Eksign (EUW)
: Mind of each one of us begginers as well as experienced players at the time of climbing (Hubris)
The bigger issue in league is the people who say you're doing bad when you pretty darn well know you are. They don't give you advice at all, unless you call the following most used phrases "advice": 1. why 2. (enter your position here) stop feed 3. don't feed please 4. omg 5. play safe, when it is quite clear that you die underneath or behind one or more towers because they simply over power you to much already. I quite often admit to people I failed, but I always add to that that just because I failed they can't just rant on me or pretend like they had no part in any failure that game. The true issue in a lot of in-game arguing is that people focus to much on the failures, instead of the good things and building/improving on that. Yes some failures can be trained for, inexperience isn't going to go away in a single game though, so it is better to find something that works instead of repeating what does not work. The latter by the way almost always ends up in mutes/raging/afking/inting or anything else negative.
: I think that riot should put an example of what negative behavior is, by banning the player who are toxic and don't show respect of other player on the board and say that we be more strick of what is allowed and not. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
The thing is, people often tend to find criticism "offensive" or "negative" even if it isn't phrased in an offensive manner at all. How do you define trolling exactly? Because some might make a comment to joke, is it then trolling, at what jokes do we stop? The more vague your solution is, the harder it is to implement or maintain. I doubt riot cares a lot about boards anyway tbh, they prefer using resources on lore, esports and more insanely broken champions. Also, banning doesn't have any impact, one can simply create a new account, get banned again, create a new account.... rinse and repeat.
: Why we can't have nice things
All I see is a complaint, however valid it may be, without any suggestions on how to better the game. What exactly do you think would promote positive behaviour more then the current system of free loot you are not going to get for weeks/months after a restricition/suspension? While constructive positivity is rewarded with more frequent rewards and borders etc. Lets at least make your feedback a little more constructive by actually providing some ideas on how to achieve your goal. Should we go back to the, honor as many people as you like system? (including enemies, 1 honor per player) Should Riot rework and if so, how should riot rework the honor system? Answer either of these 2 questions with an actual idea of where you would want riot to focus on regarding positivity.
: Actually had this in a game and thought I just misclicked the whole time, until I accidentally found this post. Is this really a thing?
Yes, i've actually had it tons of time where my basic attacks didn't fire. test this: click on a turret to attack while out of range as a ranged champion (can't confirm for melee yet myself) and you will see your character walking closer but not attacking. Turning ON autoattacks does help, but in general most people turn it off since it is annoying (it can help to see if a bush is warded by standing still while a minion walks by)
: SoloQ god where, in silver ? Yas is a meme champ, with very easy to execute counterplay to him. You have to put in 3 times the effort to perform well on yasuo in high elo, compared to other champs that are currently meta.
Just because you need effort to actually do something in challenger, doesn't mean the champ is any more balanced... because guess what... EVERY SINGLE CHAMPION REQUIRES EFFORT TO SUCCEED WITH IN CHALLENGER. It is an argument that is wrong in so many ways that I do not see how you can truly believe this is an excuse for to much power in one ugly i-can-1v9 champion. Yasuo his kit is overloaded, I would definitely appreciate if Riot attempted to make his windwall less punishing for the enemy team. It could be more like a braum shield which blocks the first shot(s) and maybe reduces damage and/or speed of the next few shots. Yes this would mean yasuo can no longer hide from poke... wait actually he can because he still has his passive to block most poke. For comparison, your argument sounds to me like this: Because I can cast an ability every second, I am underpowered when I do not spam my abilities a lot, thus it's balanced when I do spam my abilities in the best way possible and 1v5 the enemy.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Question to people about Yasuo (YOLOsuo)
The only thing that actually does work vs yasuo is non-projectile hard cc. Which kinda is why i refer to yasuo as riven 2.0. He is basically a Riven on steroids. Since a Riven can be stunned by projectiles. Also, with the new conqueror rune being broken af on yasuo, while being weaker then ever on champions that have less spam (read: almost every other conqueror user) I am going to ban yasuo each and every game.
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Yasuo is so weak now. Here is what you need to do Rito.
Yes please rito, add more dashes and make his windwall send projectiles back with increased damage PLZ. Tbh the easiest way for yasuo to become less OP is to nerf his windwall or passive, he has way to many defensive options while he can already dodge a shit ton of damage by spamming E on a minion wave.
