Lolzor (EUNE)
: >Rågê: ok ff I don't even need to read more. 100% deserved punishment.
Yes, it is deserved, but not because of this comment. "ok ff" - I wrote this after yi inted 5th time :) The rest of my team agreed with me.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Post-Game > Rågê: enjoy ban Oh the irony :P
Giojun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rågê,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=r7LcjVnn,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-31T16:07:26.464+0000) > > I have got an info, that my report ended up with a successful ban for that piece of shit. That makes you happy? That someone else got banned as well as you getting permanently banned on a level 26 account?
Who cares. I am proud of my permaban. I always wanted one from santa.
Giojun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rågê,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=r7LcjVnn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-31T16:00:45.032+0000) > > At least yi have got banned too xd How do you know Yi got banned as well?
I have got an info, that my report ended up with a successful ban for that piece of shit.
Rågê (EUW)
: I must say, this one was deserved and both 14 days were also deserved. But it is still funny. I have more fun inting than playing this shitty game.
At least yi have got banned too xd
Rågê (EUW)
: My permaban, have fun reading.
I must say, this one was deserved and both 14 days were also deserved. But it is still funny. I have more fun inting than playing this shitty game.
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Rågê (EUW)
: I play less, so I deserve less. You are forgetting that IE could have been fixed, so that we would get more for matches. Introducing BE was completely unnecessary.
Now you are getting shards that you don't need at all, then you discard them and that is it. You will buy a champion that you need, not a champion from a shard, coz u are not an idiot. Those shards are completely useless. You just need BE to buy a champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rågê,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IEPu4PKs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-28T08:18:47.643+0000) > > Discarding them is anoying. The amount of BE you get is anoying. I would prefer to get BE from playing matches, so that I can get the amount that I deserve. So you deserve less BE than you currently get?^^
I play less, so I deserve less. You are forgetting that IE could have been fixed, so that we would get more for matches. Introducing BE was completely unnecessary.
Rågê (EUW)
: The only personal information, that you HAVE TO give is your county's name. The rest is just about your account, which is not the only account that you have. Like, even I have 4. Used to have 5, but I can't remember the login for one of them.
Oh and your age is there too, but it gives little to no information. It only says that you are not a kiddo.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Asking for personal information is not free.
The only personal information, that you HAVE TO give is your county's name. The rest is just about your account, which is not the only account that you have. Like, even I have 4. Used to have 5, but I can't remember the login for one of them.
: Which lane is the best to carry in the current meta
Just play jng. Top is trash, only tanks are playable. Mid is trash, only 3 champions can be strong enough to stomp and the role is hard. Adc is super trash, like, it is better to actually play a mage on bot. Support is quite good and jng is the best for solo carry, coz u can control the flow of the game yourself, also most of the broken champions are currently in jng and riot doesn't seem to nerf them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zanador,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bnito9yx,comment-id=0003001200000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T13:27:35.500+0000) > > Ultimate removes him from the map, just like Yi or Zed. On that note, i forgot to add Xayah, Vladimir and Maokai to the list above. Wouldn't she have to dive to another enemy champion? Assuming also under a tower.
Yea. Some of champions that they mentioned are not good at tower diving and can only negate 1 turret shot. Still I think turrets should do more dmg and be more tanky. A lot more dmg, bc tower diving is too easy. A little bit more tanky, because getting them too much of a buff would make the games longer again and kinda change the gameplay completely.
Four Star (EUW)
: How does your rank make you feel?
When I hit gold in last season I was happy. In this season I hit plat and will go for diamond and I feel nothing at all.
ihturito2 (EUW)
: champion shards sucks
Discarding them is anoying. The amount of BE you get is anoying. I would prefer to get BE from playing matches, so that I can get the amount that I deserve.
