Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: you guys need to chill
And then, people like you march into ranked, feed hard and say that it is only game and they do not care. Which is ridiculous because they went for ranked and not normal.
: They did it to NA? Didnt knew that- but I mean,. aint surprised xD Somebody explain? xD
I do not know if they did it recently but I used to have acc on NA but I quit there due to racisms long time ago. But they did it at that time. I remember that because for the free point I have bought Sinful Succulence Morgana skin.
: >and I got banned 14days for literally complaining about those trolls. your match history sugests inting may have been the actual cause... but ok >Didn't use a single swear word, you just have to type a lot chatlogs or didn't happen >no game in the world does this false. even irl sports do this
How inting can be a cause? There is no inting, just bag games, right? How can you know just from match history? Oh, this is so RITO hypocrisy.
ShotsLord (EUW)
: I got from D3 to D2 in 11/0 (11 Games because i gain +12 yup my MMR is bad) in Preseason. I had Afk's, Troll's, People who had a bad day and died a lot. But we still managed to Win. Just don't complain about them. Motivate them, give them tips. Its a Game and you will loose a lot more than just once. Thats just normal^^ Focus on yourself, try to improve. If you are really better then all of them you can carry that Elo 1v9 (Most of the times) some Games are really unwinnable at a point. Now, please don't hate me. I know how you feel and its a stupid feeling. I just wanna help you to imptove and work on yourself. Best regards "ShotsLord"
It is ****. Sorry it is. But this will only encourage them. If they behave bad they should be punished. And not to be praised and supported because they had bad day or whatever. This is not kindergarten. Few games ago I played with Riven. She went 1/8 against Garen and said in all chat that she does not want to play anymore, opened top totaly (it was ruined anyway) and quit the game. Do you really want to support this? To help this person? It is not even person. How horrible can someone be? Not for playing bad. Fot this despicable attitude.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings no hands, Please [submit a ticket]( to Player Support, you'll be able to ask for guidance, especially if you wish to pursue legal actions.
Sure you pretend to care...where are you with all the trolls?
no hands (EUW)
: Recieving death threats from player, will riot do something about this?
Let's be honest. You are not scared, you do not care. You want to use it to get him banned as revenge. By the way...did you really play syndra with smite with all lose streak? I guess it was after one of those games, right?
Senna Main (EUNE)
: if you flame, you ARE in fact the bad guy.
So you say that running down the mid and flashing directly to enemy team just to die is ok? Well, obviously I missunderstood this game all the seasons...
Shozis (EUNE)
: There's no need for quality control in ranked. It sorts itself out by having a lot of divisions/tiers. If someone goes into ranked unprepared and with YOLO attitude - let them. They will simply end up in Iron. While those who are more dedicated and ready to improve their skill will climb higher, People who complain about ladder/teammates and want to prevent others from playing ranked are usually those who are salty and delusional about their true skill level. They think they belong higher and only teammates are dragging them down while actually they are exactly where they should be.
But there is a little problem. They end up in iron after they make sure they will ruin like 10 games for their teammates...It is crazy when you see level 30 Iron II being raped in gold/silver...
Shozis (EUNE)
: Who said toxicity is worse than inting or vice versa? Both are bad and punishable - there's no need to compare them. It's just that the automatic punishment system spots toxicity easier than inting. What does flaming an inter accomplishes? It's not like they will magically stop inting because you flame them. If anything you will only feed the troll and make them feel better about themselves because they were able to piss you and get a response out of you. And you flaming makes the game even more unenjoyable for the rest of the players.
