Azzarox (EUNE)
: Practice Tool Disabled
"**General Measures ** We’re doing a few things in all regions to help with the expected increase in server load. Transfers are disabled until July 1st Practice Tool is disabled Custom modes are limited to 10 players minimum We understand that some of these changes will have a significant impact on many of you. We’re excited to get TFT into your hands, so thank you for your patience as we get this thing out the door." What I don't get is why you would do this in the same patch as releasing a new champion. Due to various people dodging and then getting autofilled, I spent my first time playing Qiyana in the jungle. This doesn't seem well thought out but maybe that's just me.
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Forestgod (EUW)
: Kindred: Wolf and his Teeth
"So the splash art of Kindred shows Lamb has 5 fingers and Wolf’s teeth are a part of his body instead of just bone and match his body color. Now I see the game model and Lamb has 3 fingers and Wolf’s teeth are just regular teeth. This is why I don’t use splash art as a reference when drawing league characters, they’re so inconsistent. Sorry for the weird complaint, just something that irritates me." I'd link to who said but it's a NSFW blog and I haven't checked the rules on that kinda thing.


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