: Because grevious wounds is toxic and we don’t need to cause more issues for more champions. The problem at the moment is that grevious wounds has no counter play, you buy it and healing is countered no ifs or buts... when against a champion who relies completely on healing to function an opponent buying grevious wounds renders you nearly useless... at which point Riot then buffs the drain tank to be useful, then they become too strong cause they can overpower grevious wounds so riot buffs grevious wounds, then drain tanks die so riot buffs them. It just creates an arms race which results in healing champions being utterly ridiculous and grevious wounds being must buys because the healing champion was balanced around you buying it. It’s not healthy for anyone involved (If you don’t beleive me vlad is strong, aatrox got his healing increased massively, as did mundo... and now this patch anti healing is being buffed... it’s a vicious cycle). Until riot can actually make grevious wounds a healthy stat them adding the same for shielding will most likely result in the exact same arms race for another group of champions... items hard countering champions ain’t healthy
Darius main detected! :D The heal of Darius, Ekko, Jax, Yi, Swain, Vladimir, etc — THAT'S what got no counterplay (other than GW). As for the GW themselves best counterplay is 1 slot of 6. They take place of one item and they cost gold. And if that is not enough, increase cost, remove other properties from GW items. EZ!
: About the ''new'' anti-shield mechanics
I'd rather say: why not add shield-breaking to some item? We already have items that apply heal-breaking (Grievous Wounds). We have items that slow. We have items that make shields better. We even have an item that counters spamming of a single damaging effect! So why not have an item that counters shield spamming?
: to all the people who really thought ranked season will end because there stands Split 2 of 2.
here comes friendly grammarnazi: to all the people who thought season _would_ end. If your 'if' is in the past, then you should demote your future tense after 'then' one step down. will -> would
xAG Rewd (EUW)
: Petition to fire every single person on the balance team.
> Petition to fire every single person on the balance team Ah ye, and hire Baba Klava, the cleaning lady instead. Would be just perfect! /sarcasm off
Sephiro (EUNE)
: My 8 previous games!And a post for supporting the players who are claming that matchmaking is broken
You're right. So many games are purely one-sided. Here's a bit of my recent losestreak in rankeds: of 9 games 5 are total one-sided snowball. https://imgur.com/a/03MThy5 Most of the streaks are like that: both winstreaks and losestreaks. Okay, those may balance each other. But the problem is: you still spend twice as much time to get those +25 -17 = 8 LP towards next division. You can't just quit! You're forced to participate.
: And sets up her entire kit, lol.
That setting up is kinda miscellaneous: you need it, but it does nothing itself. While free bonus attack speed gives you quite something! All in all I think OP should just learn a thing or two about Qiyana. She is not very strong, that's true. But that's got nothing to do with her kit. A few tweaks on numbers and she would be Irelia#2.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: The Qiyana
> W-worst ability in entire game Literally does nothing gives you free dps via attack speed.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Game has way too much dmg amp and its unfun.
It's even more fun when ADC appears from stealth and does the same. :D {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}}
: I would like everyone to stop saying EZ
> Write his name in full or I will report your ass for harassment. Disgusting. Actually _that's_ why harassment is not something you take seriously (unless forced to). _That's_ why people do not trust harassment-fighters and call them "SJW" and other names I'd like you to hear this, know this and remember this: people like you are the reason of that, because you break people's trust when you use "harassment report" to treat your own mental pains.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pyrosen,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vwp1VqPA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-02-09T12:39:21.025+0000) > > I thought auto-fill was implemented because of the player base wanting a solution to the longer queue times? Meaning that the majority wanted auto-fill but I can see that perspective all though in most of my games I'm queued with support mains > > I don't think league has the same issues as it did when Autofill was introduced because the player base got larger and larger though in higher rank like challenger I can see that being an issue > I'm Platinum 4 and my queue times are about 15 seconds, I'm assuming it's 30 in diamond, 5 minutes in master and 10/20 in challenger even with autofill but a possible solution for the low elo climbers would be turning it off below diamond > > It gives players a sour taste in my mouth because "HM, IF I WAS JG I WOULDN'T OF FAILED THIS GANK OR LOST THIS OBJECTIVE" if you ask me lol Asking for something isn't necessary the same as liking the solution. Autofill wasn't exactly the most popular when it was released, but it was understood as being necessary because of those longer queue times. Players felt the pain and knew something needed to be done. A while back the team who works on that feature tested "fill except..." where you could vito a role. Queue times grew *massively* because a large amount of players vito'ed support. The system behind matchmaking has a general idea of how many players are queuing up for what role. While you may think "15 seconds - we can easily double or triple that and it's okay!" - the reason it's so low is because it is autofilling as required. If there were enough players selecting all roles, autofill would technically *never* kick in - autofill enabled doesn't mean "we're definitely autofilling you", it means "we'll autofill you if we *have* to, because there's nobody around to play certain roles." Personally I actually think autofill is in a pretty good place compared to when it first came out - you tend to get your primary or secondly role in a large amount of games compared to those your filled in, and then you get that autofill protection if you do have to get autofilled.
