesterday. It's kinda sad that we dwell on the things that make us sad and angry, but it is up to us to try to change out perception. I look forward to getting another reply from you.
It is also in human nature not to change a behavior because of punishment/bad experience. Reasoning on the other hand works better at doing so. Just because some countries still have death penalties doesn't mean that the amount of murders has dropped. It is better to take a look at WHY these things occur and try to prevent them from happening in the first place. You should really try to analyze the CAUSE. Yet all you do here is pledging for punishing people. I doubt you realize that even if intentions aren't to offend or insult people it still results in being taken as an insult and it actually does get punished. Riot therefore uses the don't fight fire with fire rule in their code, but at the same time riot doesn't take away the air or fuel to stop the fire. This means that people who might already be in a bad mood act like dry wood and just go up in the same fire, even if they know it is wrong. Punishing people for being less quick with the /ignore button is quite common and I can't think of it as justified unlike you. I am not trying justifying bad behavior. I am telling that you shouldn't expect people to reform just by punishing harder, which is exactly what riot is doing. It is quite pointless and won't change the game in any good way. Unless you are telling me that just because someone is toxic his feelings don't matter as much as yours and trust me if so many people feel that the current system isn't justified. I would consider at least taking a look at why it doesn't feel justified. The reason this game, like many games, has so much hate in it is because people use it to vent frustration. You won't change it by making them more frustrated. Imho they should add more short period suspensions which requires for a better chance to reflect. The permanent suspensions for behavior miss their goal in every way since **it is still to easy to create a new account** and continue on the old way. You can't change people just by permanent suspensions and you most definitely won't remove all of these "bad" players from the game as long as creating new accounts is a simple click and done action.
: hackers and flamers?
reports won't help that much honestly, making new accounts is to much of a joke for it to be taken serious by some of these offenders.
: Account suspended
I highly suggest you to quit playing till Riot has rethinked and reworked their system. You won't get any warnings anymore. Just instant permaban. TL;DR; **Quit playing before you get your perma ban.**
: permabans related to player behaviour are NEVER removed. you should just forget about this account and create a new one. and btw report calling (asking to report a certain person) is reportable and doesnt rly change much anyway cause 1 report is the same as 9.
This comment about puts together why the community won't change when they punish harder. It will only take this game down to the point where people quit because queue times get longer and longer. Why? because lower divisions will get hurt hard since they have to deal with the smurf, it will make anyone in lower division more likely to become just as bitter as those who play on their smurf after a suspension. The only measure to effectively prevent this? less permanent suspensions (they only move the problems), more chat restrictions (I mean a LOT more) and more shorter suspensions. Perhaps even as short as a day, just to give people a clear sign that they should try to keep it calm. I find chat restrictions effective since they both limit the damage a "bad" player can do and keep reminding the player that he/she should stay positive.
: I agree totally, however, the second game you deem justified still? I think bans should be for racism, threats, etc. Not for being a little smart assed :)
The seccond game showed you were trying to adress your issues, however calling out a report is often considered an insult. It also doesn't help the game any further. Just like any form of criticism will result in a rant/mud fight. This applies to both the internet and the league community, I agree with you that those were minor violations in my eyes. However Riot has decided that severity and cause do not matter, which I can understand to some extent. However I feel the main problem with this community isn't going to be solved just by harsher punishments, the chat restriction tool is and was the only proper tool to deal with offensive language and abusive behavior. Suspension haven't and will never solve any problem. Most people think harsher punishments == greater deterrent. Every scientific study on human(our) behavior shows that the following is true however: **harsher punishments =/= greater deterrent** As long as players feel the need to be insulted by critics and as long as players giving this criticism feel the need to use offensive language to make their point clear nothing will change. League will stay rotten because riot has chosen not to address the cause but the consequences. They probably feel like it isn't their job to address the cause, I think they just lack moral responsibility. With millions of players they could have a huge impact on learning people how to give feedback(properly) and how to deal with such feedback constructively. Because in the end, 90% of these bans aren't for racism etc. they are because discussions get heated real quick in this thing we call the internet. TL;DR; Riot thinks that making their system harsher has improved the game. I have YET to feel or see any proof that the general behavior has changed.