This is theory. How many people is punished by chat and how many by inting and trolling. Chat is simple and it looks good. While trolls and inters laugh to your face.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=CenarX,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=62imrzqb,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-08-28T19:41:51.699+0000) > > Im talking about how I finally discovered how unfun this game is after actually taking a break and playing better games, your mind understands that I'm raging about how good I think I am and that my team mates are always bad. > > Im sorry that this cursed and addicting game affected you this way. Hope you'll soon discover how unworthy of your time it is and see that you play it only because you used to play it for a long time. Soon as an event that will cause you to beu nable to play this for a while, you will see that it is actually dissapointing. > > This wasnt't even a rant about the game. You are the one who felt the need to come here explaining in details how your teams sucked in your (supposedly) two last games of LoL, all the while using colorful terms like "full ape mode" and the like. You know, like countless salty flamers have done before you. And when i called you out on that, your interpretation is mind is cursed by this addicting game and that someday some mysterious event will make me realize how foolish i was in thinking that i actually liked it? No man, it's way simpler than that. My mind understands that you are raging about how good you think you are and that you team mates are always bad, because that's exactly you just did: raging. Try read yourself again, you will find out roughly this: A) 3 lines of text where you explain that you have played other games while being suspended. B) 13 lines of text where you call your teams inters and apes and blame them for your demotion C) And then: "This 14 days holiday opened my eyes. This game is a lost cause. Have fun everyone." hardly even a line of text at all :D. ...and for you that's not even "a rant about the game"? Trust me man, yours is the scientific definition of a rant. I have read enough of them to know it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Because this community is perfect like heaven and everyone plays well and there are no trolls, no ints and no people who are dying of happines when they can ruin your game. The only problem are flamers who are the worst and everything what goes wrong ingame is their fault because they play like bronze and everyone else is at least challenger. You did nothing else than saying exactly same thing as he but turned upside down. The people who ruin the game and/or spit to your face when they do so are real. And there are plenty of them. Pretending it is not true will not help anyone.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > The reason I thought they get away with it is that I never get the pop-up that a punishment has been made after my report. These notifications are intentionally set to rarely pop up, under certain conditions. Most people you report that ultimately end up punished will not trigger this notification for you.
Honestly, those notifications are rare because any punishment is rare. Riot only cares about flame or spam because it is easy to detect. When you play with top who just runs around jungle, farms, is never with team and tells in chat how he does not care and does not want to help and wants us to lose...well nothing is going to happen to him.
: The community is at its peak
And you are still here. Obviously nothing bad happened to you.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=jacktjong,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=etAYB20n,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-20T19:49:58.997+0000) > > Not true. > > There's always champs you can play that are easy enough for you to be effective in any role. Top? Garen. Jgl? Nunu, Sej or Xin. Mid? Annie or Lux. Bot? Caitlyn. Support? Morgana or Lux. > But if you pick some random champ that does need skill to be effective with, it's on you. Nobody will complain when you're not an absolute god at your role, but they have a right to complain if you're not even trying or making dumb decisions. it doesnt work like that, especially for jungle. I always found jungle impossible to play with even the easiest champions cause its such a bullshit hard role its not even funny. You have to be literally everywhere and take all objectives otherwise its all your fault if they lose. Also i find ADC damn hard to play cause they are all around 500 hp squishy no escape champions who have to farm while getting harassed by 2 other champions+jungle. In that case its either have 5 cs at 15 min or have 0/10 at 15 min. Some roles i just cant play
Than do not play. What a cry me a river attitude is that? How you are better than the others than they have to do everything for you?
Smerk (EUW)
: And then you get autofilled again in your next game and one after that. In worst case you'll lose a lot of LP without playing a single game. Dodging saves your MMR, but not LP
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Players who dont let you take another role when you autofill got no right to complain when you die
You know when you can be autofilled and it is part of game. Maybe you have no right to play if you cant go for any role?
Sir Taryn (EUW)
: Tribunal system doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for a quite a while. I can see you're going on a bit of a rant with this post but I'd just like to point out a few things. 1. You seem to expect way too much out of your teammates. You seem to expect them to follow each and every ping, each and every instruction. They don't know you. They can't be sure if they can trust you. They could be playing their absolute best and these negative things will only make them play worse. 2. Telling someone to just "stop feeding and inting" is VERY bad advice. They most likely already feel bad for playing bad, and this only de-motivates them even more without offering a suggestion. For example: Next time you see a teammate losing hard and dying often, tell him to "build defensively and focus on farming and/or staying farther back in fights). You cannot expect people in GOLD to play like a god and not make mistakes. I'm sure you do just as many mistakes as everyone else in your elo. But in general, focus on improving yourself and focus less on others.