: I gotta say, ever since I read up and began doing all you've written I've instantaneously been seeing better games, I'm improving both my micro and macro such as predicting last game at the very start that trynd will contest for scuttle from red buff and our support, midlaner and me both broke out a small fight that landed us 2 kills ahead right at the start. Later on I feel however I focused too heavily on farming and had to constantly rotate bot because our trist was doing a cheese strat where they push top early. Needless to say we won and our team had alot of fun doing it. Some misplays there and there but overall it seems better compared to how I used to be really monotone with my jungle pathing and how I always just went for full clear right away. Real things I'm working on is predicting lane behavior so I can adjust my pathing accordingly to get the most optimal ganks. EDIT: As well as working on timings on camps, I have a rough idea at their spawn times but I always lose track of them.
Happy to help. I think it is time to hit diamond, I became so lazy after hitting plat, that I don't wanna play anymore. I need to work on my mental condition, because I am sure I can hit diamond pretty easily with jng. The rest of my champs suck tho. I am like 0 mechanical skill, all macro xd
NePhiLim96 (EUNE)
: this happenes too in usual . they still spmmign their lanes 100 times and the first one get his lane and sometimes we have double lane xD and no report for that. in this idea i think their will be a report for that and onnce they release someone with other lane didn't play in te choosen lane he got punishment.
Blind pick is basically a "wild west" kind of thing. It is not suppoused to be good, since it is a playground for all those players, that want it to be a fun game. Blind shouldn't be organized, it should be wild, so that players can test things against other players. For you there is a mode, it is called "draft". You might want to check it out. :) If you don't like blind, they do as I do. Don't play it. It is a wonderland of yasuo players, because only there yasuo isn't banned xd
: Loading Screen, Client Crashes
Try low spec mode and lower resolution of client. Also run the game in admin mode, it might "magically" fix the spaghetti code. The low spec mode turns off your client, when you start a game, so that might fix your wait timers. Also changing some settings of hud might bug out the game, so it might cause bugsplats too. Can't tell really with this amount of information. Also ask player support, they are nice, they might be able to help.
NePhiLim96 (EUNE)
: idea for (non-draft pick games)
This won't work. People that are faster will take what they want. The one left with support will troll. This system would make him want to troll more than now, because it is a system and believe me or not, people hate systems more than they hate other people.
: You can't farm if your jungle is gone.
I usually don't play with thinking about my jng being safe. I think that it is probably gone and I take his jng instead. Like, his chickens are more tasty and if he is stupid enough to not steal your jng, when you stole his jng, then you've got yourself a present. You walk to your jng and see "oh, wtf, my blue buff is still here, but I have his blue buff". Don't give it to your mid laner, he is probably shit.
: Yeah I really enjoy kha's playstyle especially how versatile his kit is for any dueling situation. Kayn right now is my pocket pick since I know that champ so well I can carry mid-late game, but I struggle early if enemy has good awareness and will counter my every move or has superior dueling power.
About cs, 150 in 20 min is ok. You can get more if you want to carry alone, but of course that depends from your champion. You must remember that getting cs from jng alone is not good enough. You can tax your laners but it is better to just take cs from lanes in other situations: 1. When you killed somebody and your laner has 50% hp or less, then you both need to push, so that he can back to buy something and get hp and mana back. 2. If your laner backed to base and you are near that lane, just take the farm, coz why not. 3. You can still tax them, they are probably shit anyways. They don't need farm. (I don't tax, but you are playing kha, you need to be ahead to oneshot). Struggling with Kayn early is normal. His early isn't good. Learn how to cheese in early and you will be more consistent. For some junglers 100cs in 20 min is good, because they cannot get more (riot fkd up some of them), but you should aim for 150-200cs in 20min. Not getting it is ok if you get kills. Watch jng path of some of the best kha zix players, they do a lot of smart pathing. For example they path in a way, so that they can deny a scuttle crab and take it. Btw, play around scuttle crabs, they are like free gold and you don't want your enemy to get free gold. Ward a lot in enemy jng, so that you know when you can get his cs and when enemy jngler goes for a gank on top and you are bot, just go to his jng and take all of it. He gets 300g for a kill on top and he loses 300g because you fkd him.
