Kmix (EUW)
: Making a team from scratch, EUW, Plat 3+
Basically anyone who is on dole.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
{{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}}
: I just assumed you found someone else and I wasn't really needed, didn't get "mad" at any of you :P quite opposite infact, but anyway good luck to you aswell :D
I would've messaged you saying otherwise. Was quite an immature thing to do though, just removing us. leaving the discord and just removing us from that too lmao. None of us gave you any indication that "you weren't working out". Js.
: LF Silver/Gold players for a team
Not that im holding a grudge but. . "Most time ive tried making a team or joining a team it doesnt work or doesnt go to plan because people dont stick to a schedule or they just say they wanna join and then they just leave or get mad after a game or two" You were in the team i'm currently in. After days of consistently playing, we decide to play the next day, nothing out of the ordinary. Only to realise that our support (you) had removed and deleted us all. XD. We never got mad in game. Infact out of the 6? games we all player together, we lost only one. We decided to get another person in to cover for you as you were playing with friends one day. The day after, you deleted us. Just saying. Think you have the problem, not us. But good look in making/finding a team. Hope it works out. {{champion:236}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:117}}
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: _Additional bonus to not getting banned: _ You might actually find that this game can be fun if you don't argue with the strangers you meet, and share a good time instead.
What's even funnier is that, if it's genuinely his "first game" then it's against bots right? So was he flaming potentially new players, vs bots? Unless he means first pvp game.
: First game ever played on my account and got 14 day ban
: Group or manage waves?
Hey man, i've sent you a friend request to talk with you about this stuff.
Manixion (EUW)
: Giving up in ranked matches
My personal favourite of this post is this "All you have to do is look at professional teams like skt who have come back from what seemed impossible odds to win the match. I believe every match can be turned around regardless of how "fed" an enemy team is, all it takes is 1 good team fight under a tower and u can turn a match complete the opposite way." Okay so. The difference between you and teams like SKT. You are bronze. They are a challenger team, 2 time world champions. The ff is perfectly fine. some games are genuinely lost, it happens. Even in elo's like Diamond/Platinum. It happens, i usually have 1 game per week/month were either my team / or losing team, ends up finishing, and i mean by killing the nexus @ pre 20 mins. Unfortunately your teams aren't going to start playing like faker and have the game knowledge. SoloQ and Ranked Teams are so much different. It is literally so much more in depth that it's like a different game. If you want examples i recommend going on youtube and watching this guy called LS. He's an excellent coach and has a lot of experience behind him. You can't expect your teammate to expect to stick in and wait till they throw, it's low elo. Diamond is low elo. High elo isn't usually considered by many till about D1 and even then people have different speculations. FF@20 is fine. It is annoying for people to say it after they lose to first blood, but you have a mute button. Use it if it tilts you so much. And i'd recommend working on putting up with it if it bothers you and you feel the need to not mute because for whatever reason you want to hear what those subhumans are saying to you. I sound harsh saying this but i do mean well.
KingGk (EUNE)
: About ranked
Bronze and Plat levels are so far apart. People often climb from silver to platinum in one season because it's just an improvement.But i think it's quite impossible that you've went from bronze 1in RU...To Plat level in a couple of games. Playing with them doesn't increase your brainwaves. Unfortunately. You're probably just getting carried.
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: you are misunderstanding nami's kit. w is the heal and can bounce, the empowered attacks are the e.
Are you that much of a nob, to point something so minuscule out, especially on something that has no HUGE importance to him carrying? The post is about him on Vayne. Not Nami. He's not misunderstanding the kit. He knows what she does, he doesnt have to know what button it is for her. If you're gonna be that obnoxious. Maybe she plays QWER on 1234 and you "misunderstood" or "didn't take that into consideration" Other than that, gz dude get that freelo!
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Meridian (EUW)
: LF Jungler for team
: Vayne possible bug? Help me out
Hey man, i just looked through the replay very carefully. If you watch kennen is still auto attacking you, as you E the crit only goes onto vi, kennen just stood still. No bug.
: My account got hacked and is now banned for using 3rd party scripts.
I haven't read through the comments so i don't know if anybody has suggested this but don't let them just give you that one reply. You want it back, get it back. Ask maybe, for the place in which the IP was on the account. You don't have to ask for it to go and "beat the guy / grill even" up but just for their reference, they wouldn't have to share it with you. Perhaps that is a way forward, you might just have to go deeper than just asking about it to get it back. Personally, if this was me, i've spent way too much money on this game to actually let this account get banned, if it ever did. Which it shouldn't as there isn't any reason for it to be.