Honestly, someone really belives that pile of bullshit? So you say that people can not trust your pings but will listen to your advice? Btw. what is so hard to trust on few warning pings, telling him in chat that Im out of mana and that there is a ward in a bush and that they can see him? They just do not care. Same with playing bad. They do not care. The reason why bot died to your mid even though you ping like 10 times and wrote to chat twice is simple. They wanted to. Now your mid enemy is fed and they can flame you. Same for any other lane and role. Why did your jungler pinged to go in? Because he will stand in bush watching you die. Even though it is team game it is all about you. That is correct but the teams do not work mostly as teams because people do not want to make it work.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: Trying very hard, but losing joy in this game with each day going by
Honestly, I think you need help. I do not mean in game but in real life. To the game, it is still carriable. I know it sounds like cliche but it is. I will not say that everything is your fault that you should be better, be possitive to the others and support them (not as a role but as person). That is bullshit. You can not carry everything. There are people who will take you down just because they can and they will do not. Few games ago I had bot which decided to be 0/20/0. Why? Just because they can. Like a game ago it was Eve who just decided to run down my mid. Then she went afk and then she came back just to stand in top bush until the very end. Nothing you can do about that. Do not be negative, do not be possitive. None cares. Do your job. Just do your job. You want to do drag? Do it. Need help? Tell them. If they help you do drag. If they do not help you? Move further. Do not ask. Do not wait. Do not waste time. Do not explain. Everything will turn against you. Do not build your world around the others.
Zineus (EUNE)
: make league great again
Tribunal was not good but the real problem is that none cares. RITO itself makes so many people angry when it ruins your games with matchamking which is pure random and none cares.
Sylaelque (EUW)
: Bye! Until better matchmaking and community.
The matchmaking is a joke. How the hell you can have bronze I and plat III in one game? Simply, just mix people randomly.
Dakon0 (EUW)
: Remakes on masse
Sure. Riot is just having great fun, nothing more. Income is great and they laugh so hard on people trying to play.
: Where was mentioned? From what I see in hist post he didn't say this. If he comments to someone else with more details after I post my answer then is not my problem that my answer is not so good anymore.
That is like Rito. Instead of saying we can not ban those people because they buy stuff and we got money for that we will play games with words. He asked for ragequiting. You say that people do not rage quit. Really?
: > Reason for not immediately banning someone who ragequits? Because maybe he didn't ragequits.Maybe just look like.
As was already mentioned, when he says "I quit" and immediately leaves.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doby flonk u mom,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LmopnrAn,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-02-08T00:13:46.196+0000) > > Sorry to hear that. > > It is hard to find balance between freedom and not offending / making someone sad. I get a lot of people play league to escape problems in real life and this just makes them come back to them even more but I think that if we were all free to express whatever we wanted throught voice chat we would see a better community, if you have a raspy or young voice and say something like ur mom this ur mom that (ignore my name) then they will get laughed at and not say it again because they know people will know that they are young. I don't knwo I liked the toxicity when game was released, before season one and in season one. The toxicity was jokes and banter like in a friendly game of football between friends, where some time in heat of the moment you might say something and to a friend, or rage or even start a small fight, but all that were only short burst alter couple of seconds and then players move on to the game, and after the game no matter which team lose or win we were all friends and walking together back home maybe stopped to drink a coke on the way. I feel like league was same, if enemy kill you somebody might say "f u and laugh" but enemy laugh to and nobody was cooky and full of himself, everybody stopped and just play, if somebody miss a skillshot, ultimate etc somebody might burst and say "f u" but then move on. But now is to much, things are taken to extreme, people whien for 30-40 minutes non-stop they keep cry and cry and flame and blame and remember things all the time that happened 30 minutes ago, everytime a teamfight is lose they remember "REPORT TOP for feeding". It's out of control now vs when game started and in season 1, after like season 2 things got so so badan sleep escalade, no mater how many ban they give or other restrictions games become exponential toxic each season, and to be honest now its out of control. I keep say I wil make a record in 20-30 games how much toxicity is, but I keep forget and it's hard to do it, I wish replay record chat logs it wil be more easy.
