: I won't. I'm tired and frustrated of all the games I lost due to feeding botlane.
Let me guess, if I were to tell you that you might wanna pick up botlane for yourself then cause you clearly think you are superior than those who play it you're gonna say something like "Well then toplane is gonna feed"
: How could this happen to me?
Acting like you have never done anything questionable ever... 1 kill doesnt meant the lane is lost and even if it is you scale as a champion
: A new Renking system.
So how are you going to lose LP? Might aswell remove losing LP aswell, right? Great idea man! In all honesty tho, your idea is far from good. You haven't thought it through at all.
: To be able to use initials from other languages that are not in our region...
Why not play on Japan servers then? I know they're not the same in terms of language but I figure they'd allow chinese letters there.. and you'd probably have a better connection.
Moonlaster (EUNE)
: Dont nerf Yasuo
So you're saying not to nerf yasuo but you want them to take a look at Tryndamere while you're saying "Yasuo's not broken, don't nerf him just cause low elo players can't deal with him".. which literally makes zero sense. Plus your opinion doesn't really seem worthy of considering cause it's pretty biased, if you haven't noticed yet.
xMicky (EUNE)
: How many time i need to wait to got PBE account
Gotta be patient. Some people get accepted earlier than others.
Grafen (EUNE)
: Miss Fortune is Broken Af?
You probably had the misfortune that the enemy adc was a) better than you b) had the better matchup She is nowhere near broken nor is she "unbeatable" nor does she need a rework... you're clearly overreacting. Especially considering the fact that it was just one game you're basing your "opinion" off of
: Just because you think that a champion is boring dosen't mean that they should be buffed or changed. Try to watch high elo Twisted Fate players like Gross Gore, I doubt they find him thrash...
He didnt say the champion was trash neither did he say that the champion is boring. He said that his PASSIVE is boring (probably because you just get bonus gold)
: The garbage called Matchmaking
How is the "matchmaker" supposed to know if someone just made a new account, it bases off of levels at that point, later in normal games when you're 30 it's mostly based off of normal mmr and a mixture of solo/duoq rank (Im not sure about that part) so you're just being unlucky with the people youre playing versus. on the other hand I can agree that there's a huge amount of smurfs in the lower levels (I've done it before, I'm guilty) and it can make for a quite unpleasant experience as a new player
Rioter Comments
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: *shrugs* some people just want to watch tits for 6 hours. and then some of us want to watch gurren lagann for the 50th time. and then the is my friend who watches nearly exclusively hentai.... we dont bring up media around him...
"haram" I think it's "harem" and the anime would be "Monster Musume" and don't you dare hating on my beloved lady Rachnera. Plus those kinda anime are usually just meant as pure fan service soooo some people just like that, I suppose. Myself I have only watched 3-4 of those kinda anime because Im more of a gore/psychological/splatter kinda guy but hey I can dig some fan service every once in a while
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I'm so tired of paying for other people's mistakes (other lanes)
Not tilt, focus on your gameplay and try to kinda blur out the rest, as long as you feel like you've "learned" something from a game you're better off losing and improving. Though it can be very hard and frustrating to have these kinda games on a consistent basis.. Well, whatever you do, try not to tilt and keep calm, there'll usually be chances for a comeback even if games look pretty grim
: UPDATE Nov 16th: Solo/Duo Queue has been delayed slightly while we work to ensure there are no issues with the ranked MMR reset as there were with Ranked Flex. UPDATE Nov 18th: Solo/Duo Queue has been released. Both Solo/Duo and Flex will continue to run for 24/7 while we monitor their queue health. IN OCE - WHAT CAN I SAID F*CK YOU RIOT !
> [{quoted}](name=Made4Terror,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ZtrgFcZl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-19T15:18:53.000+0000) > > UPDATE Nov 16th: Solo/Duo Queue has been delayed slightly while we work to ensure there are no issues with the ranked MMR reset as there were with Ranked Flex. > > UPDATE Nov 18th: Solo/Duo Queue has been released. Both Solo/Duo and Flex will continue to run for 24/7 while we monitor their queue health. > > IN OCE - WHAT CAN I SAID F*CK YOU RIOT ! Good lord, I want solo/duo q aswell but my man you gotta calm down, would you want another ruined queue (just like flex was before the fixes) or rather wait for one that actually works? The fact that it's live on OCE means it's not that far from being released on EUW/EUNE so yea
Adsf (EUW)
There has never been any sort of reward for preseason.
: New Client: Time until first win of the day
http://prntscr.com/d95x4l I can't tell if it's been removed but there's an icon for it atleast
Rioter Comments
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Ehm thats why there are 2 different queues
You mustve not looked at the client for a few weeks. There's no solo/duo as of right now and there hasnt been ever since Dynamic Queue released.
l Jay l (EUNE)
: You need 500 blue essence for lvl 6 and 600 for lvl 7. So yeah, money.
