5oulDARK (EUW)
: You are a hero. Bad players are the problem of this comunity, not flamers. Keep it up my friend. Keep making the bad players realize they are bad. You are helping them even tho they dont realize it
I'm better now son this was a year ago
Sashii (EUNE)
: G2 were actually amazing watching them last year but looking at this right now. Well... it`s a slaughter :c
I think Trick forgot he has tp...
moko (EUW)
: LF players/group for 5v5 Ranked (ward reward)
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Taliyah's W: Wouldn't W + Drag with mouse a better way than the current W + W + Mouse direction?
you can reroll 3 champion shards into a new permanent champ that is free to activate
CeciliauF (EUW)
: Taliyah sucks
I think if her e was better she could be a viable support.
Frostmane (EUW)
: Do you roll your eyes at Vayne players?
Vayne is one of the easiest adc's to get kills with (during a gank) imo, as during a gank you can literally just take a bit of damage, enemy laners rush up to you allowing you to pin them to a wall and get an easy kill 3v2. Also you don't have to keep an eye on positioning as much as say Ashe, Jinx or Varus.
: Can We Nerf Yasuo A Bit? Pretty Please?
tank anything is strong now. Ekko, Akali, Yasuo..
: Azir is a bad guy?
Think of Egyptian rulers, they had slaves and were merciless to their people. She doesn't know about it, Yasuo tells her, as a wanderer he may have heard some stories about what is happening in Shurima in an inn or something. Azir wants to rule, I'm assuming someone either rules already or they live without a ruler, either way not everyone is going to be happy with him becoming the ruler out of nowhere. I'm assuming she went to a village school and also Azir may have some part in an old folklore story around the village, maybe as a bad guy.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Alistar is the single most broken URF Champion
: Boosted Animal
I did have the same kind of line last season but over a much longer period of time. That definitely does look like he's been boosted though.
Zooty (EUNE)
: One little request
at least take me out to dinner first
NamesAMX (EUW)
: Champions similar to Lux
Morgana, Orianna, Anivia and Ziggs in my opinion.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Kha'zix is the only champ i am good at carrying with
Just play some champions until you're at the level that you lose less than 2/10 matches with them against your enemy opponent. I find Ahri, Anivia, Morgana, and Fizz are usually just free win lane. Or learn to play Kha in lane against ranged. Honestly I find the easiest thing to play is a carry support - you have some kind of control over the game and also get pretty much no queue time. Annie, Lux, Morgana, Sona and Brand can work as supports if you're good enough with them mechanically. The trick isnt to just take all the kills but to balance them 50/50 usually between you and your adc.
MonsefMA (EUW)
: I Cannot Get Anything but skins in Hextech chests
It's completely random. I'd advise rerolling the ones worth 520 and disenchanting the others you don't want.
: Hextech Champion
contact support, they'll probably not though
Ez GaEm (EUNE)
: Guess im not playing for the next 3 days
you can turn it off in visual effects or something
Gutzzs (EUNE)
: Hextec Chest rewards.
wait for a new champ release, then use 3 of them and roll it
: hextech ultimate skins
: which champion would be your best mate if they were real?
Either {{champion:32}} because I feel bad for him or {{champion:4}} for the banter.
Stolet (EUNE)
: Yeah, IF he gets to his target. And that is a huge if because of his atrocious mobility.
It should be a free lane if you're decent enough with Quinn, Teemo, Vlad, and any "kill lane" champion you're good at (Renekton, Darius, Pantheon).
Rioter Comments
Sheetka (EUW)
: Club for Hextech farming [Hextech Hub]
: Can Riot give us some info on % of support players?
At non peak hours I just press fill or I get 5-10 min queues, so I support half the time and mid/bot/top the others. I find it OK, but would prefer they release more champions viable as supports/adc rather than midlaners. As a top or mid you have a massive pool to choose from, adc and supp its more like about 12 each. But being forced into support more often has made me play more carry-based supports rather than Leona or Thresh who require your adc to be skilled.
