: Never had issues. U press the X in the right corner and it works 100% of the time. Unless u try to dodge last second
not it does not. i tried to dodge 4 times clicking the X and it started the game. my guess is that once the last person locked in you cant dodge anymore. sucks ass because red side counterpick just gets stronger than it already was that way.
Ranzbart (EUW)
: i already had it on those settings and it happened to me.
nevermind, music on, animations off worked for me... spaghetti never gets old.
P1ak (EUW)
: And i thought i was the only one... Yikes. My SSD died yesterday so i had to download League again and was wondereing why i always got a Bugsplat when Login in. I reinstalled multiple times on my second SSD as well but nothing changed. Used Hextech Repair tool didnt help. At least im not alone now E: I changed Music and Animation in all possible ways and logged in. It only worked for Music off and Animation on for me. The other options resulted in a Bugsplat as well
i already had it on those settings and it happened to me.
Ranzbart (EUW)
: There is also the case that certain accounts can not log in at all. when authenticating the launcher crashes into a bugsplat. i have 3 accounts that have this problem, 2 work normal. tested it quite a lot today.
ok nice. now the game broke completely. my remaining 2 accounts cause bugsplats now, aswell. i was starting a normal game, "attempt to join queue failed", restart lol, that account is bugged now. checked my other working one aswell, it broke, too.
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
There is also the case that certain accounts can not log in at all. when authenticating the launcher crashes into a bugsplat. i have 3 accounts that have this problem, 2 work normal. tested it quite a lot today.
: LEC Summer Finals in Athens, with LION Cereals!
Well, there is Nestle written on the Packaging, guess im gonna boycott the LEC now, too. Sad stuff. Was a nice league.
Zanador (EUNE)
: It is not. But Kennen's abilities put marks on the targets and those marks stun on their own. However Fiora blocks any skill that would hit her, so Kennen's abilities can't hit her, thus she does not receive the third mark that would create a stunning effect she could send back to Kennen. Paradoxically the only way Fiora's W could stun Kennen in a 1v1 is if Riposte got nerfed to not block the hits, just the damage. And that would be a massive nerf to her against every other champion. But she would have a chance to stun Kennen. Which version do you prefer?
apparently thats not how it should have worked and thats why riot fixed it.
Rioter Comments
: This is beyond ridiculous. Can't trade against Nasus? Really? Lol Nasus is Soooooo easy to bully. He has a big pool of hard and soft counters, who can destroy him to the point he wont do anything of the game. Even with hyper defensive gameplay, nasus can't farm very well under his tower (to max his Q, ofc), as he has a very bad Q CD before level 7. And, if that wasn't enough, he is easy to gank. He has no escape, no hard CC, and in early game, no damages compared to a darius, a renekton, a riven and other bruisers like that. The only thing he has to prevent anybody to destroy his doggy ass is his slow. Yes, his slow is pretty cool in end game when you have almost no refresh time on it, but still, it takes time to apply, and for just one target at a time. That just sucks for a 15 to 11 sc CD skill. And, let's face it, even in end game, top lane nasus is not so great. Even when you had a decent stacking and lanning phase (which is not an easy task), you will not become a "end game god" if the ennemy team prepared herself well to your pick. Nasus slow get denied by a simple {{item:3139}} /{{item:3140}} and your lack of mobility makes you soooo vulnerable to any sort of CC, escape, and in TF, you are so dependent of your CDs that even the smallest temporization can screw you. Let's finish, his last buff is not lane oriented at all. People are banning nasus not because no one likes him, but because he is now a jungle's god tier who can ends up with 950 stacks at 25 minuts. And even like that, winning with this stacking is not guaranteed at all. 12 stacks instead of 6 on top lane is not really making a difference.
have you even read my post? i would like to make toplane less reliant on counterpicks. in my post i never said nasus as a whole is too strong, i said he is frustrating to play against and counterpicky: easily countered, while hardcountering specific champs. this polarizing gameplay is not fun, it feels like losing the game in champ select instead of on the rift, because the system decided: youre firstpick now. dont say "then ask for a teammate to swap", my problem is that there is a need to counterpick. counterpicks are ok, if there is room for a better player to still outplay the opponent. street fighter and smash bros are great examples for that. specific characters are stronger or weaker when facing another, but you always have a chance to win, if youre better. in league, if you firstpick kled into a fiora counterpick you are done, end of discussion. and that is where nasus W is so polarizing. thats why nasus W is unhealthy for the game.