Ooooooooor you get shards from hextech chests which you can get for free and disenchant them into essence. So no money.
So now we're even gonna start complaining about getting S-
: Shame on Riot
You people always think it matters what other people did. no one cares at all about what other people did in that game you flamed in. They'll receive their punishment just as you did without considering anyone else but them.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: It was for me! I was going him full tank and it was fun! :D I did not killed anyone but still!
Going full tank in urf is basically the most anti-fun it gets
Rioter Comments
: Which is basically playing Nasus normally... Why would someone want to play Nasus normally on Urf? What I previously said was just about being called a try hard for taking a tower as Nasus. No one else on my team was called one. Just it was typical to call it the Nasus player because its Nasus. I play Nasus anyway. But on Urf I don't play him the generic meta that you would play normally.
AP Nasus my man. AP Nasus.
: so they nerfed shaco so he wouldnt be broken? but isnt it the point of the Urf ?? lol singed can ult 24/7 and Q all the time heca can E all along azir can have an army etc etc etc.. that's the whole point of the urf isnt it? lol i mean.. it doesnt make sense ...
Azir's soldiers are limited to 3 aswell. Just as an example.
: Hextech crafting
Yes that's normal.
: Anivia's damage calculation
Do you know what spamable is? Soraka's old q was spamable.
: funny name for a ryze main?
Ryze to the top Ryzing challenger Ryze my minions A Ryzing threat Im not very good with names.. that's why I stick with just funny ones that I can copy lol
Loonsta (EUW)
: People get ban for being terrible?
Can't get punished for being bad. You play in order to get better. You're the one that's gonna get banned if you're behaving like that.
: if i can cowboy you for game then yes
Cowboy for game is the only way to win.
paleface (EUNE)
: Okay, thank you. The playstyle is definitely like lvl 6 though :)
Needless to say, flash aint even available at Level 6
: lol we got a yugioh player over here. GUYS!! THIS GUY PLAYS YUGIOH!! GET HIM!!
You wanna settle this in a duel?
SpeederSK (EUNE)
: Riot are you stalking me ?
Sffc (EUW)
: Why are people building Runic Echoes on tanks?
Manareg from runic echoes > ludens (sustain purposes)
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Lee Sin Runes - Quints & Yellows
Not really worth going scaling hp imo, lee doesnt really scale all that well and the flar armor runes for his clear are just overall better imo. Dont go AS on lee, he gets a ton of as from his passive
: what????? i didnt understand The format of publication???
Like what is it supposed to show
: Bronze plays !!!! Watch this noob plays!!!
So what's the point of this format?
: Ultra Healing Volibear
So you basically have no resistances get bursted and won't be healing anything? That's pretty nice!
: So when wil U.R.F come?
... That's some next level english. It'll come once they're done with rotating game modes and ready to release them.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
It was prerecorded. It was supposed to be funny. It wasnt. at all. Imo obviously.
: Its not the amount of skins, its the quality. No skin feels awesome to have/use and no skin really stands out. So maybe not a new skin but a skin v.u. like alistar, nocturne, etc.
Dragonblade Talon could be so much better imo.
Rioter Comments
: So... no Urf Mode
Vronniee (EUNE)
: I did send this: Dont click the link, some idiot broke into my account, and started to send that scam link, to stole accounts, if you clicked that, go change your password, right now! to all of my friends who i could message atm.
Well.. you never. ever. go. on. any. of. these. links.
Skere (EUW)
: You copy pasted this to multiple posts
Yup and he aint gonna stop
shadowolf13 (EUNE)
: April Fools is supposed to be an unpredictable day which player can enjoy something new ,it is not a scecific day for URF to come every year.RIOT already stated for a month or so that URF will not be comming on 1st of April but it will be introduced to the rotating gamemodes which will be comming very very soon The Draven even will be out in the 4th of April time 23:59 so you don't have to wait too long for them to go away
I don't care what it is. I'm just providing information that I found.
Shadòw (EUW)
: gonna eat my balls if it is not urf
Well they're teasing us well with whatever it may be.
Rioter Comments
Ivo A (EUW)
: Biggest fail on Riot history?
I'm just gonna throw this in here. Check Sjokz Twitter bois :^)
: But last year they hosted the URFitational to elaborate on the joke. As for the kappa eyes. It wouldn't surprise me if all of this lasted a day and then just went away.
Yea I guess that might be the case. Ah we'll see either way, I'm just not gonna go with any expectations and just let em surprise me if it means anything.
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