: Demonblade Tryndamere
Fat chance of that happening, as a rework wouldn't generate $$$ for them....
Bogity (EUNE)
: Permabanned. Come and enjoy my tilted and %%%%%%ed chat logs and laugh
Other than report calling, I wouldn't class any of that as toxic, far from it in fact..!
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Silver - [...]players here have low skill levels on their respective champions, huge champion pools, and general lack of game knowledge. They have difficulty snowballing, roaming, rotating, defending, and especially finishing games. Priorities differ, and there is not general rule here. Team coordination is very low, wards are rarely seen, and even when they are, they are ignored. Object permanence does not exist here as well. Players are prone to tilting and often come into games tilted. At this point, the game becomes more of a chore to them, than actual fun, and it shows. When winning, they are euphoric, and when losing they might try harder but can also give up completely. Sometimes even when losing they feel like they are ahead and make daring plays that sometimes turn the game around. i take it you've never played in silver either... >Silver: [...]closing games is hard for this elo, and 50 minute tennis games are often seen here. see my previous comment. i have 2 accounts in silver(one on each eu server) and the things you talk about are ridiculous. i've seen a 50 minute game maybe twice this season
I think he's pretty spot on, from what I remember the biggest problem in silver, is people would rather chase for 20+min, than close a easy game.., and that's even when behind or dying repeatedly from chasing. Warding was also a city in the Russian tundra, flaming was also pretty much every game.., and report calling was usually on the losing side, regardless if legit or not.
: Real Solo Q
While a true solo-que would be hugely appreciated, it wont negate the boosted account service this game flourishes on, you'd just have high diamond+ playing other players accounts, that said... Just the chance of not having to endure those idiotic teen premades that always play like trash, and then start to troll under the guise of not caring while getting %%%% all penalty, is worth it. Though I doubt Riot will ever make this (It should have been split when flex was first introduced), because they have history to prove they value %%%%ed up things over common sense!
Wannes (EUW)
: End of EU LCS?
Trying to dilute the scotch with water while still hoping to cash in on the real thing. Not that it makes any difference to me, it's been insanely boring watching League LCS for the past 2 years at least.. All teams following the same narrow champions pool, same manual for playing the game., and above all, the non-stop interruption of ongoing games so we can see that flashy play in slow-motion (Pukes!).
MJF1030 (EUW)
: Veterans dont want free stuff
For someone claiming they don't want anything for being veteran, I'd hate to see what you'd want when you do want something...
: Ya sure?
Given the eggplant players I met on a daily basis, I am pretty sure yes!
: Maybe this post would have been better as a part of [Games, Contests & Jokes](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en) board instead?
Well it isn't a joke, so I don't think so.
: The start seemed nice that there could be a notification to use it, but damn the end was way over the top
What's over the top about it? Riot may as well give these eggplant players oranges instead of trinkets, their both yellow / orange, it wouldn't matter if you had a Riot bot or one of these vegetable players on your side. This is part of the reason why their match making is so freaking dogshit, this should be part of the algorithm no matter what strawman excuse people can come up with! There is nothing more frustrating than being matched with players who manage 1 trinket over the course of 40min, while you rock 5+ pinks and using the trinket near enough on cd, while the enemy team is warding up so hard, they have vision enough for future games.. I mean, it may as well be riot bots for all I know, these types play the same! So ye, some screen shacking or redlight to alert them they blow more than a 2 dollar junkie whore.., anything to make them spark that sponge they have on their shoulders.
Rismosch (EUW)
: So you want that the game kicks people because they don't use their trinket? So you prefer playing 4v5s over having someone on your team who doesn't ward? What the actual %%%%?!
4v5? I'd much rather have a riot bot pushing a lane on autowalk than one of these eggplants on my side, that keep either facechecking and dying, or get ganked over n' over cause their nothing but an oversized minion. What's worse is that these types of players often lose track of their lane enemy resulting in another lane being taxed, and despite that lane being empty, instead of pushing it they run to where their lane enemy is to die. So no, eggplants isn't a harsh term to use for these types of players!