Endellion (EUW)
: > Same goes for jokes, I can make any joke I want in-game, as long as I it doesn't offend people. But you forget that anything you say on the internet will offend someone.
Which is why most people type less then 10 messages in a game. You only need to say a tiny bit.
Skorcher (EUW)
: > I'm failing to see the toxic part of his comment. According to Riot, your comment isn't positive, it's argumentative so therefor toxic.
Nope, you are wrong. Riot discourages arguments in-game. Simply because there are very few arguments in which one side ends up admitting the other side was (more) right then they were. Resulting in an ever widening gap between the 2 or more people arguing, resulting in hate, resulting in less fun and offensive language. However you are allowed to argument as long as you don't use offensive language or argue only to make others feel bad. Same goes for jokes, I can make any joke I want in-game, as long as I it doesn't offend people.
Skorcher (EUW)
: Oh wow, a toxic comment justifying banning due to toxicity. Irony is truly lost on some people, have a nice day!
I'm failing to see the toxic part of his comment. However, you simply type to much. It really doesn't help saying your midlaner is bad, like 15 times.
: Grevious Wounds is no damage. It's a debuff that halves all healing
noobitup (EUW)
: is there a way to limit YASUO by mana or energy?
To be honest. I think the main focus on yasuo his balancing should be his defenses. He has crowdcontrol and dashes... yet also 2 shields? He is not like riven who you can always just hard cc, because windwall just blocks a TON of hard cc. I think windwall needs an easier way to circumvent, the abilities exploding/activating on the windwall has already been done and was really frustrating for his teammates, so that is a no-no. However I do still think wind-wall is a bit to rewarding, why can't it just be a true wind-wall that slows all incoming projectiles? I think this would be much more balanced then the current braum shield 2.0 on a champion that generates a shield every 2 seconds. Another thing would be to remove his passive shield and make it ultimate only, so you can actually PUNISH a bad yasuo early game, instead of feeling like you play vs a malphite 2.0 who soaks all your poke with his passive. TL;DR; Windwall: ~~blocks/soaks projectiles~~ -> slows down projectiles to such a degree that you can dodge it to some extent, reduces/blocks ranged basic attack damage. Passive: ~~generate a shield by moving~~ -> get f**ked when you get poked, get a shield when you ult (he actually does need it because he can be dealt a great deal of damage while casting it)
: Climbing in low elo is impossible.
Your logic is flawed. Okay, so lets assume climbing is impossible. That means 100% of the players in low elo are losing all the time. (I know of no situation other then intended rank dropping where 1 L = 2 win in LP) But wait, you are placed against people of the same elo... so its actually impossible for all players in low elo to lose. The only situation where you would be truly stuck in your elo is where you are all winning 50% of the time. That kind of brings you to the point: how are you any better then your opponents or teammates if you only win 50%? Same applies to trollers/afkers. Yes they are annoying, but everybody encounters them and everybody can get a loss because of them. Don't blame your rank and your opponents or teammates, work on improving yourself. It is the only way to climb.
Wuks (EUNE)
: Ask a Heimerdinger Main (feat. Heisendong & lolGunSlinger)
Why do I barely ever see people take the 1-10% cdr incombination with transendence? Am I the only one who has had maths in school? If you do not hit 40% without it, it might be better to get that 9 adaptive. But otherwise even 3% cdr + transendence beats it. Mostly people taking transendence aim to get 40% cdr out of it anyways. you can effectively get a full amp tome at lvl 18.
: Riot please death recap
Riot is probably to greedy... they'd rather waste development hours on making this game more addictive or a gambling game then actually improve upon it. Nah, I am not that pissed about it. However I do feel like RIOT is more concerned about their pockets (wow what a suprise) then they are at concerned about death recap and balancing. Death recap actually helps you quite a lot if you do not know the champions/builds you play against if it would work. But yeah... they rather waste resources on a launcher that lags more then ever or some new gambling content with pay walls so people pay more and more.
: Meta is changing every few seasons riot balance team is amazing . Thats why we have champions like Irelia, Akali, Sion, and well... some more {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Sion used to be balanced. Akali has always been jaw dropping good when fed, but the recent rework made her harder to predict and counter. I'm glad she got a nerf last patch. I never got why irelia was reworked, she was fine before her rework, she now just seems to be broken af. More dashes then before, harder to counter, OS most people after landing a single skill... wait... just like zoe.