: Funny how people call Jax a lategame champ but he gets unkillable from reaching lvl 6
Not unkillable, but very strong, true. AFAIK, the cause of that is that he's got two power spikes: the early one (at 2 items) and the late one (at endgame). Same as master Yi and maybe few other (quite irritating) champions.
: Theres PBE for that. They could just hold champs there for longer.
I'm afarid, not. PBE is different. People there may catch the most obvious and outrageous things, but some core mechanics can only be tested on real bronze guys! {{sticker:vayne-pose}} People on PBE are too good to catch some things, that's what I mean. And not too numerous, too. And they like novelty a bit too much to detect some problems this novelty can cause.
: So few days ago, i reported a kid who said i should %%% and made mom jokes.
I support you there. I am not reporting anyone for anything (except the most clear AFK and 'run it down mid' inting) for half year already, because reporting had never worked for me before. Riot may go and fight toxicity on their own. I don't care anymore.
253IQ (EUW)
: vAyNe iS bAlAnCeD
You give us death recap, but you don't give us stats. Maybe she was 3 levels and 100 cs ahead?
: Botlane in season 9.
Everyone snowballs this season. 0/4 - 4/0 is typical. So many matches, which are totally one-sided
: i don't think u can always see it maybe bushes vision is bugged bc people see me and i don't see their ward and they get close to the bush as if they were warding it like wtf
If you place a ward into bush, it follows the rules of unit in a bush, i.e. would be stealhed unless there's enemy in that bush at the time of placement.
: are stealth wards visible the 1st second u place it to enemy close to it or always invisible
You were right. Actually, that's why yo shouldn't put wards too close to the enemy, because 2 champions together can kill a ward on placement. And Leona (for example) can do it on her own with attack reset on her Q.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: so you are saying that there are players in challenger that are bronze in reality just because of "normal distribution" because they lucked out with matchmaking disproportionately more than other bronze players im all for theory if decision making isn't involved when the game is so intensive on decision making luck is only a small part of the game
No, it's you saying that. I did not even think of League Elo-s, and honestly speaking I do not think that it is a good case (because regular Summoner's Rift gameplay is great deal less random). But winrate, now, may represent such a case (if you find a way to detect and ignore all smurfing results, and if you detect the 'bell' limits correctly)
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: and yet there are players that win disproportionately more than others are they simply blessed by RNGeezus or do they understand something you don't
Well... Normal distribution tells us that most 'cases' fall into the middle part of the 'bell', but it also states that some (very few) will always be distributed to both 'ends'. And what better suits normal distributuion than a lot of RNG rolls?
: Assassins in TFT
Daren and Garius — spin to win. Seju, Shen, Kayle, Lis -- they can't win if they can't hit you. The least problems in this mode I had with assassins, honestly. Good support AoE CC comp is much worse.
Rioter Comments
: 5 games in a row I see people obtaining golden units pre lv 5.
I see people pre lvl 5 with golden units. But that is okay IMO. First those people destroy my silver units. Then my silver units start to destroy them. It's not like a golden unit guarantees you another golden unit or a good team comp at the end. You may get more gold, that's true. But gold is not as important as a good RNG roll for you. So... were exactly do you see snowballing?