Why are people toxic? Maybe they lose their nerves on the games? I just played ranked. Gnar top started to feed as lvl 2 with turret diving. Then he called ff at 6 min while he was standing in top bush throwing his bumerang out of map. Meanwhile bot with unranked Zoe as supp was having great fun feeding, called ff at about 3 min. Zoe like lvl 30, as already mentioned unranked, had no idea what to do. Kaisa, mad about her support decided to go to jungle but was mostly afk anyway. Zoe said nothing whole game. Kaisa was arguing with Gnar who was spamming whole chat and was having great fun obviously. Mundo jungle tried to jungle and farm, I tried to keep farming. But clearly, biggest problem is wishing someone cancer. If somethings is going to happen to someone it will be chat ban for Gnar for spam.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doby flonk u mom,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LmopnrAn,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-07T23:44:28.862+0000) > > I mean you have to laugh at these people, like if you actually take offense by what they are saying you are either too young to be playing the game or too psychologically weak to play the game. Like it cheers me up if I see someone say this it's funny to think someone is thinking this creatively. the discussion is not about you and me, I see 99% of toxic games like a stand up comedy, free hamro how people can speak such things, get so angry about a video game specially in fun mods and be so toxic about, also the delusional spmig REPORT for everything. but OP talked about people with problems, depresion, sadness, loses/sickness in the family, etc So while I get amused by flame in 99% of cases and only in very very rare occasion I lose my nerves, this not mean everyone can do same, soextream toxic player should just be removed from game, simple! My mom is dead, had stroke some years ago, and still I keep cool when people wish my mom to die and many other disgusting things. But I am old I am rough by life, but I can see a young player being affected if: - if their moms died recently - if a relative has cancer - if a relative died from cancer recently - if they have cancer - if they have family with autism/mental problems - and so on Even if I keep cool about being wish my mom to die and they wil have sex with my dead mom and so on, and my mom was the most important thing in my life, I am sure if I had a kid with cancer and somebody say wish your kids to die from cancer I kodi not simply mute and move on.
My granpa died of cancer, my grandma died of cancer, my aunt died of cancer, my another grandpa has cancer. I was there 3 years ago... Well if someone wished me that he obviously does not like me. Well, he has full right to do that. Maybe I just ruined his game because I played badly. I'm worthless, unknown person somehwere on the Earth for him. Why should he care about me? Why should I care about him? People really need to get their stuff together. We have tons of afkers, trolles but we make scenes just because someone from 7 billions of people does not like someone else.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Careful with what you say to people as you never know who might be struggling outside of the game
I do not flame. But if I flamed I would do that for reason. The get that player out, to make him rage, to make him make mistakes, not to play anymore, to make him suffer. It is just so sad. You play a game, you are in promo and it is ruined by someone who do that just because he can. Honestly that feeling that he is crying somewhere in the world is the only justice you will ever get in this game. Because none cares about people who tell "I will not go afk but I will run around nexus", none cares about inters who say nothing whole game.
Haze97 (EUW)
: RIot has the best moderation system in the world.
I just do not understand why people like that are not banned... On the one hand we cry how toxic and bad is this community on the other hand those guys can do that and nothing happens.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Hey. The only message I've seen from a Rioter so far specifically on this issue is that some players are reporting that Avast is causing this issue for them. If you have Avast installed, could you uninstall it and try to play? If you do not have Avast, send in a [support ticket](
This is a joke? Few days ago there were tons of post like that where people complained about this. RITO always replied with Avast and almost everyone said "no avast". Honestly, this is just excuse. I do not believe you that you have not seen this.
Yraco (EUW)
: I don't necessarily think that first case would be inting. If someone thinks that they can win a fight, even when allies advise against it, then they aren't inting. Playing poorly (making bad decisions) and intentionally dying to an enemy are not the same thing.
Well, if someone dies then dies again then whole team says STOP and he keeps dying because he thinks he can win. It is inting.
Biophilic (EUW)
: Thinking of quitting due to toxicity.
> actually decided to loose the match deliberately Well done. You are really someone who will be missed in this game. How pathetic you must be?
N3utro (EUW)
: People playing 1st time champions in ranked
It just shows what garbage people really are. It is like saying "I have never driven a car but let's take this car and go to city". Either they are trolling or they are garbage human beings.
: K Y S in every club tag ever... please stop this trend
Welcome to reality. People are just like that. They do not care about you that is why they are able to tell you such things. They would do that in reality too but they are limited by society or social pressure if you want. Those are two problems. It is not nice to say things like that. But this happens. So you should be able to handle that. Murders are bad too. But they still happen. That is why we have prisons. On the other hand how low you have to sink to ruin game for 4 other people in your team?