: Thank you for your feedback, I will definetly look into getting another account to practice and focus on learning new champs, right now I'm playing khazix but my champion pool seems too broad overall and will look to reducing it to 2 champs for now. While I don't think my micro is half-bad, I definetly think I should look into improving my reaction times to skillshots especially in teamfights.
Also learn to play similar champions. Kha is good in carrying and is invisible, take another champ like that. 2 are enough for 1 season.
: Which champs do you see in almost every game(normal)
Graves in every single game. Just fkn nerf this guy. He is op since 8.8, he doesn't need to be op all the time. I am bored of seeing him. I know how to play against him, so give me another fkn enemy.
: How can I stop hard feeding?
Get good. The obvious answer is to 1 learn a role, for example jungle, to your fullest potential, with max 3 champions, then learn how to play on a secondary role with 1-2 champions, without learning the secondary role. There is only this much, that you can learn in one year. Don't try to learn 2 roles or many champions. You just need to know how to play against them. In jungle it is always about lvl1 information war. You need to invade or ward the enemy jng and gain knowledge of where they start. Go to the opposite side of jng and take both your and his buff. This will be scaling the whole game, since you will get information, when the enemy buff is respowning to steal it again or set a trap to kill him. This is a cheese strat that works from bronze to gold very well and from plat to diamond just well, since they will use the same strat and take your jng, while you are taking theirs. After that you need to inform your team a lot, while staying informed about enemy movement. To spot enemy movement easier you need to play the same champion all the time. When you get good enough with the champion, it will be easier to look at the map, while doing something else "multitasking". You cannot play macro, when your micro is bad. When your micro get's better, you focus on playing macro and then you get even better. Watching and learning from vids will help with micro, because you get feedback, but macro is something based on experience and experimenting. You can think off of a strat that will gain you more early game kills or pressure. You can copy somebody's strat and if you use it many times, it will make your macro better. First of all, make another account. Your ranked account and training account can't be the same, since you have to take risks to get better. You won't take risks on your main account, even if you want. You can learn your role by simply playing it. Everybody knows how to play jng, you just need to know what you can do and what you can't do. You can learn your champions by simply playing them. Play 1-2 champions at a time, commit your time to them and learn tricks and cheese strats. Both champions and roles have some strats that you can use to gain early game advantage. General knowledge is the game itself. You need to know how and when you need to take baron and stuff. How to trade (every champion has different capabilities for trade). How to farm. You can get that from YouTube. The important stuff is baron and how to close the game. Plus ignore all other drakes, take fire drake only. The rest is still good, but not worth your time. Enemy junger will commit to that drake, while you can take his whole jng or kill somebody. Fire drake is essential, he is too strong overall, you need to get it. If you get behind in jng, you have to play for objectives. You won't carry without kills. Let other people carry you then. There is no simple answer to the situation, when you are behind, because if your enemy is smart, he will win. If it is one fed enemy, just kill him over and over again with your team. The best is just too instakill him with all you have got. The rest is probably shit, so killing him automatically wins you the fight or at least makes the game longer, so that you can catch up to him and make the game 5v5 at 35-45 min. Kills are setting him ahead, but that doesn't mean that he is immortal (unless he is trynda, then you are %%%%ed). And don't ever force ganks or kills against somebody that you cannot kill (vlad, udyr, trundle, graves).
