: I personally don't have a need to change the language, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to let people change it if they want to.
: they should do it like Overwatch, for instance changing the Voice to whatever you want and keeping the written part English or any other language.
that would be nice too, champion korean voices sound so much more vivid.
: yes if only we others can translate it too people shouldnt be able to talk trash in another laguange and take advantage iof that
an automatic tanslation would be nice, but i dont see how trash talking in another language would be an advantage.
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: Random bugsplats for couple of people every game?
same, its happening to me alot, just got a 5 games ban because of it, now im tilted...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Well you dont wanna build orianna tanky, right? :v
Might aswell just play Maokai mid then...
: Zhonyas is not focused on being a tanky item, it gives you sidestats of tankynes, but mostly focuses on being a ACTIVE used defensive item for casters, which you can already gues by the AP and CDR it provides ;)
Well you dont wanna build orianna tanky, right? :v
: Well, all his abilitys are easy to dodge, and his Q has a ap ratio, so if you get a bit of armor it won't do as much dmg anymore, because of his lack of armor penetration/lethality, a good item against him is {{item:3190}} Due to the mixed defense stats against his mixed dmg, and the strong shield which can protect your team from his ult
Thats true althoug i had a Zhonyas, still did 535dmg without any ad item, seems a bit strong nah?
Infernape (EUW)
: His Q has a 40% AP ratio and he usually weaves in auto attacks in between his abilities. It something that should happen. Ezreal is a hybrid champion.
Weaving in autos between abilities doesnt boost the abilities dmg, only the autos dmg and if that champion has a sheen built or a passive with the same effect like riven's passive...
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: I got over my stress with promos by making fun of them. As soon as I get that little message "promo series bla bla" I go like "ah here it goes". "The promos games". So I enter champ select and already someone is typing like "omg autofilled support i can't play it i will feed i suck as supp" , then someone else types "oh ffs always there stupid autofill trolls everytime" then 3rd guy goes like "omfg can you all stfu toxic teams every time" and I am just sitting there like in my head "yep, promo games" and I find it funny. Because it is literally a meme. I made it into a meme. I expect my promo games to be difficult, not from the view point of the game, but just from the mentalities of teammates. And everytime I expect it, and it happens, it makes me actually smile, in a "called it" way. But to help you with your thingy. Since you are atm in Bronze from what I saw you wrote, when things start going to hell, keep in mind, next time you will have a free win, so even if you fail 1 promo game, and the one after, just 1 win later you will only need 1 more win to climb. Furthermore, trust me when I tell ya, it's not just your promos, you get these kind of tilt moments and teams allllllll the time, it's just that we find our promos so significant and important that it leaves a bigger impression on us, and we believe it always happens "in THE promo" games. But try make fun of it. It helped me, and I am the most tilty person I know. When things go the typical "always on my promos" way just make fun of it. It happens to everyone in the end, not just you. Just scroll the boards and see how many posts are titled "always trolls on my promos" , it's a meme we all face everyday. Gl with your games and future promos, and try look at the funny side of it at least, keep them nerves intact
Ty for caring , you actually made me laugh with that meme analogy haha! GL with your games too ^^
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: New kind of punishment riot doen't have the cojones to implement.
I agree with the idea of they getting queued with another afkers but not with 1 or 2 less members, it should be like, afkers, trollers, etc... would get queued only with players that did the same recently, but in a normal 5v5 scenario, no 5v4s and 5v3s. And if they show any improvement on their mistakes (trolls, afks etc) they would be put back into the normal queue system. :D Great idea tho {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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