Shosh24x7 (EUW)
: Matchmaking this Season and Toplane
The only way to climb is to focus on yourself. I personally feel like I need to calm myself the heck down a while... It is VERY easy to carry a game from toplane, I've done it a few times, but I've also failed at doing it. When I fail its mostly because people do not understand what they need to do when your uberfed toplaner is splitpushing while the enemy team is at their base or doing dragon/baron. However, that brings me to the point where I try to teach them how to properly support splitpushing, but I get ignored and accused of flaming because I am being a bit honest (and harsh). I then decide to go and try teamfights even though I have been building and playing for splitpushing, next thing I know there is always one(or two) guy(s) on my team to pissed to just join the team and help us win it. This brings me to the following conclusions: 1. I can definetly carry a game, I do however need to improve my skill when it comes to assessing my teammates (skill lvl on champ, macro play, tilt proof) 2. I need to be more tactful in my approach, this is actually one of the harder parts for me, because even if you are tactful people can get mad and you might lose your temper. 3. I need to communicate better with my team. e.g. "Guys I will go splitpush please try to hold at least 3 of them botlane while i get top." or "Are you guys OK with it if i splitpush?" 4. I need to adapt faster to the game/team i play. e.g. Stop my favorite tactic of splitpush and find a different approach. 5. Sometimes you're just f**ked because people play terrible, bad games do happen, or because someone has decided he needs to ruin the game for his team. The only thing you can do is to try and chat him back into the game with positive words/feedback, this is though as nails to do especially if they not only chat negative but also make bad plays like afk farming or running it down mid. 6. I know I need to improve, even though I'm pretty sure the junglers I've gotten the past few games are way below me when it comes to skill, this includes the enemy junglers btw so maybe it is time for people to pick up on jungling because it seems a boost role. TL/DR; Toplane can have impact. Junglers seem to be placed way above their true skill level. Try to improve yourself, matchmaking does favour people who consistently play better then their counterparts. Give positive feedback to teammates when you think or know they have a hard time (in-game or irl)
: lol killing the enemy is the best way to get a lead you kill them push your wave under there tower with the help of jungler or support then deny them all them minions base and get back to lane in time to miss maybe 1 minion this is how you snowball this is how good player rank up not by playing safe all game unless your playing tank witch it dont really matter about getting feed just doing your job as a FRONT line witch most people still dont get that they have to be in FRONT of there team to tank it up but even denying them enemy by just doing the 1st step is still the best way to win games even as a tank
> [{quoted}](name=Stifler UK,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=z98stxtf,comment-id=000900000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-07T19:54:44.382+0000) > > lol killing the enemy is the best way to get a lead you kill them push your wave under there tower with the help of jungler or support then deny them all them minions base and get back to lane in time to miss maybe 1 minion this is how you snowball this is how good player rank up not by playing safe all game unless your playing tank witch it dont really matter about getting feed just doing your job as a FRONT line witch most people still dont get that they have to be in FRONT of there team to tank it up but even denying them enemy by just doing the 1st step is still the best way to win games even as a tank I never said killing isn't important. However sometimes you KNOW you are going to lose a fight when it starts, in that case the best option is to stay safe. If i play a tank on bottomlane and i know that if they enemy goes all in we lose, i don't attempt zoning the enemy, because it will simply result in me being in the worst possible position to get my experience and prevent the enemy from looking at me as if I'm just a giant goldbag. If you are on the losing hand, you try to get minions to your side of the lane, zoning as support actually causes your minions to take less damage and thus achieves the opposite of what you should be going for. A tank support will think twice to engage another time if the first engage went badly. Not only because the first engage went badly, but also because that has quite likely resulted in the enemy adc and support having a huge gold and xp lead. Most tank supports lack escapes, they are meant to lock people down, not to run away like cowards, so the only way you can run away is mostly by staying at a safe distance.
: Why Quinn is bad ?
against some toplaners quinn still works, it just isn't as good as it used to be.
: Suggestion for developing team. LP Bank.
Your climb wont be easier if they implements this. Which ultimately seems your goal, so nah...
: Is it viable to climb as support?
Viable, yes. Easy, no. Harder then other roles, arguably yes, unless you duo with a jungler/adc to make extra plays (and cause ragequits/tilts in lower elos) Supports are really funny and good to play, I myself prefer supports with a lot of cc in their kit (mained Nami for a while) because they are always good. You can get stomped in lane with nami, and still carry teamfights with a few good knock-ups.
