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: It doesn’t make abilities miss, just removes their damage and cc... so things which mark still work, things which have an effect when they land still work. So lee sin Q will work, you’ve blocked the damage but the ability still hit meaning you can still follow up with the Q2 Vlad R will still mark you and deal the detonation damage if you try to block the aplication as only the initial effect will be blocked, if you block the detonation vlad is still healed Zed can still mark with R but can’t deal the initial damage, but his mark can be blocked when it detonates This has always been the way it’s worked, I’ve caught plenty of fiora players out with a few interactions like this because nobody seems to realise how much doesn’t actually work... it’s not a nerf you just have to play around it (block better abilities). And the Quinn one might be a bug but again her Q ain’t the best thing to block, blocking the E is better as that’s a stun that can be aimed where she will land for a free kill. So not the worst bug to have
Previously it was able to block litterally everything but towers. Now a lot of things goes right through it, even when it says it blocks all debuffs but it doesnt
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: Yasuo Paradox!?
the one with highest mastery
: Owned skins view in new client
I would love to know what skins i have too please rito give us Owned skins
: New Year RP Give Away... Post in thread to stand a chance to win
1. 16 male 2. Main role jungle i used to main heca but not anymore 3. silver 1 4. LCS setting my goals high 5. i want signed to be removed cause he makes 9 players want to take their own lives because he has the worst play style in the game proxy execute respawn repeat
xilien (EUW)
: Buff ADC for soloque PLEASE
Simply just queue with a friend who plays support (if you have friends R.I.P. me {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} )
: Just the other day I found out with help of the tips that lasthitting gives you gold - my win rate has since then skyrocketed
Sunglasses are an important accessory for reducing damage from the Sun. so if i get sunglasses Leona is useless? {{champion:89}} {{item:3070}}
Mystiç (EUW)
: Looking for new members on our DISCORD SERVER!
: Yeah lb, so troll in fact that she magically gained a stun
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: It's not really hard to get S+ on such a feast or famine champion. :(
but waste 1100 escence on that...i could find better things
Rismosch (EUW)
: {{champion:102}} Passive {{champion:268}} Q {{champion:26}} W {{champion:83}} E {{champion:43}} R
what are you gonna use your q for? its useless without w
Ivu (EUW)
: Create your Ultimate Champion using only abilities!
{{champion:17}} Passive {{champion:53}} Q {{champion:35}} W {{champion:202}} E {{champion:17}} R Most annoying {{champion:268}} Q {{champion:429}} W {{champion:22}} E {{champion:150}} R Most useless since the q and r are unusable and w and e just sucks normaly
: I'm not really a Yasuo main, I just played him a hell of a lot earlier in the year.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Where's {{champion:103}} in your list?
desalmada (EUW)
: If Amumu asks Rammus to be friends, what would Rammus say? (c)Reddit
Rammus: *remains silent*
: {{champion:202}} jhin's natural hair color is.... JHINGER! sometimes the puns become unbearable {{champion:106}} while other times {{champion:26}} they could have you in tears {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3151}} Don't read this if you take offense to satire, aweful dreadful puns, or things that can discriminate towards others and offend others. dear graves, i must warn you that you are about to be in {{champion:104}} danger!! you don't want to {{champion:64}} to me? fine, have it your way mr burger king, go ahead and dig your own {{champion:104}} for all i care. (after he died) HA!! CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR!!! {{champion:103}} gonna fight yet? {{champion:12}} CROWLEY!! what went on in your head?! {{champion:12}} CROWLEY!! did you speak with the dead!? {{champion:34}} face cream! hello ? {{champion:1}} one there? {{champion:22}} 's to {{champion:22}} 's, dust to dust. better call {{champion:136}} !! i got {{champion:432}} from my local pron shop for replacing the porno tapes with "cannibal holocust" {{champion:53}} is a german military manuvur used to invade and take over countries i don't like most clothing {{champion:63}} s including the {{champion:63}} new ones i {{champion:201}} you a question, may i {{champion:119}}/{{item:3071}}/{{item:1037}} what it is? i pulled the {{champion:42}} and then we all drank, to celebrate... princess {{champion:131}} 's death was a set with a huge conspiracy behind it, did you know that the ambulance that contained her refused to bring her into the hospital and stayed across the road for over 40 mins before bringing her out of the van? this was to make sure she'd be dead and would not receive medical attention. Thats so {{champion:119}} and its {{champion:119}} me mad! {{champion:245}} is a clothing brand, also i like making an {{champion:245}} in empty buildings {{champion:28}} from two and a half men is evil. this is {{champion:81}} as it gets, also there are many wars happening over in {{champion:81}} . {{champion:114}} light butter {{champion:105}} y drinks are bard for your health! walk the {{champion:41}} i {{champion:86}} tee that this pun has been used many times, i {{champion:86}} ted you all permission (granted) pirates say {{champion:150}} i need to go to the {{champion:24}} {{champion:202}} tel programming also, you wanna drink? yes please barman, i would like a double {{champion:202}} don't say bad thing or keep talking about it, you'll end up {{champion:222}} 'ing it {{champion:43}} we all know what is.... another word used to describe a female dog. also don't do bad things in life otherwise you may get bad {{champion:43}} also some perverts happen to like {{champion:43}} sutra there's a music group with {{champion:38}} in their name but i can't really remember it -k+y {{champion:10}} university, skull and bones ale also alchoheal i remember on nickleodeon i used to watch {{champion:85}} and kel hello my name a borat, i from {{champion:121}} stan, i new in town that was a very {{champion:203}} thing