: So trolling is 2 sided. You lost due to a bad team comp right? Have you never won any games due to the enemy having 5 ADCs or some weird comp as well? Seems a bit funny, that all these posts indicate that the problem is ONE SIDED, it NEVER HAPPENS that the makers of said threads, let's say, win a couple of freebies, in reverse scenarios. But oh wait ! When this happens, one ADC from the enemy team and creates AN IDENTICAL THREAD, saying that he just had 5ADCs in the team, and lost due to that and that he had a decent score. You pick shaco and get kills? wow. congrats. The champ's useless post 25min, everyone knows that. Pick a 1v9 champ, not shaco, if you wanna have the slightest impact on the game, past laning-phase. Also, kills mean nothing, if you have no idea what to do with them. Objective dmg is all what matters, in EVERY ELO. Destroying the Nexus is the way to win a game, not by getting 72 kills in 25mins. About the troll pick vs strategy. How will you weed that out. I have won games with AD janna top, while losing other games. Was it a troll pick in the lost games and a strategy in the won game? Why can't you accept that sometimes the enemy is just better, and you deserve to lose. Look a bit on boards frontpage, and count all the posts like yours, in the past 3 days (hint 30+). What does this tell you? Game is full of people who can't climb, and can't cope with the fact that they are in fact stuck in a certain ELO. How is it possible that people who smurf get 80% win-rates (including me) in silver and gold? How can smurfs win a 4v5 game? Pretty simple : they know the game better than a silver player does. So what does the silver player need to do? a.) make threads b.) read 2 guides, spend 10 seconds at least thinking on how to improve. Guess which 1 will help you climb. Another thing, lemme tell you a little secret : Players who int, receive an instant 14 ban, I don't know what's your definition of "troll", so I'll put that into the same category as this 1. Players who are toxic, receive a 10 game chat restriction, followed by a 14 day. In both cases, following the 14days ban, there is a permanent ban. About permabans, LOADS of people, also if you would read the forum before posting - would be so great - are getting banned DAILY, mostly for toxic behavior. I've personally commented on 5 perma ban cases for toxicity in the past 48hours. What are we even talking about here? The system works, nobody said it's perfect, it's the best they can do for a FREE TO PLAY game. You don't want trolls in your team, you feel like EVERY SINGLE MATCH, ONLY YOU get the trolls? - Get 4 friends, play flex. easy. Ranked games have a to high competitive spirit and that makes you uncomfortable? Play ARAM as 5, or play introbots as 5, so you avoid "lane stealing" and "ks" terms used in bot-games. As we grow older in life, we learn to deal with our own problems, and realize when do we have the necessary power and when we don't, to act upon situations. In this case, posting this on the forum, will result in nothing - 99% of the users are players, who have no authority, and even if a rioter sees this, what do you think will happen? Place randomly challenger players in your team so you can stop complaining in silver? If you find a bug, or you feel abused/harassed in a game, file a report and post a ticket to support, don't post the same thread 58 times / day on the forum... it's getting REALLY boring.
Em. How is that one sided. I wrote: > The problem that I see is that when I lose it is because my team is constructed from me on shaco, 3 adc and ad kata. If I win then the enemy team is build from 4 tanks with grasp of the undying. So it was both about winning and losing, not one sided at all. I lost a match with 3 adc and won a match with 4 grasps of the undying. I know that it is difficult to read properly, but try harder please and never again put words in my mouth. You have apparently no knowledge about Shaco. Actually, as the game progresses he is stronger. He is no longer an early game champion. You need to try him out, because you don't know anything about him. If I deserved to lose I wouldn't be mad about it and about trolling, it is actually toxic but we can't do anything about it. Instead we should do something about inting. If you don't agree then you are wrong. It is not that I can't climb, it is actually easy to climb. I am only saying, that inting players should get punished. Don't you agree? Why do people like you are always so salty, like, you literally jump to conclusions, that i can't climb xd Chill out dude. Yeah, you are saying that inting players are getting 14 days ban .... those 2 players, from my team and enemy team are still unbanned. They both inted more than 3 games in a row. I know that people get banned, because I did, but when somebody does something like that and still is unbanned, it is just not right. I deserved that ban, they deserve their bans, but didn't get them. When you are saying that the game has high competitive spirit, do you actually feel that? I surely don't. Let me ask you something. Do you like trolls, afk and inting people in your teams? Do you enjoy it? I know your answer and this shows how your argument is just to make you feel better than others. And again, you actually think that everybody is low elo and that I am silver. Dude, chill. Your ego is too big. What I expect is a 5v5 match. When 1 player is afk, the other one is inting, then it is 3v5. Do you actually think that this is fair? Toxicity isn't a problem, inting is. I mute everyone and win a game, but if somebody ints, then the game is unwinnable by default. You might not agree, but again, you are saying things to make yourself feel better. This has no reflection in reality. In reality people are ruining matches on daily basis and 5 out of 50 will get banned. Big achievement. People need to int 10-20 matches before they get a ban. Before I've got banned I actually inted every single day. It just wasn't visible that much, because i've got some kills. The important thing is if the action is intentional, then it should be punished.
