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: PC overheating when i play League
: Dafuq is this shiet? :)))))
its still pretty unstable and they just finished adding the majority so maybe you could be a little more patient. a new client is a huge step forward, just think about how much money it cost riot to make it. they instead couldve used the money to make more annie skins so the all get rich. but they didn't because they care about us. it looks like there is a problem with you client and you should instead report that to riot support they usually reply within 24 hours and have you game running better than ever
iAndrej (EUNE)
: and i am not saying i should be getting 3-4 a month, but this is rediculous...if thats how it is supposed to work, fine, ill stop hoping for one.
i get one every 3 games, just play a carry champion and rake {{champion:91}} soloq into its kogmaw{{champion:96}}
: Hey man I know I'm a garbage player and my mmr is below what it should be, granted I haven't played for like 10 days but atleast I know how to ward properly and that's over half the battle as a jungler XD
usually half the battle for everyone, face checking every bush against a rengar hurts more than dropping the soap
: See you tomorrow! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
you don't quit Lol, Lol quits you
Player 00 (EUW)
: Now my turn, THIS IS WHY I QUIT LEAGUE -.-
well, balancing the current ones is called... rework jokes aside reworks are an attempt of riot to bring old champions which are either extremely overpowered (aka Khazix ), unbalanceable (namely rengar) or completely forgotten (for example the old yorick) back into the game. there is usually more than one champion for one play style , for example you want to go ham like the old fiora, then choose kled , you want a ranged high damage jungler, play kindred, but there is always an alternative. i for example played the old mordekaiser (for some reason) but when he got reworked i played darius because he complemented my play style just as well. the meta is a unwanted side effect and riot is trying to make every champion equally strong and that is really hard
: I know I have to deal with it but its so pissing annoying XD I don't wanna have to go to oracle lens because I seem to be the only one other than the support putting down normal wards. It's control wards that are the problem, people don't seem to want to spend 75 gold on something that is probably going to get the 150-300 back. I don't want to have to play a champ like warwick just to gank people because he's that fast it hardly ever matters lol. I honestly wouldn't be bothered it people actually used control wards but they got destroyed it's just the fact I always end up chucking one down when I try to gank coz there always seems to be a ward there ;-;
well see it that way, your mmr is higher than the average in you current elo because only the enemy seems to be capable {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Arzmanar (EUNE)
: A quick question about LoL
well i think changing voiceovers can lead to a ban through riot and get tossed into the same bin as scripts
Methadonia2 (EUNE)
: Skins I didnt know I had?
dread garen is given aways by following riot on social media just like unchained alistar or riot girl tristana but i have never even heard of matador alistar
Hazagon (EUW)
: I thought that might be why, so I phoned up my provider and they said that it's at it's fastest speed for my local area. I've never had this issue before, so I'm wondering if it might be from updating the client?
usually not the client, they did not change the game, just the starting screen. if you have consistent fps then speed is likely not you problem, it would be to much data flowing in and out. i can only tell you to close other internet consuming applications EDIT: there is this video by riot that might help you
: Ridiculous permaban
well in 2 of 3 you definitely were
Hazagon (EUW)
: I can't join my game - Help?
it is usually because of you internet not being to handle it and crashing. you might have to change to a wired connection or just pressing reconnect and hoping for the best
: What is the point of control wards since nobody buys then?
you will just have to bear with that, what you can do however is buy a sweeping lens, upgrade to oracles, to disable their wards. don't attack their wards, because that reveals you to the enemy, you can also ask you support to buy a sightstone
: Client doesn't work anymore
riot support will be able to help you, in maybe a week your game should be running again, the guys at riot support are great^^ there is also a repair button under client, options, you should try using that first
EmuNemo1337 (EUNE)
: How hard is Riven?
depends on your elo. in lower elo you can destroy as her with simple combos because people will panic and stop trying to fight or just make bad calls. high elo players will just wait out your qss, cc you and blow you up if you are inexperienced
: SCRYER'S BLOOM (Vision Plant) Not getting an assist when it hits invisible units
that applies for a lot, getting visions just isn't worth an assist. when and evelyn runs across your pink ward and proceeds to get sniped by ezreal you don't get an assist either, but i guess that would make the game ridiculous with supports being able to buy dark seal and then only control wards, then getting the assists, the gold and the stacks, getting super far ahead and then zyra would be op again
: Client close during game causes wait for after game report
there used to be the skip waiting for stats button on the old one, got i miss that
: Graduation project a Tank, Support and ADC
good luck with your graduation project !
: git gud
wrong game, here is where you want to go {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Ryo EzQ (EUW)
for a tip i would say "give up" but i am not gonna discourage you ^^. i suck at lol so i am just gonna wish you good luck{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
you should go visit riot support for that
Happee (EUW)
: Warring Kingdom skins
i think the garen skin was only available for a limited time, but at some point it will be back. i can't do anything but telling you to be patient or keep asking {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Hi, and thank you for your answer. It may seem more overloaded at first look than it actually is, because I believe he has a very intuitive and flowing gameplay that would make playing as and against him easier in terms of unnecessary difficulties than other champions with kits that look far simpler; I also think that the abilities' description can be reworked to be more concise; but yes, it is not a simple kit and that's on purpose, i like to play (and create) champions with depth. about the E, you're right and I've realized it might be overtuned; the ability actually absorbs water from any unit that dies nearby, friend or foe, meaning that, with a mean of 500 hp per minion, after 30 min he would get 3600 hp. My purpose is that Well would be able to actually gain quite a lot of health up to the late game, as his main job is a warden tank and also all his abilities scale of his current health; besides health numbers in items have been recently nerfed, so this becomes even more important; this said, I think I will change the 1% to 0,5%, and put a cap at 200 max health gained, to prevent that thing with baron. Lastly, the reembody (aka near-global teleport) has been part of the kit and his identity for a long time; I've feared that it might be unhealthy and thought about removing that part, but then I thought better and I think that this very iconic and fitting ability can actually be healthy in this particular kit, so I left it - only gameplay testing can help decide that. Do you have any idea for making it more balanced? One way I think we can figure out whether it is actually healthy or not, is to try to feel how it would be to play _against_ rather than _as_ him; what do you think, maybe it would be challenging, but not unhealthy and still fun? At last, I just want to thank you for the feedback and motivation! EDIT: actually, if baron has 12000 health, he actually only gains 1% which is 120 hp (now 0,5% which is 60 hp), so i let it be
well i don't math xd i thought maybe he could have the e as a 90 second cool down teleport towards any allied champion, also granting a shield based on your max hp, the teleport taking like 5 seconds and afterwards the shield disappears. maybe you should also have the abilities cost %max hp like with zac. maybe when the shield is damaged so are you and when broken ou take extra %max hp damage, helping to balance the ability in the early game a little. that would also (maybe?) fix the problem with the passive on the e being WAY too overpowered.
