Attix (EUW)
: Since PROJECT: Yasuo has no icon...
well you didn't get free icons by buying project skin {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
i saw some funny bans in this post
A Ocean (EUW)
: Could this be the next champ?
gr8 b8 m8 10/10 joke would eat again
: Dear Supports...
{{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:223}} should and will stand infront of you ... because that is their job .. they are tanks and have shield to protect you and servive them self {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:432}} should stay behind to heal-shield-speed you up .. they can't take damage them self because they are so squishy and u got nothing to save them .. if one of these squishy supports stand in the front .. they will die alot and u will cry " omg stop feeding"
blood moon diana should be a thing ..
: Galio Or Viktor mid
do u want to be a fat bat ... buy {{champion:3}} if u want to be a genius scientist who decided to be a machine who got an army of machines and HE GOT A 3rd ARM THAT SHOTS LASER buy {{champion:112}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What is Karma's status right now? Balanced? Strong?
she is just like quinn .. no one knows what is her role .. is it support or utility mage .. or damage mage .. or a mini sivir .. no one knows.. but there is one thing i know for sure her q fucking hurts alot
: > But I am expecting a Batman champ soon to battle these two. You mean like a kid from a rich familiy? Parents getting killed? Using money and intensive training to fight the evil that killed the parents? A protector of the home city? Maybe have a cool title like "The night hunter"? Oh and a cape, definetely a cape! This champ should also have a name that is somehow related to Batman. Maybe something like...Bruce...Pruce? Nah, sounds stupid. Better go for the last name,, can't think of anything that sounds exactly like Wayne. [](
raishinari (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SKT Fury,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aYsbe8tG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-21T22:33:44.280+0000) > > well there is a better version {{champion:131}} > > her bad early game makes her pretty bad vs the top mid lane picks {{champion:112}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:268}} people said exact opposite of this around 6 months ago :D they all wrote: 'why play Diana while Akali can do the same and do better?' :D
because they never think about it .. they see what pros do .. they play akali ? ok she is better they don't play akali ? then diana is better diana have more burst .. believe it or no she is tanky with that w shield and her laning is better
raishinari (EUNE)
: what happened to akali?
well there is a better version {{champion:131}} her bad early game makes her pretty bad vs the top mid lane picks {{champion:112}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:268}}
: was really wierd, haha must be like poisonous sushi or somthing
yeah .. i wouldn't eat that either
: Next Champion will be an ADC
kendred is a marksman who is designed for the jungle .. but maybe we see him as adc instead .. i mean vi was a top laner but she is a jungler now .. who knows
: is it a bug that tahm cant eat velkoz?
maybe he dosen't like tentacle monsters ? or flying eyes or maybe its just a bug .. wait for riot or send them a ticket
Nephalim (EUNE)
: What's your favorite skin?
blood moon elise .. the splash art is epic .. and has gorgeous particles and realy fits the champion pulsefire ezreal .. don't even buy this skin just don't do it u will regret it 100% (iam realy hoping for victorious azir .. just imagine the splash art :o)
multigame3 (EUNE)
: My skills and MMR
> always match me up with a feeding team! BUT ALWAYS ok lets go .. --- nice game i wonder what did lee say after the game .. yeah i know .. my team is feeding ( very nice summoners btw) -- nice build 10/10 i won't even talk about your ignite heal nasus .. or your great builds .. please take a closer look to your match history .. then cry about your teams being bad
: What's with all the massive throws?
> It's way too easy for a shitty team to just get lucky and pick someone off then win if the team is shitty .. 1- they won't have enough vision to pick someone off 2- they won't make the right calls after the catch 3- they won't simply finish the game after making the catch why are they a shitty team for losing lanes ? maybe they got "unlucky' in the lanes but they are better > t's not about lategame, it's about people being overconfident and bumbling through their jungle unwarded then buy some wards and ward your jungle .. u can place 3 wards and a pink too . .help your blind team to ward their jungle 2 wards in bot side jungle and 1 vision ward 1 pink ward on your top side jungle proplem solved
xSammyD (EUW)
: Today is Sona's 5th Birthday!
azir's birth day was one or 2 weeks ago and no one said happy birth day here .. your emperor cri evritiem
Silisa (EUNE)
: Think of it this way. Unlike other lanes, there are (almost) always 4 players on bot. Do you know when there are 4 players on other lanes? Lets take top, for example. To have 4 people on top at the same time, both laners would have to be there, and both junglers, or one jungle and one mid laner would have to gank. Now, how often does that kind of situation not end in at least one death? And on bot, you have that for at least 15 minutes. There is enormous kill potential at every moment of the laning phase. That's not counting jungle ganks, mid roams or top tp (when there can be 5-10 players on bot at the same time). Also, duo bot is only as strong as the weaker of the two. If the enemy bot lane has more synergy and their support/carry is better than your bot lane's supp/carry, they will take more kills and win the lane. It's a complex lane, where one person has to count on the other. Teamwork is essential for survival and victory.