S7ra1k3r (EUNE)
: Is it only me you get bad team when you do some good games you win and later in next game you get team like enemy team 3 silver and 2 gold your team 1 gold 2 silver and 2 unranked. I played game like that and that got me so titled because why I HAVE YO PLAY WITH UNRANKED IN GOLD!?!??!?!?!? I think riot should make it so that thous unrakned noobs who go lux adc and veigar jungle should play with bronze players. What do you guys think???
it's part of league. You can't win every game. If you think about how many you actually win, compared to how many you lose. If you lose more than you win its because oyu're doing something wrong. But if you're team feeds a little bit, you wont go on a huge loss streak like 10 games. You might lose like 3x in a row, then start winning again. People don't understand this sometimes.
: yeah mords damage is pretty nuts if you can land it. I think they need to make his w a big aoe like amumus ults so he can use {{item:3116}} to get up to people to smack them with his q.
You Q a minion or ally then chase the enemy, hits with Rylais. But it's stupid because his ult triggers rylais, constant slow XD
TTekkers (EUW)
: So your advice is to basically learn the champs you play? That's pretty standard xD ___ As an aside for people who want to carry from ADC, playing ADC well just requires a different mindset to the other carry roles. You're there to deal constant, high DPS - no more, no less, to achieve this you just need to be farmed, not die in a teamfight and keep on shooting. Target selection is whoever you can shoot without moving into a dangerous position, and it's your judgment of a dangerous position, and ability to stay out of them, that really determines how good an ADC you are.
Not the champs i play. I don't spam volibear or galio. I don't have fun with those rick roll champions. It's not pretty standard, im telling yo to find a retard champ thats so braindead, you can't do bad with because people dont know how to play against it. PLaying ADC WELL is hard. At any Elo
s3t3n (EUW)
: bro if you have another smurf account i will be realy glad if you help me escape bronze i transfered from EUNE and i play safe but all bronze shit here feed as hell...
just answered your own question. Play safe as hell. How you gonna learn when you're bitching @ your tower
Madliv (EUW)
: well...i started playing skarner when he was not even in i main him and i got in plat with a 65% yeah, you are right in a way...playing unusual stuff helps.
I honestly don't see why more people haven't clicked onto it. Infernos though, i played for a ranked team, they have me playing meta stuff. So boring, typical rumble and irelia bs. Just kinda scared to tell them hey. i think SINGED would be good here "nonono dont even" *INSTALOCK*
: i agree with playing weird shit but i wouldnt choose mordekaiser or singed because lets be real... singed is a meme... and mord is extremely easy to deal with even for bronze players. The champions i used before they became popular where {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}} pre rework {{champion:72}} (which was best skarner...) jungle {{champion:85}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:10}} top lane I went with those junglers because they can help their lanes but if all lanes fail a fed farm shyvana can 1 v 5. (at least before the nerfs she could now she has problems doing 1 v 2 even when fed...) kennen god and kayle are kind of just these champs that people dont know how to go in on. kennens autos hurts his spells hurt go in on him and get stunned. teemo his q hurts his e hurts. same for kayle and you just make these people hide behind their tower begging for help like
Honestly, i love playing singed, the fact he's so shit just. Makes it fun lmao. And as for mordekaiser i really think something is going to come from him, i really do. I play it sometimes at my elo, D4, and the people i play against, don't for second expect the damage i pull out my arse. But the shyv pick is so so so so dirty! Love it haha, same with skarner, i used to love playing him :'(
: I just follow Cranky's Advice.
: Worked for me, before I got my first perma. Ranked bans were only a thing like a year ago. Every one of my permas including my first one was this year.
I don't know i think. You need to lose your attachment with this game. You say you will often / frequently buy accounts to see how low you can get before you get permad. Like thats just sad dude, get out, get a girlfriend or something. Stop latching yourself to this game, it isn't healthy
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: Worked for me. Once I started playing ranked I wanted to play more, when I kept getting ranked banned I just stopped flaming.
didn't really work if you kept getting banned. You said that in plural. Meaning it happened more than 1 occasion. So you've just contradicted yourself :/
: Did I say I didn't deserve it? I knowingly broke the rules. That's not my point - my point is there's a much easier solution that works for both parties.
