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: Well, I would say that I was never toxic in the game. Firstly I am a very chilled player, so I know for sure that I get less angry than most other players. Secondly I just write neutral or positive things. Whenever someone is doing something stupid and I feel the urge to write something, I just shout at my PC. Does it help me? Definitely. Is it toxic? Well, writing it would definitely being toxic. :D But as I don't write it, noone is hurt and everything is fine. It's basically like that: Ally stole my kill for the hundredth time in a game Shouting: YOU MOTHERF******* IDIOT. LET ME A KILL FFS AND DON'T STEAL IT Writing: Gj. Would be nice, if you let me the next one :) Ally just ints Shouting: Gosh, does he even has eyes? It was obvious that he gets killed there! Such a rubbish player Writing: Our botlane is really fed. Just try to play around us and help defending our ADC. Then it's an easy game :) And so on. Flaming in chat helps nobody. Shouting at least helps you. :D
Hahahaha mate good one. That was the best tips i ever got on how to stay tilt proff. Thanks mate.
: > [{quoted}](name=RAramon1973,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=k4RNsRhW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-24T14:26:16.116+0000) > > It's hard when you are addicted It's really not addictive you know. You can so easily play other games out there. Paladins is free. Fortnite is free. Smite is free. Warframe is free. So just try them. Stop thinking "Oh I am addicted" when you can simply try a new game out. Do it. Try one of the games I mentioned above and give it a shot. You'll enjoy them!
So i know its kinda late now. But i am still going to respond. I tried Smite, Dota, Fortnite and warframe. Sorry mate, this is not my type of games. I like league of legends. Sorry i love the game. The thing is that you can easily get tilted and when you get tilted you cannot stop playing, because i always get that feeling to play anothergame because i alway feel like the next game will be better. So yeah mate i am addicted to league. I started playing on other acount and still the same thing happens. There is not much i can do.
: That is simply not correct. I know plenty of people who are NEVER toxic and I think you grossly underestimate the amount of people who never participate in chat. It is absolutely possible and not even that hard to be never toxic. And with "never" I really mean "never".
: Nope League doesent make you toxic , you re just weak and toxic and just needed a catalyst to let all that sweet toxicity flow
In the begining you are not gonna become toxic, but after a while of understanding the game, i promise you. you will become more toxic then tyler1 was in his toxic prime. i was never this toxic but now i am thanks to you. **** XD
: So just stop playing. Yeesh it's really not that complicated...
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: I dont rly know what you talking about mate, I main mid aswell and I still can always get Dia easily even tho I Play rly unconsistent and try out a lot of stuff aswell in ranked. And still I got to dia easily. So how is that possible when mid is such a useless lane?
: Actually mid is much better than 1 year ago. There is a huge champpool for mid nowadays from assasins to tanks to Controll mages and all are viable. You can Play around 20-30 champ in mid and all are completely viable. That has never happened before so imo Midlane is in a pretty good state right now
can you teach me how you are doing it. Or coach me?
: The most obvious answer would be that the most wanted position is midlane lane. Therefore people who go for mid are the ones that get autofilled most often.
probably true. But still i never see a top laner get autofilled support
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Mid assasins are already borderline broken or totally useless depending if you are irelia or duskblade abuser...or if you dont build duskblade on assasin. What needs a buff actually is...well..nothing. itemization needs to change and by that, duskblade needs to be seperated or removed. Too much in 1 item. It makes balancing champions difficult and whats worse, zeds only good build tends to be feast or famine lethality. While ap like fizz or diana can start RoA, zhonya or lich bane. Same goes for ad midlaners like irelia: either they play like toplaners or they die in a heartbeat.
When i play i never see the enemy mid laner carry, never. So i wouldn't understand what you mean when you say duskblade is to broken. And you can't say they are broken if you know how to play the game. Because then you will know how to play the match-up and prevent of getting fed. The problem here is that mid-lane is so uselles that you cant do nothing about other fed enemys. just watch them kill your entire team.
: I mean I am definitely not the best judge here, I'm a support maining Silver II scrub after all, but I think at lower ELOs (Bronze-Gold) you can play pretty much anything with success if played correctly. Also buffing midlaners would be a bad thing, since they also have some pretty strong champions right now (Le Blanc, Lissandra, in some rare cases Zed and Kassadin).
You right but all this champs are only good to mid-game and then fall off. I dont think it matters what elo you are because if the enemy bot-laner gets fed then you are screwed. So you can only hope that you will get teamates that are natural other wise you lose the game.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: You get fed too slowly then= you need to improve to get fed faster than everybody else in same elo. And to roam and play for objectives rather than kills. Best way to get a lead is to get a turret or 2.
thanks men. I will try to listen to you and improve. But mid lane is till the worst lane and preety hard to play nowdays compare one year ago.
: why does your enemy mid have no problem getting fed and carry then ?
Not saying he has not a problem. He has a problem as well. But its hard for both of us if our othrer laners feed their asses of.
: Are you number 1 challenger? If not then your statement is false.
okay sorry my bad. you are right. But mid lane is harder to play nowdays because it is a shit lane. Even if you get fed you still have to hope your team doesnt feed or gets ahead because adc is probably the hardest thing to target if he/she has a brain and understand the game.
Exdominator (EUNE)
: One advice, Git gud
Its imposible when i am the best
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