: Can we have a timer on Pantheon's passive
Thing is that Pantheon falls off hard later. Also it's actually quite a bad passive later, it just makes him a bit harder to kill earlier (similar to Anivia's passive). If he's weak early there's no point in picking him - he'll be useless compared to a Malphite or a Rumble later. I don't understand what you mean by marksman or target caster - sure you might find it hard to beat as Cassiopeia but as something like Ahri he'll be easy to kite. If he's jungling you should play safer earlier and just not overextend unless you have knowledge of where the enemy team is.
Zemaitiz (EUW)
: Maokai, is he good?
He's more of a support toplaner than a carry toplaner, if you duel with him against say fiora or riven they have more tools to kill you, but if you have a jungler like yi, xin or jax you can pretty much guarantee a kill with your cc overload. I pick him only if I don't think my carries are capable of living through dps assassins, like zed, ahri, kha'zix, etc. You just have to be quicker than them and they die very quickly. Similar to old Shen and old Poppy kind of - your goal is get enemies away from your dps', and during laning you normally just play passively, unless you see your opponent overstep and take minion aggro/turret aggro you're not likely to solo kill.
: fun champs that a noob like myself can play decently?
{{champion:106}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:98}}
Emberlynn (EUW)
: Friends to Play With
My friends are all console peasants :( invite me to the club? I won't flame you if you won't flame me..
: Reporting club names?
I wish I had a club for all the loners with no internet friends/irl friends play console.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:20}} - one dimensional and easy to beat mechanically {{champion:63}} - nerfed too hard in my opinion, he lacks utility and doesn't even have what was his main selling point - massive damage from level 1 {{champion:126}} - like a bad version of kennen with less disengage, less all-in, and an awkward mov speed buff
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: For me I think the reason why I spent so much more in the past was because I bought skins for champions I loved. Sona, Soraka, Janna and some mid characters. They were always there and I bought skins which were in the game for quite some time. Personally I hate Jhin and everything about him. I have no idea why, he just feels like a "Look at me I'm that special kid in the class who thinks it's artistic to spill water colors on the walls and that's what makes me better than you." The idea is cute, but not nearly as exciting for me as certain characters. I think the reason why I spent at the start was cause there was such a vast pool of champs to explore. I just went through 10-20 and analyzed them and found the one I like. Now it's like "Will I like the new champion?" And in the past 10-ish releases, I didn't like them enough to buy a skin. It's a lot slower discovery I think and depends if the champs suit you. Supports and mids suit me, but I didn't like Ekko cause of his fighting style nor Bard cause his ult is rather flame-provoking. Tahm cause he's melee. The rest of the champs I think were roles which I didn't play much. It depends on the person. For an ADC player I bet this was a fun time in the past few months.
I feel exactly the same way as you about Jhin - if I compare him to say Zed, he just seems irritating and pretentious "like a flower, I bloom" - shut up you idiot you're not blooming in any way. Have some modesty you damn stagehand wannabe.
: I spend less on League than I used to.
I find I usually go through a "honeymoon stage" with games which lasts from a week up to a couple of months, where it seems like the best thing it possibly can be. However things always mess up somehow - whether it becomes pay to win, whether the gameplay gets repetitive, or the playable characters are not balanced. I had hoped when I started League that it would be different - surely a game of this size gaining this amount of revenue must have a lot of smart people behind it ensuring it still feels fun? However it does seem like Riot have become complacent in their success - they still earn lots of money, why should they address the suggestions of 10 or 20% of the playerbase? It is sad that either developers care a lot about the community and lack funding, or don't seem to care at all about the community but do have money, given to them by that same playerbase. League used to be something interesting, now I just play a few games every once in a while to pass the time.
: Hey ^_^ (looking for friends)
you're a girl I'm sure you'll be flooded with invites
: why cant i decide which lane to main??
I find that it depends on my mood. If I'm feeling like I want to make a bigger difference in games I'll pick mid or jungle. If I'm feeling like I want to sit back a little and just try and feed my team to allow them to carry I'll play a support or a toplaner to set up kills. If I feel like being a lategame powerhouse and kiting I'll pick ADC. Mostly you will make a difference in games in any role if you're a good player but I find it easier as a jungler or as a midlaner to carry.
Faizgod (EUNE)
OK just make sure to ban Ziggs
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: The state of Gragas?