: The suspension ran out, then I didn't play league for a few days, these were the first 2 games I played. Guess Im just not cut out for this game or I'd have to mute the entire team 24/7 so I dont tilt. Thanks for your time :)
I once asked for a longer/permanent version of chat restriction after my suspension, simple reason being i didn't feel like i would change fast enough. I was proven correctly and got another punishment. The fact that I can create as many accounts as I would want to makes me feel this game isn't going to change my chat behavior in anyway. It is just to easy to make new accounts. If I had the money, I could buy a new account for ranked queue every week, get banned after 5 games and repeat. So no matter what you fools seem to think about (permanent) suspensions, I doubt you understand how flawed this system is. I've had less raging in DoTa 2 games the few games I played it. I once got the low priority queue when I had quit a few games, that was about the same level of rage and ragequitters as an average league game for me. Punishment alone, especially permanent punishment wont change this game for the better. However, I agree. This behavior was toxic. Was the permanent ban justified... perhaps. Effective, most definitely not. Smurfing is to easy to make any suspension effective in my opinion. Q: how do you think someone who has just been suspended will act in his next game. A: probably worse. Q: How come someone can play after a suspension. A: Because riot doesn't care (the current system will start banning people for less and less unless smurfs exist) Q: Why don't they care. A: Think about the extra income when someone charges RP on their smurf to get that really cool champion/skin they also had on their main. Repeat this for every ban. $$ free cash for riot and less players lost to the harsh ban system.
Háwk (EUNE)
: Problems in player behaviours (long post)
The main problem is that riot seems to think bigger and faster punishment will result in a change of behavior. I kind of disagree with that. Not to mention that a ban in this game means barely anything you can create a new account or just buy one at lvl 30 (just google: buy league of legends smurf or anything similar) I think both systems actually work counterproductive at lower elo's. Why: How do you feel when your account has been suspended? I doubt you will feel the need to stay calm. Copy this into starting a game with your smurf/alternate account... you get what the game outcome for others is. (perhaps you win but you might just be raging more then you did before the suspension) What happens to the majority of the people who are being raged upon? They rage. End of a circle which is never going to end because Riot won't think it over. A permanent suspension meaning something... don't make laugh Riot. Not to mention that I fully disagree with the credo that banning these players will improve the game. I've been suspended/chat restricted, I found the latter 10 times more effective in reminding/pushing me to change my behavior towards others since it is shown to you often. A one week suspension might help to break a pattern, but in the current system of smurfs it is pointless and only strengthens those services deemed illegal by Riot. If you disagree with punishments being ineffective at changing behavior I highly suggest you try to think what kind of emotions a punishment would cause in your mind (especially if you don't know the person in question). It is more likely for you to accept punishment when you feel it is justified, a suspension won't feel justified to anyone who has gotten to such a point that they have been given one. They will most likely continue their behavior on the smurf account. If however they wouldn't be allowed to smurf during suspension, chance is they actually take the time to show remorse and change. Let me be clear, I am pro punishment, I just disagree that the current system of punishing is effective (as I said it is counterproductive) TL;DR; Riot should think about changing their account creation and punishment system both together for the improvement of the game. High(er) punishments without changing the ease of creating/buying new accounts won't solve anything in my opinion.
Xerphez (EUW)
: When someone calls someone else a "try- hard"
Try harding in rankeds: doesn't exist. Try harding in normals: when a group of players has decided they want to try something else (e.g. something which is not required to win the game at all) you shouldn't be a douche and ruin their game by going for the kills. I do agree that this term is used to often, but honestly if someone calls you that in ranked, tell him that is the goal of ranked and mute him. Some people do use it for going to aggressive, but i prefer to use the term greed for that. (since trying hard to win is what rankeds are about)
Encrux (EUW)
: I think the idea is questionable to be honest. Apart from what already has been mentioned, I can see some people reverse-engineering the system by studying their Karma, which wouldn't only benefit Riot's competitors, but also would allow players to abuse the system to avoid bans and still behave somewhat toxic.
