: i'm being stuck into a ghost game for at least 50 minutes by now... i don't have much free time and i used to chill in league and now i'm literally standing in front of the "reconnect" button and i can't even play
Same bro! I am sure Riot is doing as much as they can =( I have work at 4 in the morning so I need this game time for my league fix =P
Volcanity (EUW)
: Are you now just stuck in the 'reconnect' screen? I don't think it has affected everyone tho - i have people on my friends list now who are in a game and said everything is completely fine..
Yes Stuck on the 'reconnect screen' still the same as we speak
: server down?
Yes same =( I was getting stressed because I was on a 3 lose streak and I was winning this one =O Its gonna say lose prevented surely {{item:3070}}
Swize (EUW)
: Looking for Main top or mid to Duo with Silver 3+
: Having problems with MMR Help pls
Yes this just happened to me I was playing janna got an s and I got 11lp for this game I normally get between 18 - 22 ??? confused... =({{item:3070}}
Biosword (EUW)
: Refusing to Log in
Is your university using the provider ASK4 as I am currently at university and I am having the same problems =( Very unhappy, I have emailed the support and opened a case with league of legends <3
: Can't log in
Same its seems that people on ASK4 internet provider its not letting us log in =(


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