Rioter Comments
: Leblanc the deceiver
I got her a week ago despite not knowing she had been changed, I played her once and then retired her.. _Used to play her a lot on another account in previous seasons_ Without her burst potential and the new ability cloning she's utterly gutted.
: Why is it bad to play simple champions?
Low skill oriented champions is a term invented by players, the only thing that seperates the ones you mentioned from all other champions, is the person playing them. What's great in one players hands could be a vegetable in anothers, If you go by Riot's skill board on the client for champions, it isn't worth a pot to piss in (Much like their match making algorithm).
: To all the ban threads
Who's "we" in your fouth section?- the forum users who's opinion on the subject isn't worth anything? This entire thread is as valuable as those posting about their bans, when they should be going straight to support.
: Toxic Players
Depending on whether it was ranked or normal what's coming, but.. Honestly, I can perfectly understand why you get flamed for it, I've lost count of the amount of time where both lane and game have been destroyed due to my jungler, diving the enemy laner without having a means of escape and dying. Depending on the enemy player and the champion, 1 dive can break the lane entirely resulting in losing map control also, leading to a loss quite fast.
irekk11 (EUW)
: When you get an A+ and When you get an S- (Funny)
It has to do with your difference in cs.
ModMayhem (EUW)
: Anyone else experiencing high ping the past 3 days?
I've had the odd freeze for 1-2 seconds ever since the server-side patch to get rid of the random freezing, but the frequency it happens with it could just as well be on my end since it's far from every game it happens.
: Why are there Permabans instead of bans over years?
Whether you ban a account for a certain amount of time, or perma-ban the account makes no difference. People don't reform over a game, they are who they are due to external factors and their upbringing, and any type of account ban has only one agenda.., increasing revenue. Anyone claiming it isn't being done to increase revenue is full of bs.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Why are people on the boards so hypocritical? Especially in the PB boards. Genuine question.
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Some motivation ?
Motivational speech to play ranked? Sure, stay out of it until you get a mentality befitting that game-mode. In case you ignore that advice, don't worry to much, uncle Rito has your back to penalize dem bad word users when you play like trash and never ward while recieving your gank nr 5 and dying inside of 5min, costing the game for the 4 other players on your team. Yes, I am pissed over the %%%%ing eggplants you get with the dogshit match making "tool".
: >Hope this works good for you. It does, because it keeps more flame out of actually relevant games. Do you think anyone cares if you now ruin smurf games? No one cares. Not even the other people playing this game. If you overdo it, you get permabanned on the new accounts as well (<30 accounts actually get permas quicker than ranked accounts, exactly because of angry keyboard heros who vent their frustration in smurf games). So go ahead. No one cares, least of all Riot.
What? Eventually these people reach lvl 30 (Doesn't take long with a boost), more significantly is the path they have to do again, potentially encountering new players and teaching them how %%%%ed up the game is, because of piss poor match making and even worse regulations from Riots side.. If you are going to have a competitive game-mode, then let it be competitive and deal out punishments to the players who deserve it, people who are only there to flamebait and troll games. If people in ranked can't tolerate being told the truth when they play like garbage (Hello junglers that tower dive @lvl 3 with no means of escape), they should utilize the mute funtion! Their permaban policy on harsh words solves absolutely nothing, if anything it only enforces toxicity increases on all levels, and often for the worse as you can clearly tell by this thread. When people get banned for using PG13 rated words, they quickly realise they just need to play the game in a manor that ruins it for others where they have no control on dealing with it (Unlike the mute funtion). Perma bans on bad words is just another version of the corporate worlds fee policy, it's purely to increase their revenue and nothing more!
: Will overcapping CDR in S8 be turned into AD/AP?
If it is, I can't imagine it being done on a 1:1 scale, since that would render some AP items useless.