The same could be said for any system that allows reform. I do however agree that my initial idea was to vulnerable to abuse.
Spearki (EUW)
: Because showing " {{champion:43}} " will also tell people that hey you can troll the next game you have enough {{champion:43}} for it and that way trolls feeders or flamers can use it to flame people but still stay above the x {{champion:43}} from getting banned I understand you idea and i thought of the same at one point but i just think it helps the bad people more then the good sadly
The problem is this system is already active, it just isn't visible to us players. This means there is not reason not to think about improving upon this system. What if we scrap karma points themselves, but do get a chance to get feedback more often. Let's say you've been restricted or suspended, you then receive "instant" feedback on every game, telling you wether you received reports or not and if you did receive reports it could show the option to view the chat logs. This removes the karma point idea, but it does increase insight into why and when you get reported so that reforming can become easier. Note that a game in which receive 1 report is already counted less important then a game in which you receive 5 reports. Speaking in karma points, 1 report = -20, while 5 are -150 because if multiple people felt bad it is more likely that you truly did offend them. I agree with most on you that my initial idea encouraged trolling/griefing a bit to much or made it to easy.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: 1. Farm karma points 2. Abuse team mates 3. Repeat
The same could be said for the current system, since the moment you CAN earn loot you know you can troll for atleast 2 games.
: Look, I understand what you're saying. it would be frustrating. However,there are two aspects that I frankly don't. First, why are you assuming nothing else on the ult is going to change? Of course 3.5 seconds, at least on the barrier aspect would be Op. That's why it would make sense to reduce how long it lasts. It could be for the first second or so, so Jarvan's allies have a chance to help lock down the target (s), but they still have a chance as long as they don't react too quickly. Second is how contradictory your arguments are. First you say that Supports wouldn't be able to help ADCs and it would be broken against ADCs since they can't build CDR easily as it is, but then you say it wouldn't make a difference since other champs can escape anyway. We already have ults designed to crush squishy targets like ADCs, like Vi's and Zed's, with even less counter play. Are they broken too? Now I want to bring this back to the very fundamental issue. Almost half of the champions in league have a potential escape from Jarvan's ultimate (around 55 by my count, at least 50 minimum). Not only that, but think about how the rest of his abilities are being used. He might have needed his EQ to get close enough to ult. Then his target almost inevitably flashes or dashes out unless they've wasted them prematurely. Where does that leave him? His base cooldown on his E is 11 seconds. This means that if he didn't trap them, they get away. If he did successfully trap them, it then just comes down to who brawls it out better. Hell, if things go south he might then need to burn his own flash to escape. To be honest though, I don't even know why I'm bothering to type this. Clearly you're not going to budge on this topic, and while I understand some of the issues you bring up, I still stand by my view. So how about we agree to disagree.