B0bby123 (EUW)
: Selling Ashe level 2 only 3 gold
When you sell Lvl 2 champions, you get less gold than you spent to buy them. As I see it, the purpose of this is to make you choose what you build, not just collect all the shards.
: There are champs that can 1v1 him like jax and tryndamere etc. But it can he difficult to kill him when your team doesn't pick hard cc champs like morgana or leona. Most of the time i will just play a counterpick into Yi. I don't have any trouble dealing with Yi in 1v1s because my most played champ is Yi. Just play a champion with cc or burst and ask your support or jungler to counterpick. Yi is a scary champ to play against. But he is really easy to kill. All you have to do is stun lock and kill. If your team comp has barely any CC. You will struggle.
> when your team doesn't pick hard cc champs like morgana or leona. or spend their hard CC on someone else. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Not giving a f*ck about team comp is way more toxic than trying to win the game with a bad attitude
Omega W0lf (EUNE)
: Yi needs a nerf
I played Yi today (once in monthes). You may check my match istory to see all details, but here's long story short: * bad start * some unsuccessful ganks early * all lanes somewhat pushing and losing * no one helps * BotRK, BloodRazor, Mercuries. * Q-Q-Q-Q-QuadraKILL * Double, triple, double, triple * Here I understand that I'd built the wrong jungle item so I change it for Warrior * 6 items + potion * contesting Elder, several kills, loss via backdoor by Morgana * S- Yi is so damn overpowered this patch that I will ban him even before Yasuo (which may be not strong, but I genuinely hate him).
: TEAMFIGHT TACTICS worst game mode ever made
I can't say that the mode is bad, bud it is kinda pointless. You can choose wisely and combine effects only as long as you get the right shards earlier than everyone else. Like... just recently I had a match where I built full Wild + ShapeShifter + something else of lvl 2 champions. And I've been destroying everyone and everything... until I meet those guys with lvl 3 champs (while I couldn's even upgrade all off my champs to lvl2, because no shards). The mode is kinda fun. But it is not the kinda of fun I usually get in League. It is more like Poker (with no bluffing).
Neuvi (EUW)
: You don't need to think when the information is actually out there on official sources pushed down your throat
Ehm... Should I comment on what's going down your throat? Believe me it won't be 'official'.
: Ha-ha. No, you're wrong. Had a game with two same 3 star champions facing against each other. On the other hand, there was a game where Ive spent like 100-150 gold total for shop rerolls trying to find Lucian and he was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND FOR ME, EVEN IN THE DRAFTS. Only 1 other guy had 2 star lucian in that game.
No one said that the amount of shards is 9. I think it is rather 18, i.e. 2x 3 Level champs.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.
I think you're absolutely right about shared shards. Just now I had a game that had several proofs of that. Proof one: I struggled to get more shard of certain champions at the beginning of the game. And there were no shards. But when first players got knocked out (zero HP, lost), a lot shards appeared in the shop at once, the very next reroll. At the end I had Cho'Gath x8 (i.e. 2xlvl2 and 2xlvl1). And I could not find the last one. And I (and one other guy) stayed very last. And he had that last Cho'Gath on his bench. (So I sold all the Cho'Gaths but one and bought more shards of other champions and won :D) Proof three: I could not find the third shard of Kennen. And when I sold two of mine, Kennen immediately appeared in the shop.
: Hmm I got Arcade MF :) But it said Arcade MF - nothing about Chromas Why'd you get the Chroma offered when you don't have the skin though?
: It seams you don't understand the text. You only get chroma.
Oh thank you. You know, you're the only who actually tried to answer seriously.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.
> Essentially this game is actually worse than an RNG fest, it's a game that can be manipulated by a player, despite that player gaining no benefits either. If what you say is true then at least we have rules to follow. And I think that this is better than just rolling Garen via RNG. I do not see why holding a shard to prevent other players from building lvl 3 is bad, to say true. And my experience today tells me that it looks like truth.
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Omega W0lf (EUNE)
: Yi needs a nerf
One hit = 20% max HP restored, that's what I saw recently.
Rioter Comments
: Depends on what server you are,EUNE seems to work best of all,also I don't have those problems and I think ik why tbh.
