: The problem is that lot of people won't tolerate +5min queue times and just ditch the game altogether which in result may double or even triple the timers.
sounds perfect to me! i get 5-40 second queue times in Diamond 4/3 and i get leavers, tilters, flamers and boosted Ebay accounts in every 2nd game... sometime i'm lucky and they are on the enemy team, but legit - it is a pestilence in lower diamond elo... :D
: you should need to verify for ranked this would stop the smurf waves heavily.
: You can buy new sim-card for a dollar to verify new account. The only reason it works in CSGO is because getting prime either cost 15$ or playing for over 400 hours. In comprasion you can get to level 30 in league in just 40 hours. P.S. also queue times will raise a lot.
i would LOVE my queue times to get +2min or even 5 min if it meant i was not getting teamed up with trolls, afkers or bought accounts! :D like jesus, sign me the heck up
: Valve tried to do this with DOTA2, forcing players to link their account to a real phone number in order to queue for ranked matches. It didn't work......
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lDemexl (EUW)
: Fix Diamond and ban boosted and bought accounts
THIS! soooooooooo many bought account and there is no way for us players to prove it.. other than to see that they doesnt know basic mechanics of the game (farm, pushing, diving, roaming, jungling, invading, map awareness, control, etc. etc.).. BUT i actually think the main issue with Diamond 4 elo is, that people are soooooo tilted when they enter a game. If the enemy team gets the firstblood, alot of people simply leaves... in the last 14 days of playing, i have made 9 tickets of players leaving after a bad play (which makes it obvious it is not a DC) in the early minutes of the game... The sad part is, that their OP.GG is in full action xD NOTHING has happend. My team lost 15 LP and wasted 30 minutes on a player leaving, and they just continue to play ranked on the same account... Disgusting behaviour by Riot, no doubt they only has one thing on their mind... selling skins! :) I totally agrees with your post... HOW come CS:GO have prime account (verified with phone-number) and LoL is still going on with these spam-accounts... EVERY1 KNOWS there are companies just grinding accounts to different ranks and selling the accounts.. Riot doesnt care, cause it means more money for them!
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: This is a QoL thing. I'd like it, but it's not that hard to cahnge it on the way to jungle cover
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Zyzyx (EUW)
: Botlane, yeah, two champions combined. That's 8 deaths per person. Do you realize that you have extremely similar or even worse stats in several games? Also you were not talking about 16 deaths in botlane, but 22. And 14 in toplane. That didn't actually happen and ESPECIALLY not in 95% of your games. So... > what r u on about?
ofc i will get a score like that, when botlane and enemy jungler comes out with 2k gold just from farming botlane? nothing i can do to prevent myself from dying, after they fed like this ^^ they feed from min 3 till end game - i start feeding after they are FED AF from botlane already.. u get it ? :P
: https://imgur.com/a/6N22AZ4 now it is just stuck here.. gonna do a hardreset, and if i am demoted... oh boi
https://imgur.com/a/AdnVvet ^^ thanks riot <3 btw can u buff all assassins, they need to hit 50% of their skillshots to kill me in one initiate, cant u make it 25%?
: cool bug.. please fix ^^ we are losing LP god damnit? anyone knows a fix?
https://imgur.com/a/6N22AZ4 now it is just stuck here.. gonna do a hardreset, and if i am demoted... oh boi
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: How to be Riot's favorite champ according to RainbowLazer 1) Get killed in all cinematics 2) Get a horrible rework followed by 100 nerfs 3) Get your items nerfed 4) Get your items reworked to be mana items without gaining and bonuses by that mana 5) Get all the movement speed removed from your core items so you can run as if you're 149 kilos instead of 49 (her actual weight) 6) Dont get a pool party skin even if it was teased twice for the past 5 years. 7) Get 2 skins that literally need you to be dead. 8) Dont be on any cover for the past few years, or even mentioned in the covers 9) Be Katarina 10) Be able to jungle/support, even if literally any other champion can do it Well Riot Games really must be masochistic towards their "poster girl" and "favorite champ", glad that Lee, Yi, Zed, Yasuo, Kayn and so on are totally not their favorites and just get awesome skins and none-stop buffs 24/7 Or good thing that MF and Ahri and Lux arent the poster girls to never get buffs or 2-3 skins a year...
after 100 nerfs, items nerfed, items reworked so she does not benefit from mana, slow AF (yes very immobile champ indeed lol) AND SHE IS STILL BROKEN AF xD funny you should mention Yi, Zed, Yasuo, Kayn... xD i wonder what they all are ASSASSINS!! Riot's most favorite role :) a 0/8 zed/fizz/akali/kata will still deal MASSIVE amount of dmg and can avoid being erased and bullied with their insane movements and mobility! try going 0/8 on a mage or ADC - u will hit like a wet noodle untill the game is over. simply how i see it atm. but hey, im a mage/adc player, so what can i do ^^
Zyzyx (EUW)
: I checked your recent match history and there isn't a single player with stats that are even remotely similar to the ones you mentioned. That's 0% (at least from that sample). Yet you say it's 95% of all games. Where did you get that number from?