That is fine by me, because I am quite sure that the champion design panel isn't going to review this anyway. And I doubt even more that this will ever be implemented (thank god)
: Are you even reading what I've typed? I'm saying that it's escaped from so easily, that a barrier would make it a lot more effective against certain champs. In retort, you simply state more champions that escape from it with out dashing. As for the AD carries, I thought the whole idea behind them is that they do a lot of damage, but lack mobility and reliable escapes. But if you look at the most popular ADC's at the moment, the top four can all dash or blink out J4's ultimate. And yes, I am aware that it can be used to separate teammates, but the problems with this are that: a) Doing so with that sole purpose is awkward b) If you had to use your EQ dash to get in position, you're stuck inside there. c) You can also easily trap or block teammates. Also, in regards to Nunu, his ultimate does a HUGE amount of damage when fully charged but can be activated early, slows and is invisible if he himself is out of the enemies vision. I won't deny it has its own issues, but at least it does what it feels like it's meant to do. Charge up your power, then blow them out of the water. I feel like Jarvan's ult is meant to be more of a "1v1 me bitch" gladiatorial arena. Right now it feels like it's either a brief scuffle that's very easy to walk away from, or you plonk a small building in the middle of a gun fight, with you inside it. And that's the problem with it being an obstacle compared to every ability you listed above. Taliyah: Massive wall that's actually thick enough to stop a few dashes, doesn't need to put herself in danger to do it. Anivia wall: a basic ability with a wider radius at ranks 4-5 and easier to place without endangering herself Trundle: Again, a basic ability. It's easier to escape than Jarvan's ult, but it can knock up champions, slows them, and is harder to react to thanks to how quick it is/the knock up. Azir: They're gutting him in the next patch, but he has a lot more control in how he splits up the enemy team since he can actually push them where he wants them. And the cherry on the cake? Excluding Azir after the next patch, ALL of these abilities have a longer duration than Jarvan's wall. So what advantage does this leave him? Only the initial damage on his jump. Problem is, if they flash, dash or jump away before he gets there, he does no damage. I sort of understand why you disagree, but to be clear I'm not wantonly demanding riot give him a full rework. I just think small change to his ultimate will make his kit make a lot more sense and practical.
Positioning and repositioning is what ad carries do. you confuse ap carries with ad carries. Again, I do not feel like jarvan has any issues, you already have 2 gap closers. How on earth can you not have sufficient gap closing when the enemy flash is down??? I can only imagine that there is a thresh on the enemy team. The barrier on j4 ultimate would simply make it to hard to counter play since the ad carry trapped inside cannot get help either. This most definetly is already the case for over 50% of the support when j4 ults, why buff him so braum and thresh can't help either AND meanwhile taking away the only escape the ad carry has?\ I think you mistake how powerfull anivia walls, trundle pillar and most definetly jarvan ults can be inside the jungle where one of these skills can split an entire team causing the enemy to force a lot of long cooldown summoners or ultimates in order to simply prevent losing the fight all together. I am asking you again, why is it bad to sometimes for flashes/defensive skills or ultimates with a j4 ultimate so they have cooldowns. I agree with cdr being easy to get lately, but that is ONLY for those who build tank or AP. AD carries still do not build a lot of cdr with a few exceptions for those who build ER. This, combined with the fact that there are still lots of targets which CAN escape makes the cons outweigh the pros on this buff you are suggesting (in my opinion).
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Dlnzu (EUNE)
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:83}} Are these hot chicks not enough?
SirJonjo (EUW)
: Nunu Rework
to be honest i would prefer nunu his ultimate the way it is right now, only with a slight improvement for better stealth ults, you only get slowed when you are trying to get OUT of it. His W is still one of the better overloading buffs for and adc and it makes no sense to rework his W without reworking his passive that is one thing I can agree upon. The passive you are suggesting however, looks like malzahar all over... and I am 100% sure that your suggestion will NOT enter the game as it is right now for at least a few YEARS. (given the fact that RIOT prefers diversity)
: First up, leave my Urgot alone. I love him in all his rubbishiness. Second, I understand that a lot of champions have ways of getting out without dashes, but Vi and Malphite would have to burn ults to escape, a pretty big cost. My point is that dashes tend to be escapes with comparatively low cooldowns. You're having to use an ult with what I think is a 90 sec cool down to make graves burn a 14 second dash. It's not a good trade.
I think you got my point wrong. Vi and Malphite can still go IN your ultimate to make sure that you do as little dmg to the squishy you targeted as possible. This also doesn't trap ezreal, elise, katarina, master yi(alpha strike), le blanc(on her way back, so if you trap her AFTER she dashed), rek'sai(tunnel), ekko and a lot more. I find the cooldown argument quite a bad one btw, ad carries still have very limited option to go for cooldown. Youmuu's, deaths dance and essence reaver are about it. Essence reaver isn't that good on most ad carries with lucian being one of the few exceptions. Also, I think you need to understand that j4 ultimate can be used to force flashes and dashes since you can also split the enemy team up in 2 parts (just like taliyah wall, anivia wall, azir wall, trundle pillar) They haven't reworked ultimates like nunu's, which are FAR more affected by your so called problem, then j4. j4 is fine compared to at least 40 other champions which simply deserve a rework or skill update much more then j4.