I'd only take him Jungle. He falls off somewhat lategame if you can't use his ultimate well, but early and mid his ganks are really easy to hit and pretty bursty with thunderlords. What people are saying about his damage is bs, I managed to 1v1 a jax earlygame with him and just continue killing him in his jungle. His ult is a big enough gamechanger that a well placed one can easily end the game, which is pretty big as a lot of the time people don't close well and just kind of waste time until both teams hit level 18 and one gets aced.
: What lane did u play him? Sry I'm curious :)
Hadasa (EUW)
: Spirit Kickers is looking for friendly teammates (18+)
I'm 17 but I have 592 wins, a mic, can easily get teamspeak, Gold V soloq.
: New Champion
Yeah he'll probably be released on New Years Day
: The tankiest champion?
By tanky if you mean all with pure tank build I'd say Alistar, Rammus, and Mundo. Mundo pretty much has 150% hp due to his ult, Rammus has a load of passive bonuses to armour, and Alistar is pretty much indestructable for like 7 seconds.
I think they all look like they're peacefully sleeping, but they are all damaged in some way so personally I'm thinking Riot will expand the lore on each of them as to why they made unexplained choices - why Sona doesn't talk, what pushed Zed into becoming dark/bad, why Vi left Ekko in Zaun and hates Jinx, Garen I'm not entirely sure but probably something to do with Katarina. They'll probably be released tomorrow and the day after, then the last one will be a new champion maybe and Riot will officially announce something.
Gloopann (EUNE)
: Teamfighting as Zed
As Zed after you kill your main target you have to evaluate the situation - if 4 guys are coming at you and throw loads of spells at you you're gonna want to run away. If your ally Mundo has popped ult and is charging in, try and find a way to another carry which they wont expect and won't be concentrating on defending - over a wall with Zed's shadow for example.
allexx20 (EUW)
: Fiora vs Renekton
Fiora more powerful but higher skillcap. If you can use her riposte well she wins against most anything.
Arieden (EUW)
: I'm not enjoying the game, this is why:
Don't care about winning the game as a whole, just care about doing what's fun for you, whether that's stealing objectives, winning the farming game, harassing your opponent out of lane denying them cs, killing your opponents. Personally I love forcing my lane opponent out of lane so they get half my cs so I just try and do that whilst keeping my own farm steady and even if I'm with feeders or flamers I just mute and enjoy. If someone irritates me in champion select or in game and calls me an idiot or whatever I just tend not to help them out. Oh you wanted that blue? Shame, I took it. I could disengage for you, but I don't see why I should. It's not mature but to be honest I find it hilarious and these people I'm doing it to aren't the nice ones.
: Wukong's Ultimate is the worst and most useless damage dealing ult at level 2-3
You expect his ult to be un-counterable so it literally kills everyone from 100-0 with no way to stop it...k.
: BattleBunnyRengar
That's just creepily sexual somehow..
: Sorry. I forgot to link the GPU to the computer and it ended up using the in model one causing the FPS drop. Sorry Currently getting 20 ping and 170 - 200 FPS :D :P {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
This exact same thing happened to me. Hit 400fps once the GPU was in the right slot.
: Why do people buy grail?
The three main mana regen items are {{item:3165}} {{item:3174}} and{{item:3003}} ({{item:3048}} ). Usually you'll want to pick at least one of these up on mages. Morello is for assassin champions - it is the cheapest of the three and doesn't let you spam spells as much, but you have more kill potential as you can afford it earlier, it gives a good amount of CDR, and the passive is great for executions. This is good for champs like Leblanc and Ahri. Athene's is in the middle - it gives CDR but also generates a lot of mana once you spam spells a lot. This is good on more poke-spam mages like Orianna, Lux, Xerath, etc. Archangel/Seraphs is for mana intensive champions that go through a whole bunch of mana fast for more damage. The regen isn't great but the additional mana is useful for stuff like Kassadin's repeated riftwalks and Anivia being able to keep her ultimate toggled on for a while. Personally I usually go for Athene's - I like to spam spells a lot and often end up with low mana, so the passive is pretty useful. However I usually play a pretty passive lane unless my lane opponent has poor positioning, so if you're more aggressive one of the other two would probably be better.
: Your CS skills and records
Arsene (EUNE)
: This is more of a tank build than ad...
Yes, 2 ad items on an ap champion doesnt = ad.
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