: It's not "either this or that". It's both. Both is an issue. There is no reason to just focus on one of them, it's not an "either this or that"-decision.
It is funny that you say so while Riot really cares only about flame or chat related things and pretends that AFK, feeders, etc does not exist at all.
: This is (imo) the most accurate comment here, because this is exactly what happened here. I am pretty sure that whoever made that decision about PAX did not actively want to be sexist...he probably honestly wanted to do the right thing. But he failed to do so by not thinking it through entirely. Indeed a bad move, even if it was an honest mistake.
Do you think that someone will believe this lie? Riot is constantly spitting to face of most of players and they just keep going. That was pure intention to show certain groups that men are pigs and RITO is with you...
Marcua (EUW)
: Rarife i do not understand what you are getting at. I am trying to tell you that being positive matters. Now i will try to explain to you step for step WHY it matters. 1. You need a clean, fresh mindset to play at your best. 2. If you tilt, you are not at your best, and you will have worse focus and reaction time 3. If you stay positive, the chance of you having a fresh mindset is increased greatly 4. If you are positive in chat, the chance of your teammates having a fresh mindset is increased greatly. 5. If you are positive in chat, but still do not have a fresh mindset, the risk of you loosing increases greatly And last, the reason i know you were/are tilted in general when you play, are due to 2 things 1. When you loose games, you often have a lot of deaths. You die a lot on average too. That is either due to poor positioning, taking too many risks, or trolling(Which i don't think you do). All 3 of these are effects of tilting. 2. Your first game of the day are often your best game with least amount of deaths. That is because you have a fresh mindset, and are playing better because of it. Now, you are right, i do not know if you are tilted. But looking at your match history and stats, it is likely that you are. If you want, i can link you a post i wrote about how to stay positive, and how to keep being positive :) Have a great day.
Ok, so look at my last game. 3/3/15 blitz. We owned with jhin bot but Ekko was "having a bag game as he said" and graves said "bye" and was just running around jungle. Tell me how is it my fault and I'm tilted. Because honestly, you insult me. That Graves is just shitty person as well as most of people on Earth. Nothing I can do about that. Btw. Those winning games you see were not play in the morning for my mind. But in very late night (early hours of this day).
Marcua (EUW)
: Okay, now you are saying that a whole nationality "Always does this and this and this". That is seriously something you should stop doing. Both in Lol, but especially in real life. Remember this Rarife; If you belong in a higher elo, you will climb. That is how simple it is. There is games that are impossiple to win, but there are very few of those. To answer you question "How was i tilted?". As i said, you were tilted in your mindset, while trying to look positive on the outside. Being positive in chat is good for keeping your team positive most of the time. But if you YOURSELF are thinking "Fcking idiot" "Omg he died again report him", you are still being toxic. Just not towards your team, but towards yourself. That is tilt.
And where is written that those things like letting someone mid (that was Cho like season 2) and my series in this season are related? Sure, you said I was tilted. But cant even say how? How can you know what I was thinking when I havent said that? I just do not care. They not worth anything. He says sorry. Hm, ok. And what?
Marcua (EUW)
: Rarife. I am not saying that being positive is the only way to climb. Countless toxic players have gotten into challenger. But i am telling you that in most situations, it is best to keep a cool head and not tilt. Now, being positive in chat is one thing, but maintaining a positive mind yourself is another. It seems like you have tried to stay positive in chat, but your mindset was toxic. You were tilted. Ofc there will be games you can't win. This is a teamgame after all. But big loosing streaks are not your teams fault, it is your fault. I can have big loosing streaks too, that happens, no matter how well you play and how positive you are. But i know that if i loose over 4 games in a row, it has nothing to do with my teammates, i am the one to blame. I have experienced a few people who just decided to mock me and troll me because i was nice, but there are so few of those people around, it does not matter.
How I was tilted? That I say no when someone asks to swap lanes when I'm not in the mood to do so? That I do not say "nevermind, it is just a game" to a player who is 0/10/0 and says stupid "sorry". Yes, there are series when you play 7 games in a row with 4v5. There just part of days when it is not good to play at all... I remember when I had my US account. When you played at wrong time you met many mexicans. Chat was full of "hablo espanol" and you knew that the game is doomed. They died few times in a row, started to flame and ragequit. Always. They are just like that.