: Oh great, so I can cleanse one w every couple of minutes? That's so useful, considering he has it up every 7 seconds...
dont bother arguing with this level 20 EUNE troll, i tried, its no use.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: "name any other toplaner that can not lose trades no matter how bad his operator is" Vayne
not true. vayne can be traded down and once her condemn is on cd she is vulnerable. vayne needs to be aggressive to win lane, and there is her vulnerability. id take vayne over nasus any day, at least that matchup is interactive.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: "when you need to be ahead at every stage of the game to be able to do anything" 3 people that are behind a one enemy Nasus, are way stronger than 1 nasus that is ahead. Come on man. You are a solo thinker, arent you? League is a team game. Don't you think that way?
where is the fun in that? my post isnt even about it being busted, or it needing a nerf. my post is about nasus W being uninteractive. and that is objectively true. not being able to 1v1 the enemy top no matter how hard he %%%%s up is not good. no matter his winrate. thats why old yorick needed a rework, too.
: Lucian needs nerfing vayne is alright Also nerf Pyke, Rengar, Riven and Yasuo. Nasus's slow just needs to be less insane.
Agreed, the nasus slow is %%%%%%ed and needs a rework.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Jesus, Nasus is completely fine. Team effort is needed in order to take nasus down. If your problems are in not beating him 1v1 early. Well, Sad for you. You have to learn to team fight arround a nasus to beat him.
so youre having fun not being able to farm once he hits level 6, because you cant go near the creeps, since his interactive slow hits you, rendering you unable to trade/farm/disengage? when you need to be ahead at every stage of the game to be able to do anything, there is something broken. when the only workaround is "have the jungler babysit" there is something broken. once nasus is ahead one time you can not come back solo. that is my problem, yes. name any other toplaner that can not lose trades no matter how bad his operator is. a better player should always be able to come back from making a mistake earlier by being better at the game. not by having the jungler babysit.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
banning the accounts when they are level 30 is pointless. the botter has already sold them at that point. meanwhile "banning bots at unpredictable times" translates into "bots having time to ruin low level games when they have already been detected" ban them on sight, give edge cases low prio queue until they confirm their mobile phone or sth. riot is losing new players because playing with bots on low level is utter bullshit.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I'd say he needs the movementspeed slow more than he needs the attack speed slow because once he gets some stacks in he outdamages mostly everything in his AA range anyway, his problem is actually getting in that range. Also the 5 second duration of it is pretty stupid. Especially once he gets some cd reduction (which he will get anyway because it's nasus)
Thats an option, too. Im just tilted about it being so uninteractive. Point and Click instant spells are frustrating to play against, there is no real counterplay. Especially with such a powerful ability. As long as it becomes a skillshot im happy.
Rioter Comments
: That still would be difficult. Nerf his Passive? Most of the time it does not matter, as he either plays safe for long enough to top himself off or else he is dealing so much damage and is so tanky that fights end before he really needs it. Nerf his Q? He will just farm for longer. Also, nerfing that nerfs the only decent thing about Nasus. Nerf his W? Maybe, as it means that people could fight him more easily, escape and also gank him more effectively. Problem is, too much of a nerf and he can never catch people, nor can he escape early game pressure ganks. Nerf too little and what is the point? Nerf his E? Again, maybe. Possibly removing or reducing the upfront damage, as his ability to poke with it and deny an AoE is rather strong when considering his Empowered AA focus. Should really only be armour shred.
i would nerf/change his W. make it a skillshot similar to the new ezreal W. increase stacks per Q lasthit to 4 if necessary to compensate. no need to pay me for fixing nasus @riot, id be fine if you just implement that
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
im not talking about ranked. scripting is a case of someone being too good, which isnt that easy to detect. levelling bots on low level on the other hand are pretty easy to detect by the humans playing with them. like i said, people with tons of reports for cheating, when having horrible stats, aswell as the description "bot" "botting" or something of that sort should stick out and be detectable. if the levelling bot actually plays good enough for people to not notice them anymore, its still somewhat of a problem, but not as much of a nuissance anymore, since you actually get to play the game as human player without bots screwing you up. after someone amasses a lot of bot suspicion reports you could give him a captcha, or demand email verification or whatever. not doing anything is definitely the wrong approach.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
then just take a look at an accounts reports. most inters wont get a report for cheating, but for inting. then there are cases where people get a lot of reports for cheating with the description "bot" "leveling bot" "botusing" or whatever. and they have awful stats. shouldnt be too hard to count reports for 3rd party usage.
: > Active: Volibear lets out a powerful roar that deals magic damage and Slow icon slows nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Minions, monsters and pets are instead feared for the duration. I don't see turrets listed there, anyways how can you fear an object that is stationary?
> Minions, monsters and **pets** are instead feared turrets count as pets
Dame (EUW)
: You should not fear mechanical things, they're not living beings....
if that should be the case riot should at least remove the fear icon... but even then what about orianna? fiddle can fear her aswell :P so either you make orianna a new passive: immunity to fear or voli should be able to really fear these goddamn turrets... its just that i died multiple times until i noticed, and thats what lost me the game, since i died standing inside 3 turrets...
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