Lùmen (EUNE)
: This is where things get a bit more complicated and I'm not gonna do a free speech here (Tired and lazy). Let's begin with stuff you did like trying to compare between Ahri and Lux.. It's late and I'm tired, maybe I'll be more motivated to enlighten you in another time. Something that might help you understand the difference between them is that with all of Ahri's mobility, she is more of an assassin, her E also has a much faster travel time so it's a bit easier for her to pick opponents like that. Not to mention sustain and mobility being taken into account as major factors in order to determine the differences between a champion and what each of them tries to achieve. Lux is a very zone-heavy mage, the range of her Q is a zone where you must not stand, with Ahri it's much more complex because the champion can reposition 3 times in such a reliable way and... Uh, I guess i'll explain the rest in another time. So please think twice before you let out such wild statements. Lux is perfectly balanced, it's just that you seem to hold a grudge against the way her kit works. Just like the way people hate Viktor for bombing waves with a single E, ziggs for throwing reliable poke from a huge distance, Olaf ignoring CC, Yasuo being absurdly broken, ETC.
I thank you for the arguments, but all those champs have some sort of counterplay (not sure about Olaf tho xd) but Lux just has to land Q and insta pop ult. I swear that my reacion after she popped ult was to say ''Wtf?'' I have some hours on Lux in previous seasons, and I can tell that she was good before, and that she is now broken. I don't know if she was buffed to counter something else that was also shining because I'm not playing LoL a lot these days and I'm not reading patch notes etc., but she shouldn't kill you with Q R.
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Season 7 just started, there are still people who don't know what a BURST MAGE is. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Even if the term is BURST MAGE, she shouldn't kill you with Q R from that long distance. What that Lux did was just stay under tower when she didn't have the abilities, came back when she had them, used Q E and hoped to land them. When she landed them after lvl 6 she just instant ulted and killed me. Ahri is also a burst mage. She's way riskier to play and she doesn't kill you with 2 clicks from that far.
: what do you mean? There is a mid laner that can't combo down another?
Yeah, but I don't think they should be able to instakill an almost full HP champ, it feels so cheap.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Raipesi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=anYnYNWg,comment-id=0004000300000001,timestamp=2016-06-13T15:13:58.699+0000) > > Sadly ADC's can't do much if people don't peel them, and in low ELO people don't use to peel the adc. Sad. then dont play adc in low elo. But then again people at low elo always complain about others, whitough realizing how shitty they play themselves.
Always, the asshole in these topics. You indirectly say I suck and I blame the team. I stated a fact, SoloQing as ADC in low ELO is looking for being alone simulator. Sadly, now I see the reason of your nickname.
: Oh damn, i didn't know Fizz and Ahri is counting as peel. However, if this went as planned, Irelia would be CCed for Arrow+Death Sentence+Flay+Charm+Shark....about 4 seconds? (counting in the bullcrap passive Irelia has) That's kinda enough for 4 people to kill Irelia. ...Even tho i agree, after the Triforce buff, Irelia is nuts, this was a basic fail. Not an issue of items or champions being OP. Issue of people not peeling for their ADC.
Sadly ADC's can't do much if people don't peel them, and in low ELO people don't use to peel the adc. Sad.
: I tend to play a lot of ADC and i also play a lot of support. Riot doesn't hate ADCs. Riot wants them to be teamplayers. Weak on their own. Super strong when protected. And...that's kinda how ADCs should be. Just take Kog or MF as an example. Have you heard recently their damage is off the charts? I bet you did. Because it's true. However, they are also immobile and completely reliant on their teammates. There is no way for a Kog to outplay a Zed. There shouldn't be. There is a possibility for Kog and Tahm Kench to outplay a Zed and that's totally fine.
I agree, but...tell me what teamplay there is in low ELO...this morning a Jarvan could reach to me (me playing Ez) without even using R and me dodging his EQ aand using E backwards. I was also with my team, but they were focused on attacking other people rather than protecting a 7/2 Ez, so, in my honest opinion, ADC in low elo is a pretty f*cked up role, but I can't just not play it since it's my favourite role.
Larry (EUNE)
: imo the toxicity has drastically decreased over the years. Maybe at the moment you witness more because school season is over and all the kids can freely join the game at any time
Nah man, srsly, raging is a serious problem. People wishing cancer and disgraces upon others should be seriously punished, but well, ''toxicity is normal, all games have toxicity''...right?
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Great expectations lead to greater disappointments. You are expecting a company to weed out a few people out of millions of users they have online.