: You are not entitled to ganks
The worst games I have as jungler, is when a lane ping spams for a gank at lvl 2-3 (Usually bot lane) because they couldn't get the cs without engaging. This shows me 2 things which causes me to ignore the lane and mute the player doing the ping spam. 1. They can't play the role =/= lane they picked at all. 2. They are either perma-tilted or highly toxic.
BadBigus (EUW)
: Thanks Riot for making me a troll :)
Honestly, I agree with you 100%. Just like their match making, it makes fck all sense to have a torret of game modes where one is suppose to be competitive, yet players who are clearly there testing out a new champ or directly trolling with both masteries and summoners, and who will often feed several kills or just wander the map, leaching experience without doing anything else, gets the free pass because "_it's just a game, and as long as you don't say a word we deem it's just a bad game for you_".
: What is your opinion on Ranked Matchmaking Algorithm and MMR?
Parameters is a big word to apply to Riots match making algorithm, because it only uses wins > loses + an arbitrary number they keep hidden. It makes 0 usage of actual game-related statistics. Riot won't enter this debate because they know their simplistic attempt at creating fair and balanced games, is the online gaming industries all-time joke, it works for Diamond and above where people know the basics of the game, everything below it's a mess in the truest sense of the word. You'll get things like players picking AP Lux into a Blitzkrank / Leona enemy support, despite roaming enemies they refuse to buy sight stone because they have 0 comprehention of the value vision brings to a game (Mean while enemy team will have between 5-8 wards down at any given time). You'll have games where players are like vegetables in lanes, jungler can ping until cd enters that a gank is coming, and they'll still be there cs'ing until they lose their uncontested towers and base.
: Hello Rípley I also propose a change that will make sure you get the role you want to get, and are comfortable on. If this is true for all the players, then I believe the games will be more competitive, rather than people playing off-role or autofilled into a position they (almost) never (want to) play.
Truthfully, your proposal (or any other of similar kind) makes 0 difference to me, whether it's one or the other has no bearing on the quality of games at all, when the match making tool isn't incorporating actual game statistics. I mean, they could run with what you suggest and have 1 giant bland board flooded with points from 0 to 1 trillion, it literally makes no difference. Whether I am 100% sure to get a role I choose or not I'm indifferent to, when well over half the games, you have players not understand the vision game, and it literally just boils down to which side has the fewest fiesta soldiers. I know this isn't an issue at diamond and above, that's why I honestly don't care what happens in the game, when it comes to suggestions such as yours. I just feel it's malplaced saying it's about quality, when it's more a case of personal preference.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You really don't see the issue, do you. Without autofill, people eventually do go back to Blind, thus even less people play Draft, making queuetimes even longer and making autofill even more neccessary than it is right now. How mich quality do you need? We are at a point where the quality of matches can't be increased that much anymore. So instead, Riot sacrifices a bit of quality to get rid of long queuetimes. It ain't as bad as everyone says. Someone got autofilled, so what? In the past people already conplained about noobs and boosted players. Now they blame autofill for the same kind of players. The quality hasn't been changed that much. The only one who suffers is the individual who does get autofilled and even he can better deal with it if he is willing to play easy Supports like Soarak and Janna. The tradeoff is worth it. Autofill is neccessary. --- --- --- And for the ranked experience you are only thinking about casuals and how they ruin your games. But how is that a problem? The matchmaking is matching you dependet on your mmr, which ensures you play with and against players on your skill level. Your rank doesn't even matter. So how does the current rank system affect games? It doesn't. However it does make you feel better outside of games. If your mmr lower than your rank, good for you, you will climb faster due to getring more LP. But if your mmr is lower than your rank, it is still more satisfying. Of course your rank is higher than you deserve, but don't you want the best rank you can get. And if you are not satisfied with it, then it is your problem and your problem only. If you would change your mindset anf how to approach this system, you can have fun with it. Here's a thought: People like the current system, no matter what you say or how many upvotes you got. You got like 10 upvotes or so. But how many people complain about the system? How many cry out, saying the old system is better? Only a few do. Because those who like it don't complain. They are busy playing the game, being satisfied with the experience they are getting. They have no time to go on the boards or anywhere else, saying how good the system is, or that they simply don't care. You need to realize this. Your idea is not better. The current system is good. And people like how it is now.