5th recent game: https://imgur.com/a/6mHiSyr 4th recent game: botlane deaths: 16, in a 22 minute game ... what r u on about?
: Unjustified hate towards Katarina and myself.
kata jungle can carry... tells alot about the champ ^^ riot's favorite champ
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > a game where the match is decided in champ select 95% of the times! Who will get the 0/14 yasuo top? who will get the 2/22 botlane duo? You are contradicting yourself. On the one hand you say the match is decided in champ select but at the same time you name stats as the reason for losing the match...and stats happen during the game, not in champ select. You might want to think a bit more about your theories before you share them with the world.
no, it is a matter of which team gets these players! they are not here to win, they are not here to play serious - doesnt matter who they are matched against! everyone who belongs in that elo will be able to NOT go 2/22 as botlane or 0/14 as toplaner... when that happens you are NOT where you belong and should face severe consequences.. if it happens all the time ^^ a bad game happens, but this bad? i cant imagine it being the case that is what i mean. the player does not belong where he plays.
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: >intelligent feeders/trolls Those words don't fit together. Like intelligent flamer, delicious broccoli, nontoxic yasuo, undeserved permaban.
it does - they are called soft-inters :) they pretend to be playing/active, but the plays they make will 100% lead to them dying/feeding (and inting, cause they continue these plays) = they cant get banned and they will get the same reward as trolls, which is see your team flame and rage. They are VERY common in lower diamond tier, but Riot does not want to do anything about this, it will be too expensive for them, cause it requires the to watch alot of ingame play and alot of different matches to be watched. That is why i have given up now, i cant climb, cause in every other game, i get a 3/21 botlane in a 24 minute game. they dive and make insane jungle invades, just to fight and have fun = soft inting.
: Everyone has a pocket pick or a main, if you play Lux and she gets banned cause they can tell you play mostly her, you can just pick something similiar to her, like Xerath or Vel'koz. The problem with one tricking always existed, regardless of clash, you can get your champ banned in ranked too.
But in ranked people does not know i am a onetrick ;) that is the point!{{champion:99}}
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Magneset (EUW)
: They should just make ranked bans. But then all the high elo players (where people do take it serious) complain that it for some reason will ruin their experience.
what do you mean? how will they complain that it ruin their experience? :) i dont follow you.. right now ppl are just doing what ever they want in ranked, with no penalty at all every game, there is minimum 2 who simply does not belong in a ranked game
: You can delete your account.
please how? it is really taking overhand :D it is every game... every single one
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: I agree that trolling often gets away unpunished, but the requirements for your officer system might be a bit too much. Officers would need to play an incredible amount of games, and be completely tilt proof in order to make sure the punishments they hand out are actually deserved. Moreover, because of how big the league playerbase is, the amount of officers needs to be large enough, and need to be able to play in every time zone in order to be reliable. Also, the term 'trolling' gets used quite loosely in this game. The example you mentioned would for most people be considered as trolling, but there would be many cases where it's not clear if a person is intentionally doing what he does to ruin the game. Buying 6 tears and walking down every lane dying is an obvious sign someone is trolling, but not all cases of trolling would go as far as this. If you take a look at the boards, there are many players complaining about their punishments. With this system, every complaint would have to be looked into to make sure no wrong punishment was given, and if every case needs to be manually looked into, that would require a lot of time and a lot of people to do so. Another problem is that an automated system would always need to be there for the games that didn't have an officer in them. Officers should also never be allowed to be spotted in-game, for this causes negative players to try to behave their best when they know they will get punished for it, but continue to troll in other games when they know they are safe. Yes, trolling is a problem in league of legends, but it is a really complicated one, and as much as I like to see change, I'm not sure this idea is fully optimal.
i agree to what you are saying! it is a very complicated problem to solve.. all the officer's punishments are ofc looked through by Riot to see if it is justified.. Im4everalone - EUW he is the teemo troll, look at his matchhistory, i added him.. he said: look, im tilted sometimes That was his response to why he was trolling... but i still think there is something about it - with these Officers! :)
: Every single punishment is only restricted to ranked play, why? If you're talking about actual trolls that intenionally try to ruin games for other people, why should that be allowed in any gamemode? Yasuo mains playing badly also doesn't count as trolling as long as they don't intentionally ruin games. The "Listen to the players" argument isn't always valid as players often don't have the proper knowledge of the game in order to make and propose ideas that would actually work.
you are so right - the yasuo example was just cause of the meme.. :P but legitimately i think this officer-idea is brilliant ^^ they select some footmen who has showed extraordinary well behaviour (maybe get them to take a 1 hour course online or smth) i really think it would improve the overall experience with HIGHER punishments. The teemo-teleport-support i was talking about was a legit troll and was purposely trying to ruin the game for his team. his profile had 13 teemo-support-teleport games where 1/13 was a win with a 3/17/4 scoreline or smth. rest was legit arround 1/12/3 scorelines.. all of them - so how can he be able to continue ruining the games for others? go to youtube and find the video of a guy who trolled (for science) where he trolled/afk'ed in a huuuge amount of games before facing a punishment (perm ban) but he ruined a game for more than 300 different people before he got that ban ^^ THAT is impressive!
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