: > [{quoted}](name=FleaLess,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6ZTKAAc5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-06T23:37:34.870+0000) > > wut?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} I think he means there are too many displacement abilities (knock-ups, knock-backs, etc) in the game which aren't affected by tenacity. He wants tenacity of reduce the impact of these abilities. It would be interesting if that happened, for example if you had merc treads any knock-backs would move you half the normal distance.
well, half of 35% seems more like what he suggests. Which is only 17.5%. I doubt this will ever happen. They would have to make mikaels and cleanse to work on those forms of cc first and they don't. Which is btw why champions with a lot of knock-ups are hard to counterplay. If the knock-up hits are your issue... you are basically f*ck*d.
Ariin (EUNE)
: Harder to carry this season?
Mistakes get punished harder in current season. If you're ahead, but all gold is on one or two players, killing them is all it takes for the enemy to completely stomp you. Don't die if you have a high bounty is the best tactic rn.
: pls rework mordekaiser
Mordekaiser is in the spot where urgot was before his rework. A spot where the only reason he can do good is because some people have 0 clue how he works while the ones playing him do.
: To hell with his visuals. It hurts more when he tower dives you and his shield pops up out of the blue.
He is literally the EASIEST champion to kite if you know how his kit works. He doesn't have ANY gap closing, crowd control or escapes. The only thing that actually made mordekaiser a funny pick was the fact that he could double kill the enemy top and jungler BEFORE his rework. Ever since his rework I feel like mordekaiser has become terribly useless without someone in the team to help pin down important enemies to prevent mordekaiser being kited the shit out of. Mordekaiser without rylais is the weakest champion in the game, you kite him, you win. With rylais the kite becomes a little harder... but he is still ridiculously squishy and immobile.
: Nope. I just came back to game after 2 years leveling up new account, it's the worst I've ever experienced.
I guess thats what happens when they ban people but do not make it any harder to start over and repeat said mistakes so no new players like to join your game.
Kalviras (EUW)
: It seems everything has gone down-hill, theres definitely more toxic players and more just generally awful players dying 6+ times in under 10minutes. I feel like most of the serious players have stopped until the post-season patch is out that'll change things up so it's mainly the kids who just want to keep playing but aren't very good, and a smattering of normal people who just want to keep learning the basics even if the meta itself is going to change. Definitely not a good time for me to have tried to learn 2 new champions... I thought after the season was over would be a great time but now more than ever I need to be carrying or everything goes to pot and the "it's your fault, no it's your fault" begins.
your logic is flawed. There must be someone doing well for every person doing bad.
: i think you missing my point lol im not saying you dont farm but when im ganking stop farming and react to the gank denying them a lead you have to play aggressive to deny them that i mean you dont have to try and kill them but you have to position aggressively because if your not then your just playing safe and getting no lead or denying nothink and if there make a mistake you kill them this is a big part of the game killing jumping on there mistakes also gold bounties is also another way to get gold by killing them but you will sit there all game playing farm simulator while everyone else is getting kills and bounties making you useless in team fights you talk nonsense thinking you know more than others if you dont have anythink good to say dont say anythink at all have a good day
you take this way to personal. saying farming isn't important is just wrong in every possible way. Also I was referring to those quite frequent moments where the support/jungler thinks going in when the enemy has 13 minions and you have just 4 (resulting in you taking heavy damage from minions) might not be a good idea. Not giving the enemy team kills is a perfectly fine way to play unless we got feeders like you on top/mid/jungle who keep thinking their only way to win a game is by going 12-3 and carrying it, guess what... ITS NOT.
Skizzy916 (EUNE)
: Enough is enough (ELO HELL)
Just by taking a look of your match history you got carried yourself a few game too. going 1/6/0 in a win tells us enough. Also, KDR ratios actually drop as your rank increases, you won't see insane KDR ratios in higher ranks. Even the KDA ratios drop afaik (not sure, didnt check it). I've had moments where some of my best champions had a KDA of 6 and above and still I couldn't carry games with them because I didn't have any means to carry if my entire team was tilted or just having a bad game in general. To increase your rank you need to play good CONSISTENTLY. This means that even if you have a bad game you need to marginalize your deaths and maximize your teams chances. Going 30/0 in 20% of your games could still keep you in bronze 5, because in bronze 5 people are more likely to make bad plays that allow you to go 30/0. As your rank increases teammates start to matter more, but in the end it is still about YOU playing consistently.