'People who dont complain like the system and are busy playing the game'. The last time I heard this type of assumed statement was in WoW, and people weren't happy with the "system", they were playing until they reached a point of no return and simply left the game for good.
: Go play blind pick then. We don't need this ''quantity over quality'' concept in a competitive game queue. Casual players who prefer a ''quicky'' rather than playing to improve or to win probably shouldn't consider playing ranked. People who stop playing ranked to not risk dropping is objectively not that big of a problem, the problem is that you can lose a lot of games without dropping on such milestone, resulting in you actually having a lower MMR than a lot of people ranked below you. If a player reaches a specific satisfactory rank or elo, resulting in no interest to play further, why would they be allowed to keep it? Hitting a division shouldn't be considered as a prize, it's called ranked for a reason. You are ranked in a list with fellow equal highly rated people near you. The constant dynamic of people changing their rank on the ladder should be in its nature. If you stop playing after a certain obtained tier or elo, it means you're not competitive or willing enough to keep that rank. As I mentioned in my post, for all those casual players out there you can just play a different queue if you're not willing to put time and effort into playing.
Long que times is primarily a problem in diamond and above, but if anything it's a result of the current match making algorithm, in lower tiers / divisions you hardly ever get autofill. That's not the same as saying I disagree with your proposal, I just think your term of quality is malplaced given all you do, is switch one type of ladder for another, so it isn't about quality as much as it is person to person perception.
pieps (EUW)
: thats just wrong you ever seen the "champion difficulty" in your LoL client? even riot says some champions are more difficult than others
Your missing the point, but I know it would be pointless pulling out the crayons for you. Riots champion difficulty is as solid as their match making (This here is called sarcasm).
Perilum (EUW)
: The HWID is only known to the local installed Windows version. It is not announced outside the system. If you change one component, you get another HWID. It's a checksum generated by Windows to verify the integrity of the system and Windows installation. This HWID is accumulated by the MAC addresses of the hardware, which are also not made public. Stop spreading misinformation.
Well you keep believing online games aren't privy to HWID's (It's common to everyone with average iq that HWID bans can be used if a given company wants to use it). I find it pointless arguing with someone as dense as a brick, so enjoy your little NSA bubble....
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You just give one sided arguments and don't accept when someone disagrees and once someone disagrees you jsut go on personal attacks.
Yes which is based _**purely**_ on wins and loses, it's probably still not sinking into that sponge your have on your shoulders.., but hey, at least you can link stuff you don't understand anyway.
Hecate (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rípley,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=T19NBw4M,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2017-08-30T13:27:22.584+0000) > > Except it isn&#x27;t. An autheticator is a stand-alone server where you send a signal to get a unique random number, which must be used ontop of your username and password. > > After verifying your authenticator you don&#x27;t need to use it all the time, but if a login is attempted from a IP that is unknown to the system, it has to be used. I do use mine all the time even though it's boring. But what I meant by using an anthenticator is that they would have evidence that someone is trying to log in to their account (maybe the location too) and could send this to the support to prove they're not guilty. Idk how it really works though because I use my authenticators everytime I log in.
As far as I know Riot does not support autheticators, so I don't know what you mean other than username and password.
Perilum (EUW)
: The IP is not the indicator for the renewal request. IP's change every 24h. If your neighbor logs in with your account, he will not trigger the renewal. Also there is no such thing as "IP bans" as the common believe here is as a solution. Because if the IP is banned, another user of your ISP can't login tomorrow, because he has the IP at this day you had the day before. They only know the DSLAM (The big boxes on the streets for the internet in the blocks surrounding it) from which the connection comes from. That is all. And if the provider bridges between IPv6 and IPv4 you would ban basically the whole ISP with all it's users. In this case the only known location would be the exchange hub of the provider. So you sit in Berlin, but your provider peers in Frankfurt. So for Riot you sit in Frankfurt.