This has nothing to do with expectations. One of their policies is to punish toxicity. Some people get banned within 5 mins after ending the game for toxicity. For example, one of my friends got banned 5 min after ending the game for cheating, why do toxic people not get banned instantly? I agree someone can have a bad day, but I don't think that people that spam pings and don't stop complaining are just having a bad day. Riot have the means to punish every single case of toxicity (The Instant Feedback system of however it's called).
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: It also shouldnt be ok to refuse to use the mute button and look for any reason to report people. Thats also toxic.
I always mute people as soon as they show frequent toxicity, but unmute them a while after just to see if they have chilled. If they haven't I just mute them again. On the other hand, most of my friends find it entertaining to argue with strangers, and leave them unmuted just for fun. It's certainly entertaining to see these players rage for the dumbest reasons on Earth, but it distracts you from the game, which means more % of games lost. Mute and carry on.
Ulriah (EUW)
: It did for me and all the other happy Dynamic Q players :D
Well I haven't noticed a change in toxicity. Just the case where a player trolled when you didn't let him play his preferred role. Remember the ''pref adc'' champ selects? :') ''ok u no let me go mid np I troll'' aaaah good old times
: he is nice to his friends and irl. He has reformed in lol too by now.
Ulriah (EUW)
: Yeah Riot is way too lenient when it comes to punishing toxic behaviour, and I also really don't understand why we can't completely disable a certain player's pings. If every hour I create a thread where I only post this: ''??????'' then it would obviously be considered Spam, sadly it's not the same for in-game for no logical reason.
Most of the times I just mute all pings volume because it's annoying to hear the ping sound, and that doesn't facilitate communication. Sad.
: riot can't do anything to those idiots who wants just to ruin your day. They are just too many and still coming more.
The automated report system should punish them after a few reports received, but I guess they don't.
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: 3 out of 3 is really nothing special. I get crybabies in literally almost every single game. People think it's fine to trash-talk so long as they don't throw swear words. Even some of my friends tend to flame. And yeah, obviously, the system is not perfect. Which is why we need something similar to the old Tribunal, only better, in combination with the current system.
People thrash-talk because they think they're the chosen ones to carry the game and their team makes it impossible. I'm really tired of this, either I get matched with toxic people or I have a Garen in the enemy team :^)
: You play with your so called friends and report them after the game because they're toxic.. seems to me like you're the one q'ing up with toxic people from the get go. PS: q'ing up with friends (whom u know r toxic) and report them after the game.. dick move.
I play with who I want. I play with my irl friends because I have fun with them, but they are toxic, so I have fun, they wish cancer to people and I report them. Not for being my real life friends I won't report toxicity.
: Silver also.
Well then, who knows what happens, your luck or my bad luck. I'm not a toxic player, and if Riot applies what you said and matched me with toxic players I really think it's unfair.
: I've read it and i can tell it's just another ,,i quit because of flamers even though i can do many things to stop'' thread. No different from the ,,why was i banned'' threads at this point.
What can I do to stop flamers, report them? I do it. Mute them? I do it. I only have to wait for Rito to do something, but they seem to miss a big percentage of the toxic community.
: I will always say this and believe this. Toxic people get matched with other toxic people, that's what it seems. Because funny enough, i don't get any toxic people in my games. A few frustrated people, which is to be expected but toxic ? Nope.
May I ask what league are you in? I'm currently in Silver close to Gold, and people are so toxic here. Also, I've not raged anyone for a loooooooong time.
candoodle (EUW)
: but... but... dynamic queue reduced toxicity by 5000% how is this possible
hahahahahhahahaha I wish it did so ^^ good humor tho
candoodle (EUW)
: why is there always this asshole on these topics just because mute is a thing does not make it ok to be toxic
and as I say in the topic, I mute every single toxic, but acting like an asshole without even reading the thread is just dumb. Anyway, people like this exist, and this guy seems to be one of these flamers
: My friend has 2 perma banned accounts because he was wishing death upon people. They do ban them, problem is that actually pretty small percentage of players remember to report after the game.
Nah, I don't think people don't report. People report someone that has lost lane for intentional feeding. They make sure that you know they'll report you every single minute of the game. Btw what a nice friend you have ^^'
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: Yeah you can send a ticket to support and they look into it
Okay, gonna do that right now. Thanks!
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Eveninn (EUW)
: No, the "pure soloQ" Riot announced a while ago got canceled and will not be implemented. But even in DynamicQ you can just queue up alone, and it dosn't make much difference to how it used to be last season.
