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: the banning system and the art of running it down without getting banned
Im that kind of player whos sometimes way too sarcastic and gets a punishment for it. Its my fault i know. But i wont stop it to be honest. Every game has its flamer.. but in my opinion, the baning system of Riot is trash. Since ive got my third punishment, im using a script which doesnt allow me to press "ENTER" while league of legends is running. This method is also mentioned here in the forum.. It has nothing to do with hacking or something. But to be honest, there are a LOT flamers in league.. nearly every game the enemy or my team has a flamer. Riots statistic that "only less than 1% of the players are flamers" is bull**** It is way worse for the team, if player mute themselve with a script, so they cant communicate in teamchat to make calls. Im using it, i dont care. Riot should have had implement something different than a perma ban. Something like: "Ban for 2 Months".. and everytime when the player does not learn from his mistakes.. another "2 Months".. and over and over again. I think only like that, a player can learn from his mistakes and stop the flaming People who are getting perma bans nowaday, are creating a new account and dont care about a new perma ban.. They will keep flaming. I think, riot added the perma ban system because of the money. A lot people are addicted to the game, and they will recreate a new account and buy their favourite champ and skin for it. And after a time, they will flame again and will be perma banned again. And again they create a new account and buy the same champion again. Perma ban is not the way how to solve such a problem. Riot does not pay attention to the kids, who are maybe also flamer, but put their real money to this game, which they get from their parents.. And just imagine, if you were that kind of kid.. you invested your only 50€ in this game you saved for months.. and in the end you get a perma ban. This kids will have a shock, cry, and this will propably influence their growing up. Im still calling this baning system trash. Long bans (like 2 months - 4 months) are way healthier and better for flamer, because they will learn one day how to act correctly.


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