I don't know why you tie this into IP bans, everyone knows to get a effective ban you go to HWID.., but that's neither here nor there.
Treycos (EUW)
: A username/passord is a kind of authenticator What are you talking about exactly ?
Except it isn't. An autheticator is a stand-alone server where you send a signal to get a unique random number, which must be used ontop of your username and password. After verifying your authenticator you don't need to use it all the time, but if a login is attempted from a IP that is unknown to the system, it has to be used.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You just give one sided arguments and don't accept when someone disagrees and once someone disagrees you jsut go on personal attacks.
Disagree all you want if you had any reasoning or logic behind your argumention, but you don't. It is fact that everyone including little ol' you are getting games that no matter what you do (literally), you wont win it. It doesn't matter if you play it above and beyond the biggest LCS star of all times, you won't win it, because you'll have 4 team mates who do nothing but run around the map feeding beyond all reason and logic, who never EVER go for objectives, who wont use their trinkets and who WILL be abusive little kids if you ask them to focus on objectives or use their trinkets. I didn't make this toxic enducing match making, Riot did, I didn't create a match making based on numbers pulled out of my ass in some drug enduced coma one late weekend, Riot did. Disagree all you want, just get a little reasoning behind your overclouding fanboi argumentation! Now, since I've already said this among my frst 2 replies to you and you didn't even understand the concept of the game or what ranks isn't representing, I'll go do something just as interesting.., watching paint dry!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I see you're running out of arguments if the best you can muster is personal attacks.
I'm not running out of anything since I've already provided reasoning and sound arguments why the current match making isn't even worth little league soccer. I'm just not going to bother wasting another 100% argument, on someone who doesn't even understand basic concepts of the game itself. _If you also don't get this reference, scroll back up_
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: it's not 50/50 thing. nad your metaphor makes no sense.
Oh really, you almost had me jumping on the wagon to believe in the current match making though, your level of intellect, reason and insight was just overwhelming me....
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: First 2 are rare, statistical errors. third one happens because player compensates lack of skill in one area with skill in another in another one.
I guess if you wish in one hand and shit in the other to see which one fills first, you also find it a rarity if the one with shit fills more times than the other.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > rank is any kind of indicator of a players ability to even remotely understand basic concepts like objective control and creating vision. How isnt?
Example 1, a boosted <insert random rank here> account Example 2, ebay account Example 3, the number of players who bare ever use a free trinket let alone buyes a pink ward, never track timers yet still manage to climb because they get carried, and as soon as there isn't that 1-2 players on their team carrying them, they drop like rocks in water.
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Is the game enjoyable for you?
It's not enjoyable, far from it in fact, but it's purely down to the shittiest match making ever seen in online gaming where team skill decides if you win or lose. I can't %%%%ing stand watching players not use trinkets in a game, or facecheck while they have 6 trinkets or an unused sight stone rdy to be dropped for over 10min, at times only using 2-3 over the course of 30+min. I don't even want to pretend to understand what level of stupidity is laying the groundwork for that sort of match making, but it's no %%%%in wonder why there's so much toxicity in the game, a huge deal of it could be removed purely by fixing Riots junkie child called match making.
prololmatek (EUNE)
: How to get better or "Git Gud"?
Do what all the EuW wonderboys say is possible, 1v9 and climb ..|..
Grism (EUW)
: I made a mistake
Improve their match making so it makes use of game statistics, and they will get rid of 50% of all flaming. That will of course also create a massive prisoners island, and we can't have dem babies with 23 iq all clumped together, so better keep status quo.........