I know you can queue up alone ^^ I just heard that Riot plans on removing the option to play alone and won't let you queue up unless you have a premade. That's a stupid idea and I wonder at which point it's true, but only the removal of being able to play alone makes me sad :o
Eveninn (EUW)
: You can play solo just like before tho. :o
As I heard and as this post says, Rito is planning on removing SoloQ :S
: No SoloQ for you!
I really don't understand the removal of SoloQ. Sometimes I feel like turning my music on and playing alone, and I wish there was an ''Invisible'' option so you could really play alone with no one bothering you, but hey, let's make this friendship-ruining game's only playable if you have a friend to play ^^
: Might not be enough against thornmail sadly. Since the lifesteal is doable, but not that great.
Yeah but then there's no way to counter that. As an ADC he could ignore Malph (who also had Thornmail), but you can't ignore someone that has such damage and is hardly kiteable. I just think that it's an unfair mechanic as it was Randuin's Omen in it's early moments.
: Did Vayne had lifesteal like botrk or Bloodthirster?
Of course, he had BotrK
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: Good idea, hoping rito will take a hint and stop making champions and focus on servers and game modes
: Worst case scenario it would crash the server I guess, which we're used to here on EUW anyways, so that wouldn't matter too much :p (jk, just some friendly banter)
Damn I was going to say something like that but I didn't wanna be mean to Rito hehe but potato servers are true <3
: The weird part about that though is that AD Elise can work as far as I'm aware. Your spiderlings don't do as much as they would if you went AP. (I think) But the damage you deal with the attack speed steroid she has is great. I'm fine with anyone trying anything and everything as long as it has chances of working. So as long as it isn't something like full AP Vayne, Darius, Riven etc. (which is pretty pointless) and they don't intentional feed/flame.
Of course. Every champ going AD or AS is playable.
: How about those abilities change **EVERY MINUTE**? :p Also, there have been other things that broke the game, even on the live server (looking at you Azir), so I guess it wouldn't matter too much (also since it'll just be a Featured game mode)
Hahahaha such a crazy suggestion. If only making random abilities would break the game imagine changing them every minute wow. But yeah, we're used to bugs and glitches so I guess it wouldn't matter for most of us.
: Would be fun, but it's too difficult to have it without millions of bugs. Everybody having a random champion could still be a good idea on SR.
Yeah I also think it would break the game ^^
Eveninn (EUW)
: Just played with a God-Shaco
A good Shaco is worse than Teemo.
: than Talliyah instead of Trundle :P !!! #MakeShurimaGreatAgain!
I think it would be better to swap Taliyah with Yasuo since his wall can be easily avoided hehe
Nherax (EUW)
: The Magnificent Twisted Fate skin..
It's kinda shitty, but it's rare since it was vaulted in 2013.
: Is league of legends the best game ever?
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Azure9861 (EUW)
: For God's sake, if you're the fed ADC, group up.
If Mahoma doesn't go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Mahoma
: So this just happened.
Yup, this community is sad. Most people just play to win. Yesterday some friends and I were playing in our smurfs to have some fun playing AS Nunu or AD Elise. One of my friends picked carry champs all the time even tho the rest of us wanted to troll. He raged at us cause he wanted to win. A lvl 30 desperate to win a game vs beginners. He laughed when he instakilled someone and then taunted him in the chat, telling us he LOVED destroying beginners. Sadly most people are like him and only care about winning games and having a perfect KDA.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hide on küsh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zdcl5w5q,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-11T04:19:52.674+0000) > > You do realize you can &quot;not waste time typing&quot; in League by simply **_not typing_**, right? well you know even if you dont type(not to mention that you will NEVER have a game where no one types anything and removing the chat box will make the game healthier and adding new pings for easier use) you will propably see teammates flaming and some people might join the flaming or try to reduce it , but you see, a LOT of people get trigged with few words(canc%r to all your family members,your mom was suc$$$ my &ick....etc.) which leads to ---> tilt,flaming,raging,not trying to win the game , not caring anymore.