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: > [{quoted}](name=FakersTiltedWife,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=L1hNyPZE,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-05-09T16:25:02.688+0000) > > Then it will be the same at 94 lp. Terrible idea why terrible? 94 now its fine, but think always people stay on 99 Lp not 94 soo its goo idea
That would mean that you would get 30 lp for a match, while the rest of your team would get 25 lp. I don't see anything fair in this. Anyways, the ranked system will change in S9, so just wait for another season. Actually, the new ranked system will be terrible, but idc anymore.
: Play just for 1LP? RIOT
They shouldn't change it. It functions consequently now, if we change it, then what about 98 LP? It is better the way it is.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Does Riot insist on continuing to show only Lux favouritism?
They buffed her in wrong manner, but she needed a buff. Just the way they buff champions is always weird. Lux can fire 3 ults in the same team fight. I mean, she should be reworked instead of buffed. Now instead of Kamehameha she does Ultra Gatling Laser Railgun. Now they will rework marksman again, which is a nerf probably, but some assassins will benefit too greatly on that.
: is unlocking honor supposed to take that long :( ?
Well. I had to write to Riot, so that after a chat restriction they unlocked my honor. I told them that it takes too long. I hope that they can fix it in the future, because the honor system should be more dynamic.
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rågê,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NsFBoTHf,comment-id=00070002,timestamp=2018-05-08T17:31:52.567+0000) > > I have got banned for inting, so it works. You need to report somebody and put some words in that report, it must be descripted. What are the magical words for yasuo mid who feeds enemy Annie? 1/7 as fking yasuo? Later edit: QUICK BRAINSTORMING SESSION: Look at my score, look at Nasus's score, LOOK AT EVERYBODY ELSE'S SCORE IN MY TEAM! TLDR: I rekt another Nasus in top lane, yeah that death is from me obviously and then mid, jungle and bot comes to fk me under tower 3 times :) How to win these games? How to get this shithead Yasuo banned permanently from league? Please don't even try to say "it was a bad game", since this is what happens to all midlane yasuo's in this elo. I am pretty sure he gets away with it, as usual, right? But flamers do get punished. Most outraging thing is Nasus actually wrote "ez" at the end of the game :)
But ... it was just a bad game for him. Probably camped by a perfect kda kayn. It wasn't a terrible game, he didn't do it intentionally and ... did you actually expect anything out of a yasuo player? Anyways, he didn't go 0/12 or 4/20 so yeah. Unlucky game, kayn destroyed everybody. Happens. Enemy team was just better, and you weren't influential enough. You don't need to win every single game, it is not possible. What matters is consistency. You need to win more than you lose and that is progress. Just farm mmr and you will get 25 lp from a win, then getting diamond is a child's play. Literally, when I farmed mmr, I have got plat 3 easily and could go for diamond, but I was bored. By doing that I didn't have fun, so I gave up, but if you want to rank up, I highly advice you to mmr farm.
: Hextech bullshit ...
I feel that getting emotes is actually disappointing. Mostly because you get only an emote, without any additional gain. I don't even use emotes, they are too toxic.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I'm saying this because it caught smoeone it shouldn't have AND hasn't caught many others it should have. The problem with this form of observation is still that you don't see the total amount of people it catches correctly, because very very few of them will make posts about it. The ones that gain traction in the community are the false positives, or those that haven't been caught for some reason. All the other ones that do actually get punished are for the most part ignored. --- If you see a player that's managed to dodge FeederBuster, send in a ticket. Support manually looks into these cases, and the data provided by these accounts can be used to improve the system in the future. Support do handle reports like this.