: yea because 99.9% of people playing this game thinks its farm simulator farming wins games NO winning games wins games
in order to win you need to get an edge on your enemy. In every single moba I've played the main way to achieve this is by getting a gold lead. The easiest way to get a gold lead safely is by farming and denying the enemy to farm. Taking kills is not a goal, farming is not a goal, objectives are not a goal. They all help to increase gold and THAT is your first goal, you can't destroy a base or nexus if you are miles behind in gold and xp. support mains who think the only solution to every single botlane is to go aggressive are the worst kind of supports out there. If someone picks leo into a match up I know I'm not going to win fight against early on and then keeps going ham I truly do not give a *@# if they rage me because I let them rot and do not waste a heal on a fool.
jogga44 (EUW)
: Sorry, but you are wrong. It is like smoking. Maybe there are people who don't like the fact that they are addicted to smoking. However every single one of them enjoys smoking that stupid cigarette, otherwise they just quit. In my opinion people are addicted to this game and because of that they enjoy the game. They don't like the game itself, but they love beating others in this game, they love feeling needed when they troll and their teammates starts going insane in chat, they love waking up in the morning and having purpose, climbing to diamond or getting "free" loot from missions. (I'm not an expert) but addiction to league doesn't harm anyone and maybe even benefits.
If you think craving is a choice... you're terribly mistaken. You chose to start playing/smoking. You do not chose to be addicted, you can merely chose to quit but that will be accompanied by a terrible feeling which you need to find compensation for in some way. Craving makes you chose for the addiction, because you feel so terrible and you are conditioned to immediately take consolation in the product/drug you are addicted to. The craving can both be physically and mentally, both are hard to deal with. An addiction makes you neglect real-life issues, which is why an addiction is almost always a problem (at some point it takes over your life)
: Honestly in my opinion League is a game that rarely has a correct path to proceed in. What I mean by that is, people tend to copy weird new build mainly from Korea and from streamers. Which leads us to the two type of players, the so called meta slaves and the “rebels” who try something new. Which is where the issue persists for years now, some players think there is only one lane and one way to play a certain champion anything else beyond their comprehension and personal blessing is a troll/int which leads to usually quite toxic behaviour. I’ve heard a friend of mine say something quite remarkable years and years ago when we were warcraft 3 players ... “If it is stupid and it works, is it really stupid?” Lissandra jungle, you love it ? Go for it! Has stun mobility and clear. Akali top? Sure, just have fun. Beyond the ranking and the stigma around low to mid ranks, it’s a game it is supposed to be fun, we all like to win and as with league and maths and even life for example there is always more than one way to get to the end result. Please carry on less toxic more accepting and with faith and bit of humour when your ad soraka mid destroys their ap rakan.{{champion:92}}
well, the problem is that if you do experiment in ranked, going 0/5 in 10 minutes will piss off everybody on your team. People have been banned for playing singed support 24/7. You can pick whatever you want, play however you feel like, but if you repeatedly ruin games for others - intentionally or unintentionally - you will get banned. I think the main cause for more toxicness is the increase in trolls and people trying out new roles/champions in rankeds. Go play with premades or normals if you really feel like testing something new/niche. When I see a heimerdinger adc, I assume he is trolling and i have every reason to (he doesn't scale well on AD). Then again, i get flamed as adc by my support if i do not follow an engage on a lucian who has started 2/0 already. Then because im 1v2 or 1v1 vs a lucian (could be any adc) that now goes 3+/0 I get called a troll and inter by my entire team for some reason. When I say anything about it, I get chat restricted simply for trying to reason with such people.
Composure (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3xOWtQfp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-14T23:37:17.854+0000) > > I haven't had it that bad but there has definitely been an increase in bad behaviour in games today. I have lost count of how many reports I have sent. > It's probably because it's preseason and there is no honor or rewards to be lost now. > It could also be because Riot have suddenly gone a bit soft on those with Chat Restrictions by giving them another chance to get their rewards. It sends out a message that they don't mind a bit of flaming now. Don't worry they will get at least 2 weeks ban. Chat restriction is for ppl who talk too much and tell other ppl their mistakes and all. Basically they're not really that much toxic but they can't focus on themselves. But they don't use hatred they just point out other ppl mistakes without cursing or wishing them bad luck or any other horrible things that's where u get chat restriction. But if u cross even that line then it's harsh punishment ;D
you actually can get banned for saying anything that is in the offensive language filter actually. just saying the f word is enough to get you banned if you repeat it to often. Arguing in general can get you banned, because barely anyone can take criticism or make constructive criticism in this game (speaking from personal experience)
: kassadin
Honestly, getting a kassadin fed is hard to do. If he doesn't get fed, he doesn't get OP till at least 30 minutes. which should give you plenty of opportunities to finish the game. It's just like a yasuo.