: Combining Jarvan's ultimate with Poppy's W
Nice suggestion, but it is probably not going to achieve what you want. You do realize that there are also a few champions with blinks/flash/teleports. Your suggestion would stop champions like lucian, graves, kha'zix, tristana etc. but ezreal, katarina, zed, kassadin, vi, malphite would still go trough it. The last 2 are in this list because their ultimates wont be stopped, just like with the azir wall which is actually a better resemblance of what you are suggesting then poppy her W. However I am not completely sure why riot would do this since it is meant to lock down people when their escapes are on cd or atleast to trigger the escapes so they can't be used for the rest of the fight. I do like the idea, but i simply doubt it is what riot would look for if they were to remake/update j4. The new poppy is a major counter to j4 though. Right now i do not think he is high on the rework list, other champions deserve a rework/update much more. {{champion:6}} {{item:3070}}
: Boots need to be useful lategame
1. you shouldn't have to sell boots, you could however opt in for a more utility based boot. This means that bersekers and sorcerers are probably better off being sold for defensive or utility boots (better and quicker positioning over minor dmg loss) 2. Games aren't supposed to last that long that you have 5k sitting around and sell boots.
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: Should RIOT introduce Hextech Protobelt-01 !!! (quick answer is no)
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Tell me more about how Zed is balanced
pick kayle, get lvl 6, let him ult you and fucking rape him right on the spot. also, before lvl 6 you should try to poke as much as possible. zhonya's will work against him but i would prefer qss since you can still move away from him after casting that. to bad there is no AP or tank version of merc scimi, so this only works for adc's. As adc I do tend to be able to pick a zed fight unless he builds all tanky with a steraks and PD. My main is jhin and I barely ever fear zed in a 1v1 situation unless i do not have my QSS ready and he builds pure tank (trust me, he has to in order to survive a good jhin) Best counterpick for zed: KAYLE. Lissandra is trash compared to kayle.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I think most people would prefer to get matched against a player of a similar skill-level, and not a player who has already claimed a higher rank and is hiding it in an attempt to do another 'climb'. Look at the match-making of chess. You only get matched against those of a similar skill-level. Nobody of a very high skill-level is going to get away with a disguise and stomp amateurs. Doesn't that sound significantly better? You state how it will be harder to win games when matched against someone of a similar skill-level, but here are the flaws of your argument: - It's fairer to get matched against a player of a similar skill-level. - It's harder and unfair to play against a Smurf of higher Rank because they are obviously higher in skill-level and you will not fully climb to the Rank you deserve. Imagine you are Silver and deserve Gold. Your logic says they clearly don't deserve Gold if they keep getting matched against and losing against Plat players. Also, if you use the final number from my comment and multiply it with the rough number of Smurfs from the total population of 2 million players (the number you provided), it roughly equates to a each player being affected by roughly 10 Smurfs in their climb. It would put the match-making system of that example out by roughly a Division (slightly less). Combine it with other factors that affect match-making and negative effects start adding up.
