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: The entire premise of MOBA's is that they follow the same format very closely, based off of the popularity of the original DOTA. I like your idea but I don't think it's something any MOBA would implement. Unless I'm wrong and someone has, it'd be great to try out if you know of any :)
I think DotA 2 has
: could you give up the link to the thread?
ye gonna do that now
: Sounds cool but would that separate community too much when people starts to play custom games when it's more fun. Because of that there would not be so many people in ques with different skill level. I think this is the reason we can't have URF now or other game modes because it could separate community too much? Just my option.
I feel like this wont happen if Riot does it correctly they don't have to implement everything and the ones that play ranked will still play ranked also there is no matchmaking in custom games so it could get a bit unfair sometimes.
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