: Can we talk about how everyone complains that people in this game are toxic?
In general I think people should be discouraged to criticise in general. You do not have the time to write a good point of criticism most of the time anyway. My general comment to people is: This isn't helping, focus on the game. -> mute said player if he tilts on that (yes people actually tilt on such a comment) If I criticise my jungler it is mostly because I see that dragon is warded by both sides and he goes to gank toplane while he has vision on an enemy jungler botlane and stuff like that. Junglers watching in bushes while you die also aren't that rare to be honest. Junglers expecting you to follow your lane even though you KNOW you will get your ass whooped as soon as you get away from the tower a bit to far. I just tell them that they should watch my pings, respect the enemy having vision on them, they should stop doing scuttler/camping a bush because you're an easy target for the enemy. But even saying stuff like that pisses them off because I should've followed and given them 2 kills instead of 1. In general people should be encouraged to self-reflect more in this game, instead of instantly raging others. I would LOVE death recap to be improved. Adding more functionality to replay would also help with this. I would love to have a function where I can see what would've happened if someone took another route. You might find out that even IF your jungler chose to help you the moment he had vision, he would be to late to help. At the end of the day the most important mistakes I (I'm not a saint) and others make are: 1. Applying little self-reflection 2. Forgetting that mistakes are human 3. Not giving feedback positively or asking for advice/change in a friendly/positive manner Helpful thoughts: 1. What could I have done myself to change this outcome/death 2. How can I adjust to my teammates playstyle (This is something botlane/support mains will surely agree on) 3. How can I improve the mood of my team or shift the balance (grouping, roaming, split-pushing, etc.) Drop this tactic/strategy in chat before you use it, otherwise it might increase flaming and actually be harmful to your game.
Furnado (EUNE)
: Share your thoughts on the state of League [Discussion]
The reworked galio was a big mistake as well. The old galio W and ult were so much fun to play with. Health and mana regen item changes were shit as well, they hurt disproportionately on champions that relied on building early faerie charms (like old galio). I know I am like one of the only people to have ever played galio a lot, but I really HATE how boring he has become compared to the old galio who if played well could carry an entire teamfight with one ultimate. Old runes were so much fun to play with, the only downside was that they put them behind an IP barrier. Having those funny 72 MR at lvl 18 pages for galio or a good 52 AD at lvl 18 on zed/jhin.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Is there never a good meta?
To be honest, some changes made a meta a must have because it gave a very poor amount of counter mechanics. I do not care which meta we have, but some metas were quite hard to counter. riot is always trying to balance things but often when they add something new it is either incredibly good (a must have or meta thing) or incredibly weak/situational. The latter doesn't have to be bad, but in some cases it doesn't increase options at all. Banner of command for instance barely ever sees practical use, you can argue zz'rot does a better job. This is just a really simple example of something that involves certain runes and other items as well. The real broken part was where they added certain precision and sorcery runes. These 2 pages definetly have the most overall power. Domination is good on assasins and burst mages, but sorcery might just do the same if not a better job. Precision used to be way to good as well and it still remains one of my favorite pages to take 2nd on toplane/jungle.
Rioter Comments
: * When the electricity stopped working{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
not afk though, you dc.
: When is it "OK" to AFK?
you must be lucky, this has been happening a long time... i remember the good old days when people went for a touchdown if they felt the game was over/hopeless and a waste of their time. lets see what else is worse: Anything that involves griefing (int feeding etc.) It is good revive teleport isn't an option anymore.
: Who is the weirdest champion?
I nominate dragonfly kog'maw
: Playing when behind
One of my friends told me to look up lane freezing/last hitting. Really helps when you are looking to improve your skill. If freezing still gets you killed you just stay back and only go for the xp drops as others have probably already mentioned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8a1--39zfE explains the basics.
Piffy22 (EUW)
: Most fun support
If you have the BE/RP or shard, I would recommend nami. She deals great dmg, has 2 knock-ups, heals incredibly well.


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