Estti379 (EUW)
: >When you eventually (cause it happes to everyone) reach a point where the system pairs you with monkey's that can neither lane, nor cs, nor play the champ they pick, can't build for their counterpart or track timers in any way, while at the same time getting normal human players on the eney side.., that's not reaching your skill level, that's just being setup for failure by the system! All of this can be summarized to one word: "Luck" It is not the system who puts you on purpose in a team with "monkeys" because of ... whatever reason. It depends only on luck if you get matched with monkeys in your team. Same goes for the enemy team getting "monkeys". The system always tries to get a even match, the matchmaking system always tries to create a 50/50% match, or at least what the system thinks is a 50/50%. Putting a "monkey" in the team of a performing player on purpose would go against the goal of getting even matches... At the same time, the system has no way of knowing in advance if a player will end up as a "monkey" or not in that match. The system just knows the MMR of the "monkey", and if that MMR is close enough to the MMR of the performing player, then the "monkey" is allowed to be in the same match as the performing player. In the end, from the matchmakings perspective, both players have the same general skilllvl. ______________ >because match making is fundamentally flawed. Would you like to propose a better system then? SPOILER ALERT: whatever you propose to finetune/replace the current system is very likely to perform worse than the current system riot has. So prepare yourself for the high probability to get told how your proposed system would likely fail =P ________________ >Maybe it's just a sad side effect of a system designed for Challenger and Master tier, but it's a %%%%ing grose error to make where 95% of the population is below it Hmm... actually... do you know how long the Queue times are for challenger and master tiers? And more importantly, do you know why they are pretty long in those tiers? The thing is, the current system is better suited for players around silver 5-3. The further away you are from those tiers, the more flawed it starts to get. And it is at the extremities (Best and worst 1%) where the matchmaking starts to get issues. The thing is, in an attempt to lower Qtime at those extremities, matchmaking starts expanding it's MMR range in which it searches for players to fill the blanks. Thus, even though it still tries it's best to create a 50/50% match, the difference between the highest MMR player and the lowest MMR player starts growing the longer the Q takes. Around that Silver 5-3 tiers that doesn't happen that much, because the matchmaking has more than enough players to pick from. Thus, shorter Qtimes and not much need to expands it's MMR range... There might actually be even more ways how matchmaking is flawed. (I'm think of things of the like of, players being very likely to play against/with each other in back to back matches, because of the lack of players at the extremities) __________________ >It also explains why 0 actual game-statistics are used when pairing players Actually, one metric only is used when pairing players together: MMR. And MMR is affected only by one thing: your ability to win/loose games. MMR doesn't reflect the how's and why's a player is winning/loosing matches. It just reacts to the player wins and losses. On it's own, MMR does and says nothing. But if you compare the MMR of 2 players, then you can get some statistical information concerning those 2 players. If the 2 players have a similar MMR, then the match should be pretty even, both players having a 50% chance of winning. If the players have different MMR, the player with Higher MMR is more likely to win. The more their MMR differs, the more likely the Higher MMR player is to win. This is all the matchmaking system needs top create what it thinks is a even match. Using other stats while matchmaking could result in more harm than good. 1) It would make the matchmaking system more complicated and random, since it has more data to use... 2) Very often, ingame stats are misleading. A 1/8/6 with 6 cs/m could very well be the stats of a winning Player, while 26/4/2 with 7 cs/m could be for a loosing one. Some stats can be artificially inflated, like, a player who uses wards the moment it comes off cooldown, but always in suboptimal ways, like in lane, under tower or in base. Or a blitz with a very high CC stat, yet he still lost, because he got those CC stats by hooking the first big target in front of him, like the fed chogath. 3) Stats don't always are able to represent the reason why a player won a match. There simply are few skills that just cannot be expressed nor do translate into stats. For example, a Trundle support/Shyvanna top who, during teamfights, are able to zone out the hypercarries and buy their teammates enough time to deal with the enemy frontline. Trundle/Shyvanna still end up dying without getting any assist (they focused all of their skills on the carries) and Trundle/Shy wasn't able to do much damage at all because the enemy carries did kite well enough. Trundle/Shy don't get many stats: they don't do much damage overall, they don't get any objective damage done to Dragon/Baron/Towers, almost no kills and assist but a handfull deaths. Yet, they are the one of the main reasons why their team won the match. 4) You can have 2 players with exactly the same stats, on exactly the same champions. Yet, one might be Bronze, the other diamond. Should Matchmaking match those 2 together because of their stats?