Completely agree. I was banned for inting, which was deserved. I think the system isn't perfect, but works. Thanks to that I reformed and am a kind player now. What I would like is information about the player banned thanks to my report. There actually exist something like that, but information gained from it is insignificant and fails to satisfy. I also think that every person that reported that player should get an information, that the inting player has been banned. It might help them with fighting frustration. Also, can you tell me what are your thoughts about dodging games? Because I think that people should dodge more games, but cannot find an answer to: how to encourage them to do so. The loss in points might be a reason or maybe something else too. Maybe the punishment for it should be different.
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Brokenhz (EUW)
: Maybe you guys didnt realise that int isnt bannable like flame?? If you int 20 games nothing will happen. Only flame is bannable int you can do it for couple of times then play normally then again int nothing will happen. Riot care only about flame.Big joke working system. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I have got banned for inting, so it works. You need to report somebody and put some words in that report, it must be descripted.
: Upcoming 8.11 Patch reflection
I am almost sure that we will see ad assassins and {{champion:157}} destroying everything. Atm {{champion:238}} is one of the strongest ad assassins, after this patch he might actually be broken and perma banned.
Rågê (EUW)
: LoL is awkward, look at how mages had infinite mana in 8.8 and still were weak. Now they lost that trait and I am ok with it, they conpensated us with ap but... mages still suck. I simply don't want to play them anymore. I converted to jungle and support lol. This is sad. Me as a support. Laughable. Somehow carrying became harder as well. I might be 20/0 and still get solo killed by 2/11, just because he is a tank.
The unique trait of mages was cdr, however now everybody has 45% cdr sooooo ... it really doesn't make much sense. Why everybody? I can understand mages, supports and even some assassins, but everybody? Now the game is about stunning people, because after one stun you won't move again, you will get chain ccd and killed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rågê,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QT6KB4xg,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-04-26T14:54:17.922+0000) > > I do more dmg as ad zilean than ap xd Ad Le Blanc is great as well. Ad Kata still does work, but is weak or average at best. Some AP champions with good mechanics or movement speed ability are quite usefull as ad. > > Can't say that i hate it. It is actually enjoyable. maybe, but what is the point of ap at this point O.o? technically mages are dead :/ i still play them ap for the mage feels though XD kata isn't a mage though, but yeah her kit doesn't have much cc which is probably why ad kat is weaker, its risky to melee with a squishy kat that can't get away unless you can blink lol and hextech gunblade seems to be more effective on her ult than on her basic attacks O.o.
LoL is awkward, look at how mages had infinite mana in 8.8 and still were weak. Now they lost that trait and I am ok with it, they conpensated us with ap but... mages still suck. I simply don't want to play them anymore. I converted to jungle and support lol. This is sad. Me as a support. Laughable. Somehow carrying became harder as well. I might be 20/0 and still get solo killed by 2/11, just because he is a tank.
Rismosch (EUW)
: It's both. If AD items would be that OP, you'd see how they are used by other classes.
: i looked at some post game graphs and got shocked by a fact : ap scaling mages actually.... drumrolls~ do more damage building full ad! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} so yeah even post game graphs prove ad items are too powerfull.
I do more dmg as ad zilean than ap xd Ad Le Blanc is great as well. Ad Kata still does work, but is weak or average at best. Some AP champions with good mechanics or movement speed ability are quite usefull as ad. Can't say that i hate it. It is actually enjoyable.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Movement speed, cooldown reduction, ap, an active that reveals and slows on very short cd(reduced even more by ingenious hunter and inspiration cdr rune) makes this a must buy on any ap champion, especially supports to allow both picks and peel. Since the slow increases with distance rather rapidly, it's especially good on likes of nami and leona, who can enchance their disengage power. Up here I even see it alot in midlane as second item just cause it provides unparalelled utility.