Removing the chat would be a really bad idea. Communication is needed in a game based in teamplay and strats. If someone annoys you, mute him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fouczoid,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zdcl5w5q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-10T23:34:39.770+0000) > > I tried some other mobas today. The players seem nicer, more helpful, sportive, etc. so more akin to my personality and playstyle. I&#x27;m starting to think league has the most toxic environment in games ever lol Yeav, LoL was on a fast lane to most toxic game ever due to incompetent and extremely slow punishment system known as Tribunal. Then Riot did what they had to and started to clean the community. New, fast, more accurate and highly effective Automated System was created and the change started to happen. I myself took a 6 month break from LoL and just logged in for a game or two here and there to keep tabs on the state of the community. The change of atmosphere was quite dramatic and I believe the climate is still cleansing. But you have to keep in mind that toxicity is very subjective, everyone has their own standards of what is toxic and what is not. Also, huge changes take time - they do not happen overnight - _Rome was not built in a day_ And last of all, each and everyone of us' own behaviour affects the games atmosphere aswell. Encouraging, throwing out fun stuff and complimenting friends and foes enforces a positive environment whereas staying silent, bickering and bantering (in some ways) enforce more negative environment. So just staying "non-toxic" is not actually helping the community to cleanse as immensely as being a positive team player would help.
Some people will rage at you if your score is bad even if you act like the friendliest guy on Earth.
Charibasa (EUW)
: Heroes of the storm is good in every aspect but gameplay. Gameplay is more boring that playing 2048
Well look some Pro matches and you'll see what's boring. 40 minutes of gameplay and the score is 1-2 :^)
Silisa (EUNE)
: I started during Season 3. Got hard flamed for the first time sometime after reaching level 30. I didn't know mute existed back then, and (thank God) I was too shocked to even consider retaliating. It was my first online game, so I didn't even know what flame was. I just couldn't understand why this person was doing that. He started flaming me in champion select and spent the entire game abusing me. I was traumatized, to be honest. And I don't blame newbies who quit before even reaching level 30. The negativity in this game can be horrible sometimes.
Indeed, it's sad and not even half of toxic players are penalized. I have a group of friends who are by far more toxic than the average, and I make sure to report them after every game, but they haven't received a chat restriction for ages. Sad.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raipesi,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=i8bqZqto,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-05-12T10:56:32.707+0000) > > Don&#x27;t get me wrong. I seek justice in the reason of my ban (which is justified) and the non-ban of my team (which could be catalogued as toxic or unsportsman behaviour), and I wanted _Retribution_ (not really retribution cause I just wanted not to get ruined by a group of premade) when I was in-game and I made them pay off their wrong behaviour, also it was a normal game, I don&#x27;t see the reason of taking it so serious, I obviously wouldn&#x27;t intentionally feed in a ranked game. So your issue is that, while you got banned, they didn't. Classic actually. You are not the first one, nor will be the last one to come over to the forums with that on your mind. First off. The "*it was a normal game*" can be replied to simply with "*there are people out there, that play nothing but normal, and are as serious about them as you when you are playing Ranked. They play to win, even if it's a Normal.*". But I will let this slide, cause it's the least of the issues here. Let me see if I get the timeline of your post correctly ... - Champ select ... one of the premades asks you if you can trade roles and you decline. - Ezreal steals your rock. - You give a kill to the opponents ADC in response to the stole rock. - You spawn back and go to Red. - Lee mid comes and takes the red belt away. - You continued your jungle route. - At blue, Lee came and took the Blue belt to match his red. - You decided to feed starting with mid. - The game went to the dogs. That is about the gist of the timeline, minus the "embellishments". Now let me tell you where was the turning point of this game as far as the "behaviour" of your teammates go. It was when you gave first blood in response to a single jungle monster killed. It was then that **you** triggered a higher level of toxic behaviour from the premades. You said you communicated what Ez did after you gave **first blood** to the opponents. It is perfectly logical that they would not respond with sth really "concrete", cause their fist thoughts would be "*geez. is he for real? let's wait out and see*". However, that is a separate event, and your relation to the opponents is a completely different thing, as they can't see into your team's chat, only what you tell them. I've seen a lot of people playing the angel part in /all chat, while spitting fire on their team chat. So, do not hold your breath that they actually honoured you. So back to your own behaviour. The moment you went and gave **first blood** to the opponent ADC, for a golem, was the moment you doomed the game. Not them. You. It was your own misjudging of how they would react that triggered both buff steals. You didn't just gave Ez a set back, you gave him a handicap to carry through the early to mid game, and a completely disproportionate setback to the one he inflicted on you. Plus, you triggered a negative response from his "pals" snowballing the toxicity in the team. Had you played it a little bit differently it might not have resulted in a punishment on your side. And given that it was a 14-day ban, it could