its actually pretty annoying . *both adc auto attack each other once* *both junglers come to help them* *both top laners tp down* *both mid laners roam* lets have a level 4 party bot because why not .. this gets even more annoying in diamond or higher .. because top laners actually use their tp to gank other lanes
Fapsion (EUW)
: Why does bot lane always feed?
: >So this champ is allowed to 1 vs5 ? If I can 1v5, thats not my champ being op, thats the enemy team doing it very very very very wrong. >1 shot everyone with a single Q e ? How is that supposed to happen if it takes 3 consecutive hits to unload the triple-Q damage? >we just want to make money on worlds. They will make millions on worlds mordekaiser or no. Noone watches worlds because of a champion. >he can stil heal 2k hp No he can't, even full AP/AD, mordekaisers W hits for less than 400 dmg. >stil deal 1k damage with only 100 ap. Mordekaiser is an AD champion >is it so hard to give hes q a 35% of max hp cost, e cost 50% of missing hp, ulti not deals any % healt damage, base movement speed 305. Yes, its very hard, because that would make him weaker than a 10%hp caster minion.
> because that would make him weaker than a 10%hp caster minion i'm a minion and i'm offended
: The ultimate Support game
no {{item:3041}} reported
xCillion (EUW)
: Just saw a kennen run through it in his lightning form :3
wait what .. even you trolling me :( i cri evritiem liek if u cri evritiem
Rioter Comments
: Champion with highest sustained single target damage
cass damage is insane with her spamming e and more than 1500 ap with fully stacked {{item:3041}} and baron drag buff .. she is #1 in dealing sustained damage
Mithos (EUW)
: So I notice a change of attitude. After getting 1 kill behind "gg"
avoid playing at night .. u will meet some realy stubid players .. retarded premades .. and u might want to actually leave the game if you got stuck with 4 premades .. it will be the worst game you ever played
: Im quitting league.
: 1st ranked game.
grats .. this has to be the tankiest ashe build i ever saw :D
: If you get offended by words then you need to go outside...
if you offend other players because u think u are good but u are actually trash .. u need to go out and never come back
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: Can't choose a champion in this game :(((
the thing is .. u hate assassins .. that takes 50% of mid champions out that leave only mages and few champions .. and u don't like slow champions .. that mean u take 80% of mages out .. {{champion:268}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:69}} thats whats left .. kinda
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: "Oh, no...."
1- {{champion:67}} thats it .. i can handle any other champion in the game including juggerbalanced.. but this grill is just way too much
DireXcon (EUNE)
: New Azir build, tell me what you think about it
well he will servive more with alot of mana but you will lose that insane dps late game which is pretty important .. it could work but maybe replace the {{item:3003}} with {{item:3089}} it will give alot more damage and you will only lose the mana
: Vayne Runaan Hurricane and nerfs
no thanks we don't want her to remove all the front line in the same time instead of removing just one of them in time
: Dear People of Bronze.
but baron was very close to each other .. he saw every throw they did .. how many times they missed skill shots on the crap ... and how many times they got rekt in this river .. too many memories .. they have to say good bye for the last time
female .. the ghost is like lulu's pix .. he is just there .. so she is a female
: Gold 4 - 5 loop
> play safe playing safe is not the best thing to do if u want to carry a game .. u can't just stay in lane to farm and hope your team dosen't feed .. playing good early game champions with good scaling might be better if u can play with this play style but its high risk high reward style so it dosen't fit every one .. any way just keep playing and ignore it .. as long as u play you will climb any way
: Cassiopeia vs Orianna
go for orianna .. easier to play than cass changing ult if u can land it well .. great damage from a safe distance and alot of utility so even if u fall behind you still have alot of utility for your team cass is great too .. but she is short range and one simple mistake in team fight will make you useless for few seconds which makes her harder to play
: How difficult is it to get on the PBE??
it is realy realy hard to get the account .. then its very hard to play a game with out crashing over and over and over .. gl
SoulBawz (EUW)
: zed has project zed dafuq bro, and bard has 2 eyes, the other 1 is his mouth
this was 3 months ago man .. 3 fuking months ago how should i know zed would get a project skin
Pyah (EUW)
: When will Zed chroma pack be released?
