przybytek (EUNE)
: I have exactly the same problem with my new MSI GS65: *GeForce 1060 *i7-8750H *16GB RAM *LoL installed on SSD Temperature of CPU is max 76°C and GPU 60°C. Installed the newest nVidia drivers 398.82 WHQL Game runs OK for the first few minutes of the game, then starts to freeze - first freeze is 1 second long, the next ones longer and longer. Restarting the game resets the problem. Running in borderless / windowed mode seems to make the freezes shorter.
Uninstall Nahimic and close it via Task Manager!! Restart the Laptop and it should work mate :)
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: this helped significantly, it didnt completely remove it, hoever, after the 8 min mark fps drop to around 35 instead of 0 - 1. but after around 14 mins the fps drops to the usual 0 - 1. If you have any other suggestions pls let me know. thanks EDIT: I actually %%%%ing love you, after restarting my PC all the lag was completely gone. Appreciate it mate
Yes m8 it actually is a problem from MSI, it is not compatible with the game somehow, but yeah <3 I'm happy I could help you :)
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: YUP i believe we have the same laptop, i too have an msi
Try to uninstall the program called Nahimic, if you have it on your laptop and close the apps via Task Manager. I did that and the freezes stopped for me!!
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: FPS goes to 0 - 1
I've 1:1 the same specs as you bruv, and I got the same problem as you mate. After 8 mins into the game, I get these freezes, which makes the game unplayable. Lost some LP too because of that. If you look at the GPU, it works like at 20% at best and this is way too low. The CPU also goes up to 100% and the processor overheats very quickly. I dk if this is the major problem, but we have the same specs and the problem itself is the same, so it must be something regarding to the GPU. Do you have an MSI laptop? Because mine is new too and it's an MSI one.
: Hey folks, If you're experiencing FPS issues that started after 8.15 deploy can you contact our player support including game logs? You can find Hextech Repair Tool that will help you with that in the support portal. Thanks ######Moderator edit: You can download the tool [HERE](
I contacted player support - nobody is answering .. also the hextech repair tool didn't help, tried to repatch and full clean reinstall and it didn't work :(
: low fps in lategame with CPU and GPU at 30% max. Help.
I also have the same problem with my MSI gaming laptop gs65 steath thin 8RE, after installing the new patch (8.15) my fps went from 144 constant to 1 after 10 min into the game - so I get screen freeze like every 5 or so seconds for like 2 s. Its really annoying and I hope that they can fix this as soon as possible. I tried updating everything, so bios and so on and it didnt work at all :(( pls riot


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