Marcua (EUW)
: Being positive is worth it
It is lie. When the season started I scored 17 wins and 3 loses in first 20 games. I changed nothing and still dropped because I just had bad streak of trolls and leavers. I was possitive and still was sort of playing but once you are 2v5 in ranked, not much that you can do (Im pretty sure you will tell me that I could carry that) I was possitive and nice so many times and it was never worth. "Please, let me mid" Ok, I let him mid and took supp. I was nice. He was 0/6 and ragequit. I did that so many times and it was never worth. If you are nice people will use you just to troll you. Just mind your bussiness, dont be evil but do not forget that people around you are same as irl. Mostly horrible person which will hurt you any time just because they can.
Rioter Comments
: yes, toxicity is a problem. why are people toxic tho? why do they feel the need to rage when they go 0/2? why do they start blaming everyone and anyone? well, last one is simple, we are humans. we never see OUR flaws and tend to focus on the one s around us. "We are losing this game and i'm 1/17/2? it could be my fault but...oh...the support just went 1/3/25! stop feeding you idiot!" you get what i mean here? Another possible cause of toxicity COULD be champions like yasuo, shaco and singed. Let me explain before you start downvoting me to oblivion. Have you ever watched one of those videos? you know what i'm talking about, the ones where you see those "sick outplays" (generally featuring a yasuo, shaco or other trolly champion. so now picture this. you are a regular noob, never picked up this game and see these videos of people going 1v5 and getting out with a sliver of health (maybe with some funny edits mixed in), those are fun, those are cool. you want to do that! then you look online, see all the negative posts that say "nerf yasuo" or "delete this champ", this only cements in your head the idea that those champions are OP and you can do the sickest moves using them. then you pick them up. suddenly you find out that shaco dies in 3 hits, yasuo's dash is more difficult to control than a 16 wheeler with bursted tires while pissed off drunk and that trying to cut out the enemy farm with singed at level 2 wasn't that good of a plan. but how can that be? these champions are so hated and those videos show such sick moves...I did everything like them, therefore IT MUST BE MY TEAM! Yeah, that fizz is oneshotting me because my botlane can't get a kill, not because i'm not actually trained with this new champions and i'm building tank on yasuo instead of crit, the enemy laner is cheating because you can't kill singed in one shot...despite me running into 2 waves of minions at level 2 while the enemy laner is just waiting to finish the job. It's not me, it's them! and then the flaming starts, maybe that "yasuo, stop going in like that" wasn't meant to be an offense, but you are now so tilted that even someone asking you for the time would cause you to go afk. then there is the patches, you finally grasped that elusive champion, you ffound a build that you like, you honed it, knowwhat to take first against almost every opponent...then those items get changed or removed mid season. now you have to re-think every strategy because your runes and masteries are gone and your favourite items now have new effects...but you are still mastery 5 with that champion (if not more). you can't suck. you MUSTN'T suck. you pride is on the line here, you have to go in aggressive, you have to charge with your head down and wreck them all! you fail. you are using your main and that amumu is just flashing his mastery at you, after killing you for the tenth time. suddenly you feel the eyes of your team upon you, you are the one dragging them down and you can almost hear them "is that guy serious?" "how can a feeder like him be mastery 6?" "he probably is boosted, i'll report him for trolling". you decide to go on the offensive, you can't let them have the first insult on you, so you insult them first. the game ends and you loose BADLY, you disconnect and quit league for the day. then you calm down, you think a bit more at what happened, try to find another build, a new strategy and you finally find another one...just in time for the new patch to roll in, change the effects of more items you coincidentally just put IN YOUR NEW BUILD and you are back to square one. while the first two are inherently psychological issues that inhabit the mind of every player and can only be resolved by said player trough effort and usage of common sense, the third one is both the most important and the only one Riot can actually do something about. why change effects and items mid season? why REMOVE items mid season? why not use the preseason for this drastic changes and DON'T TOUCH ITEMS AND RUNES UNTIL NEXT PRESEASON? think about it, if riot was more thorough with their items balance there wouldn't be a need for mid season tweaks. Sure, let's change crit items altogether, fking the whole crit meta in the a$$, sure let's add this rune here, remove this other rune here and change the effect of this other rune that was so OP that we have no idea how we didn't notice it in the beginning. Sure, let's rework this champion, while changing