Yes, it would be more enjoyable. No it isn't as significant as anyone seems to believe. Smurfs are not going to be gone/removed ever, this thread is pointless. The smurfs BARELY affect your ranking, so you can't use that as an argument. Just read my post above explaining why your ranking truly won't be that much better. If you take into account that everyone is affected almost equally you come to the conclusion that you can only lose like 50 lp, which becomes less for every single division you go down. People in bronze are COMPLETELY unaffected since they wont even get matched up with these smurfs and if the miracle happens that they do get matched up, it might cost the 20lp that game, but in the long run it won't cost any lp at all (simply because they are that low on the ladder) Every ranking system can be abused to some extent. I do not think it is possible (especially in this case) to prevent abuse. In some sense it wouldn't even be abuse. Let's say the top 10 chess players all decide that they compete under 3 different names as well? then everybody who plays worse is then ranked 30 places below what they should be, but their relative position on the ladder is NOT AFFECTED. TL;DR You can't stop the creation of smurf accounts AND even if you could it would barely make a difference.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I'm not trying to being overly negative, but look at how many people will be effected by a Smurf. Let's say 15 matches per division (20 seems too large, 15 still looks too large but I'm unsure of the system higher up). Each match consists of 9 players + Smurf player. 9 x 15 = 135 players per division. Now let's say this player climbs from Silver 1 to Plat 2. That's 9 divisions to climb. So 9 x 135 = 1215 players affected in this Smurf's journey. People keep dismissing that Smurfs have a noticeable impact, but I severely question that when you look at how many players are affected by even a single Smurf.
You are saying, that because they are smurfs, they play better every single game... I am sorry but that is just not true. I've seen people go mad and all in normals because i was playing with a friend in diamond, then at the end they still won it. This game is NOT going to be carried by one champion. Moreover, if you can't take the fact that some people just are better, why bother playing ranked? Perhaps the smurfs make plat/diamond about bit harder on average, but i doubt it will be significant. 9% of all ranked summoners are in platinum five or higher on the euw servers (got this from leagueofgraphs.com). Lets say that we have a summoner pool of 2 million (I have no idea what the correct amount for euw should be). That means 180.000 people are in plat 5 or higher. If say, 10% is smurf accounts, that would mean that only 18.000 people would've been just barely in plat 5 if there were no smurfs. But that is not actually true, because if you were to remove all smurfs (this includes bronze and silver smurfs), the total population would decrease as well. This in turn also makes it harder to win a game because people are going to be even closer to your level. In the long run, you would need at-least 5 smurfs to affect 3 non-smurfs, since smurfs get matched up against each other AND there is simply a limited amount of people who CAN get a rank higher. Still those people are only going to be placed SLIGHTLY lower, because the numbers are so small that these 18.000 (probably way less) players were only going to be in plat 5 forever (never to leave plat 5 again) But even if you still find these numbers shocking and too high... you shouldn't feel scared of a smurf, even those smurfs can screw up badly and give you a good start ahead or perhaps a free baron which you can use to turn the tide (there are objectives like dragon and baron which you simply can't do alone, diamond ranking or not) TL/DR; If you take a ranked pool of 2 million players and 10% smurfs in plat 5 and above, there are no more then 18.000 of these 2million summoners who haven't reached plat 5, but they wouldn't have gotten higher then plat 5 in the first place so w/e
desalmada (EUW)
: league of smurfs or why casual players leave this game
just let me explain something. Ranked games are made to place you in a division/league with players of a similar level. Those smurfs you see probably aren't smurfs (people love telling they are better but hell no, most people who say they smurf are probably smurfs from bronze 5 if smurfs at all) The chance of your team getting a smurf is the same as the chance of the enemy team getting one, therefor in the long run, no harm is done. If you are simply not good enough to win a game, just try to analyze where it went wrong. Ranked games are everything but fair, it is your average performance which puts you in your division, but this doesn't mean that you play at the same level every game. This story is about the same as leavers/ragequiters, in the long run you WILL level out. The only way this can truly affect rankings is when you get a shitload of these in your first 30 games or so. If you truly think that smurfs are ruining your games, just play normals, but honestly I doubt it is the smurfs who ruin the game for you. It is more likely that you ruin the game for you AND your team if you truly think that a Diamond smurf can not lose a game in gold. I can assure you, even a challenger smurf can lose a game in gold if you and your team work together well.