: im think about back to play heca after spectate this guy for some games. Thx for your feedback
no problem {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Speknekje (EUW)
: Kindred
about early game i can't help you but lethality will help you scale
: Well, The Hydrosoul - Kit suggestion
seems cool (extreme understatement) but SO overloaded. The kit in general is pretty strong but that e. omg. 1% hp of any unit that dies near her is ridiculous. so lets say you stay in lane all game and all of the minions only have 200 hp (which is inaccurate, melee minions have more lvl 1 and they scale) . lets say a wave has 6 minions with 200 hp which spawns every 30 seconds (not counting cannons either). after 30 minutes you get 1440 max hp just off of that. and baron has around 12000 hp, meaning you get 1200 hp just by watching anyone take baron or dragon. and a semi-global tp is nuts on an e one a 3 second cd. but i don't want to discourage you because that sounds like an A M A Z I N G champion to play as and i hope you can keep refining the kit until riot notices and maybe take it into consideration. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
SamG0ld (EUW)
: Pool Party YORICK!
the graves could be sandcastles and the ghouls crabs or jellyfish anything dangerous on a beach will do lol but i am not to keen on seeing this 300 years old corse run around in a speedo lmao
: I get bann for 2 week ty riot ❤️❤️❤️
well don't break the rules, when you start up the client for the first time ever and after every patch you accept not to be toxic by terms of service. don't be a prick next time !!
: The Twisted Rift - New LoL community searching for active members!
sounds fun but i can't join sadly because i am gonna be visiting a boarding school for the last 2 years of my education :.(
: What about hecarim ?
Hecarim is still very strong for all i know, i don't see him in ranked too often because there are junglers that carry better (namely lee sin, fiddlesticks) and in low elo hecarim is a monster
Leyrann (EUW)
: Can't exactly push the wave when the enemy team has a Shaco though... And on top of that my jungler was ignoring me all game.
if the enemy has a shaco just let her push under turret and poke her from there, illaoi can't sustain herself without her abilities and that way she either has to recall or use all her mana again which results in her death. but be careful . STAY BEHIND MINIONS. illaoi can apply 3 tentacles in the area of the turrets so do NOT let her hit you with her E WHATSOEVER. use a champion that hits through creeps, illaois E doesn't so there is her weakness. another thing to draw attention to is her crazy large burst window. to use an optimal ult she uses her E which takes one .5 to one second based on distance, her ult takes .5 seconds and tentacle slams take .5 seconds each so she has a 2 second burst window in a fight which is painful when the enemy has a lot of cc, especially poppy. but there is one tip that shuts her down. take grave BUT. RUSH MORTAL REMINDER. or take ignite. she can't heal herself when she has grievous wounds
because riot games wishes to give something back to their players.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Thanks Riot!
congratulations excalibutt, those are really good skins and i am really happy to see that there are people that are more lucky than me at hex tech crafting {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: help me, my screen goes black and pc frozes (wrong category soz)
when the screen goes black press enter a few times, helped me when that happened, if not contact a riot employee, they'll have it running in a few minutes i assure you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Leyrann (EUW)
: What am I supposed to do when playing against Illaoi?
so i am illaoi main, and out of experience, play defensive and just push the lane but don't fight against illaoi, and she will be forced to play offensive, which you'll escape with whatever movement you have, if she doesn't want to be forced to play under turret and waste her mana on creeps, but if she engages with her w, dodge the tentacles and run. Force her to use all her mana and the all in her . without mana illaoi is dead meat {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Tedkata333 (EUNE)
: [Resolved] Recieved a reward
you can probably just look in your purchase history , that usually pops up there, but my guess is that its a summoner icon
sinsuna77 (EUW)
: Random DCs
well there is one thing that might work but its really trivial. maybe shut down and boot up your router. remember to give it some time before connecting tho. i wish you best of luck finding the solution, have a nice day, RagingCyclone
: New funny Taliyah video
pretty good dude, just be careful about being toxic towards riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Please give me these :/
they will be released at some point during this patch, you should expect them today, maybe tomorrow but thats just my guess
: Thank you! How do you do this by the way?
: Can someone make a clip for me? I don't know how to do that.
[]( the link to the file
: Can someone make a clip for me? I don't know how to do that.
yeah, it is pretty hilarious, couldn't imagine being in a situation like this myself XDD
: Can someone make a clip for me? I don't know how to do that.
sinsuna77 (EUW)
: Random DCs
its usually your router or wireless internet connection losing, well, connection. it takes some time to reconnect as usual and there is sadly not much you can do about that, except making sure nothing else is occupying the internet
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