well mean that your account was already flagged with past negative behaviour (there is a two step Chat Restriction usually before the 14-day ban ... although given that this was a report/incident for/of intentionally feeding this might not hold, and simply punishments for intentional feeding are harsher). The "I got banned they didn't" is something, that frankly, I have grown bored of seeing over the years -even when Old Tribunal was on. Why? **Because it shows how much people care about *justifying* their own actions, and how little they care how those affect other people**. My take in this type of situations, where my teammates start to turn towards the dark side of idiocy is simple -yet I doubt it's full-proof. I ask myself, *Is there teammate that doesn't deserve me trolling them on my team*?" - If the answer is yes, then I keep playing my game, despite setbacks, despite the flaming (which I can easily ignore anyways). And at the end of the game, I simply report them and go play another game. - If the answer is no, I ask my secondary question "*Are they focused on me*?" - If the answer is yes, then the response is simple. I don't follow them. People that start flame wars tend to go in balls deep, and into situations that no level-headed person would even think of. So, when they jump in, I jump out. And reasoning is 90% with me, because going in 2 vs 3 with half-spent mana is a suicide mission I would rather avoid, so why give the opponents 2 kills instead of 1? ... - If the answer to the secondary question is no, then I will just follow the least stupid party and hope for the best. At the end of the game I will report anyone that fell into the pertinent clauses, and keeping on with my playing. Why scoop lower than them for retribution? Not justice; retribution. It's fun enough to watch them flame a complete stranger (me) for **their** completely /facepalm mistakes and try keeping my screen from turning grey (I really believe that some people might have an addiction to grey screens). In the end I might even gain from that game by recognizing easier which situations are hopeless and which can be turned around. Practice last hitting, or ganking, or whatever. As the saying goes : Justice is slow, Retribution is swift. But what goes around, comes around, to bite you in the posterior. So be careful of your choices.
Hello sir, Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate your words. I agree with all you said, except for the last part. They were toxic only in the beggining, and my policy is to mute people as soon as they start to flame considerably. I muted them a while after cause they kept on flaming. I didn't start to feed because of the bad words, I started to feed because they had the intention to keep stealing me - _I guess only 2 buffs don't sate someone who wants to ruin your experience_. As I say multiple times, I didn't feed because of the bad words, sadly this a game in which you will receive even death threatenings for having a bad KDA or making a bad play, so I won't receive a ban for just experiencing an ordinary situation, so this all wasn't about flame, it was about prepotency. Also, when I mention _justice_ I don't pretend to say I was a vigilante. I did what I did to not let myself get ruined by a bunch of trolls. I want justice for the reason of my ban (which is 100% justificated) and the reason of why aren't those guys banned if we all did the same with different methods. Again, thanks for your words.
ZaTime (EUNE)
: Tl;dr Well I'd do the same thing you did if someone did that in a normal. But then again I've never even received a chat restriction so I would think it's worth it for the minor consequences that could ensue. For you, who's already received multiple infractions.. Obviously not. I'd just steal their CS or something in a ranked/14-day-ban-next-report situation. Or just go afk or farm jungle all game and never help. However, you were definitely within their rights of banning you. Them not getting banned is probably down to them receiving chat restriction if it's their first problem. HOWEVER, I do think you're enormously stupid in the sense that after your jungle got stolen the first time, you STILL used smite for anything OTHER than last hitting a monster. Like how hard can it be to make such a simple deduction.
Thanks for insulting me. Being lvl 1 in Redbuff is though so I had to use smite earlier. When red buff was more or less at 3/4 of his HP the Lee Sin came to help, and he stole it after. I thought he came to help me since his friend made me lose exp. My chat bans happened a LOT of time ago, and as I say in the text I got a chat ban for 5 games a while ago, but that ban was UNFAIR in all of its letters. In one game my team flamed me so I answered POLITELY that they were shaming, muting them after a few minutes of flaming me (it was in a normal game and they were calling me noob when I was obviously playing off-meta, and dying ofc), and in another game I was SPEAKING with a REAL LIFE FRIEND in our language. Those were the 2 games that made me chat restricted. I have a video on my mobile phone with the chat history and I can send it without problems, if someone wants to see it just make me know (only it's not in english, but I can translate it for you). And for sure, if you did what I did, forget the chat restrictions, you wouldn't get chat restricted, feeding on purpose has nothing to do with chat. I guess Riot restricted my chat cause they probably saw my ban history and they saw it was god damn high, but as I said it was seasons ago, and according to their policy they expect a change, but at the same time they prove they don't believe in such change if they ban you for speaking in your mother language. Going back to the smiting thing, after using smite on red to heal HP not to die I used smite on wolves to have my jungle under control. A jungler whose jungle is being stolen is an easy target for counterjungling, so I wanted to be ready. Anyway thanks for your comprehension and insults ^^ Good luck if you get in the same situation as me.
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