they won't .. i guess because it was annouced before the project skin .. then they got canceled
: How to recognize a Bard main without look at the match history
> (Only the Honorable Opponent) i think i know what u mean :D
: Most AD mid laners I can think of are Yasuo, Zed, Talon, Pantheon at the moment. Tell me how will those be eradicated out of the meta? Zed can still long range farm with q and 'last hit' minions with his passive easily. Yasuo ...well, with shield passive, wall, repeated dashes idk how will suffer any drawback. If I try to use the 'ad mid destroyer ap scaling basic attack stuff' I will get combo'ed to less than half hp Pantheon ...well ... passive Those champs also have easy farming, especially CertainlyT's favorites :) And also ...who on the earth will reach 1000 ap other than veigar or anyone with Mejai (involving he got 20 stacks..) ? Well, with the juggernaut patch ...a teemo buff would be actually cool against those garen and darius 'mains', yet that's not the point. xD The problem is you are over exaggerating it. The purpose of 'basic attack' buff is for mid and late game where you get to those frustrating cases where you succesfully hit all your abilities on your enemy, yet he's left with <200 hp and can kill you ...and I don't call this skill but luck :)
{{champion:112}} {{champion:69}} can get them pretty easly and cass can even get more than 1000 .. .. yes it will be fun to make these juggerbalanced cry because of teemo but it will just buff alot of ap champions .. even hyprid adc will get a big buff {{champion:96}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:81}}
: Well, the points of AD Champs was to deal most damage via basic attacks, yet this changed a lot since someone had the idea to introduce attack scaling on abilities and it's not really fair. Also, please enlist me those 'ad mid laners' that would be killed and in the meantime think of how a low ap scaling on basic attack would kill them :P
most of the time .. mages will have better laning than 'ad mids" give them ap scaling early game will make it even harder for them to farm tbh i shouldn't use "kill them " but it will make it pretty hard for any melee champion to farm .. then 20% ap scaling from what can reach over 1000 ap .. 200 magic damage on auto attacks late game i mean come on u can go attack speed and deal alot of damage with that .. it also will be a huge buff for many champion .. specialy {{champion:17}} TL;DR .. this will never happen because it will make mages scale even better than they already does and will make their laning even stronger
: What if basic attack would have an ap scaling?
> it would also help them do some damage if their spells are on cooldown. thats the point of "mages" .. this will buff alot of champions specialy hyprids and will almost completly kill ad mid laners
Molusco6 (EUW)
: RIOT when Pentakill realeses a new album?
i don't think they will {{champion:32}} but i hope they do .. their songs are so good
: Azir Jung? (Riot admins i need your opinion too)
no no no no no .. why would you turn a great mid mage to a jungler .. and if u want to play him jungle right now .. here is a short video to you
DaWolfer (EUW)
: best possible runes+masteries yasuo mid & top
there is 2 different runes for 2 different builds the triforce build : {{item:3087}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3031}} after that there is alot of options ... {{item:3072}} or {{item:3153}} and {{item:3102}} or {{item:3026}} and any boots you need u can go tanky after the first 3 items --------- if you will run this build .. u go **9 attack speed marks 2 life steal quints and 1 ad quint** and hp or armor seals and mr blues ... that build with these runes will give you 100% crit .. alot of attack speed .. alot of life steal and u can go tanky after it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ the normal build : {{item:3087}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}} and any boots u need in that case you go **9 crit chace marks 2 crit chance seals 3 crit chance blues ** and fill the seals with armor or hp and the blues with mr that build with these runes .. you will start the game with 20% crit chance at level 1 . and you will get 100% crit chance after u get {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}}
JlyKyM007 (EUW)
: Higher ping than usual
same .. and around last week too .. jumped from 70 to 350 all game long .. riot suppot keep asking for logs and other stuff but nothing is working .. try to contact them maybe they found the proplem with you x-x .. can't even play :(
: PLAY the champions you HATE!
already played all champions in game but yorick to a good point .. it will only reduce the ammount of 'nerfplease' for riven/ahri and maybe fiora darius and garen need some .. big nerfs because u can just build attack speed items with tank items and maybe one damage item just maybe .. and u just run at your enemy and spam every thing u got
Ńightcore (EUNE)
: What do you think of Zed in the current tank meta?
if u are good enough with him .. u can dominate the game untill +50m .. after that u won't be able to do much ..
kiwishrew (EUW)
: {{champion:268}} Your tears only strengthen the oasis that is SHURIMA! {{champion:268}}
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SHURIMA ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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