to do! must have good kindship {{champion:7}} et! french for the blanket please {{champion:64}} to what i am trying to tell you {{champion:117}} is from haweii {{champion:99}} good so far she must be german, maybe from {{champion:99}} emborg? lolly {{champion:78}} lolly {{champion:78}} oh lolly lolly lolly {{champion:78}} the dum dum dum dum. even more funny is that she has a lolly pop skin. {{champion:78}} goes the weasal! {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}}, {{champion:78}} muzik!! talk about {{champion:78}} muzik {{champion:78}} is also a flower {{champion:11}} alright there? so sorry to hear the bad news, thats very {{champion:21}} ate. {{champion:82}} chiefs!! rubby rubby rubby!! oh ohhh oh ohh ohhhhhh!! {{item:1028}} {{item:1028}} {{item:1028}} oh ohhh oh ohh ohhh! where's your {{champion:74}} ? what folking {{champion:74}} ? this folking {{champion:74}} , want some {{champion:25}} ? ko {{champion:267}} sucks!! they have awful banlists and encourage bad meta. i feel very {{champion:75}} , i need to see down and have a rest {{champion:76}} ft? there's enough room in the car for you if you happen to {{champion:76}} ft anywhere {{champion:56}} al emmission something fresh out the kitchen something mama rolling everybody something ignition with something and rum and something and dum and something weekend every body about to have some fun, let me get that choo choo, let me get that beep beep, from my head to my toes something something i know. {{champion:2}} ing all day {{champion:80}} theatre, shakespeere would be proud of this pun i really miss harley {{champion:133}} and i love her, she is jinx's sister i am sure of it. get {{champion:421}} ! get {{champion:58}} ! go go power {{champion:107}} s, doo doo do the do do, go go power {{champion:107}} 's! MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER {{champion:107}} 'S!! cry me a {{champion:92}} also {{champion:92}} dail.... red corner ready? blue corner ready? LETS GET READY TO {{champion:68}} !! also {{champion:68}} in the jungle! these punz might get a {{champion:13}} out of you, also {{champion:48}} s try to get a {{champion:13}} out of you {{champion:35}} zulu! such an inspira {{champion:98}}, also my inten {{champion:98}} was to make a pun. while performing master ba {{champion:98}} ! i have a really creative imgina {{champion:98}}, but at least i dont gots constipat {{champion:98}} , although think the rest of the na {{champion:98}} does you seem to be very {{champion:102}} i was playing with a box of matches and accidently {{champion:27}} the side of my finger {{champion:14}} tist all over the world think that caution is a {{champion:14}} of warning and they all know what {{champion:14}} ide does. did you {{champion:14}} the dotted line? {{champion:15}} and gold, wait there's no L in her name wtf??? {{champion:37}} thing is left? i have {{champion:50}} him over to our side! my pain {{champion:412}} hold has been exceeded! {{champion:23}} harder next time come on baby, lets do the {{champion:4}} , lets {{champion:4}} again, like we did last summer some people stream their gameplay live on {{champion:29}} tv there are a {{champion:110}} number of things i would like to say and hopefullly none of them will be in {{champion:67}} {{champion:112}} y!! we won! we are {{champion:112}} ious, i am the {{champion:112}} gray {{champion:254}} , want some with your meal? did you join the na {{champion:254}} ?? {{champion:19}} huh, yeah! what is it good for? absolutely nothing lets say it again. also i once heard a horrible song called {{champion:19}} avenue {{champion:154}} ariah! from the bible A B C D E F G, H I J K L M N O P, Q R S, T U V, W X Y and {{champion:238}} .... Yet americans and other races keep calling it ZEE instead, sooo annoying this pun must have been made a {{champion:26}} times!! micheal {{champion:24}} on some things are easier {{champion:238}} than done. And sometimes things are just left best un- {{champion:238}} and i'm a {{champion:136}} dier. and some farm animals get {{champion:63}} ed in the assss loool (Brand-ed, not burned lol) and {{champion:42}} butschek is the name of a music maker mentioned in borat {{champion:163}} friends about this! Anita {{item:3340}} and danny {{item:3340}} . VERY PUNWORTHY!! Ward lool. Anita ward is singer of the famous "you can ring behhh-eeehh-eell, ring my bell, ding dong ding, ringa ding-ding" song. also i have alot of lucian puns, but they cannot be posted here on the forums maybe due to racism, if you can contact me on another website i would be sure to post there, or if mods allow me to submit it to them privately without it being held against me, and they proof read it to see if its acceptable or not, since it may not be racist but still involves lucian and i dont want to risk getting account suspended from forums ALSO: i would like a reply after taking the time to do all this puns for you
Wuju make more puns {{champion:11}}
: Let´s talk Sona!
so its dumb jokes... Do you know why you should pick vi and sion against a steath champions? cause you need Vi-Sion Why is sona and lucian a good combo? cause they are the So-Lucian Why is Viktor and Yi a good combo? cause they give you free Viktor-yi
: "Cancer" tier list
{{champion:8}} Cant touch this... 4000 hp 500 ap spell vamp and a incredible burst with {{item:3152}}
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: no keys fragments in 8 days?????
If you play with a team shouldn't you get keys when they get keys? I dont I think the reason we cant get keys is not the drop rate. but it is a bug
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Mavnorian (EUW)
: Its slang form of He'carry 'em.
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: You cannot "lose" your skins. Once purchased, they are on the account forever. Only option would be to refund the skins, but then you would obviously get the RP back, so I don't see any loss.
i had 2 buy backs and then a skin got bought as gift for someone else. so i lost the Rp
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: Than Make it a special one week every year like easter or something like that u know what i mean rito ? {{champion:74}}
Lol they already do they do at aprils fool
: Pick Order: Your best URF plays
Guys lets Hack Riot and get the urf code back!


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