To be honest. I've been at the stage were i was on my way to being permad. You're damn right it's hard not to shout at your teammates for going 0/20 in lane. But that shit happens. Just move on and it's likely you wont see them ever again. After a shit game, go take a rest then come back with a clear head. If that's not fitting. Try and be more verbal? Rather than typing it, speak it. At least that way they can't know what you said. I went from nearly a perma ban to, not flaming ever since, probably due to how much money i've put into this and how much, and it pains me to say, i care about this game tbh. I'm not addicted i just. i have a direction and i want to keep following. So in reply to that, becoming reformed and how you can't do it. I call bullshit :/. Anybody can change, just stop being so stubborn. Take into consideration that if maybe you were to go against the lane opponent they were playing against, you, also would be the reason for losing. Some people, whether you understand this or not. Are better than you, and your teammates.
MrSnaiden (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Randy Devil,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=YfApkzEt,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-10-09T18:42:56.287+0000) > > best advice would be to just go Solo, low elo isn't about team play, the occasional player thats toxic and says "wtf dude just get the tower fucking idiot" although they are correct, they're wrong. Sounds weird, you need to play your lane solo, play a person that scales into late, or, is exceptionally brilliant all the way through from beginning to end. Get kills, push towers, try and get their laners to come to you, so your other lanes can get the tower. Don't ping drake, or baron or whatever, the only time you're ever going to get a baron that seems right to them is when the full team is dead, and even still they'll probably run down botlane with a 20 second death timer to get tier 1 turret. FeelsBadMan. i play only tier 1 champs. i understood that any champ who has any supportive ability is usually very bad, cuz others dont deal so you saying to not ping drakes or barons . mhhh but if its so free? like what should i do when i know an objective is free if we just rotate. should i not go. i dont get it
just, make them want to surrender, play those kind of champs
: Plat is low elo actually, high elo is dia 2 (maybe 3) and higher
Diamond 2 or 3 isn't high, it's the middle. You're high elo @ masters now
MrSnaiden (EUW)
: Can someone help me understand low elo
best advice would be to just go Solo, low elo isn't about team play, the occasional player thats toxic and says "wtf dude just get the tower fucking idiot" although they are correct, they're wrong. Sounds weird, you need to play your lane solo, play a person that scales into late, or, is exceptionally brilliant all the way through from beginning to end. Get kills, push towers, try and get their laners to come to you, so your other lanes can get the tower. Don't ping drake, or baron or whatever, the only time you're ever going to get a baron that seems right to them is when the full team is dead, and even still they'll probably run down botlane with a 20 second death timer to get tier 1 turret. FeelsBadMan.
: Sent you a friend request.
looks like we play together, my fellow boosted friend... xD
: Age, 17 Elo, Diamond V Main Thresh support but I've got a big champion pool I was in quite a few ranked teams before Last season I was Gold V I am trying my best to improve and join lcs one day, it seems like a longshot but I'm getting there, hence why I went from Gold to Diamond this season, I tried really hard. I can be a shotcaller if you want me to The guy below me is boosted so you should choose me ;p
Elysa (EUW)
: looking for a support main to pick up for a serious ranked 5s team
age- 17 main champs- Thresh, Alistar, Janna, ELO- Diamond 4 last season- D5 any experience in ranked teams- Yes why should we choose you? I am the only 1 that has applied so it seems so your options are limited possible shotcaller? Dragon, gogogogogogog Baron, gogogogogogogog, GET THE TOWER NOW GOGOGOGOGOGO
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: make an account on west please then we can sort it out :)
: Damnit, plat 4 ADC with so much motivation and time, yet i can not play on thursdays... missed oppertunity :(
d5 Jungle, would've been the same but i can't make mondays haha
Àlvaro (EUW)
: Personal coaching
You know there's sites where people can get free coaching sessions, from master tier players?
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Tosspride (EUW)
: Looking for members for a Team, Plat 5+!
I could top or mid, i don't mind :), im looking to get good in either of them equally
Kaan Baba (EUW)
: (Serious) Team Second Chance Recruiting Jungler/Adc Gold 3+
: Diamond 5 Jungler/Top/Support LFT
SkyCreed (EUNE)
: Feel free to add me in-game then
just realised, you're EUNE xD sorry
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SkyCreed (EUNE)
: I'm looking to to make a team that can compete on the highest level or players who would like to improve and reach a place where they can compete.
im D5, would love to be able to compete as a jungler, my fav role atm and would be willing to do something like this
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: Lyance eSports is looking for player!
name: Jake - Red Randy Devil age: 17 divison: Diamond V how often do you play league?: Everyday to be honest. main-champ: Irelia, Gnar, Darius, Renekton, Wukong
: any explain? :D edit- nvm, i checked your profile
didn't need to explain, im not selling myself out, i was just looking for an adc ^^
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