Congratulations on writing on 5 page essay on the exact same thing I wrote , yet for all this you still fail to acknowledge that game-statistics could easily be implemented under different catergories, and in one case even role. _IT can be done in other games, so it sure as shit can in this one also, but that would completely break the mold Riot have made people swallow._ * Support matched based on average number of trinkets & wards used over the mean course of 10 games * Players matched based on trinket / wards / objectives taken or assisted on / kda The above are very simple and basic elements in this game, yet _most_ only understand kda, even though you can win games being so far behind the enemy team can live on fed kills for future games. Being matched with a support that manages to place 3 wards in total over a 40min game is **not** matching players on skill, not even remotely! Being matched with a player that goes 1/18/1 and keeps running it into enemies is **not** matching players on skill, not even remotely! The current match making is ultra basic and ultra dogshit in everything below Challenger and Master tier, say that it isn't the system eventually pairing you with monkey's and that it's just luck, regardless it boils down to the same thing when you have this totally and utterly decrepit system. Add to it all the mess the pointless concept of placement matches with new players and smurfs being randomly thrown into division, then you have the well known and rather wide-spread chunk of boosted players. I could go on, but why bother.., these threads always end in some pony n' dogshow by fanbois trying to defend a system that wouldn't even make it past little league soccer!
: In five ten minute lower priority queues? I didn't do anything -- is there a way to dispute this?
Suggestion nr 1 (Also the only one you need), sort out your connection and hardware.
Eveninn (EUW)
: If I wanna climb I'll improve to the point where I'll win. I can't 1v9, I can't even 1v2 and barely 1v1, but I don't care about climbing either. ^^
Ïf I want to bore myself with mindless stuff, I'll watch paint dry..
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > It also explains why 0 actual game-statistics are used when pairing players umm, evrything is quite open, you can always check player ranks in sites like op.gg. It's just that human brain doesnt want to accept that it could've failed or be inferior so the best way to pretect itself from facing the reality is blaming the enviroment, which is blaming the team.
You either don't know what game-statistic in regard to match making means, or think rank is any kind of indicator of a players ability to even remotely understand basic concepts like objective control and creating vision. If I had a penny for every player I've ever been grouped with, where we won who still only used just the trinket 0 or 1 time in a 30+min game, I'd be the next Bill Gates.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Bein setup for failure means you still can be good enough to win. .-.
I forgot this board represent nothing but players who constantly pull of the 1v9........
: After such a streak you reached your skill limit. Most likely you are above it. Its just logical that you start losing again. And ffs... stop blaming your team. Its you. Its allways you.
I've never heard such garbage.. When you eventually (cause it happes to everyone) reach a point where the system pairs you with monkey's that can neither lane, nor cs, nor play the champ they pick, can't build for their counterpart or track timers in any way, while at the same time getting normal human players on the eney side.., that's **not** reaching your skill level, that's just being setup for failure by the system! These games is where you reach minute 6 and your mid + top + jungler have given away 8+ kills at this point, and it just keeps going until the team score reads 22+ - 1 or 2. That's **not** reachcing **any** skill level, this sort of deluded BS helps no one, and it certainly isn't going to help improve the game, because match making is fundamentally flawed. Maybe it's just a sad side effect of a system designed for Challenger and Master tier, but it's a %%%%ing grose error to make where 95% of the population is below it..! It also explains why 0 actual game-statistics are used when pairing players, because at the high end, people know the most basic elements in the game, and it's just second nature to everyone, below that though you have players who barely ever use their free trinkets (To name but 1 easy example).
: Can someone explain to me the matchmaking system...
Sounds like you get it, it's a consequence of matching team on arbitrary RnG where actual game-statistics aren't being used.
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: Climbing...
You always get teams eventually, where nothing you do will matter. It's a system design that the more you win, the better the opponents while you get inferior players. I know this will get downvotes cause it isn't what Riot says, but considering this is what everyone who isn't a deluded fanboy experiences, I'd say it's as sure as water is wet.
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