the effect of this other champion, what's that? the new reworked champion would benefit from this item too much? let's remove it. not like we could have just thought about item sinergy BEFORE making the rework, that would be ridiculus. If Riot just stopped doing huge mid season patches like this one and shifted the addition, rework or removal of items and runes to the preseason ONLY, then things wouldn't be this dire all the time. Sure there would be new champions added and old champions reworked but those would be few and far between but right now even some LCS are having trouble with these item changes. Riot has to understand that people can't change their strategy every 2 weeks just because the item nobody believed to be problematic, ended up BEING PROBLEMATIC and needed to be removed or reworked. One item looks like it could cause a problem if left there all season? THEN IT PROBABLY ISN'T READY TO BE RELEASED! it's not rocket science, really. But, after this wall of text i'll just sit here, waiting for the inevitable horde of downvotes because i dared speak ill of the balance team and i actually had constructive criticism for once... bye everyone {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Why are people toxic? Because they are people. Some are so bad that their only way how to be importand (get the feeling) is trolling. That is how they can affect the game. They cant carry you to win but they can carry you to doom. Rest is triggered by Riot. Riot happily ignores those people whos only fun is to ruin other ppls game. And when those deprivated people lose they nerves they are instantly punished because of flame or something like that. Which feels like incredible injustice. Because you meet few troll premades who ruin your game and you know nothing happens to them. You lose your nerves, say "f*** you" and you are banned for verbal abuse...
: Funniest examples of people's logic
It isn't logic. I know what do you mean but in fact this isn't logic. Those are emotions. Even though some people say that they do not care or whatever they all care. And they all care a lot. And LoL is similiar to sport. It request effort, it is stressful and it really shows what you are. And it shows how s****y people are in reality. In all those examples you can see that people can not handle their emotions and thoughs and since it is on the Internet they are not limited by society (not that much). So you see them real. It is funny as well as really sad.
Festergut (EUNE)
: So many trolls/afk players lately
Banning people for anything in chat is simple. That is why they do that. And it is supported by special snowflake trend these days. You may hurt someone feelings. Actualy banning all evil players is just too difficult so we pretend that flame is only problem. There are no trolls or so. They just play off meta and they have fun. You have no right to tell people how to play their game. This isnt my idea. This is answer I got on this forum when I asked about strange picks or so. Long time ago, before we could chose what we can play in ranked. If there would be no flame at all they would ban random accounts to show "look, we ban bad people".
: is flaming on someone who is intentionally feeding wrong?
Sure, because there is nothing like trolls and intentional feeders. They are just having fun. And you can hurt their feeling by telling them bad things. Seriously, it is bad. But the attitud of RIOT just supports this. It is so easy to ban someone who flames so they do that happily. To show that they do care. While people who just have fun making others mad escape this without any troubles. And that is like spit to faces of people who try.
: Heavy trolling (in my promotion, but never mind that)
Anivia just played off meta and clearly had fun. There was no trolling at all.
: I just trolled - An open apology
Honestly, this is like spit to face to those people. For me it feels like. I ruined your game. ha ha ha. But I made "an apology" so it is fine and you can't be mad at me.
: Why AFK and Trollers not punished?
Come on, how many times we have to go through this? There are no trolls in this game so there is no reason to ban anyone. They just play off meta and have fun.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Thats intentionally losing. However, now to bronze 101: 1. Just afk farm, miss every minion you can miss, die first in teamfights and
So suddenly picking off meta champs is bad... Funny.
: Weird lag
Same here. Ranked game we played today just disappeared and everyone had same problem. But I think it's just a thing we do not talk about.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rarife,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zEWZQ8N6,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-03-18T15:01:14.331+0000) > > There are no trolls or intentional feeders. Those are just bad games or people playing off meta and that is ok. pfff typical attitude of troll
No, typical attitude of Riot. You declare that anything people complain about isn't trolling and your job is done. Problem solved.
: This forum is a mirror
There are no trolls or intentional feeders. Those are just bad games or people playing off meta and that is ok.
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