: > [{quoted}](name=Khail the Crow,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=nzGBJtIs,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-28T13:08:16.126+0000) > > To my last team. I got kicked from the game and couldn't reconnect. Tried a lot of times. > I know you could not remake because I played for like 1 minute, so... > You tried your best for more than 33 minutes, honor to you. Just to make it clear they did state there is problems of game DC and kicks,it's not ur fault at all,we do like how u took time to say sorry but no need since its not on ur end at all,servers and client atm are not stable,I'd recommend u enjoy normals with new arcade event and wait for ranked till all is stable.
Only reconnects? Lol. Yesterday I couldn't even queue up, because client told me "Service unavailable" when I tried to choose primary/secondary role.
: >_ If you can count things, it's 'many'. if you can't, then it's 'much'._ Viva la puntuación r/maliciouscompliance
Raul04 (EUW)
: Permabanning accounts for toxicity reinforces mental issues and leads to even more toxicity.
Honestly, I do not think that health issues of some people should be a reason to change the whole League. And I think that most 'toxic' people do not have those issues.I think, wWhat they have is bad manners, and a mindset of a spoilt kid. At the same time, I honestly think that permabans are bad for the game and the community in general. The reason being: banned people can always come back with a different acc and vent their anger on us, good players. Losing all property without a chance of retribution only makes them more angry.
: So much Toxic players
\*so many if you can count things, it's 'many', if you can't then it's 'much' Viva la /Grammar
Shamose (EUW)
: Swain doesn't even have to CC anyone himself.
: Who is the best hook/grab champion in your view? Why?
{{champion:50}} hit to root, click to pull.
: Item Concepts - Tier 3 boots?
We already had lvl 3 boots, long ago ) That was called: enchantment. One of those enchantments is now perma-feature (that speed boost you get when you return to spawn)
JamesaXwF (EUW)
: Best performing player of the losing team shouldn't lose LP.
Once you make any kind of criteria other than win, people start following that criteria instead of trying to win at all costs. As easy as that. I.e. they will start evading things that decrease their chances of "MVP" status and compete with their own teammates for the things that increase it. And the idea of a team game is that you cooperate with your teammates, not compete. I.e. you start pushing people to play for stats, not for win. This is a bad idea.
: Even with no leagues the mmr system is still the same, you either get super long queues or u either get OTPs at diamond level matched against bronze OTPs There's just not enough OTPs to fill a whole queue by themselves, specially considering that 90% of OTPs are mid top and jungle, filling the last two spots, specially support would take a ridiculous amount of time and PS : I'm talking about two OTPs playing the same champ in the same team, not mirror matchups
Oh, but judging by the amount of pro-OTP comments here on boards, it looks like there're plenty! (to be honest I am somewhat sarcastic here ;) )
urgeN (EUW)
: Bringing democracy to LOL
> MAKE EVERY PLAYER RATE THE OTHER PLAYERS. Ah ye. I think I even know what those ratings are going to be. > /all report jungle x9 thank you > /all ff 15 report bot ffs
: Since you absolutely don't want to have two OTPs that play the same champ in a single game, draft pick wouldn't work, instead they'd probably have to use some kind of team builder thing like they used to, but even with regular players, team builder would take 30 - 45 mins to find games in gold, so imagine how long it'd take to find games if you only include OTPs Then also consider that the average OTP is high silver, it really would make wait times crazy asf for anyone that's high gold or higher, either that or you'd have to completely ignore all mmr just to get a match started, which would make everythign way too imbalanced The idea itself isn't a bad idea but having something exclusive to OTPs just makes the targeted playerbase way too small for the wait times to be worth it
Ehm... I don't think it's going to have as many leagues as regular ranked. Kinda... On regular basis we have a span of ~3400 LP broken into 7 Leagues and 34 divisions (+challenger and master), playable for almost a year before new placements. If this special mode has a duration of a month or two, then it obviously should be several times shorter (so that people could climb anywhere other than playing 12h/day). PS: > Since you absolutely don't want to have two OTPs that play the same champ in a single game Why, but I'd be delighted to see this! :D
duccy (EUW)
: Victorious Skin Season 9
Hmmmmm... Victorious Poppy?
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