{{item:3905}} 60ap 7% ms 10% cdr and active {{item:2065}} 40ap 200hp 10% cdr 8% ms and active In comparizon the second item is a lot better and more reliable. But tbh you made me realize that Twin Shadows might be good for geting picks around the map. I still think that every other supporting item is better and when i compare them it seems like it. I will just consider that some people like it. I won't use it tho. Especially not on mid lane, where every single item has better stats and more reliable active usage. If Riot gave it mana regeneration then i would obviously buy it.
FraCro (EUW)
: I'll be blunt,Rakan is broken as supp and mid.I will try full ap Rakan later.But for supp i go after shock whit Domination ( sudden impact + ingenious ).Hes so mobile and in team fight whit {{item:3158}} and ton of cdr items i literally can tilt any one in enemy team xD Last few games i focused on lower my death count in game,and smh whit Rakan i don't die more then 4 times,but still i'm not satisfied about that.I want to lover it to 2 death per game when we are not losing hard. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yeah. I oneshot LeBlanc as Rakan supp xd Sona and Rakan mid are quite good. I will be testing them for next few days.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: what about {{item:3599}}? what about {{item:3175}}? what about {{item:3902}} ? what about sunrise? what about rain? what about items that are for one champ to gain?
Yup. You have the point there.
: Champion Sexualization
My favourite sexualized champion is Anivia, so HOT.
PepijndM (EUW)
: Actually, the most objectified champ in league is obviously Taric.
He is so fabulous.
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=eEytmENP,comment-id=00080000000000010000,timestamp=2018-04-23T15:26:36.472+0000) > > Do I believe how women are represented in gaming, changes the behavior of men towards women? absolutely. As I said, nowhere near on as large of a scale that it is always made out to be, but it definitely does. You can believe in anything. People all around the world believe in virgins birthing children, talking burning bushes, people being reborn into animals, ufos visiting their farm and other outlandish claims. And while I have no problem with freedom of belief, don't come and wonder why people are mocking you for trying to make others feel bad based solely upon my own belief. You have no concrete evidence, you're not even trying to play this like you do have any proofs of your claims. > Would you like an example? One of the first conventions I went to had a few very kind gentleman make fun of a cosplayer because she wasn't the exact body type of the character she did a fantastic job cosplaying. Would that have happened if it was someone more petite doing the same for a larger character? I doubt it. I was actually talking about examples within the society. A one guy making fun of fact chick _(things that also happen to men at a large scale because as a society, we do have aversion to being fat and we see this as universally negative trait)_ proves nothing except maybe the conclusions I talked about. It's certainly not related to sex. If a fat man would cosplay, let's say, Batman, people would laugh at him as well. There was even an Internet meme with a dad and son, both overweight, cosplaying Batman and Robin. > Did the characters appearance change their behaviour? Again, because it was overtly sexual, and she'd taken a different approach so she could still cosplay one of her favourite characters, Id safely say it was contributing towards this behaviour. [There is no real correlation between sexy fictional characters and sexism]( And while this is a one solid study, it's still far better than your claim that digital boobies make people hate on women because somebody made a fun of a fat chick portraining slim character.
Oh, i am starting to like you. You are right about so many things. Keep it up.
: Let's not forget Braum.You can see his nipples and he has a majestic mustache.
Yes, that mustache is so majestic.
: The Problem is Viktor is the Leader of the glorious Evolution and with that meaning he would f**k a machine and yee I dunno how riot would be able to explain that so we probably won't see viktor's daughter{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I love that you said "probably" xd
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: > [{quoted}](name=Rågê,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0EUmOTRJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-23T20:46:54.303+0000) > > Or at least make a female clown champion :) Please no. Let's not cannibalize another design space for Shaco, even though at this point I don't think Shaco will remain a clown. ######He's a puppet in his new story... :(
He is a puppet? This is sad. I love his champion design. :(
: The item should be unique to vik... no point in changing one of the things that make him unique
Ok. You are right.
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