: Hi Riot, i have been waiting 40 minutes for a game
team up with friends so you are easier to match with others (you really are if you do) or just main support. But nobody really likes it, because when shit goes bad down there, there is nothing you can do as support. imho even though sightstone and gold income items are made to reduce gold costs they also FORCE gold to flow into those items, effectively consuming your first 2k gold as support.(this is WITHOUT getting the tier 3 support item, that would require another 1.5k gold) just to be clear, the items are not bad, but because you are forced to build it you got no counter build potential at all. A different approach to building the sightstone would help i guess
LuIu (EUW)
: Goldenrank
alright i'll just tier some common supports to my opinion, while also keeping offensive tank supports on a separate list. S tier: Janna, Nami, Morgana or Thresh, Nautilus, Tahm Kench. These supports simply always offer what you just might need if you play well with them. The best support in general is probably janna, but since people tend to pick squishies only lately (yasuo top noobs all over the place) a tank support might be a better choice. A tier: Lulu, Sona, Soraka or Blitzcrank, Alistar While very usefull, these supports somehow need to play in on strengths of their adc/team. Soraka, while very useful and hated for it a lot sometimes tends to lack the proper cc for a disengage (nami and janna provide much more cc and movement speed buffs) blitzcrank has a couple of easy counterpicks (alistar, thresh, morgana) The better thing about a A tier support is that when combined with the right adc/team comp you can be much better then an S tier. I haven't covered even half of the total supports but these are just overall the most seen i believe. Janna is at the moment #1 support considering her winrates (last time i looked janna was like #1 winrate on lolking) hope you find something useful here
kadis98 (EUNE)
: Windows 10 vs Windows 7
It barely matters, windows 10 has improved quite a lot so as long as you do not open up more programs then you did on windows 7 you should see minor improvements in fps (atleast that is what i did) the difference between windows 10 and 8 is much larger tho.
MrPista (EUNE)
: I hope this is Riot's first april joke
the only joke is that all faces in aram have been replaced with draven his head facing your screen no matter what.
: Why is URF so popular?
Uhm, I am going to keep it simple. What is most fun in lcs matches or youtube videos or the game itself? EPIC MOMENTS. now imagine everyone has the URF stats... epic moment occurance has jsut gone up by 150% = more fun
: If you would have ability to bring back one removed item to League of Legends, what it would be?
am i the only one to hate the removal of leviathan? Levi + {{champion:31}} used to be so much fun. 15% dmg reduction at 20 stacks... good ol' times.
Valyoyo (EUNE)
: Bard is focused on utility, not damage, that's why it's recommended as a support. He has a nice stun that can stun 2 enemies at once, if you know how to position yourself, has nice poke with his Meeps, again, if you know when to poke and when to stand back (or roam to nearest chime and get back in lane to poke a little more or stun enemy adc). And also his ult gives your team to engage, disengage and even dive under turret (if timed correctly). Yes, his heal is not epic, but again, it is for utility mainly. Place one near (or behind) your turret so teammates can regen a little hp when they come back (that heal can be vital in some plays, saving an ally's life, or helping ally to win a fairly even fight). And also, his portal is a little versatile, but still, gives lots of opportunities for strategies. Like portal from one side of wall to the other side under the turret, and if enemy come, he gets free dmg from turret...true, doesn't always help you escape, but can be a powerful engage.
Yet he doesn't get close to any other support (he doesn't have a 39% win rate for no reason) actually the only thing i did like when playing bard was his chimes mechanic and portal. his Q, W and R are just not that good (R can be, but the reward is to low since it deals 0 dmg and doesn't provide any buff or better)
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3zer (EUW)
: Bard's Chimes Need to give more XP
Bard essentially is a champion to grief your team with. I haven't yet seen a bard contribute to a game like an Urgot does (and damn that champion is bad already) I am dodging every game i get a bard in on my side... if that gets me a leaverbuster warning... FINE i am NOT going to waste my time to a game that is a 4v5 with a super minion (i bet a super minion with baron buff out damages and tanks a bard tho) Main issue is that he has virtually no dmg compared to other supports, his cc is incredibly hard to hit while you get very little in return and his healing isn't epic enough to beat anyone else with a heal. Next add an stasis and portal that do not care who passes trough them and you got the perfect recipe for a troll champion. I can kill teammates so easy with Bard, if he gets free i probably try to see how well I can grief with this troll addition.


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